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August 09, 2011

Fashion Icons of the World: You Have Been Unseated

Mercy me.

Upon first glance, it really could just look like a black shirt made out of shiny fabric.


You know, not everybody's taste, but it's fine. Oh, and it has a matching bracelet!


Also shiny. Okay.

And, wait...


It has matching shoes, too. Same fabric. Wait, a bracelet and boots made out of the same shiny, stiff fabric as the top?

No. Because look again, Miss Young Fashion Heiress is wearing what appears to be a matching set of a black LEATHER shirt, bracelet, and boots. Sweet mercy, y'all. And if that's not leather, it's at least rubber. So, you know, best case scenario: a matching set of a black RUBBER shirt, bracelet, and boots.

Upside? It looks hot with an apron.



(I know, I know. I'm going to have to find more ways to lock into this show besides wanting to see Steffy get hers and also snarking on her fashion choices, but... a lot of these characters are just so damn likable. Or at least not horribly objectionable. Can they quit with that? I need people to start doing appalling things again!)


its really 'coated' cotton .. check out JBrand jeans Agnes same stuff

Thanks, Daryl! That makes more sense. (I would never claim to understand anything about fabrics.)

Still scary-looking to me.

At least Steffy's hair looked better! She needs to NOT part her hair in the center, that just emphasizes her low forehead.

Good Lord! Although it looks cute with the apron! loving the screencaps <3

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