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September 06, 2011

On A Scale of Uncomfortable To Cringe-Worthy, This Wasn't Actually So Bad

When one considers how typically--and boldly and brazenly over-the-top..ily--un-subtle General Hospital's writing tends to be ("How can we make the audience understand that Jason Morgan is a HERO? I know, we'll have every character on the show say 'Jason Morgan is a HERO! He SAVES LIVES!"'), today's Hershey's Chocolate Milk product placement was nowhere near as bad is it could have been.

Because I've seen bad product placement before, people: there are some YA novels that namedrop at least a dozen products or designers per page (it's not uncommon to see a passage like, "She twirled her hair, the highlights--touchup courtesy of the Richard Ward Salon!--in her ponytail perfectly complementing the gold Tiffany ring she wore on her right hand. Smoothing out the skirt of her Chloe dress and praying that she didn't trip in her Marc Jacobs wedges, she strutted out the door, hoping that there wouldn't be too long a line at Starbucks...") and, well...Days of Our Lives. Midol. Need I say more? I apologize if that unearthed memories you'd been attempting to repress.

So Cam (!) and Liz's ode to Hershey's Chocolate Milk? I took it in stride.

Elizabeth: Hey buddy, guess what I've got for you?
Cameron: What?!
Elizabeth: I thought we should celebrate your first back at school with your favorite: Hershey's Chocolate Syrup! Yaayyy! What, no yay? What's the matter?
Cameron: Jake loved it, too. I used to make it for both of us.
Elizabeth: I know. You miss your brother, don't you? You know what? I miss him a lot, too. I have an idea. Do you know what a toast is?
Cameron: The thing that we do with the brownies?
Elizabeth: Yes, exactly. But doing it with brownies is a little weird. Most of the time, people do toasts with special drinks, and what's more special than Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, right?

It wasn't that bad, right? Plus, I appreciate how the writers decided to throw in some gratuitous mentions of Jake. "Just in case they hate it, let's throw in something completely un-mockable. Like...a dead kid! Make fun of that, you soulless cretins, but just remember: they don't have Hershey's Chocolate Syrup IN HELL".

But that doesn't mean we're totally in the clear as far as discomfort goes, because if I know GH, this thing with Steve is going to go to some embarrassing, poorly written places.

Olivia: [Blows Steve a kiss]
Steve: [Deep in thought, remembers the sound of a guitar twang and the applause of an adoring crowd, hinting at either a past filled with musical fame or some sort of mental illness that manifests itself through narcissistic daydreams]

Actually, if I know GH, this will never be brought up again...


The Hersheys scene didn't bother me because well it was a Liz/Cam scene and whats not to like about that but also it reminded me of my childhood and loving Hershey's chocolate syrup and mom making chocolate milk for me. I would def have had to have way more syrup though. Liz was a bit to skimpy with it.

I am totally confused about the whole Steve/Olivia tryst because there was absolutely no lead up. It was like they just exploded into the scene making out. I guess Steve has some kind of secret but so far just am not caring about it.

It was head and shoulders above the once yearly month long tribute to how AWESOME CAMPBELL'S SOUP IS FOR YOUR HEART.

Oh thank god, Mallory, I had to watch those Steve scenes twice because I thought I'd finally lost it. There really were guitar twangs and adoring applause! What the...

I swear the campbell's soup thing had me rolling on the floor I was laughing so hard. I don't think I've ever laughed that hard before or since. I'm giggling just thinking about it.

I can honestly say that GH gave me one precious moment to remember and the soup is it.

I don't think most YA authors get paid for the product placement though. At least nobody paid me when I mention Tater Tots in my YA--maybe I just don't have the right connections-which is a bummer cuz I'd be happy with a year's supply or something.

I'm wondering, after seeing a few clips today, if ALL Spencer men are required to have HORRIBLE hair. Even poor Cam, who is cute as a button and not blood related, needs a trip to the salon.(The Richard Ward Salon!)
--Gwen the YA writer

Cam is adorable and needs a haircut!

Ladybug, but how else will we know Cam is sad? Spencer men have bad hair when they go off the rails--look at Cam's father, Lucky.

Maybe the twangy guitar riffs was a lead up to yet another product placement. I mean, the Hershey's Syrup can't be it, right? I'm thinking of that commercial for Viagra where they completely violated an Elvis song. Maybe Steve was harkening to a Viagra commercial -Viagra that he perhaps JUST used before his shower bang with Olivia.

Just a thought.

I think Steve's musical fantasy is tied in with his Memphis past. On the July 27th episode, Steve changed the subject when Olivia asked him why he left Memphis. In this episode he nixed Olivia's suggestion that they visit Memphis.

The Steve and Olivia relationship has been badly handled by GW. If it wasn't for their two episodes together since GW took over, there would be no indication that those two are dating.

I can't believe I've finally done it, but I have. I removed GH off my DVR schedule two weeks ago and I'm just done with this show. I'm glad GW brought back more of the Q's, but the SL's are boring me so much that I can't take it anymore. :( Maybe someday down the road I'll stop back in and check out PC again, but for now I'm just done.

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