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August 10, 2011

Why Do These Episodes Keep Ending?

I mean I sit there every day watching One Life to Live and I get excited or angry or irritated or moved or any number of things and then all of a sudden the most horrible thing happens: the episodes end. All of them. They just keep ending. With whom may I file a complaint? Don't they understand this is just a terrible business model?

I mean, you know, hot damn, show! I really cannot remember the last time I was so excited every single day to watch this (or any) soap, and it keeps being solidly good (if not great) and my main complaint is that it's not long enough. I want more!

It's not all perfect. I didn't need to see Starr and James finally consummate their relationship, although it's about damn time. Is it not just a bit hysterical that they've been together for more than half a year and they still haven't managed to find an hour in private to seal this deal? It was odd timing, too. Her world has seriously been shaken -- and sure, comfort sex is one thing, but she looked totally at peace and focused on being madly and happily in love today. Way to compartmentalize, Starr! Damn. If I see a cute boy on the train on my way home, I generally try to get into my apartment with my Metrocard. She's terribly good at emotional multi-tasking. I guess she'd have to be. 

Not good at emotional multi-tasking? Nora. I love Nora, I really do, but she crossed a serious line today. I don't want to turn this into a forum on the abortion issue here, but I think most people can at least agree that it's incredibly inappropriate and insensitive to try to guilt a pregnant teenager into having and giving you her child! I understand that she's in a lot of pain about Matthew's coma, but a mini-Matthew isn't going to dissipate that pain, nor she does have any right at all to emotionally blackmail a seventeen-year-old girl about it.


Poor Destiny. Those scenes were absolute agony to watch, and that's not a criticism -- such a thing could very well happen. We often behave in ways we have no right to when we feel we've lost all control over what we love in our lives. My tummy was in knots that whole time.

My tummy was also in knots for Blair. Tomas has chosen this moment to tell her he's falling in love with her? Hey, Tomas? I know you wouldn't know it because of what Blair's daughter is up to right now, but Blair's got a few things on her mind. Romance is likely not on the list. (Well, maybe romance. Just not with him.) That was just a bizarre bomb for him to drop right now -- how 'bout earn a spot in her life by being her rock right now during all this madness?

Next stop on today's tour of Llanview women: Tea. Another one to feel for. She doesn't know. Or she does know. And doesn't want to. Or doesn't know what it will mean. I'm really liking Florencia Lozano's choices here (as well as the writing). There's so much up in the air. She seems to know there's a serious chance TSJTodd is not Todd. She seems to also believe he thinks he is. She seems to also be legitimately considering whether or not she might very well love this man anyway. And TSJTodd had what has to be one of the lines of the day (there are so many lately) when Tea was setting up the board game they always play (I seriously feel like over the years it's alternated between Money Hungry and Money Honey, but I have no clue) and he said, "Isn't that the game that the other more awesome Todd used to play?" You have to love that in the midst of the current "Which Todd Is More Awesome!" fan wars (frankly all this is so fun and awesome that I don't really know why we're not all singing Kumbaya right now). And then Tea's, "You're a real jackass, you know that?" and TSJTodd's rather perfect response: "Well then it's settled, I'm Todd Manning."

And the final stop on the Women of Llanview tour today (I won't count the newly-undead-and-evil-overlord Irene Manning, as she may not be in Llanview itself and I've yet to muster up a clue about what's going on there, but they've got my attention)... Mom. I mean Viki. Erika Slezak was at her cuddly, fragile best just grabbing every moment of Viki's vulnerability and desperation for RHTodd to mean to her what he used to. Whichever Todd is which, there's no question that it's been years since she shared the closeness with Todd that she once did, and she still convinces herself that he needs her protection and unconditional love because he's really just a damaged little boy, but now she's actually seeing that damaged boy again.


Her tears when he pointed out that she hadn't offered a hug? Her cracking voice when she reminded him that her brother doesn't like hugs? The massive amount of love in her face when she walked in and he'd fallen asleep on the couch and she covered him in a blanket and then sat with him while he slept?


She played so many decades of story in just those quiet moments. Lovely work.

But y'all. Then it ended. And this is fair how?


I'm no fan of Destiny' grandmother hauling off and slugging Nora. If this woman is supposed to be a social worker, then she should lose her job ASAP. Never liked the character. She's always been bossy and judgemental. Now that she has Destiny back, she's using that as an excuse to be an even bigger bitch.

Nora shouldn't have done what she did, I get that. BUT she gets a lot of leeway from me because of how she learned of it, and when she learned about it - like a minute before the planned abortion. And, in her defense, (although) this wasn't her motivation), at that point, Destiny basically had no adult in her life except for Shawn. I like Shawn, but he's not exactly the rock a girl of her age in this situation would need.

Nora may not be doing the right thing, but I get why she's doing it. Destiny's grandmother can go take a flying leap.

Ron, if Destiny's mom should lose her job for slugging someone, then so should Nora who slapped Inez in the courtroom months ago. Slaps are a staple of soaps.

I also really liked the CIA/FBI/Navy Seal tag team. It's probably the last time that we'll see BAMF Brody before he ultimately goes crazy and gets killed off, so it was nice to see him do something other than be a lying jerk to Natalie and Vimal.

@Andrea: That was what I was thinking about Brody too. I figure that I should enjoy this because it'll probably be the last not-evil thing Brody does before the bus smooshes him flat.

Well, if there's a soap slap in my future, then I want to use it one whoever is driving the anti-Brody bus. I hate that one of the most upstanding guys in Llanview (I know, not completely, but falling in the sack with Gnat could drive anyone crazy) is being trashed while Bobby Fudd remains in one piece.

As for that horror of a grandmother of Destiny's, I guess it really comes down to how much I dislike the character. She's been an unpleasant know-it-all since day 1. And I think Nora has the right to an opinion in the matter. If there were ever extenuating circumstances, this is it.

I know slaps are a guilty soap pleasure - mostly, I think, for the male producers who seem to have some "thing" for catfights. I'm not a fan. But I guess I'm grateful that at least they don't make women do mud wrestling, although I bet Frons has thought of it...

I wasn't crazy about Nora belting Inez either. Destiny's dear old grandma with the right upper cut seems to me to have a sense of entitlement that puts Nora's to shame. Not a fan.

LoriK, I've heard rumors that they're rewriting Brody's exit, so that makes me have a really tiny amount of hope that he'll get to leave town alive with some dignity in tact.

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