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August 10, 2011

Why Do These Episodes Keep Ending?

I mean I sit there every day watching One Life to Live and I get excited or angry or irritated or moved or any number of things and then all of a sudden the most horrible thing happens: the episodes end. All of them. They just keep ending. With whom may I file a complaint? Don't they understand this is just a terrible business model?

I mean, you know, hot damn, show! I really cannot remember the last time I was so excited every single day to watch this (or any) soap, and it keeps being solidly good (if not great) and my main complaint is that it's not long enough. I want more!

It's not all perfect. I didn't need to see Starr and James finally consummate their relationship, although it's about damn time. Is it not just a bit hysterical that they've been together for more than half a year and they still haven't managed to find an hour in private to seal this deal? It was odd timing, too. Her world has seriously been shaken -- and sure, comfort sex is one thing, but she looked totally at peace and focused on being madly and happily in love today. Way to compartmentalize, Starr! Damn. If I see a cute boy on the train on my way home, I generally try to get into my apartment with my Metrocard. She's terribly good at emotional multi-tasking. I guess she'd have to be. 

Not good at emotional multi-tasking? Nora. I love Nora, I really do, but she crossed a serious line today. I don't want to turn this into a forum on the abortion issue here, but I think most people can at least agree that it's incredibly inappropriate and insensitive to try to guilt a pregnant teenager into having and giving you her child! I understand that she's in a lot of pain about Matthew's coma, but a mini-Matthew isn't going to dissipate that pain, nor she does have any right at all to emotionally blackmail a seventeen-year-old girl about it.


Poor Destiny. Those scenes were absolute agony to watch, and that's not a criticism -- such a thing could very well happen. We often behave in ways we have no right to when we feel we've lost all control over what we love in our lives. My tummy was in knots that whole time.

My tummy was also in knots for Blair. Tomas has chosen this moment to tell her he's falling in love with her? Hey, Tomas? I know you wouldn't know it because of what Blair's daughter is up to right now, but Blair's got a few things on her mind. Romance is likely not on the list. (Well, maybe romance. Just not with him.) That was just a bizarre bomb for him to drop right now -- how 'bout earn a spot in her life by being her rock right now during all this madness?

Next stop on today's tour of Llanview women: Tea. Another one to feel for. She doesn't know. Or she does know. And doesn't want to. Or doesn't know what it will mean. I'm really liking Florencia Lozano's choices here (as well as the writing). There's so much up in the air. She seems to know there's a serious chance TSJTodd is not Todd. She seems to also believe he thinks he is. She seems to also be legitimately considering whether or not she might very well love this man anyway. And TSJTodd had what has to be one of the lines of the day (there are so many lately) when Tea was setting up the board game they always play (I seriously feel like over the years it's alternated between Money Hungry and Money Honey, but I have no clue) and he said, "Isn't that the game that the other more awesome Todd used to play?" You have to love that in the midst of the current "Which Todd Is More Awesome!" fan wars (frankly all this is so fun and awesome that I don't really know why we're not all singing Kumbaya right now). And then Tea's, "You're a real jackass, you know that?" and TSJTodd's rather perfect response: "Well then it's settled, I'm Todd Manning."

And the final stop on the Women of Llanview tour today (I won't count the newly-undead-and-evil-overlord Irene Manning, as she may not be in Llanview itself and I've yet to muster up a clue about what's going on there, but they've got my attention)... Mom. I mean Viki. Erika Slezak was at her cuddly, fragile best just grabbing every moment of Viki's vulnerability and desperation for RHTodd to mean to her what he used to. Whichever Todd is which, there's no question that it's been years since she shared the closeness with Todd that she once did, and she still convinces herself that he needs her protection and unconditional love because he's really just a damaged little boy, but now she's actually seeing that damaged boy again.


Her tears when he pointed out that she hadn't offered a hug? Her cracking voice when she reminded him that her brother doesn't like hugs? The massive amount of love in her face when she walked in and he'd fallen asleep on the couch and she covered him in a blanket and then sat with him while he slept?


She played so many decades of story in just those quiet moments. Lovely work.

But y'all. Then it ended. And this is fair how?


Louise, what do you think of the fact that Irene Manning (Todd and Tina's mother) is still alive, and is the one behing the secret agency that kept RHTodd hidden away at that compound for eight years?

I misspelled behind! Oops, my bad!

Kumbaya, my lord, kumbaya...

Both Todds were wonderful today, as were their friends and family, as was your writeup. :)

I was all for keeping TSJ as real Todd and bringing RH on as 'brainwashed, memory-induced Todd Twin', until EK and RH were back in scenes together. Then it simply ate me up alive.

I am in soap opera heaven! It always bothered me that TSJTodd was written to be distant & dismisive of Vicki. The scene she had w/ RHTodd sitting on the chair was so intimate, it's like the last 8 years never happened. Scenes like these are just as satisfying as the big showy scenes like the DNA reveal.

They have had 2 weeks of amazing shows! The story is outlandish, but the characters responses are based in history and real emotions. It makes me wonder if they were capable of this all along why did we get singing violent teens w/ multiple personalities but no condoms?

It's strange I was so excited for the first Blair and Star scenes with RH that I totally forgot what an amazing connection Roger and Erika have. Sorry TSJ is great with FL OK with KDP and KA but never seemed insync with ES. And sommehow it is so satisfying that just as the first time around the first person to offer Roger's Todd comfort and acceptance is once again Viki. These small scenes are what makes soaps so worthwhile.

I really did not need to see Starr's panties being removed. Ditto the use of the hated "Twinkle".

Oh, yuck, C, is that what that shot of Starr's foot was?

I love Nora but I was so appalled by the desperation. The sad thing is it's totally plausible that someone might do that.

I didn't see most of the years when RH was Todd, so I am LOVING this chemistry he has with EVERYONE! The Viki scenes were so wonderful. This is why I love Erika Slezak. To me she's the best actor on TV, bar none. She does it all.

And I have also been loving FL. Always have enjoyed Tea giving Todd's crap right back to him, but she is possibly the most vulnerable character of all in this storyline. Maybe she DOES love TSJTodd even if he's not a real boy.

Well done, show. I have not been this excited to watch in years. Loving every minute!

"Singing Violent Teens With Multiple Personalities (but No Condoms)" is probably what this show will be named once it goes online.

But right now? It's fantastic. I don't even care who the real Todd is.

Oh God, Louise, you're just so right about everything!

Everyone (except the kid who plays Jack, of course) is just BRINGING IT in this storyline. Both Todds are simply marvelous. Erika Slezak is showing these children how it is DONE! And I agree that FL's choices have been fascinating. I think deep down Tea knows that her Todd isn't the real one, but doesn't want to admit it, even to herself, and isn't sure how that changes her feelings, if at all. I think she's playing all of this inner confusion just brilliantly.

SHUT UP, NORA! LEAVE MY DESTINY ALOOOOOOOOOOONE! Seriously, though, that was kind of yucky. But in a sort of ickily glorious, completely believable way? I seriously doubt that Nora is against abortion, but this abortion? Hells yeah she's against it! We all know how crazy Nora can get where her kids are involved.

Now, let us all join hands and sing. "Kumbaya, my lord. Kumbayaaaaaaaaa..."

I'll give Nora leeway since her son may never wake up, but if she keeps going to Destiny, I'll be furious. The girl has already made a choice and Nora has no say in what Destiny does with her body.

As for the Todd reveal, I'm loving all the scenes from this week. I think that even Jack/AT did a good job yesterday. Everyone's faces at his "What if they're clones?" statement was hilarious and I felt like he and KA could actually have been siblings arguing. Also loved Blair's "Don't feel sorry. I'm the one who gave birth to him."

"Whichever Todd is which, there's no question that it's been years since she shared the closeness with Todd that she once did, and she still convinces herself that he needs her protection and unconditional love because he's really just a damaged little boy, but now she's actually seeing that damaged boy again."

I love this. This is it exactly. It's like an emotional awakening for both Viki and for me. I watch the two of them and I feel like I finally see what I've been missing for so long. And I didn't really realize how much I was missing it until it was right in front of me. I feel like Viki is going through the same thing RHTodd.

And I'm totally with you on the ending. That for sure needs to stop.

I really wanted to write a lovely post about the amazing Viki and Todd scenes today (and they WERE lovely, and were everything I've known, loved, and MISSED about Todd/Viki lo these many years)...but honestly, I can't stop laughing at this:

"singing violent teens w/ multiple personalities but no condoms"

...long enough to coherently comment. :D

OLTL is ROCKING right now. It's amazing. I can't say how very glad and grateful I am that we got this story with RH and Todd before the "end," whatever happens online, on cable, or just generally after January. Thank you, show!

Given that Vicki fully believes that both Todd and Tina are still victims of their childhoods (and the fact that this new revelation means that Irene basically left both her kids in the hands of abusive fathers), it's not going to be pretty (but it is gonna be awesome) when Vicki finds out her old best friend is alive.

the last two weeks this show has been outstanding. all the actors on this show are giving emmy winning perfromances day in and day out. its sad that this show is going off the air.

I screamed in when Irene was shown. I am waiting for Dorian to see RH's todd. i hope that is soon.

Poor Destiny. Poor Nora. They're both in a terrible place.

Destiny has wrestled (thoughtfully and maturely) with an terrible decision, and now made it, with the support of her family. And Crazy Lawyer Lady has thrown a hissy fit, and a spanner into the works by suggesting the ONE solution (raised by grandparents) that Destiny just cannot deal with, the same situation she feels has ruined her own life.

And Nora has had her life turned upside down and her beloved son taken from her. She has done things that absolutely violate every standard of her profession and her husband's. And she is absolutely the wrong person to try to raise this child. She doesn't want to raise her grandchild ... she wants mini-Matt as a replacement. And whoever this child might turn out to be won't be her son Matt. It won't look like Matt or have Matt's personality or strengths or weaknesses. Heck, it might be a girl.

Sometimes there are just no good answers.

Imagine how pissed I was when my DVR wouldn't let me play OLTL past the :35 minute mark.

Did you see when Viki brushed Todd's shoes off the ottoman? Adorable.

mcp, didn't Nora continually refer to the baby as a "him?"

You're right, the baby would be a replacement Matthew and Nora wouldn't really see the baby for itself. The baby would always be competing against its father and I'm sure that it would resent Bo and Nora for it. I don't see how Destiny would want that for her kid.

I have hated Nora since day 1, but after this? She is so dead to me that I hope Matthew dies just to cause her pain. THAT would be the only thing to make me happy regarding that judgemental, hypocritical, harpy.

The show is so good right now that I replay scenes, anything with either Todd or Vicki or Tea or Blair in them, so good that I just mentally brush aside any Fudds, or any Fudd storylines, and then, they give us the Destiny/Nora scenes too.

Those were so well-written, so devastatingly well acted, a whirlwind of emotion, just the icing on the cake.

Tea.....no words for how much I enjoy this character and the actor.....Vicki and Todd - either one, but RH in those scenes, it just does not get better than this.

They can keep both Gnat and Jess and their storylines OFF the screen, along with Rex, and concentrate on this as long as they want.

Nora AND Destiny both broke my heart yesterday. Destiny with her crush on Matthew that never went anywhere had a ONS that ended up with her being pregnant with his child while he's in a coma.

Nora knowing deep down inside that if Matthew wakes up he could end up in prison while she and Bo compromised everything that they believe about the law.

Destiny coming face to face with how her own mother/grandmother must have felt raising her own grandchild as her daughter.

Nora having her first taste at what could be her and Bo's grandchild being born and raised by them was soapy drama. All I see is one distraught mother knowing that her own son could live on in his own child one day.

I enjoyed the Nora and Nate scenes which were well done by both actors.

RH, TSJ, and TW were perfection today. RH and TSJ play off each other so well. It really sucks that TSJ is leaving.

And, boy do I hate Nora a lot more today. Her emotional blackmail continues.

LOVED how the Todds bonded together to go at David. LOVED IT! Those 2 play so well off of each other. It was great to watch. As far as Nora, I have no words for her. I get she is greivng behind Matthew but that gives her no right to guilt trip this girl the way she is.

I don't hate Nora, but man do I hate this story. A lot.

I loved the tag team description of Todd's actions when Jack was born. That scene was so good that I even thought David was funny and these days I mostly don't.

I was also entertained by the massive cheesiness of the guys playing Charlie's Angels in the swamp. It was just so very, very wrong that I couldn't help but enjoy it.

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