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August 05, 2011

Small Ways To Find Joy

It really didn't take me long after my return to viewing The Bold & the Beautiful to find a character I dislike so much that I'd derive giddy glee from any time she gets disappointed. I do feel kind of bad about it since it's so mean-spirited, but on the other hand it is kind of my "job" here to snark on these characters and this show (perhaps it's that I've been having such warm, gooey feelings about One Life to Live lately that I forgot what it's like to be bitter and hyper-critical). And really, so far it's just the one character. But considering that character is Steffy? Yesterday was a good day for me. Here's.... basically what happened:

Steffy: I'm so glad you came over to move in with me in our love nest, Bill! Sorry that whole thing with wifey having a heart attack while you were breaking up with her put this off. And yikes! A heart attack -- that must have been really frustrating for you.

Bill: Well, it was probably bad for Katie, too.

Steffy: Oh totally, I hate her and want her to suffer because I don't know if you knew this but I auto-hate anyone with the last name Logan even though I'm related to some Logans, but I mean it's not like I want her to die. If she died, I wouldn't get to rub it in her face that we're together and you dumped a Logan for me! I'm going to do what my mother never could!

Bill: We're... not together.

Steffy: Except we totally are.

Bill: Seeing her ticker give out like that sort of gave me a new perspective.

Katie: Per-what?Steffy1

Bill: So it... didn't really go as planned.

Steffy: Boy, Katie's sisters are probably going to come after me hardcore, guns a-blazin'. I kind of can't wait so I can gloat.

Bill: Yeah, her sisters aren't going to come after you.

Steffy: Why are you ruining my fun? They totally are!

Bill: They're not.

Steffy: But they're Logans and Logans circle the wagons and all that. Ergo they'll totally come after me since you left Katie for me.

Bill: Right. And I promise they're not coming after you. Get it?


Steffy: Not really.

Bill: I told her about us but I didn't get to part where I'm leaving her for you. She had a heart attack first.

Steffy: But she's not dead, Bill, you still should have told her while the paramedics were trying to revive her or something.

Bill: Right, I'm not telling her. Ever. Because I'm not leaving her.

Steffy: Steffy2

Bill: Okee dokes, so we're all done here, right?


Bill: Oh sure. Just a little less than I thought. And I love her, too, and what with her being the one I'm married to and has a bum ticker, I'm sticking with that one.

Steffy: What does loving her have to do with anything? You love me!

Bill: And her.

Steffy: So me!

Bill: And her.

Steffy: You love me, so stay!

Bill: I feel like you're not following.

Steffy: If you're asking me to wait till she recovers, I've waited long enough. You either get me now or you never do.

Bill: I choose never.

Steffy: Just kidding, I'll totally wait!

Bill: Sorry, but don't.

Steffy: You suck, Bill Spencer!Steffy3 

Aww, she's disappointed. Yay!


I've been stalking this blog waiting for more B&B, and Louise you so do not disappoint!! Steffy is so delusional that it's insane. I think Still are hot, but I love Batie too, so I'm totally glad that Bill picked Katie (for now), and omg, just love the screencapping, and please never forget about B&B again!

You forgot just one line, that Steffy throws into every conversation, no matter what the subject is: But my dad abandon me. MEEEEEEEEEE. How could he do that to MEEEEEEEEE??? How could he do that to our FAMILY?

I hate that woman. There is NOTHING redeeming about her at all. She is just vile all the way around. Of course, she learned it from Stephanie, so I'm not surprised.

I can't stand her. I seemed to be an oddball since everyone hated Rick when she was with him and I knew even though I had just started watching at the time that she was the one using him. He got dropped the second she thought Mommy and Daddy were back together.

She is following in Taylor's footsteps as a pathetic loser. Of course now that Bill has decided to stay with Katie she'll probably go after Liam again. Once again I have to wonder if the wrong twin died.

I rarely watch B&B, but I heard about Heather Tom having a great scene this week so I watched the show online (great scene by the way and high kudos to Heather) - and never having experienced this Steffy character, I couldn't believe how snarky, snotty and self absorbed she was - and I was hoping she was being played for a villain. So a grown adult fell for this whiney selfish adult wanna-be?

I watched today and it was awesome! Katie went over to the brat's love nest and chewed her out. SHe called her cold, self-destructive, and unimaginative.

And Brooke got in a few as well. She said that Steffy wants what she wants. So we got TWO Logans calling out that brat on one show.

Louise, you are totally allowed to hate Steffy. Aside from all the other stuff, she has that "ombre" dye job. That involves spending significant amounts of money to look like you're too lazy or too pregnant to do your roots. Hate away.

LoriK, I am embarrassed to admit I kind of like the "ombre" color look, but I am dying laughing at the idea that she looks "too pregnant" to do her roots. Thank you for that!

Is it my imagination, or does Steffy look like Veruca Salt from Willy Wonka (the one with Gene Wilder)???

I only follow B&B through this site, but I watched it the other day and I was surprised to see what Bill looks like. With that facial hair, he looks like a super villain! Why is he such a great catch that Steffy and Katie both want him? How did he and Steffy ever even hook up? So strange ...

Steffy has a history of chasing all the unavailable men in her vicinity. This is her second, more successful go at Bill. Some months ago, she was chasing his son, which should've given Bill pause.

I don't know Linda, on B&B isn't "has been with a member of my immediate family" actually an item on the true love checklist?

Steffy is a nasty bit of goods. She thinks that Brooke stole her daddy from her mommy, and she thinks that Donna "Stole Eric from Stephanie" when he separated from her due to her setting Brooke up to be raped. She views Brooke and her family as trash, and that includes Hope. She went after Oliver when he was dating Hope, she went after Owen when he was married to Jackie, and she flirted with Liam, who is dating Hope. And she has been chasing Bill, who is married to Katie.

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