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« Sucks So Good: True Blood 4.11, "Soul of Fire" | Main | On A Scale of Uncomfortable To Cringe-Worthy, This Wasn't Actually So Bad »

September 06, 2011

Well, You Take The Good, You Take The Bad, You Take Them Both And There You Have....

....the Facts of One Life to Live.

Some of the bad:

  • First of all, Kim is the real Aubrey and actually Cutter's real sister. Bad enough in itself (can any character on this show be unrelated to someone else ever?). And so now the Wentworths were poor? I thought part of the whole deal with the back story was that Joey wouldn't believe Aubrey (aka Christine) was after his money because she came from the well-known Wentworth family. Didn't we hear phrases like, "She's a Wentworth, why would she marry for money?" several times?
  • Just after they seemed to be giving Jack Manning some sliver of a conscience about his past misdeeds, they did a complete reversal. What a DICK, y'all. On top of everything else? He grabbed adorable little Sam and yelled at him that his father is dead.

Get your hands off little Sam, you little sociopath turd!

  • Watching Cris try to reconnect with Jessica made me incredibly uncomfortable. There was something very sweet about it because there's something very sweet about Cristian, but it was a little cringe-inducing.
  • Dani has already spent more episodes grieving over Victor than she did over the man she thought was her father for fifteen years. I realize Ross was just a recurring character and this was a male lead being killed off so it's obviously going to get more screen time, but I might still be bitter about Ross. It's not that I think this reaction is inappropriate, it's that that one lasted a day. And her big speech about how she's barely even met her biological father and the man she thought was her father is now dead? Eh, that should be old hat by now for her, right? 
  • Hints continue to be dropped fast and heavy that stupid effing Stacy Morasco is still alive.

Some of the good:

  • The look on Blair's face when Jack said Todd should be dead. Here's how Blair feels about that idea --

Horror! Because she lo-o-o-oves Todd, y'all!

  • The "Kim used to be way less hot" back story was kind of cute because the girl they showed us in that yearbook photo long ago isn't actually completely unconvincing as a less-hot Amanda Setton.
  • Todd said Blair's name multiple times today. Multiple! I am easily pleased on some fronts.
  • Todd mentioned several now-defunct Llanview landmarks.
  • Cutter referred to Vimal as "the Vimster."
  • Kim freaked out on Cutter for trying to scam Clint's family and also referred to Clint as "a genius." She got made a lot less fun today, but I still enjoy her loyalty to Clint.
  • Starr and Dani are not going to be enemies just because Starr doesn't loathe their biological father the way Jack does.


You may have heard by now that Prospect Park, the producing organization of the planned online version of One Life to Live, finally released some information today about who they're speaking to (and who has agreed) regarding making the jump to the internet. So far we've got Erika Slezak (Viki), Kassie dePaiva (Blair), Ted King (Tomas), and Michael Easton (John) all having actually made agreements with Prospect Park (pending union approval). I'd say this is very promising news! What do you think?


Remember how last week I said I'd try to do a little "Memory Lane" addendum on my posts when time and energy permit, and then promptly left such a post-script off of every single post after the first one? Well, they may be more rare that I'd like (and oh yeah, I'm still trying to muster up a post for The Bold & the Beautiful, which is currently a television program about a girl who wants to wait till marriage for sex and a boy who doesn't want to wait and an entire town of people who discuss it at length), but here's one that I stayed up late for last night:


Babes Behind Bars! (This is just Part 6 here, but you can start the whole sequence at this YouTube channel.)

It's really remarkable to me that they managed to pull this off in the same year that they did a week of live episodes and an on-location "stranded on a desert island" storyline (as well as several more of the Starr cartoons I re-visited in my first Memory Lane stroll). What a great cast, and what a difference a budget and more rehearsal time makes. Go figure: a jukebox musical episode of the show that doesn't focus entirely on the teens!


I thought the Cris/Jess thing was sweet. I'm kinda sorry they didn't put those two back together.

Meanwhile, I feel like I saw a different show than y'all re: Todd saying Blair was the reason he couldn't kill Victor. All I heard was - several times - his kids loved Victor so he couldn't do it cuz then they would hate him - especially Jack. I do remember him saying Blair talked him out of it, but don't remember a particularly "I love Blair" look on his face. Oh, well. The pinnacle for me was that whole "Don't you dare forget me" kiss when he first came back, so maybe I'm just waiting for more of that.

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