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July 13, 2011

The Most Shocking Shock Of All!

Contrary to popular belief, the Rylee Wedding did not completely sap me of my will to live, watch, or blog about All My Children, although I can see why you'd assume that, since it was a total ugh. A total, horrifying, saccharine ugh.

No, my AMC hiatus came down to...well, procrastination and laziness. Perhaps Rylee-induced depression would have been a more compelling excuse after all! But really: with AMC's entertainment factor being what it is (that specific number is NONE), it was all too easy to just put off watching and writing. Because what would I write, you know? Entire walls of text consisting of the words SNORE and BORE?

HOWEVER! During yesterday's episode, something major happened. Something epic. Something that I didn't think I'd ever see before the show's demise (...or is it?): Marissa Tasker was entertaining.

Marissa: I have been running ever since I found out that all those wonderful things JR did for me came from you. No, no maybe it was even before that. When we went away with the kids and you told me how you felt. Or maybe it was even when we were trapped in that closet and we had to depend on each other to surivive I knew something was going on even then, but I just couldn't accept--I'm talking too much, aren't I?
Bianca: Yeah.


I KNOW! I KNOW! I didn't believe it either! The girl goes years without having a single personality trait and then all of a sudden, I'm antsily awaiting today's episode to see the follow-up to that kiss. It's a world gone mad!


You could not get a more flat, bland, mind-numbingly dull character as Marissa (and Brittany Allen's portrayal didn't help...at all...congrats on Emmy btw/:-/) and the recast only bumped up the interest factor by a little. Only with since the flirtation with Bianca has Marissa become interesting and, boy, I like Minx! There awesome and the slow-build romance has paid off. Looking forward to what follows.

Yesterday's ep was pretty solid with JR's facing his bad choices and making the good choice to not turn to alcohol. Love seeing Scott. And I love Amanda has a STD! I wish more soap characters experienced the drama associated with unprotected sex other than pregnancy. And, if my dream comes true, smug, irritating Jake Martin will catch a bad case of HPV! According to the promo the rest rest of the week is supposed to be pretty good too.

Yeah, they're usually both about as interesting as dry, white toast, but I'm actually curious now. They sure look purty there, aw. :)

Christina Bennett Lind is seriously super gorgeous. Has she always been and I just never noticed because wardrobe had declared war on her and her shiny hair? Or is it the glow of Minx love?

the only way I would ever find Marissa entertaining or interesting is if she would set her herself on fire.

She is the least bit entertaining, CBL Bianca and mainly Jacob Young's JR has been what has made this s/l bearable.

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