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September 08, 2011

What Are These People Even Talking About?

I'm a little confused. Two episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful in which nobody even mentioned the trials and tribulations of a nineteen-year-old girl's virginity? There are other things in the world that are relevant? I'm baffled here, people.

Honestly, I do apologize for having been such a B&B blogging slacker lately, but it's been weeks now of every single episode being about Hope losing her virginity or not losing her virginity and Liam being willing to wait or not willing to wait or Steffy trying to tempt Liam and being successful or totally unsuccessful. And when it's not one of those three? It's the entire rest of the town having conversations about the "issue." It's been truly tedious and I was sincerely questioning my commitment to sticking with this show for the foreseeable future. If I had to see that supremely unsexy video of Steffy prancing around in lingerie that covered more than the average dress, with the most irritating song in history about how you should "stop being a good girl," I was going to lose it. To add insult to injury, her family members were watching this video and then watching various men drool over it (while not discussing Hope's virginity, of course).

But now they're finally shaking things up. Now! We actually have some hints of a story with Justin and Donna (seriously, I've been watching again for months now and it took me a minute to remember their names). Stephanie's back and at odds with Taylor and confiding in Brooke. Steffy and Taylor actually had a sweet, fun mother-daughter bonding scene today. Taylor saw some sort of a clairvoyant who told her she's going to meet a man soon -- and it appears to be Nick (no joke, another name I had to start looking up... which considering he's played by the obvious great love of my life, this is a problem)! Will Taylor actually get a love interest?

And most importantly, Steffy got bangs!


The world has changed!

And Amber's back to putting the moves on Marcus and, I don't know, y'all. I'm kind of rooting for those two. I know, I know, Amber's a menace and a nightmare and deserves no joy. But they are really cute in scenes together. They seem like best friends who could get into some serious mischief together, and considering I have no investment at all in Dayzee and Marcus' insta-relationship because the show did not bother to spend any time developing it (it seems to have started and gotten serious entirely off-screen), I'm on board with a little spark here and there leading to something eventually happening. Amber 'fessing up unnecessarily to a bunch of ridiculous lies she's told to make herself more interesting was hysterical and one of the livelier scenes in a while. (She told him she was bilingual?)

What do you guys? Do you think there's a chance we've turned a corner and they're going to start telling more than one story at a time, and they're not just going to be the same old stories? And with all the news about upcoming returns to the canvas, things could really pick up? Or am I just being foolishly hopeful?


The fact that so many people were going around for such a long time discussing Hope's virginity in the first place was almost as cringe-worthy as the fact that we had to listen to those conversations day after day after day after day....I'm so glad they've changed things up a bit. Time for new storylines please!

I'm in conflict about Amber. On one hand, I really don't care for Dayzee and would have no problem seeing Marcus hook with Amber. On the other hand, I really wish Amber would stop with all the self-pitying. It's not flattering

What's really bothering me though is what happened to Bill's proposal to Jackie M? That's what I really want to know....

Louise, I have really got to slow down when I'm reading your column, I didn't read that Steffy got bangs...my eyes replaced the letter "s" with "ed".

Another B&B recap. Was waiting for this!!! I would've enjoyed some screencap snark ab Hope's s/l, but beggars can't be choosers and that cap of Steffy's bangs is just as entertaining.

How is Taylor's man meant to be Nick if she already used to date Nick. I mean, how will she "meet" him? Lol. But I would LOVE for her to get a love interest, even if it's Nick (+ more screentime for JW :D)

Hi Louise, welcome back!

I understand how you feel about this show. The ridicilousness has reached a new level with Hope vs Steffy crap.

Please PLEASE keep that maniac, "itsalwaysBrookesfault" mommy killer away from Nick. He was saved in the nick of time the last time(no pun intended). Of course it can be Thorne, which would be pukeworthy.

And can someone make Amber shut up? Pretty please?

I saw Steffy cut bangs when she was on ENews, promoting her movie, Final Destination 5. Did you catch Steffy's conversation with her father about how unwilling Hope was to give Liam what she was obviously itching to give him? I'll grant you, times have changed since I was in my early 20's, but at her age, or any age, I would've rather chewed glass than discuss my sex life with my father. If I'd even attempted such a thing in a drunken stupor(I could've never gotten THAT drunk ever), my father would've run out of the house. I still don't think daughters discuss sex with their dads, but maybe I'm wrong.

I had to rename this soap to The Creeping Me Out And The Disturbed. I like Brooke but she creeped me out when she was way too interested in her daughter having sex for the first time. So glad to get a break from the talk about Hope and her virginity. And it was seriously creepy that Ridge wasn't the least bit bothered by one daughter saying she'd give it up to Liam if Hope wouldn't.

I am really excited that Thorne is now in the credits and was actually in this episode and speaking. I just hope he's not at the door although I am glad that he seems to be out of the basement more.

I do like Steffy's bangs and that video was just horrible. I was going to scream if they played that horrible song again. Who knows it could be Rick for all we know since he'll be back.

I have to admit that I am kind of rooting for Amber and Marcus. At least he likes her which is something. They have been a bit schizo with Marcus because he was sort of with her first and then presto she was with Thomas and now she's back with Marcus. Maybe that's why I'm dizzy.

lol. Linda no you are not wrong. Tridge brats and their parents are downright creepy.

Seems like Taylor's "new man" is Thorne which will kill Thorne for me. Bell almost ruined him but I had little hope. There is absolutely no redemption for him if this happens.

It was weeks (two solid weeks) of talking about Hopeless' sex life in every eppy; I found it "extremely disturbing" non dramatic and downright weird on a many levels. The only part of this story I find interesting with this vapid insipid character is the beat on how her mother promiscuity has/is affecting her life e.g. sex life which comes back again to how she was conceived....it wouldn't surprise me if Hope is frigid.

    Re: Linda
- that Ridge wasn't the least bit bothered by one daughter saying she'd give it up to Liam if Hope wouldn't.

It just dawned on me that this went down. LOL

This Hope/Steffy rivalry is tiresome; I mean this has been going on forever is this all these characters are about? Can we give Steffy something else to do besides her and her mom getting the Logan leftovers.

I too got dizzy from DayZee's flip from Thomas to Marcus; I remember that they broke up because of the lie but it was just like the next scene she was plopped with Marcus...I went HUH?

I actually liked Thomas and DayZee storywise I could write for them forever...at least they could have kept their friendship in tact to get scenes out of them.

I want Thorne to go for Ridge's seat at Forester C. maybe he did in the past and I can't remember but now would be a good time for them to butt heads. I've never cared for Ridge and from the very beginning he was smug, arrogant weak and shallow.

Thorne, Felicia, Kristin has always been my favorite Foresters.

I don't get why they are doing this to Thorne and Taylor either; I like them both but having her bang a brother again...why is this show's obsession to have the women go through the Forester men is beyond insane; I guess I should be happy its not Eric.

Re: Darcy
"I guess I should be happy its not Eric."
--> LMFAO + true

It wont last. Bell tried Thorne with Taylor two times already and his attempts resulted in a failure each time being more boring.

Thorne is a looser. Taylor killed his wife, used him and never even looked back FGS! She never cared about him except when he was useful to her, to play daddy to Thomas or to ease her guilt... But he was ready to marry her anyway. TG for Allie i say. This is the woman preaching morals to Brooke.Yeah right...

I do wonder though how will Steffy justify mommy banging uncle Thorne... Hımmm...

Pinky...thanks this is why I like reading here it reminds me of all the things I forget (I don't post that often)

and you are right Thorne is a loser because "they have always wrote him to be its not hard to figure out who they will write for and its Ridge since jump." And that is what makes this an unfortunate soap for me...I already know what is going to happen no twist or turns here Amber, Thorn Steffy Taylor lose. Thomas gets thrown under the bus to prop toxic Bridge...

...Ridge Brooke Logans Hope etc win. So after decades of watching I still hope for some good drama out of them.

This Taylor/Thorne redux x3 storyline actually churns my stomach and I don't think I'm going to watch this nonsense.

I sooo agree w/Hope's s/l being shoved down our throats on a daily basis and I find it ridiculous that a whole town is discussing her sex life (or lack thereof). I think Brooke and Taylor are being unrealistic in the way they are dealing w/their respective daughters. I don't think too many mothers would give their daughters the lingerie that Brooke gave to Hope. I also can't believe that a mother, especially saintly Taylor, would encourage their daughter to go after a man who just proposed to another woman (especially her former step-daughter).
On the Marcus/Dayzee subject, the writer's spent more time showing the beginning of Thomas and Dayzee's non-romance than they did on Marcus and Dayzee's current romance.
Since it looks like the writers have finally remembered the cast consists of more than just a few, I will continue watching for now.

Darcy, with all my respect, i have to disagree. Logans dont always win. Rapist always wins. Brooke was thrown aside to prop up Tridge who cant carry their own weight and allow Taylor to one up, insult Brooke on a daily basis.

We have listened for years how beautiful, smart, strong,saintly, this and that Taylor is, no matter what she does while Brooke is simply the slut from the valley no matter what she does. Brooke is never allowed to fight back. Taylor still, even after her halo is covered in mud, acts like her poop dont stink. So Thorne, Steffy, Thomas, Taylor deserve to lose imo.

It makes no sense. Where was Thorne all these years? Suddenly he decides to support people who should have been his own enemies?
You are right though Thorne has been written that way but there were times he wasnt. Like when he was with Brooke, like when he was with Caroline, Darla or even Macy. Then Bell decided to cast him aside for Rapist which is sad cause i used to love Thorne. But for some reason i cant understand, Bell Boy is obssessed with Ron Moss and of course no one can challenge Rapist, thats why many great guys like Eric, Whip,Rick,Pierce, Connor, Nick, Thorne have been wasted.

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