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August 13, 2011

Vanity At Its Best

I hope I was not the only one in stitches during Friday's The Bold and the Beautiful. It wasn't just that Bill spent half the episode crunched down in his chair speaking in a cocky manner with his collar up by his ear.


It's more that he has a giant glamour shot of himself sitting behind him in his office! These people are hilarious.

In unrelated news, seriously? Nick has never even met Justin before?


This show is weird.


Oh, man, shades of David Vickers with that photo!

Oh woman, Louise, we need more B&B snark! I do love the point-out to his vanity photo, lmao!

Louise, I don't watch the show, but I sure like reading your posts about it :)

Friday was a good day for Nick/Jack Wagner. Not only does it look like he might finally be getting a story, but the actor got engaged to his girlfriend of 4 yrs., Heather Locklear.

I LMAO at Steffy's badly staged "bathtub fall." What exactly happened there? I hope the show rips off Awkward and Liam thinks she tried to kill herself.

No worries! Saw the photo and guffawed internally

What a great show :')

It's so weird to me that the only shows I'm watching are GH (giving GW a chance), OLTL (I want to see the end), and B&B (because it is genuinely entertaining, if not incestuously ludicrous).

I LOVE Bill's glamour shot! I only noticed it last week. I love his bizarre wardrobe and jewelry choices. It astounds me how much more fun DD is here than he was on Y&R.

Louise, have you heard about this:

"All My Children vet Jacob Young has decided not to stick around for Pine Valley’s online adventures, but instead will reclaim his spot as Rick on CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful (a role he dominated from 1997-99). According to TV Guide Magazine, the Daytime Emmy-winner will make his return to the Forrester fashion house on Sept. 26 — the Monday following AMC‘s broadcast finale on ABC."


I hated that they fired Kyle Lowder, and now this :/

How bad was Jacob Young as Rick? I wasn't watching during those years?

Jacob Young was the best Rick. Kyle Lowder was nt right for the part.

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