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August 10, 2011

I...He is Just...The Worst. The Worst Squared.

I wouldn't blame you if you glanced at that title and assumed that I was writing about Sonny, because such speechless expressions of hatred are my default when mentioning him, but today, we're looking at the younger generation, and we are looking at them with loathing, mingled with disgust, hoping that someone offscreen is lurking with a shiv, ready to do damage.

Abby: If I wanted to be treated like eye candy, I'd still be stripping at the club.
Michael: Fine. Sorry I took you off the pole.

If I had been eating something at the moment he uttered those words, I would have CHOKED on it and I probably would have DIED, or at least been hospitalized, and my poor parents would have a lifetime of awkwardly explaining to people that General Hospital kills. Disgusting. Not just because it made me become surprisingly protective of Abby and get insulted on her behalf (although that's part of it, because it makes me uncomfortable) but because that is so disgusting and condescending and offensive and GROSS and I find myself looking back on the era of his coma with longing.


At least Sam got to slap the crap out of Carly and bond with Monica.

I know, rigt? Count me right in with you about feeling dirty for sympathising with, and rooting for, effing ABBY of all people. I found myself yelling, "Run! Run, girl!" ANYONE shouldn't be talked to like that, even Snarly!

....well, on second thought...

I was actually rooting for Abby until she put the darn dress on.

that selfish brat said that to her??? Just when I thought I couldn't HATE that bastard even more, he goes to show me just how much I can. and I'm saying this even though I'm not even a fan of Abby. she is to dense and she's a grown woman dating a KID/FUTURE MOB KILLER. I have to agree with C, at least Sam got to slap that bitch Carly who along with Sonny defines the word SELFISH. Even though you know when saint Jason wakes up from his latest hospital stay he will side with Carly AGAIN and make Sam be the one to apologize for rightfully slapping that bitch. ugghhhhhh I HATE Carly!

I knew the line would make its own post, I knew it!

Now, I want one on the slap, too.

I can't believe it really aired, I only saw it on Yt, so I can pretend someone has altered it. How dare he? Sadly, it's so on the spot when it comes to our youth. That's exactly the attitude the young scumbags that are looting my beloved London have. They are above the law and no one can get to them or punish them and they don't have any responsibility and they won't face consequences. Michael cannot get any lower, wait, he can. Next, he can sell Abby.

If Jason wakes up and sides with Carly, i won't have words. And I'm not a JaSam fan. I think they have a great chemistry, but I can't be a fan of a couple when one of them kills people for living.

Mal, when commenting on Sonny and Olivia scenes (an I know you will), please don't forget to mention that she talks to the man WHO SHOT HER UNARMED SON IN THE CHEST, thank you.

This can't be the new regime and the new writing, it simply can't.

I hate the Abby/Michael pairing with the heat of a thousand blazins suns. I find the character of Abby to be completely useless. And yet, my reaction to him saying that is a dropped jaw and a "HE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT!" exclamation. I can't believe the show killed Jake and kept Michael, who has been a little shit since the day he was born.

I also loved the line about Sonny "Honoring the women in his life." ASDFGHIJKL;;KAL;DLFN;AKHNF;AKN;KVNA;KEF;AKN;KBN;IBV;AJKBD;JKVB;ADBG;AJB;EJB;SDJ!

Also, off-topic, but what the hell was that dog all about with Shawn? LOLDOGWHUT?

So I see the new guy has gotten right in the groove with GH's epic misogyny. Good to know I made the right choice when I decided not to bother giving the show another shot.

I watched yesterday, and found the whole show hilarious. Sam slapping Carly was awesome! I realize she and Jason have a history, but she barges in on him and his fiance with her latest self-created problem. Every time she has a crisis, she goes whining to either Sonny or Jason, expecting them to fix it. Now we have Jason in a coma (Not that I care, as it is one less thug to watch.) because Carly couldn't sit still. Her dig about Sam not knowing what it was like to lose a kid was rich! Meanwhile, Carly pops out kids every other year and dumps them on the nanny.

I wonder how much bonding Monica and Sam will do if Monica finds out that Sam watched Jake get kidnapped.

LOL, the title definitely made me think of Sonny. As far as I'm concerned the whole Corinthos clan is this way, meaning Sonny, Carly and all her brats (except for Joss, of course) I so hope that Jax gets away with Joss. I hate this mob crap so very much.

Why the hell is it Sonny thinks it's his place to take JAX'S CHILD from him? Let the police and the court handle it, especially since the only court did what they did is because Sonny had him set up. Also Sam was dead on about Carly never taking responsibility for anything. Sure she didn't make Sonny do what he did to Jax, but when she found out, she didn't try to fix it either. All Carly cares about is Carly. That is one character I will NEVER get behind. Ever.

I'm starting to think awesome writer has gotten a promotion. Alexis has called Sonny out for his standard move, but she only got it because she was one of his victims. It's nice that Abby was smart enough to sniff out the routine. DebbieN, I think the key to her wearing the dress is that they will enjoy it alone together, not showing it off in the casino. Michael is too naive to get that Sonny's routine has nothing to do with honoring "his women." It's about showing off his money and power. Her wearing the dress for him, acknowledges the sincere aspect of his plan.

Little Mikey's comment was almost as bad as YnR's Victor teling his wife Nikki, mother of his children, that she was only able to achieve a real life because he took her off the pole. That's what viewers (via Abby) have to look forward to if GH writers hold true to form. Bobbie Spencer was reminded she was once a prostitute almost every other week (notice how Luke went unscathed).

Thanks for the great laugh!
Your best line E.V.E.R: "I find myself looking back on the era of his coma with longing"
Loved it. Said it out loud several times just to enjoy it. Poetic!

Gwen, there is no way in heck that Brian Frons is EVER going to allow Sam's crimes against Liz, Cam and Jake to be outed in public.

Michael. Ugh. When Sam was doing her ususal "eves lurking" at Jason's penthouse and heard Michael discussing his non existence sex life, I knew that the scene were Sam had Abby all primed and ready at the hotel to sleep with a teenage rape victim was going to end up being sleazy. The entire Abby is a hooker, prostitute, stripper, call girl who is at least 35 years old and looks like Carly was all kinds of wrong. It took GH almost one year to buy a clue that the way to deal with rape is not via a hooker/stripper/prostitute/call girl. Gross.

Oh yeah, and Michael is a clone of Sonny with the way that he talks to women.

I'm kind of waiting for the "new" GH to kick in. First off, they need to tone down Michael big time. This whole Abby thing seems to me to be a bad redo of the whole Courtney thing from years ago. However, it's a sad sad day when I'd rather see Sonny phoning it in than one more minute of his kid...who, btw, he is less interested in than Carly/Jax/Josslyn. Hmmm.

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