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August 22, 2011

Nope. Nope. The Good Stuff's Not Over After All. Not By A Longshot.

Hot damn, One Life to Live. There I was feeling like I'd been overstating the case and gushing far too much, and Friday's episode felt like something of a letdown and possibly a worrisome sign of things to come, but I really thought it was back on today. Really on. 

I mean Victor and Téa gave us the first good laugh. Victor apparently "knows" Téa. "There's nothing you hate more than being lied to, so I think that kinda puts the kibosh on the whole 'till death do us part' thing, doesn't it?" Huh? How many times has he told her egregious lies? She takes him back without a problem, pretty routinely. What's he even talking about?


Jesus, Florencia Lozano and Trevor St. John brought it in their scenes today. Tenderness, regret, shame, humiliation, anger, passion, devastation, alienation. All of it.

Téa: No, you're not the man I thought you were. No, I didn't marry you for five million dollars, no, you were not the man on that island with whom I conceived a child, there are a lot of things you are not. You are not the man who kicked me out of my own house, naked, in the middle of the winter! You're not the man who nearly burned me down in a cabana. Oh, a lot of the things that we thought we shared that was good, we didn't share, but a lot of the bad things -- we didn't share those either. 

Victor (laughing): Is this -- oh is this, sorry, is this your way of kinda saying, you know, "Always look on the bright side," is that what it is... 'cause it's really kinda messed up.

Téa (doing her vintage Téa laugh/cry): Our whole life is "really kinda messed up. (Indeed. --Ed.)

Victor (reaching for her but getting rebuffed): I don't need any of this, I don't need your explanations, I don't wanna make it worse. (Seriously, wow. That might have been some of the most sincere tenderness and compassion I have seen in years from this character. He really seemed to mean this. I can't look away!  --Ed.) 

Victor (it's going to take a while to get used to typing that!) then went on to tell her that he loves her and that he's not who she thought he was or who he thought he was but he does know he loves her. And I believed him. And that if she doesn't love him, he needs to hear it right now. And he didn't say this in a hateful, dictatorial kind of way. He said it in total vulnerability. I'm serious. This happened. Eventually Téa told him that she does love him, and he smiled. He kept smiling. He smiled and it looked real and I felt happy for him. Y'all. You know those promos that GH always does that have become a nationwide GH-viewer joke about some stupid thing that's going to "Change! Port! Charles! Forever!" and nothing changes anything the slightest bit? Um, this Changed! Llanview! Forever! Seriously. At least for me. So far. It's a paradigm shift and I'm a bit lost and turned around and I love it.

Oh and then this amazing thing happened!

Jack: I know all about you! You didn't even want me!

Todd: What are you talking about?

Jack: You tried to give me away to nuns! In a Mexican airport! (Uh, Jack, you didn't seem to be too bothered by this information when you thought Victor was your father. But you know what? This should be drama. Better late than never, I say!  --Ed.)

Todd: (awkward pause) Yeah, that happened. It... aaahhh. I didn't know. I didn't know the truth. 

I'm just so happy right now. And then later?

Todd: It's not his fault he's an obnoxious little brat, is it? (pulls the gun out of his pocket) It's that son of a bitch who raised him. (The phrase "son of a bitch" takes on a fair new meaning here. Or is at least finally literal, and Todd's allowed to say so.  --Ed.)

Interestingly, while Todd did show up at Victor's home with the gun, he seemed to be calmed out of respect for Téa, who he overheard professing her love to Victor. And as deeply, deeply messed up as Victor and Téa are (by their own admission!), I really liked this moment. What's happening to me?


In news that has nothing to do with The Tale of Two Todds, Kim's back!


And she was really worried about Clint! She stopped Rex to make sure Clint's really okay! I melt. I melt just a little. I'm a little biased. I love those two. I may have mentioned it once or twice. 

Unfortunately, she then went to see a mystery hospitalized person that I am terrified is Stacey Morasco. This is not good news.

In other non-Two Todds news, that horrible kiss that we ended with on Friday? Ended in Jessica punching Ford instead of returning the kiss. Hell yes! And telling Ford they shouldn't spend time together, which resulted in David Gregory as Ford speed-talking his way through a few lines that I didn't understand... or care about.


I already mentioned this earlier on our Facebook page (Serial Drama has a Facebook page, in case you didn't know -- come visit us!), but this is my bit of shameless self-promotion for the day if any of you live near/in NYC. A (free!) reading of my new play Next Time on Spring Valley is coming up this very Thursday at 3pm at 59E59 Theaters in Manhattan; it's ALL about soaps and soap fans and should be a very good time. Check out this link for details and where to RSVP if you're into this sort of thing. I promise there will be plenty of inside jokes that are right up your alley if you're a soap lover!


SWEET JESUS. I have this little addendum to throw in after having gone back to catch the sequence that I missed because of the news report. According to Dani? "The guy that raped Marty Saybrooke? That was [Starr's] precious Todd."

This is where Louise has an effing aneurysm. That Dani needs a smack in the face. What the hell does she call what Victor did to Marty Saybrooke? I am absolutely going to lose my mind. Is this how this is going to go? TSJTodd is now the non-rapist brother? Damn. Damn. I wish I hadn't gone back and watched that sequence because I loved this episode, but if this is the story they're selling now? That Victor is an innocent and only Todd is a Big Bad? No indeed. Not buying it. We watched Victor commit rape and assault and kidnapping and abuse (not to mention all manner of white collar crimes) year after year since 2003.

Starr gave a half-decent retort, but only half-decent. Not good enough.

I'm all for the complicated bad boys, but not if every bad act gets erased for one of them. No chance. Todd's a nasty piece of work, and so is Victor. I can live with that, and have been fascinated watching it. Why do they need to do this?!



I have to DVR OLTL just because everything outside of TTOT is horrible and unwatchable and must be FFWD. I do like Destiny's s/l too. Sadly as TSJ's time comes to an end, so will the quality of the show. He's a brilliant actor and as much as I adore RH, TSJ is the better actor. Victor/Tea scenes were incredible to watch with such intensity of emotion. FL and TSJ dropped an Emmy reel y'all. Everything else about the episode was unbearable: Terd, strip club shenanigans, Todd/Jack ( AT has not improved one bit...just painful) and Dani/Starr commiserating at the bar (and I thought KA was so good last week.) Even seeing my Kimmy cannot make Morasco Fiasco #2 something I can watch. In response to a post about Farah Fath being a better actress than Crytal Hunt, did you watch CH on Guiding Light as Lizzie. She was good I. That role. Both FF and CH aren't good enough to warrant an extension of characters like Gigi, Stacy and Rex. Ugh. This time spent on this shit when Clint goes unseen, Matthew lies in a coma and Dorian barely gets screen time. Ugh, again.

sane85, happy to clarify. He was her captor and she didn't even know it because he controlled her information while she was ill and completely dependent on him to live. She had Stockholm Syndrome, by his design. It wasn't valid consent, which makes it rape.

I don't mind when soaps use silly reasons to get people out of serving time for crimes (hell, then everyone would be in jail), but I do get upset when they tell us they weren't crimes. That was a clear-cut case, not some tricky gray-area thing. Except on a soap! It was unreal to me that he held her captive and somehow was told he had committed no crime because after he'd controlled her mind for months one day he said she could leave and she didn't. Of course she didn't.

The thing that really defines Ford to me is his blank, utterly confused look after Jessica punched him. He had NO IDEA why what he did was inappropriate. He will never understand that. God, I hate him.

I adore Kim.. but I couldn't stop laughing at how all the strippers in the ultra elite strip club NEVER STRIP!

Those girls just strutted around, swung around on poles and never took a darn thing off. Men were tucking money into the shorts of almost fully dressed girls. Lulz!

I mean.. I know it's a daytime soap and they can't show much, but at least one article of clothing should of come off.

My favo scene.. when Todd grabbed Jack and told him he could never call him scarface again. Jack almost had a look of love on his face.. like this was what he'd been missing his whole life. A man who actually cares enough to discipline him instead of giving into his every wish and covering up for his every misdeed.

That's where my opinion takes a turn into it not being rape. He never technically held her captive. He made no threats to her, and he never told her she couldn't leave due to something he would/could do to her. He lied his manipulating ass off to keep her there, but ultimately it was her choice. I believe one of the qualifications to be considered stockholme syndrome is there being some sort of physical threat to the victim, who then feels grateful when the perpetrator does not harm them.

Still, I find it vile and disgusting, but just lying to a much more severe degree than some people do to get laid/find love. *shrugs*

No, he didn't hold Marty captive with threats, but she had no other choice. She could not move or get treatment or EAT without him, and by the time she could he had done his brainwashing (karma?) and thought he was her hero. Definitely Stockholm Syndrome to a T. He knew her consent was not valid.

The early rapemance scenes always felt like a reverse-gender Misery to me, except that the James Caan character didn't have amnesia for Kathy Bates to exploit.

My day is dark, full of pain, and then the Tale of Two Todds brings me up and out of myself. As the darkness readies to return there is your column and the sun shines for another day. I love you woman. You easily underline my thoughts so very well.

The thing about the rapemance that always puzzled me is how Todd#2 felt during and after Margaret shot him in both legs then held him captive for weeks until she could have sex with him and then conceived Sam. For Todd#2 to then turn around and keep Marty from her loved ones and actually have sex with her is a real head scratcher.

Mumzie Doo, that was so generous that I feel like I paid you! Thank you, glad you enjoy the column.

LadyBug, right?! So, so sick.

Louise,,,,I think OLTL took the rapemance with Todd#2 and Marty way too far by having them fall in love and have sex. Gross! If the writers had shown flashbacks of Todd#2 being held by Margaret and we actually saw a light bulb moment where Todd#2 realized that he made a huge mistake in trying to be with Marty before the ILY and sex.

"I don't feel manipulation or lies (even whoppers like the ones Victor told) makes it any less consensual. If that were the case, I'm guessing 70% of men would be in prison."

Damn, you must know a lot of really nasty men. Dang.

I saw the announcement for your play reading on FB and I am a New Yorker and I would love love to see it. Unfortunately, I have job that is not conducive to 3 pm viewings. Please let us know if there is another reading/performance, no matter how off off off broadway.
Good luck!

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