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August 08, 2011

A Quick Heads-Up For The "New" Guy

One of the weirdest, creepiest, but also most awesome conversations ever happened on today's One Life to Live. How can I say that about a conversation in which men were bickering over which one of them committed a gang rape -- both of them trying to claim guilt. I feel really dirty right now.

RHTodd: It's something that I wish I could deny. I raped Marty Saybrooke. 

"Oh my gah, now this guy is trying to claim my very favorite rape, too?!"

RHTodd: It's not something I can forget. And Viki said it best, it's affected every relationship that I've had from then on.

TSJTodd: (chuckles)... this guy's talking about. I know what I did, I'm not proud of it, but I remember distinctly locking Marty in the room at the KAD house. I also know that I've hated myself ever since that moment and I've done everything I could to make it up to her.

Blair: Yeah, including tricking her into falling in love with you.

RHTodd: What was that?

TSJTodd: Nothing, just --

Blair: It's true. Marty and Todd had a relationship.

RHTodd: They had a what?

Blair: Yeah and, uh, this house was actually their little love shack. 


RHTodd: This guy has a relationship with Marty Saybrooke and none of you figured out that he wasn't me? It didn't occur to you that that might not be something that I would do? 

"Maybe someone else has a better reaction to this?"


"Uh, anyone? I got nothin'."


"Yeah, I'm a little embarrassed that my husband did that, but
not so embarrassed that I didn't get him off the hook for it. WHAT. Quit judging. You don't know me!

TSJTodd: You don't know anything about it, dude. She had amnesia, she didn't know who I was. 

John: She didn't know she was falling in love with her rapist.

RHTodd: Okay, well that explains Marty's thinking, what's your excuse? 

TSJTodd: I don't have to explain myself to you.

RHTodd: You need to explain yourself to them

TSJTodd: Well, I was getting a second chance. I thought that if Marty could see something good in me that I could redeem --

RHTodd: Are you kidding? (to the others) You know me. You know me. He sets up a love shack with Marty Saybrooke, that should be your first clue...that this guy is a complete fraud.

I don't even care which Todd they decide is the Real Todd, I just thank RHTodd for that. And just loved the looks of shame on everyone's faces (that said, they'd accepted him as Todd for years before that so his identity wasn't really up in the air then and, in fact, TSJTodd actually had years of a familiar attitude toward Marty that included a great deal of soul-searching upon her "death" that matched up quite well with the man they'd known... and then).

Anyway, eventually John stupidly spread out reading the test results by several minutes, first revealing RHTodd as the Real Todd Manning, which led to the cutest reaction I've ever seen from Viki about anything ever:


(How could anyone not love that woman?!) It also led to TSJTodd air-quoting "sis" when speaking to Viki, and I confess I'm kind of enjoying how St. John is just embracing his most hated choice ever by throwing in lots of extra air quotes everywhere in Todd's ugliest moments, his most desperate moments. I still have no idea where this is all going or what the explanations will be, but it's just fascinating to watch the actors play this out. Now we have both of them testing positive for Todd Manning (I'm going to word it that way because, let's face it, it's a bit of a disease) and I simply have no clue what's going on and I kind of love it. Know what else I love? Dani has been on practically all these Two Todds episodes and doesn't know a single thing about it. Doesn't it seem like someone might want to give her the FYI?

Destiny out (of reasons not to talk to her parents now that she needs a parental John Hancock the abortion she's allegedly getting -- and I'll eat my hat if she does)!


Okay, I loved today's episode!!! I have been so critical of OLTL and this story but, boy, I loved how incredulous RH-Todd was with the whole "rapemance revisited". It was delicious. I am so there with you on how he questioned everyone on how they were so fooled. I loved that the writers chose to mention the "rapemance" in such a way as proof TSJ-Todd is not "The Real Todd Manning." I reviled that story so much, I tuned out of OLTL and only returned when Marty got her memory back. Any way, today was brilliant. I thought the reveal was great. Gosh, Trevor St. John is super sexy!!! Not to take anything away from RH or ME but TSJ just makes me swoon (and that is hard because his latest iteration of Todd is unappealing.)

A few questions:

- Dani not being involved or even knowing what is going on is ridiculous. Why are Dani/Nate scenes on every day? His character should be a wrap.

- And why is Tomas still around, let alone at the reveal? Baz might as well be there too. Ugh. I like Ted King but Tomas is a real waste.

I loved Blair's sly little comment about him tricking Marty to fall in love with him and the house being their love shack. It was amazing. And RH's Todd's reaction to it was awesome too. I definitely agree that it wouldn't be something that Todd would have done, but you also make a good point that everyone believed TSJ was Todd by then, so it's not like that would have set any red flags off. Besides, he already had pushed Starr down a flight of stairs by then, so him rapemancing Marty wouldn't be that big of a surprise. I can't wait until RH's Todd learns about all of the stuff surrounding Starr's pregnancy.

It'll be interesting to see where this storyline goes, and due to ABC's slip-up, we have a bit of a clue. If you want to be really spoiled and know what I mean, go read the recap of today's show on ABC.

I loved that Blair called Frodd out on the Rapemance in the first place. That's my girl! Hell, I wish she'd done a dance with it and BELLOWED it out because that move of his was so disgusting and I don't think she's ever been the same way towards him since.

She referred to it as a love shack and Todd followed it up by saying the same thing.

I heart them. I'm so screwed.

But hilarious nonetheless.

And yes, Viki's reaction was freaking awesome.

The Rapemance was appalling, but the show actually wanted to do the same story line back when RH and SH were on the show years ago and they said no. OLTL then decided to do the story with TSJ and SH.

The one thing that truly irritates me about the Todd vs Todd story is that TSJ was hired to do an acting job because RH chose to leave the show and would still be at ATWT if the show was on the air. Now, with that said, RH's Todd did a lot of nefarious acts long after Marty's rape and before his version of Todd left the show. It's a little hard to distinguish which version of Todd (RH or TSJ) did the most harm to the people that they supposedly loved and the ones that they truly hated.

OLTL was really good to day. I really wish old man Nate would have followed Ric off to make more porn movies.

What's the deal with EA's Matthew? Is the actor gone for real which is why Matthew is in a coma?

@ Ladybug: I agree with you about TSJ's Todd. So many OLTL fans state an unabashed love for RH-Todd and TSJ-Todd seems to get treated as if his Todd is SO much more cruel and nefarious than RH-Todd. I feel that Todd has ALWAYS been despicable. The rapemance was extreme And disgusting, but so was RH-Todd making Blair believe Jack was dead, stalking Nora and threatening to blow up half of Llanview. I am loving RH's return but this Todd is much less threatening of a presence and a viable, sexy romantic lead. To me TSJ-Todd is more like core Todd Manning in his behavior. I just love both Todds so much!!! Llanview is big enough for them both!

Both Todds (if they are both Todds) are horrible, dangerous men, but I think RHTodd seemed less threatening because he laid it all out there. He would do anything, except for two things: hurt Starr and rape Marty again. TSJTodd did both those things, and he did so many things with so much more control than RHTodd ever had. To me TSJTodd was much more sinister and more of a sociopath. Both versions have been at turns fascinating and infuriating and both versions have been played by highly talented actors who sometimes frustrate by appearing to check out. But they're both bringing it now and it is GREAT soap.

Um, wasn't it Powell who locked Marty into the room at KAD? It was a big deal at the time (Todd bullied him in to locking the door), so I thought that TSJTodd saying that he remembers locking the door was a big clue that he is not the real Todd... or maybe I am reading too much into things?

Just let it be noted that I called "Secret twins!" months ago. Of course, if that's not the explanation, it's rather mute, but if it is, I want credit, damnit!

I'm with you, Louise: TSJTodd is much more sinister than RHTodd. RH plays Todd hot, full of self-hatred and generalized rage, while TSJ plays Todd cool, a total sociopath and totally contained. I think in the moment I might find RHTodd more threatening, because he's bigger and more volatile, but I think in general I'd be much more creeped out and uncomfortable with TSJTodd.

So is RHTodd's reaction to the Rapemance a cop-out? Or just awesome? I'd kind of go with the latter.

Louise, I've been loving (well, "loving") Destiny's story. Shennell Edmonds (as well as Sean Ringgold and the actress who plays Viv) is turning it out. Haters to the left!

Everyone's "Uh..." reactions when RHTodd asked them how they could believe he would rerape Marty were awesome.

Why the hell is Dani even being civil to Nate? She only found out like two days ago that he did porn! But I guess because he's a Ford, he'll be instaforgiven and this Two Todds crisis will bring them back together. Blech.

What Louise said. Both Todds were bad guys, but I stand by my opinion that TSJ's was far worse because he had no line he wouldn't cross. RH's Todd had two and in one story TSJ's Todd blew right by both of them. That's when I started to just hate a character I had been invested in for years.

And I know that by the time the raepmance happened TSJ was firmly established as Todd. My reaction to that story was still, "WTH are they writing? Todd wouldn't do that." They wanted to go there not long after the rape and RH wouldn't do it and after that Todd's character was developed in ways that meant that being with Marty was off the table. The fact that RC insisted on going there doesn't change that.

So yeah, I think it's fine that RH thinks it's nuts that re-raping Marty didn't make any of his family suspicious. It was just so wonderfully meta, with RH acting as the voice of long-time Todd fans yelling at RC.

Of course my favorite aspect of the ep was the way Todd & Blair dropped right back into being a unit. I loved that Blair was the one to rat out the rapemance. I loved T&B's matched use of "love shack" and the way he was so focused on her. It all contrasted so nicely with the fact that Tea lives with TSJ in the rapehouse (which I've always said is just nasty).

I have no doubt that I'm going to hate the explanation that TIIC comes up with for the 2 Todds, but I'm enjoying the hell out of these scenes in the meantime.

C, the thing that cracked me up about Dani/Nate was that Dani told Nate that her father would probably "understand" why he did what he did (because someone hurt his family!). Dani, you clearly don't know that guy who says he's your dad very well because if there's one thing he isn't capable of AT ALL, it's empathy!

One thing I won't miss when they're gone, though, is watching TSJTodd's endless contempt for Viki, who has been a total saint as far as he's concerned. He was good with her for a few years, but their relationship has been difficult to stomach for a while now.

I actually didn't mind the rapemance storyline because Marty got to be justifiably angry when it all came out. That said, I was loving the way they revisited it in these scenes. I was pretty strongly outnumbered in finding the storyline interesting and the way they covered it today felt like it gave satisfaction to fans on both sides of that plot. Pretty deftly handled, all around.

In all honestly, the REACTIONS of everyone to this whole mystery (be it RHTodd, TSJTodd, Starr, Vicki, Blair, Tea, etc -- anyone except Jack) is so much more interesting than even who the real Todd is.

I mean, I'm WAY into that, too -- don't get me wrong -- but RHTodd's reactions to Hope and now the rapemance were just PERFECT, and I love watching the non-Todd characters watch things unfold -- like when RHTodd kissed Blair last Monday and Starr's mouth fell to the floor and Tomas covered his face. And even McBain's "Ugh! Christ!" reaction, again last Monday, when RHTodd admitted to stalking Blair "a lil' bit," he "guessed." Awesome. I also love Vicki's "THIS IS CRAZY!"

Great stuff.

Ha, I have to admit I squealed a little when the identity of "the director" was revealed. I don't think I've been this excited by OLTL since Dorian took over BE.

who directed it?

RHTODD would do anything to protect STARR because he LOVES her.
TSJTODD would so anything because he considers her his PROPERTY.

RHTodd's expression when Jack said they were clones was priceless! Startled, confused then acceptance; "Yes, my son IS a dullard!" BWAHAHAHA

My theory about the DNA is Ripped From The Headlines of Law & Order. TSJTODD got a bone marrow transplant fron original recipe Todd while he was being brainwashed...

My theory on the DNA is a lot simpler: RHTodd noticed his hair was a mess, so he used the hair brush before TSJTodd walked into the office.

bebe, your idea is a lot more soapier. :)

@bebe piper: RH's "Jack is an idiot" face was classic. It has me really looking forward to him getting to know Danyella.

I just have to give a shout out for the best line of the week: "What are you sorry for? I'm the one that gave birth to him." - Blair. HA!

I thought one of the reasons RH left eight years ago was he did not want to play a romantic lead as Todd? If RH was on the show while RC was writing the rapemance would he have quit the show or done the s/l? I thought writers wrote for the character and not for the actor playing the role?

OLTL was really good today and the "twins" s/l is a way to not tinkle on either TSJ or RH.

@Dawn. Looks like Irene Clayton, mother to Tina and Todd,(and perhaps twin/clone/faux Todd#2) is the director of the Agent Baker's rogue CIA ops/Security firm.

I did love that Jack spouted on and on about GL's Reva clone story line. Nice for the Kim Zimmer mini shout out. Of course, that storyline was quite some time ago. Litte weird for a teen Jack to know about it. I wish that the show had somehow had Dorian and David in the room. Just a tad easier to see goofy David throwing out that line and have Jack support it.

And I did love Blair's line about giving birth to a idiot like Jack. It also would've been nice for her to tell both Starr and Jack not to say a word about the 2 Todds to Sam. Starr I doubt would go spouting off around Sam. Jack is just a stupid teen boy who isn't thinking about anyone else (or their feelings). So I can see him either purposely or accidentally spilling the beans to the poor kid.

@LadyBug, supposedly one of the big reasons RH did go was because his hatred of the show wanting to play Todd as a heroic romantic lead. And I really did hate the fact that the show did go ahead and write TSJTodd that way. If RH had stayed on, you can bet that there would've been no chance in hell for the rapemance with Marty. Honestly, when it comes to writing, I'd say about 95% of the time the actors will follow most of scripted storyline. They won't object that much. If someone truly hates a storyline they could just tank it. *I'm looking at you Maurice Bernard*

I'm afraid this is going to be like Twin Peaks...once the mystery is solved, Heather Graham will come to town and it will all just suck.

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