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August 25, 2011

Another Day In Paradise?

It was close. And yes, it was yet another day where it felt silly to post because it was going to come off something like: "Sniffle. Guh. Sniff. And then I loved this moment. Here's a quote. And then this one? I'm a little weepy." and so on and so forth. But when really lovely things happen and one has this semi-public place in which to acknowledge these lovely things, it seems as though one would be remiss not to at least say something. So: something.

Fair warning: I think my funny bone's tapped temporarily. This shit's getting to me, like, for realsies.

It was history day on One Life to Live. Was it a riveting episode that I can't wait to see followed up on? No. And that's okay. It was a sweet nod to history -- major history. Renee spoke with Bo at Asa's grave, Clint and Bo remembered their father together in his home, Joey (in what may have been Tom Degnan's best episode in the role) tried to convince Viki that she may need to face that she still has feelings for Clint, and the Cramers threw Dorian a goodbye party.


I've complained before how much I hate that Dorian got a goodbye reason instead of a goodbye story, and I admit I still feel that way but I'm just going to look at this episode. The Cramer family has not been a strong suit under Ron Carlivati's head-writership; while he's clearly (to me, anyway) had an appreciation for them, he never quite... got them. So my expectations were low, but as jarring as it was to see the goodbye scenes in the middle of the Two Todds storyline (is Robin Strasser really not going to share a screen with Roger Howarth? The bastards!) and as much as I needed this to go on and on and on, it was still a very sweet send-off (that thankfully isn't yet over, because it wasn't near enough... not anywhere near). And as Starr, Kristen Alderson continued her "Shut Up, Y'all, I've Been A Great Actress All Along" World Tour she's been on lately. A good performance that also felt a lot like Alderson was saying goodbye to Strasser, a woman who's been there and watched her grow up and has likely mentored her in many ways. Personally, I am not ready to say goodbye to Dorian Lord. Not even close. And I'm stupidly having some crazy tiny faith that we'll get one last visit after this "official" departure. But we did get Addie (isn't she going to be excited to see Todd?!), and we did fit in the goodbye before Kelly's departure, and all the Cramers girls showered Dorian with love yesterday. And we damn well better get a flashback reel in the next episode. I know I should be embarrassed to admit this, but I'm having a really hard time even typing about this. This is the first real goodbye that signals the end, and I confess it's breaking my heart. (Yeah, yeah, maybe I'm a little bit crazy. I almost burst into tears when Viki and Dorian came face-to-face at the end. It's going to be a long five months, y'all.)

Clint and Rex had a moment yesterday. Clint called Rex "son." It's not a breakthrough, but a baby step. I don't think much of Rex, but I enjoy Clint so much that I still want to see this arc play out. Bo and Clint toasting to Asa and Bo letting Clint slide on briefly breaking his house arrest was just a lovely, luxurious beat to play and I'd say I need them to do it every year no matter what but there is no other year (yeah, yeah, online... call me when anything's real). And then Kim showed up! And Clint called her "Kimberly," as he and only he always did. Nice move, OLTL, planting the seed of Viki-and-Clint on the same day as replanting the seed of Kim-and-Clint. This is a triangle I could watch (not that I want to see Kim/Viki catfights [although can you imagine??] but just the draw in all directions).

It appeared to be Joey and Kelly's last day, which was odd since Joey didn't even say goodbye to Jessica or Natalie, but I'm not losing sleep over it since the Buke twins have fallen so far down my list of interests lately (I'm sure I'll come back around, but I'm enjoying the breather).

Is anyone else's heart already kinda breaking? All us soap crazies will hold each other up through this, right? Right?

Any favorite moments for you in yesterday's low-key sentimental episode?


The soft, surprised but delighted way Clint said Kimberly? The smile on her face when she saw him? I melted, I squeed. Can't wait for more Klimt.

And I know you, like most of the Internet, hated Tuesday's episode because of Stacy being back from the dead. But did you at least enjoy the Kish mention? It did my heart good actually hearing their names out loud and that they're a cute little family with Sierra Rose. Siiigh.

C, you know it! I definitely loved hearing about Fish and Kyle and little Sierra Rose! And it made me think how cool it was that we got this one brief era of the show that was actually full of new characters but actually managed to make them likable (Fish, Kyle, Kim, Schuyler).

I loved that they brought Addie out of the Cramer basement to attend her sister's farwell party! I missed seeing Addie on the show!

Does anyone else out there think that the woman in the bed might be the top secret character Erin Torpey is playing in September?

I don't think I really believe that RS won't be on the show. I KNOW she's leaving, but....Llanview without Dorian??? I'm goingto pretend she and David are on location until she comes back. Ahhhh, insanity can be so comforting!

It was great seeing Addie again. She's been MIA too often. I liked Kelly - and Joey - more these past two days than I think I ever have in this latest incarnation.

And seeing Renee was the icing on the cake.

It was a show about feelings, and those top action plots any and EVERY day of the week.

When Blair toasted Dorian and then had to turn away; and Dorian demanded that she give her a hug immediately? Seemed like both actresses slipped out of character just a bit and it was lovely.

Ron, I agree 1000% about seeing Renee!

Robin Strasser is in that master class of actress and I am so saddened by her leaving, and so many months before the television finale. I was emotional as soon as I saw the AWESOME Dorian Lord-cake. That got to me. All of the actresses seemed truly saddened and that made me sad. I still am not on the "Kristen Alderson is a good actress"-kick and I wished that Cassie and Adrianna had cameos. Also, flashbacks, y'all? How great would flashbacks have been. Without Dorian, we'll likely not see Cassie before the end. I always loved Cassie (and Andrew.) Wait a sec, perhaps Cassie/Andrew will show for a Todd/Blair union by January! One can wish!

I am really trying to temper my anger but it's difficult when I know that Robin Strasser, Gina Tognoni and Trevor St. John wished to stick around to the end once they learned of the cancellation and Ron Carvialti decided they weren't worth writing for, yet, we're going to get Farah Fath starring in The Morasco Fiasco, part duex. Argh.

Well, at least we're in for Dorian/Viki scenes!!! Yep, almost in tears thinking about it.

I think the show should release texts from Addie. Think of how hilarious they would be.

Loved the Cramer women good-bye scenes and can't wait for the Viki/Dorian ones.

@DirkManusco Maybe Erin Torpey is a recast Stacy? I'd be okay with that... except for then Rex would be hooking up with the girl who used to be his sister, but other than that...

@Leanne. We're only getting Erin Torpey for one day, September 8th. I'm thinking she's just gonna be in a wink-wink, nudge-nudge scene with Cris/DF. Like when NL left "General Hospital" and she got a tiny, cute scene with the guy who played Zander.

I agree that it feels like Dorian is being shuttled off the show quickly and with a total lack of inspiration. I know it might be hard to write each character a plot that will take them to the end of the series, but isn't that a worthy challenge for a good writer? I don't mind seeing Kelly and Joey go (especially Joey), but Dorian deserves to be around until the very end, toasting Vicki with a glass of champagne as Llanview burns around them.

Was anybody elses episode out of sequence today? My scenes were all out of order today, it was weird.

Kerry, it was a technical mistake from ABC. I don't think we really missed out on anything though.

How do we know it's Carlivati's decision that Strasser, Tognoni, and TSJ are leaving well before the end? I had heard that it was a money-saving measure, which isn't Carlivati's department.

I'm not trying to start anything, but TREVOR ST. JOHN AND ROBIN STRASSER CHOSE TO LEAVE! Then, oops, they wanted to stay, but it was too late. It is not a vast conspiracy by Ron Carlivati to stomp on the hearts of OLTL fans everywhere.

Gina Tognoni decided not to renew her contract that was up, but you notice she's hardly said a word, because she does her job and keeps her mouth shut and she'll probably be on another soap soon. I love Robin Strasser, but she doesn't know when discretion is the better part of valor. Her and Kim Zimmer whine about not having "major story in years," while Rachel Ames turned into a goddamn car horn and Jackie Zeman is nothing more than a forlorn page echoing through the halls of GH. Bitch, please!

@C ooh, September 8th is my birthday... happy birthday to me!

@ BN - No claims that Ron Carvialti fired anyone but once these fine actors decided to stay, I think they should have been accommodated. If not, do we have to suffer through lesser actors and bad stories? Can't decisions be reversed?

OLTL writes and tapes weeks in advance. If TSJ and RS wanted to stay then that means dumping taped scenes which costs money. There is a reason why FV kept OLTL under budget versus AMC and GH. Yeah, I'm going to miss RS and TSJ, but hopefully they will show up before January and then continue on over at PP.

Now, on with the show.... I really preferred KA's acting choices when she was younger and before OLTL turned her into a teen leading lady. BU aka Brittany Underwood always seemed to be the stronger actress.

Renee! Addie! Nigel! Oh my! THIS! This is why I love OLTL and it's popular characters that have been with the show for years.

Robin Strasser is the reason I started watching OLTL. I will treasure the many decades of memories, fabulous couture, her humor, wit, sophistication, and treachery. The show is a lessor canvas with out Strasser. I hope they bring her home before the finale. To fail to do so is incompetence especially since the actress is willing.

As a fan who has followed the career of Ms. Strasser, I understand she often has the sword of Damocles over her, but I will always prefer her forthright, biting approach to dishonest discourse.

It is false to claim she "changed her mind" and it was too late to change things for the character of Dorian because of story and budget. She didn't change her mind, she was able to stay until the middle of August and the producers chose to write her out June 24. Foolish decision on their part. The executive producer and his writer are not above reproach. It does not follow that just because another actress at another show has been treated badly and not used, other similarly aged actresses should sit and take the same treatment.

I have never watched one minute of this show because of the writer or any producer, I watched for Strasser. Her scenes this week and through the years demonstrate how important she and her character is to the tapestry of this soap opera. She matters. A smart producer knows this and brings her home for the finale.

I think they'll bring Strasser back for the end. Maybe I'm overly optimistic, but I just cannot imagine that they wouldn't. And as I said, I hate that they gave her an exit reason instead of an exit story, however I do have a lot of respect for how OLTL features its older actors. They are treated as more than random grandparents who show up every now and then -- they are treated as vital, sexy, and they drive action, I think more so than any other show on the air. Far from perfect, but it's one of the things that's kept me around.

So there wasn't enough money in the budget to bring back Dorian's CHILDREN?!?!?! I mean REALLY!

Louise, I attended your reading at 59E59 with my daughter yesterday and we both agreed it was incredibly well-written. Kudos to you! Great job on the play. Some of those characters seemed eerily familiar to this GH fan, and so did some of the music. Laughed all the way home.

Lynne, oh my goodness, thank you SO much for coming to the reading! That is so sweet! And I'm very glad you liked it. And extra-glad that some "in the know" people were in the audience... I bet a few of those things felt awfully familiar! (And totally, I ripped the soapy underscoring music almost entirely from GH. Good ear!)

Ooh, and here's a cool tidbit: Linda Laundra, who produced and directed AMC, GL, and AW for years and her husband David (who's acted on most of those shows) were in the audience. I was so nervous! They talked to me afterwards and it sounded like they loved it. Yay!

Louise, you aren't the only one who was in tears. I watched the Dorian farewells on youtube all at once and first the Cramer girls party started my tears, and then Viki and Dorian had me bawling. When Viki told Dorian she loved her, I fell apart. I was delighted because I had been wishing for it a few minutes earlier, but at the same time I was dying thinking about losing my show and my beloved actors!

P.S. PLEASE give us more notice for your next reading! I would love to come!

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