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September 07, 2011

Llanview, Town of False

I've been quite the letter-writer to my OLTL pals lately and today was inspired to write a letter to Téa Delgado, but partway through writing it I realized it would be better to talk behind her back because (a) I was unable to find polite ways to word my thoughts and (b) the poor woman is grieving right now so I'll give her a break. So tonight I'll be talking about a few of our favorite Llanview charmers behind their backs. Does it make me terrible? I'm just blowing off steam, y'all! That doesn't make me a mean girl, right?

Allow me to start by saying all the residents of that messed-up little town need to give up one particular pursuit as soon as possible. They need to stop having arguments about whether Todd was a worse person than Victor or Victor was a worse person than Todd. They're both psychotic asshole rapists that hold different levels of interest to various different observers of the town and evoke sympathy from various passers-by for a number of reasons. They need to stop pretending that either one of them is or was a good guy. (In fact, for years it was to the show's credit that for the most part we were never asked to think either one of them was an out-and-out swell guy, but this seems to have changed. In an effort to deepen the grief of Victor's loved ones, he has now been remembered repeatedly as a doting and loving father and as an attentive grandfather who was allegedly "so good" with Hope. No. He wasn't. And we're all sophisticated enough viewers to be able to feel for his grieving family without being told retroactively that he was sweet and tender and caring and wonderful. No. He wasn't. Not even a little bit. As I may have mentioned once or twice, we can still feel sad for his loved ones' loss just based on their own experiences with him. Credit here? Please?)

Okay, actually none of this is true according to Téa. Victor is a good guy who made some mistakes, while Todd is a sexually dysfunctional unfeeling monster. And a rapist, while Victor is not. Whoa. Téa's right about one thing: Victor was not an official sex offender. That's because Téa heard about the charges against Victodd (let's just call him that for the times during which everyone thought he was Todd) and came to town specifically to represent him and get those charges dropped. But today, according to Téa, she was suspicious at the beginning that he wasn't really Todd, despite her first lines to him upon her return in 2008 being, "A whole new face, only I could recognize you anywhere." At the time, she thought he was the man who acted as ringleader in a gang rape against Marty and then years later held her captive while she had amnesia and fed her lies about who she was and who he was until she fell in love with him and he slept with her while she was unable to give valid consent because of his own machinations. That version of Todd was worth returning to and representing in a court of law. But the (Vic)Todd who only did the last part of that is a poor fellow who makes mistakes, while the Todd who did the first part of it is somehow worse than the one who she thought did both?! I'm just trying to follow the logic here. That seems to be the equation laid out, but the math doesn't add up.

Let's try again.

50% old Todd plus 50% new Todd = GREAT GUY worth marrying and fighting for and putting up with.

GREAT GUY worth marrying and fighting for and putting up with minus one of those halves = an even GREATER GUY.

GREAT GUY worth marrying and fighting for and putting up with minus the other one of those halves = the scum of the Earth.

No, I still don't get it.

And then her explanation for why Victodd did all of those awful things he did to Marty and to Starr was that he was trying to make up for all the awful things Todd had done? Come again? "Make up for?" I believe the term would be "compete with."

I'll give credit where it's due in that Téa did think Victor made some "Todd Manning-sized mistakes," but these were apparently offset by Victor's good qualities, of which Todd has none. The primary good quality was that Victor was really into sex with Téa and Todd was not. Uh, did Téa think that made her look good? 

I mean look. All the crap Todd pulled on Téa? He punched her, shoved her outside naked, took years to finally have sex with her and after he did he then left her stranded on a desert island she never would have been rescued from had Viki never found out about it and made a call. I'd be all for Téa hating that man except she didn't! She came back to town to be his attorney! If Victodd had spent years groveling and proving that he was a changed man, it would be one thing. But he didn't. He acted like the messed-up bastard everyone thought was Todd and it was A-OK.

Like I said, she thinks Todd killed her husband right now, so I will cut her a little slack and hope she realizes these logic chasms and comes to her senses after a little time has passed and will only say these things about her behind her back, here on the internet.

While I'm talking trash on these people... Todd? Now thinks that Starr knew Victor wasn't Todd? No. She didn't know. She now thinks she should have known and that this explains how their relationship changed, but she didn't know. She's the one who convinced everyone else he was Todd. And again, I realize he's grasping at anything right now while trying to re-gain his family, so I will cut him a little slack as well and only talk about him behind his back, here on the internet.

I'd also take this opportunity to talk trash on Ford, but I don't need to do that behind his back. Ford, you suck! All of the time! Go away!


Trash-talking done, because here come the compliments: Téa and Todd in the form of Florencia Lozano and Roger Howarth have always had great, fiery scenes together and even though I cannot sit here and pretend that I'm not over the effing moon about whatever possibilities are now in store for Blair and Todd, those two were great together today. I don't mean "great" in the "oh em gee let's get them back together" way. I mean as adversaries, they still got it. Nice work today from both actors. (Although oddly after all that, I still get the feeling Téa will be representing Todd. And I can only imagine the rage in the comments section from some of you passionate people...)

Speaking of nice work today from actors, Kassie dePaiva as Blair had to act opposite... kids saying lines out loud. Saying lines. And she had to deliver huge, heartbreaking emotional moments in scenes where she had nothing to work off of and she still managed to crush the crap out of it. I know I rave about her a lot, but I happen to think she kills it a lot. Kills it. She's sort of the go-to actor on the show for an awful lot of "one person carries the load" scenes. (But Sam is still so cute! Don't think I'm a turncoat!)


I should write a letter to Prospect Park, though. It could go something like, "Dear Prospect Park, future producers of the online OLTL: I guess y'all will probably need a new writer or two for when you transition to the internet. You're probably totally into people who already live in New York City and, say, people who have been watching the show for thirty years and, you know, folks who maybe have a ton of experience in dramatic writing... like even a couple of degrees in it and a big stack of produced plays to show for it and writers who really, really, really love this genre, right? Have I got the person for you! I have such great news! I'm totally free! Love, Weezie."

I'm hired, right? That was a pretty spectacular cover letter, right? I took an online course in how to write those; definitely got my money's worth, thank you very much!

I'm going to bed, I think it's time.


Nice rundown of the Todd/Tea of it all. I couldn't believe my ears when she said Victor never raped anyone. I object, Ms. Delgado. And I'm sure Marty, John, and Nora are among those who would do the same.

Ugh, Ford. I couldn't believe he had the nuts to ask Jess what was going on between her and Cris. It's none of your goddamn business, asshole! Let this coupling die, show, let it DIE.

Word to all of this. The comparisons between Todd and Victor that try to paint Victor as the better guy are just nuts.

Tea couldn't be any more obvious if she put up a billboard that says, "I thought I had finally beaten Blair in the contest for Todd's love and finding out that I didn't has caused me to lose my entire mind. Signed, the Widow Delgado"

And PP should totally offer you a job Louise. They're going to need people who really know and love the show and its history and you'd totally kick ass.

Great, great post. I didn't know you liked Todd and Blair - you're never biased about it unlike myself!

It was hard to watch today's scenes because I can't stand how RC has renamed the show All My Yellgados (I don't know where I saw that first but I love it) but the TnT scenes were good. Tea trying to cut Todd was great but the talk of sex was pathetic at best. Probably because I always had the opinion that Todd's problems with sex were not universal - he never seemed to have a problem "opening up" (as Tea put it) to Blair except after he felt betrayed over the Patrick thing.

GREAT post, as always. I love your take on all of the Todds - and as a recent viewer it really helps me "get" it all.

I love both these actors, so for me the Tea/Todd scenes were fantastic. Not only were these two actors sparking off each other, history was brought up and used in such an appropriate manner.
I've read that RH was very opposed to Todd ever being excused for the rape, and he certainly wasn't today. VERY powerful stuff.

And Blair was also wonderful. Her anger with that Jackass of a kid, and her tenderness with Sam was so heartfelt. And Sam is such a great little actor.

And then, we get to the absolute worst...

The Fudd is going to start causing me to projectile vomit. David Gregory is a TERRIBLE actor! Some ass director must have told him to do the puppy stare and sound like he's ready to burst into tears, that's the way to show he's "sensitive". It makes him sound like Topo freakin' Gigio. I'd like to tenderize that horror with a meat mallet.

The Fudd is a WORSE actor than Jack! Can't somebody just make him into a handbag and be done with it??!!?

It's a sad and terrible day when I'm glad to see Christian - CHRISTIAN!!, onscreen, simply because he's not the Fudd.

I love OLTL, a lot. And I try to forget the Fudd even exists. And then, they go and ruin it by bringing that waxed slab of talentless meat onscreen once again.

Die Fudd, DIE!!

Yes, PP, you should absolutely hire Louise! (Although she probably couldn't continue with this blog in that case, and that would be sad...)

I love Todd and Blair, but thought I liked Tea as well until this episode. This episode made me realize I actually hate her. And I REALLY wish she'd get over her need to tell Todd and Blair (and by extension the audience) all about her sex life with Vic. As Blair might say, too many colors!

Though it might be worth one more round to see Todd's reaction if Tea told him about the time Victodd threatened Starr/Dani/their boytoys with a gun as foreplay for Victodd/Tea kinky sex.

I don't know, I think some of what Tea was saying was specifically targeted to gut Todd, which it totally did. She thinks he killed her husband, and she's in pain, so of course she's going to go for what she knows are the low blows. While I'm sure she DOES think Victor was "better," because she loved him, I don't necessarily think she totally believes everything she was saying.

Also, YES, PP, you need to hire Louise immediately!

Oh absolutely, Bourgeois Nerd, she definitely meant to level Todd because she's mad at him right now -- and Lozano made that perfectly clear to the audience. I'm just talkin' trash 'cause I can! (Although I actually do think she believes Victor isn't a rapist, which is absurd.)

You folks are too kind thinking I should write for the online show. I'm sure they EXTRA love to hire people who've spent the last few years semi-professionally complaining about their show in a public forum. Oops!

Of course it's absurd that Tea doesn't think Victor is a rapist, but let's be frank here: Tea isn't the healthiest woman in the land with regards to relationships.

Tea was absolutely trying to goad Todd. My problem with her was her choice of ammo.

Going on about her sex life with SNV was ridiculous. Todd didn't sleep with Tea because he didn't want to, not because he couldn't. Tea never did want to accept that. What Todd should have said to her was that there's a big difference between "couldn't" and "wouldn't".

Bringing up the Spring Fling rape was also nuts because in that context that only works if Victor wasn't also a rapist. Tea seems to actually think he wasn't, and that's just delusional.

Louise---you haven't been criticizing PP's shoe on the internet. You've been complaining about ABC's show. Proof that you know what PP needs to do to make their version better :)

Anyone else think that whole scene was some sort of concession or last-minute appeasement to Florencia Lozano? Because there were various reports that there was at least one actress who was "furious" about the whole Todd/Victor storyline, the eventual resolution and the fallout. And it really felt like the actress was venting at the actor and the show in general, not just Tea reading Todd the riot act.

Given how badly (relatively speaking) the character of Tea Delgado was treated during the RH years and how different the relationship between Todd and Tea was (for the most part) while TSJ played the role, I could understand Florencia being a bit disgruntled about the whole situation. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but certain lines in that scene really stuck out to me for a number of reasons.

Thank you, Louise for this post. Tea looked like a loon and I had second-hand embarrassment for her when she started bragging about the sex.

I agree with LoriK, as well. I know that she's grieving, but I also think part of this is b/c she thought she won in the battle for Todd. Then the reveal happened, and Todd has been pretty clear who he loves since he's been back.

Blair was awesome. I felt bad for her having to deal with that moron that passes as her eldest son. I'm glad she finally told him he wasn't the only one angry. It's annoying seeing excuses being made for Jack just b/c he's grieving. What was his excuse before Victor was killed??? I also loved her with Sam. Can he stay this little and adorable forever?

Ford....I've run out of words for this pathetic waste of sperm.

Also, Louise for New Writer!!!!

I agree Louise, you could be a great addition to PP's staff! You know the history and you have a fresh point of view. I hope these shows don't go to a new medium with the same old writers and ideas!

I finally got my down and dirty TnT scene. To me it recalls the beginning of their relationship.

Tea ALWAYS threw her sexuality in Todd's face! With Kevin, Andrew, at one point she insinuated that a man she met in a hotel room was her lover. It was really her brother the undercover cop!(THIS I remember, but not the password to my work computer! lol) Her need to prove her desirability to him was almost pathological. And she would have that smirking, feral cat look on her face. Just like in the scenes today!

I remember a scene from the '90s where Todd was talking to someone after Tea had said vicious things about his sexuality. He had a almost wistful look on his face and said, "This is how we communicate. Del Gado's saying she still wants me!"

I wasn't horrified by the things she said today. I'm horrified that only a day after Victor's death she's flirting w/ the guy she thinks killed him!

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