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August 14, 2011

Is The Honeymoon Over Already?!

Perhaps that is a needlessly reactionary way of phrasing it, but I do have to admit that the cartoon hearts that floated around my head whenever I spoke or even thought of Garin Wolf (which was generally just when I was writing about General Hospital, any FBI agents who may be reading this, so there's no need to put me on a watchlist of any sort) have definitely diminished in quantity.

I know that the writing staff has the unenviable task of cleaning up a whole lot of messes that Bob Guza started--messes that, in some cases, lasted for nearly a decade! That should garner them a grace period, I know, but I am cranky and I will just not stand for certain things. Like, trying to wring drama out of Jason's coma, as if there were any chance that his latest near death experience would be the one to take. "I wonder if he will live!", asked no one, worriedly. Everything about Jax's kidnapping of Josslyn made me seethe. And then are the Johnny and Anthony scenes, which seem hopelessly random and not particularly interesting; it's not enough just to throw a hot guy and a hilariously over-the-top scenery chewer in a series of interminably long scenes together. I need a plot!

But what really pushed me over the edge and back into the familiar world of almost total irritation with GH (helped along, I must admit, by some dreary weather and allergies that just won't quit. Remember when allergies were an annoyance confined to the 31 days of March? Why have they spanned two entire seasons?!) were the following statements.

Olivia: And Michael's your son. No matter how good Dante's intentions were, Michael suffered, and he went to prison because of Dante's choices. I know we got long memories when it comes to our kids.

What? No. Michael did not go to prison because of Dante's choices. Michael went to prison because the three defective, self-righteous, and legally challenged adults in his life went into overdrive covering up a self-defense killing with a series of unconvincing lies, plots and schemes.

Also, for someone with a long memory when it comes to her kid, she is totally okay with hanging out with and defending THE MAN WHO SHOT HER UNARMED SON IN THE CHEST, SERIOUSLY, WHY AM I THE ONLY PERSON IN THE WORLD STILL ANGRY ABOUT THIS?!

Sonny: No, I heard Jason is gonna be taken care of.
Sam: I don't think you understand how important this is.
Sonny: Have you seen Robin?
Sam: I am talking about your best friend who is having a biopsy on his brain because there is something scary in there. Why are you so intent on finding Robin?
Sonny: I need information.
Sam: About what? Why?
Sonny: Excuse me.
Sam: What could be so important?
Sonny: I can't get into this right now with you.
Sam: What has gotten into you, Sonny? Are you kidding me? After everything that Jason has done for you, after how many times he's put his life on the line for you? Don't tell me this is about Jax. Is this about evening a score with Jax?
Sonny: Can you answer the damn question? Have you seen Robin or not?

What a fucking tool. Not only does his insatiable need to get revenge on Jax for "kidnapping Joss", when we all know that it's more about getting revenge on Jax for being friends with Brenda trump the life of his supposed friend*, but he cops that kind of an attitude about it?! Hate. Hate. Haaate.

*But it's okay that he has absolutely no use or patience for Jason's ordeal because Jason's family and medical professionals are there so there is no need to worry!


First of all, I am so with you on the multi-seasonal allergies sister! I am sick of it. Next, I hated what Olivia said blaming Dante for Michael's imprisonment and just for even wanting to be in the same room with the creep who shot her unarmed son in the chest. It's sickening. Also, Sonny for telling Dante he should "get over it already" !!!! WHAT??!!! Sonny NEVER forgets anyone else's mistakes or imagined sins. Just total hypocrisy. HATE, HATE, HATE!!! Garin Wolf will get more time from me, but not indefinite time to clean up this mess of a show.

This drama didn't aired in my country. I have to read your very first post to follow this story.

I have to voice a few things that I disagree about. Is it Dante's fault that Michael was sent to prison? To me, yes it was. He didn't even give Michael a chance to confess before he bust up in the middle of the courtroom and blabbed that Michael killed Claudia when Michael was coming home to tell the truth about that. But if I must take it a step further which I am, let's not forget that Michael did confess to the killing of Claudia. Went to the PCPD to confess to the killing of Claudia. And what happened he went. He was not believed. They thought for sure that Michael was covering up for SaSon so I'm like w/e when people blame Carly/Jason/Sonny on why Michael went to prison.

Second I have no problem with Sonny shooting Dante in the chest. I'm sorry but that was the most mob thing that GH has done in a while. Dante was a rat, Dante was undercover. When you are busted for infiltrating mob or gang, more times than not you will end up dead. And really I get why Sonny tells Dante to get over the shooting because Dante is constantly in his face. Its like make up your mind because Dante is always running hot and cold with Sonny on the fact one minute he wants to be Sonny's friend, the next minute he's in his face talking about he's a cop. To me its basically Sonny saying if you're not going to let it go that I shot you in the chest then why are you constantly in my face trying to have a heart to heart with me. I question that myself. If Dante is going to constantly throw up how Sonny shot him in the chest than the next time he shouldn't act like he wants to be friends with Sonny. Dante should be the one that's more consistent.

Now I thought Sam sounded stupid to Sonny. That's just my opinion because I kept wondering what exactly can Sonny do. He's not a doctor and he is looking for Joss. Yes, he would like to take out Jax but he's still looking for Joss. Then she got dumber to me by bringing up the many times Jason has put his life on the line for Sonny and all I could think of was 'Isn't that his job? Sonny is the godfather. Jason is the mob enforcer. His job is to put his life on the line for Sonny." and Jason getting hurt really had nothing to do with Sonny. And what kept coming to my mind is what exactly did Sam want Sonny to do? Stand there and ring his hands and cry. If he had sat around the hospital, he would have antagonized the Q's and its not like he's Sam's support system. So what exactly did she expect for Sonny to do? It's like Sam is the one forgetting that it was a little girl out there missing.

And speaking of things going missing. I'm pissed off that Sam took Jason's picture of his dead son out of his wallet and gave it to Monica because SHE thought Jason would want Monica to have it. It's so reminiscent of Maxie talking it upon herself to take Emily's picture down from the mantle because she was redecorating Jason's PH. It wasn't Sam's place to do that. She's not Jake's mother and that was not her picture to give. For all she knows that is the only picture that Jason might have of Jake and she gave it away.


I love when you post. You say everything I'm thinking. I completely agree with you entire post.

While I agree to an extent of what kermitklein says about Sonny and Dante, I do feel that as a mother Olivia could and should NEVER forget what Sonny did. It's so sad what they have done to Olivia (and every other female character on this show!).

On a side note: Amanda & Peter getting married, OheMGee...LOVE

Putting Monica on-screen, while nice, is not the cure for what ails GH. I'm not sure there is one, frankly. Getting rid of Guza was essential, and oh-so-satisfying, but everyone who thinks Garin Wolf is going to return the show to the 80s/90s is being deluded.

Short of killing off Carly, Sonny, Jason, and a half-dozen other characters, or basically retconning everything since 1993 or so as a dream, I don't think there's really much that can be done at this point, given the short amount of time the show has on the air until next year.

The only real question Wolf has to answer for the remaining run is who the protagonists are on this show. If he still thinks they're Jason, Carly, and Sonny, it's the same garbage we have now. If not, then at least the stuff we get could begin to undo the damage a little bit at a time.

I too have fallen off the 'Garin Wolf is wonderful, he's given Monica scenes' bandwagon. The whole Jax kidnapping Joss storyline was awful as was Sonny's behavior. Let us not forget this is the man that hung AJ up on a meat hook and forced him to give up his paternal rights to Michael. However, I did think the scenes where Matt was talking to a comatose Siobhan about what a tool Patrick is was hysterical.

I am still of the belief that the ONLY REASON Guza was "fired" was so that his name is not attached to the show when it is ultimately cancelled. I mean really, Brian Frons and Jill Farren Phelps worshipped that man until he was "fired". They allowed him to do what he did to the show for YEARS not caring what the fans thought. Are we really to believe that they JUST NOW decided to let him go for the better of the show? I doubt it seriously. I truly beleve this show is going to be gone September 2012 when Katie Couric's show starts and getting rid of Guza now makes it seem like he isn't the reason it gets "cancelled"

I am still of the belief that the ONLY REASON Guza was "fired" was so that his name is not attached to the show when it is ultimately cancelled. I mean really, Brian Frons and Jill Farren Phelps worshipped that man until he was "fired". They allowed him to do what he did to the show for YEARS not caring what the fans thought. Are we really to believe that they JUST NOW decided to let him go for the better of the show? I doubt it seriously. I truly beleve this show is going to be gone September 2012 when Katie Couric's show starts and getting rid of Guza now makes it seem like he isn't the reason it gets "cancelled"

Olivia is just terrible. It's amazing that even though Judge Carroll said why Michael was going to prison, Dante is still to blame. But whatevs, I know how much she loves kissing Carly and Sonny's asses. I thought it had gone away when she was threatening to kick Carly's ass, but I guess not. Of course not, if she got over Sonny shooting her kids in .02 seconds.

I was hoping Jax would get away with Josslyn, but I'm kinda glad he didn't b/c I don't think I can handle him having to be on the run forever. I need to see him. But can Shawn just go away??? I'm pissed at the lack of reaction he got from just strolling in Robin's house from the back. Really?

At this point, something would have to happen to Josslyn before these fools get it.

"Are you going to bring that up again?" That, of course, being the fact that Sonny shot an unarmed cop in the chest. Ladies and gentleman, your leading man!

I think the most telling sign that Sonny is more out of control than usual is that he's "looking for Josslyn" with a DRAWN, LOADED GUN that you know he'll be happy to point in Jax's direction even if Jax is holding Josslyn at the time.

I enjoyed last week's truthtelling episodes, but they aren't going to make up for whatever Sonny does next.

I just read on a spoiler site that Jason's head injury will not result in his waking up as Jason Q. with no memory of the past 16 years. We'll see such scenes, but they're only the dreams of various women in his life who wish it would happen. And it'll only last for three episodes because--wait for it--Steve Burton refuses to reprise Jason Q on a long-term basis.

Really? Really, GH? Steve Burton can make those kinds of demands? As if he's some kind of A-lister, instead of a 40-something hack who couldn't even make the jump to primetime TV, much less films? As if he isn't 1/3 of the unholy trinity who've dragged the ratings of this once great, proud show into the cellar? That's the Steve Burton who gets to decide what story he will and will not play?

The arrogance boggles the mind, it really does.

Oh, Jaylynne, that is indeed terrible news. I don't like to bash actors, but it totally sucks that he refuses to reprise Jason Q long-term. BAHHHHH

Mallory, I can always count on you to be outraged at just the right times! And how about Sonny's remark about "haven't we let go of that yet?" or whatever when Dante mentioned that minor scuffle where Sonny shot him in the chest. The Pocket Mobster was beyond douchey last week, and girl if you haven't seen Monday's episode yet... all I can say is, brace yourself. I have a feeling those cartoon hearts are gonna just break right in half and come crashing to the floor like so much mobster glassware.

Love your blog. I am willing to give Garin Wolf -alittle bit more time to forge his own direction for GH. I still think he is cleaning up from the last couple of years. I like seeing a wide range of characters on my screen--the cast is mixing it up-- my goodness Matt and Elizabeth had a scene-- Monica and Edward with Sam--- Robin and Jax (please how did Sean know to go to Robin --when was the last time Jax and Robin spoke to each--I forgot they were friends)

Olivia is Dante's mother--she should have nothing to do with Sonny. He shot her son at point blank. I am still mad nothing happened to Sonny b/c of that.

I am hopefully that the last year of GH (I believe Katie Couric is the death knell for them) will be enjoyable. I can watch most of the show now which is a big step up from deleting straight away from my DVR.

I just cannot stand Sonny, meds or no meds. Mr. Hypocritical Self-Righteous needs a little 'down' time. It was a dream but I so wanted Jax to put him down and really make him hurt. (See I never thought of Brenda leaving as a hurt!) Too bad Robin is such a prop for Sonny. I usually like her until she defends the stupid jerk. Maybe someday she will open her eyes and see that he is a waste of space. Sonny is NOT MY leading man. HATE, HATE, HATE him (And I actually wanted him to return to the show back in the 90s? was it?). Sadly for me, there is NO leading man on this soap (unless I could pick Coleman). And in my opinion, it was Sonny, Carly and Jason who were responsible for Michael's imprisonment. Their cover up was so unnecessary. Dante was just being a cop. So much for my random musings!

I want Jason to wake up with all of his Jason Q memories and be appalled at all of the things that he did under the guise of "Jason Morgan". The "new" Jason would not want anything to do with Carly, Sam, Sonny,,,etc and they would have to work hard to be in his life or not.

Oh yes, the comment about SBu not wanting to do another round of "Jason Q" makes perfect sense from a character and financial aspect. Why would SBu want to run around in that "reindeer" sweater as Jason Q at his age while his current Jason Morgan persona gets tons of air time, shoots with both hands and gets to carry around Carly's purse with his balls inside?

Let me get this straight. In my earlier comment, I said that last week's truthtelling episodes were great, but they weren't going to make up for what Sonny was going to do next.

Which was to TRY TO MURDER JAX IN ROBIN'S HOME and end up SHOOTING ROBIN?!?!?!? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? And Robin's all "Don't call the cops" and Patrick goes along with it? WHAT THE HOLY HELL?!?!?!?

But, Minirth, At least Patrick yelled at Robin, with some great truth-telling, and the best part was him yelling at Sonny and kicking his moobster self out.

Though he lost points with that crack about not taking sides in the custody battle and "letting" Jax inside their home.

Sonny fired a gun in Robin's house with her child inside that ended up hitting her (Robin). If it had not hit her it would have hit and probably killed Jax IN HER HOUSE. The fact that Robin WAS STILL trying to protect Sonny was simply nauseating to me. Protecting YOUR CHILD should trump protecting Sonny. Period. I am so tired of the asshats in charge constantly having Robin prop and defend Sonny, EVEN WHEN THE LIVES OF HER OWN FAMILY are at stake. IMO no friendship is worth that. NOT ONE.

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