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August 16, 2011

It's My Lucky Day

First of all, Roxy was on today's episode.

Second of all, Kelly mentioned Zane for, what, only the fourth time since she re-joined the show? And is all of a sudden crying about how it seems so long ago that he was as tiny as a baby even though we have absolutely no idea how old he's supposed to be. Now she's feeling maternal? Hysterical. The moments go by so fast! Yeah, Kells, especially when you leave your kid in another country and move away for years. (Yes, it's part of the set-up of the Cramer exodus -- which makes me very sad -- but could they have given just a few more days of Kelly being wistful about her son?)

Okay, but the main event. The explanation of how RHTodd and TSJTodd have the same memories and the same DNA. I mean, y'all? It had to be insane, no matter what. The set-up is insane and makes no sense, just like TSJTodd showing up eight years ago with no fingerprints and some reassuring memories was insane and made no sense. So it had to be off-the-wall in that "only on a soap" kind of awesome way, but I steered clear of spoilers and today was all brand new information for me. I expected and wanted off-the-wall and insane? I got it and then some. Holy crap! Everyone was gathered for the lengthy monologue from the back-from-the-dead woman who tells the entire ridiculous tale and includes actual phrases such as, "Please boys, be patient. Everything will be explained." and "Be patient, Victoria. I'm getting to it."


Irene: That's when I discovered that I'd been carrying twins. I could barely afford to take care of one child, never mind two. So I gave one of my babies to Peter to raise. The one I'd named Todd.

RHTodd: I remember.

TSJTodd: Yeah, so do I.

Viki: Ubbub, hang on. Well, what happened to the other one?

Irene: Ah, the other one. He was quiet. Different. What some might call, uh, special. I raised him myself. Named him Victor. Victor Lord, Junior. 

I mean at this point I'm already dying. We've always known that Todd is "special," of course. It's so brave of the show to finally admit it.

But that was just the beginning. Then we found out that Irene was struggling financially, as so many young mothers do, so she went ahead and joined the CIA to make ends meet. As so many young mothers do. (Why didn't she just take up stripping? Soaps confuse me, I thought that's what you're supposed to do if you're young and poor with a child. That, or become a gold-digger with a heart of gold.) Anyway, the CIA salary wasn't really cutting it, so she went rogue just before learning that Victor had left Todd a crazy amount of money in his will and she came up with a... brilliant plan. Brilliant.

She sent "her people" to talk to Todd about getting involved in their rogue organization and Todd not only refused but threatened to expose them (being the morally upstanding citizen that he is). So she contacted Tomas (a legit CIA agent) to report Todd as an enemy of the state. Viki was shocked. Shocked! My goodness, Irene! How could you? (She explained that super-easy-like by saying she'd long stopped thinking of him as her son and knew what kind of man he'd become anyway. Which wasn't a good one. Because she is pro-good-men.)

So Tomas went to the crypt to off Todd, but Mitch had beaten him to it. So she had a badly-beaten Todd captured and was with both of her sons (Todd and Victor) for the first time. I'm not making any of this up. THERE WERE "FLASHBACKS."



Okay, so then -- and here's where it got so far beyond any kind of expectations of awesomely ridiculous that I was practically screaming my laughter -- Irene sat and asked a disoriented Todd about his life, and he answered the questions and Victor would just repeat everything that Todd said. Because, you know, he was special. Perhaps an idiot savant of some sort. And he therefore took on Todd's memories as his own. SIMPLE-DIMPLE, Y'ALL. In case you're trying to picture this in your head, you don't have to. They made the scenes. They were amazing. Doubled-over-laughing-on-my-couch amazing. I don't even know my own name right now, that's how ridiculous this is. My heart is full.

It didn't stop there. She then cut her "special" son's face to give him an identical scar to Todd's.


(Wait, what? Isn't he about to get plastic surgery to make him look like another person anyway? Why was Todd repeating so much information about himself? Did they show Victor photos or something? He clearly had no trouble recognizing anyone. Did Ron Carlivati find a cure for developmental disorders?!?!) (Sweet mercy, why am I asking logical questions when they are giving me this gift?!)

There are just no words. I could try, I really could. This is just some of the funniest shit I have ever seen. Ever. I am so happy today that I watch soaps and I am so happy today that soaps are so freaking ridiculous. And here's the coolest thing about this and about soaps: we'll get a couple more days of insane explanations full of mile-wide holes and impossibilities, and then we'll move right back to the real drama, and that's the fallout for everyone who knows or hates or loves Todd(s). And for Todd. And Victor. Victor! And if the relationships we've watched years being built are compelling enough and the actors deliver? I'll take it completely seriously. Completely. Because that is just how this stuff works. High camp yields high drama? It certainly can, and certainly has. Hell, the ridiculous story that brought us Todd #2 in the first place was laughable and campy but it led to kick-ass drama all over the canvas. (I'd take this opportunity to point out that it basically looks like Gigi is going to communicate to Natalie that Liam's is John's from beyond the grave, which is also silly and ridiculous and will lead to major drama and so it's basically the same arrangement... but sweet mercy I don't give a shit about Liam's paternity anymore and haven't in so, so long.)

I seriously cannot wait to watch more of this nonsense. If they don't play the fallout well, then I'll eat my words and this will be a big stand-alone eye-roller, but judging by the work they've done in the pre-Irene leg of this story, I actually have faith for once. For now? This is so bad it's good, so good it's bad, so hilarious it's heartbreaking and so ridiculous that it's awesome. Man. I love the shit out of soaps.


I think my favorite bit was Irene talking about how she was a struggling single mother with no money and nowhere to turn so, as a last resort, she...joined the CIA. Ludicrous. And hilarious.

Great write-up, Louise. And get excited - our girl Kim's back next week!! Eeee!!

I kept on screaming "What?" at the end of every one of those scenes after Irene was explaining what happened. And laughing my ass off too. I expected there would be some ridiculous explanation for everything but today just took the cake. I think that has to be the campiest story since Marlena was possessed by the devil on DOOL.

So now that I got a different take on this was Irene basically saying that TJS-Todd/Victor Lord Jr. was some kind of developmentally disabled/autistic like child who could be given the details about his brother's life in what? a day or two and just automatically become him? I was having a hard time following because I did not actually watch when RH-Todd was beaten by Mitch Lawrence and only vaguely remember when TSJ-Todd/VLJ came on with a new face (which they didn't get to today but I assume they will tomorrow).

The one (of many) things I'm confused about it the inheritance. So Victor Lord Sr. knew about one of the twins (RHTodd who Irene gave to Peter Manning) but not TJSTodd/Victor Lord Jr????? Or is it the other way around. And I thought Irene said she didn't know about the inheritance until about the same time RHTodd found out (and that's why she started this whole twin meets twin and becomes twin thing?) but didn't she write about it in her diary and that's how David Vickers found out and pretended to be RHTodd?

Another thing, David made it sound like Irene's diary confession about killing Victor was a fake entry (which saved Dorian from death row which I remember pretty well) so does that mean Dorian actually killed Victor 'cause that's what Dorian made it sound like too and I can't recall if she actually did and just got away with it because of that entry or what. I wonder if that will have anything to do with Robin Strasser's early exit.

I'm sure we'll get more info the rest of the week and I'll be 10x as confused as I am now.

OMG RH as special needs Victor was hillarious. At this point there was no to logically explain this so I give them credit for going over the hill camp. I notice that Viki isn't even playing it like she has doubts who Todd is the way they were huddled on the couch.

Oh and Todd now qualify as having the worst childhood ever.
Adopted mother Alcoholic but she loved him but abusive Adopted father kept her away. Birth father Pedophile and Sociopath and now birth mother crazy Rogue CIA who stole his life and tortured him for the last 8 years.

God, I'm crying right now from laughing. It's not even your take on it, which was awesome, but just how horribly campy the flashbacks were. I lost it when Irene cut up Victor's face. The camp is so bad it's so good.

Of course it makes no sense because where on earth was Tina during all of this?? I think she would have remembered a little brother growing up. If it was after Tina was given to Viki, then there's no way Todd could have been 25 during the Lord Inheritance storyline.

But whatever. I'll take all the horrible inconsistencies and campiness for the incredible fallout.

Poor TSJ, since I'm assuming he's Victor. His character is now "special" which has to suck for him. I do wonder what he and RH are thinking about this storyline and RH in particular for having to act out the flashbacks.

Great write up! I'm so happy that we're on the same page about this. I kept thinking to myself, I bet there are people out there who are so upset about this turn of events (namely TSJ fans) but not me!!! This is one of the most entertaining storylines I've ever seen on a soap.

LB, true, I assume there some upset TSJ fans out there today, but I think TSJ is a great actor and I'm not upset! I think this gives him tons of material to sink his teeth into and this kind of thing could go on for ages depending on what happens once the show moves online. I'm so excited for what he's going to do for his last month on the show. (This is all assuming he's Victor, which he still may not be.)

Man, those flashbacks. I just keep watching.

Geat episode with the two Todds being revealed (like Starr guessed!) as twins!!! I just wished we weren't distracted by those LAME Rex/Aubrey/Cutter/Cristian/Ghost Gigi scenes! UGH!!!! But at least Roxy was back on again!

I love OLTL so much right now. I just look so forward to each day but I hated that the current ABC promo seems to spoil what's coming up in this story. Irene's explanation and the "flashbacks" were hilarious. I mean, Irene was wearing the EXACT same outfit and hairstyle eight years ago as today. LOL. Um, I wonder what the explanation will be for TSJ-Todd returning to Llanview with Walker Lawrence's face in 2003?

Oh, I SO adore Trevor St. John and Roger Howarth as screen-partners, I don't want it to ever end.

Misspelled "Great". Has Irene been holding me hostage at her compound to? LOL!!!

I thought I was prepared for something wacky and whack, but nothing could have prepared me for this. It was humorous, yes--but only in an "if I don't laugh I'll cry" kind of way. So bad!--if this is the story's big climax/reveal, how can one hope for anything better for the fall-out?

I can hope for a better fall-out because the logistics aren't the point of the story -- the relationships are, the characters are. And before this silliness it was mad good. I have hope it will be in the aftermath as well.

Irene's story was good soapy absurdly and it was a blast hearing her try to explain it all .

You know, instead of that Walker Lawrence nonsense that TSJ played out eight years ago, OLTL should have brought him on as Todd's twin brother via Irene Manning.

OLTL has been soapy, campy and drama filled since last year.

I agree with Louise. The lead up to this was great for the most part. I have no reason to assume - yet - that the fallout won't be good too.

Beyond that, as much as I'm hoping TnB will be together (wouldn't be surprised if they aren't though), I think I'm more excited at the possibility that RH Todd and Sam can have more scenes together. Please RC make it happen!

I'm totally on the same page as you, Louise. Yes, it's absolutely ridiculous! But there's no way it couldn't have been, and, in fact, I actually this is the most UNridiculous option open to them. As you noted, the original Walker Lawrence storyline eight years ago was ridiculous! Soaps are ridiculous! That doesn't mean they can't be good. From what they've set up, from the performances we've been getting, there really is no reason not to be hopeful about the fall-out.

I'm also in total agreement about TSJ. He's had eight years and lots of great material, and he WAS, for all intents and purposes, Todd Manning, and nothing about this changes that. It's not like they're saying it was all a dream and he never existed or whatever.

Damn! A while back, I was thinking of the old Star Trek episode "What Are Little Girls Made Of" where they bad guys made an android of Kirk & when they started to implant his memories into the android's mind, he created a false memory to give Spock a clue that something was wrong. After reading this, I started wondering if RHTodd pull the same thing.

I guess we can thank Michael Malone for this mess now known as OLTL. Had he not written the character of Todd, Todd raping Marty, retconning Todd as Victor's son...to present day Ron Carlivati further destroying the show with this ridiculousness. I'm ashamed to be a fan of this show. RIP OLTL 1968-1992.

I LOVE this show! And I loved today's episode so much I've watched every bit of the Two Todds and Sweet Irene at least twice.

As good as the show - and it's GREAT! - even BETTER - yup,even better - is your commentary. Every single time you write. Today especially. Not only are you funny as hell, you get the beauty of soaps and express it to perfection.

And the folks in the comment section?? - you're all pretty damn good too!!

This show not only is the best, it brings out the best.

Yes, but Louise--it's not the logistics and details that concern me--it's the abysmal lack of imagination that seems almost certain to spill over into a lack of appropriate fall-out. At this point I can only picture the writer(s) going: "relationships...characters...wha???" I'll be shocked if those important concerns aren't overlooked for more stupidity. In one fell swoop the show has made me expect the worst. I hope I'm wrong.

Umm...Wow! Ok... So That happened! For three weeks this show has exceded all of my expectations and today was no different. I expected the explanation to be illogical and over the top. But this was the dopiest thing to be on my TV in YEARS! It was thrilling!!

If the head writer ran onstage midscene and said "AWW.. eff it! We can't explain this crap! Just roll w/ it, ok?" it would have been more plausible. LOL

I don't know what happens next, but I can't remember the last time I was this captivated by anything on TV. So...Thanks show! I guess.

Hey, maybe Irene was collecting Quartermaines too... I need a nap.

LOL to Bebe piper on
"If the head writer ran onstage midscene and said "AWW.. eff it! We can't explain this crap! Just roll w/ it, ok?" it would have been more plausible. LOL"

My thoughts exactly! While i love soap campiness at times (someone brought up the DOOL Marlena possession story from back in the day), and i have love love loved the story of the 2 Todds...This was just...WHAT THE WHAT!? You definitely have to laugh! OK I guess I need to see today's and the rest of the fall out, but why wouldn't they have just stopped and said that they were fraternal twins and Irene pimped out Victor Jr to be Todd so he'd get some inheritance (it would explain the different face)...although the rest of the CIA craziness would still be campy! I guess if you're going to go camp, you're going to go all the way or go home!

PS Thumbs up for Roxy scenes! Thumbs down to ghost Gigi and more of the golddiggin crew, yawn


"If the head writer ran onstage midscene and said "AWW.. eff it! We can't explain this crap! Just roll w/ it, ok?" it would have been more plausible."

Perfectly said. Metaphorically, that's exactly what they did.

I cut my soap-watching teeth on Days' MarDevil storyline. Without blinking or thinking much about how silly it is, I expected that TSJTodd was a rogue agent with a mad scientist-provided magic bone marrow transplant (to explain the DNA) and a brain chip.

OLTL just proved that soaps can still blow my mind with how ridiculous they are.

Thanks, OLTL. Now go back to being emotionally awesome.

I'd honestly be fine with it if they spent just one more day on the back story and then got back to the business at hand and spent zero time at all trying to fill in the blanks. The explanation is hardly the story here. I can almost picture them dying laughing while concocting this insanity just to get the dialogue down into two days' worth of scripts to get back to the good stuff. I can't wait.

Do you think they were laughing or were they just going 'It's not like it's going to really matter THAT much in the long run.'

I don't think any soap writer could be accused of thinking too HIGHLY of the intelligence of the audience... not with things like time travel, clones, underground cities, spaceships to Heaven and like involved. This is just more of the same.

That being said, it's hilarious... it's so outrageously ridiculous that one HAS to laugh at it because anything else will just anger up the blood and there's enough of that already to deal with.

I knew going into this that there would be no explanation that would make sense or make anyone go 'My God... that was fucking brilliant!' so I was really hoping that they'd just go whole hog crazy with the backstory and they certainly did that!

I eagerly anticipate the WTF?! faces of the rest of the interested parties... that should be some good stuff. I would even ask for a gallery of it on the site.

<"If the head writer ran onstage midscene and said "AWW.. eff it! We can't explain this crap! Just roll w/ it, ok?" it would have been more plausible. LOL">

OMGosh... Bebe Piper... That was FREAKIN HILARIOUS!!!

Ohhh man...still laughing...thanks so much for that...ohh man..tears rolling down my face.. I'm at work..I gotta go to the restroom and get myself together...

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