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October 09, 2011

A Photo Album: Better Than Winning The Lottery

Dear Lottery, I'm just kidding. The title is hyperbolic. Friday's episode of One Life to Live wasn't really better than winning the lottery (so feel free to let me win still, anytime now!), but it came close. Metaphorically or something.

At this point I've said most of what I can say about the seventh heaven I'm in and what a gift the show has been lately and how we need to buy Scott Sickles a gift basket (and I guess we also owe one to Kassie dePaiva and Roger Howarth and Jill Mitwell and Ron Carlivati and... well, we probably owe one to Frank Valentini and a team of editors but I'm too groggy to do this legwork), so for the most part I will just let the show speak for itself this time.


Todd: You know, if you let me nod off, at least then you'll finally be rid of me.

Blair: Yeah. Don't tempt me. Besides, I've...never been rid of you, even when I thought that I was. You've always been a part of my life ever since you walked in Rodi's that night and somebody played that stupid Louis Armstrong song.

Todd: Nat King Cole.

Blair: It was Louis Armstrong.

Todd: It was Nat King Cole. Nat King Cole. How could you forget something like that?


Their first scenes at Rodi's!

Todd: Told you so. (Because the flashback that aired in Viki's cabin proved it? --Ed.)

Blair: Okay. I'll give you that one. What else do you remember?

Todd: Every little bit.

Oh, my heart. And then more!

 Their first scenes at the park bench! The first introduction of the
"Most Pathetic" contest!

Todd: I don't understand. Is that a good memory or a bad memory?

Blair: A good memory. Because before I ran into you that night, I thought I was all alone in the world. And after that night...I didn't.

Remember the old days when they didn't have to completely white-wash characters to put them in a compelling pairing? Todd and Blair were not "good guys," and it's exactly why the pairing worked.

Hot stables sex!

(That particular screencap caption is really going to get us some unsuspecting visitors based on weird Google searches, it occurs to me. Oh, let 'em join the party!)

And then they talked about how Todd is a survivor because he survived being married to Blair (good ole Todd, having a seriously warped version of who was the "survivor" of those marriages!).

Their first wedding!

And Todd complained that she'd been scamming him at the time of their first marriage, and she pointed out that Starr came out of that.


Todd's first time meeting Starr!

And then they flashed back to this terrific scene where Todd told Blair everything he wanted for Starr's future, which was especially fun to listen to just to pick out the things that actually did come true all these years later.


Todd: I wanted so much for her. I want my daughter to be alive. I want her to be healthy. I want her to...play on the swings and get a dog and go to the Junior Prom. I-I want her to graduate from college, meet some guy who's not even remotely good enough for her, and... be the president of the United States of America.


Blair seriously looks about sixteen there! Love it.

Of course, Todd and Blair reminiscing about their second child doesn't bring up so many happy memories, what with Todd having told her Jack was dead and giving him away because he thought Max was the father.

Kassie DePaiva destroying the world during her brilliant live performance!

And Todd used his usual "but I thought I was giving Max Holden's baby away" excuse -- even in his regret for the act, he still doesn't seem to get that it would have been a heinously unspeakable act even if it were Max's baby (Todd should go have a beer with Sonny "I wouldn't have shot him if I'd known he was my son!" Corinthos).

Thankfully, they moved on to remembering better times.

The gold balloon wedding!

And then after Todd claimed that he still believes in fairy tales...

Blair: I thought fairy tales were supposed to have happy endings.

Todd: Who says this one's over?


Sigh. This was well worth that very strategic wait. Nice work, One Life to Live


But wait! That's not all! More was golden in Llanview than just balloon flashbacks. The prior episode had also ended in an almost-kiss between a classic couple. Naturally it was interrupted (as I assume Todd and Blair's will be as well, because this is a soap), and interrupted by a cranky Clint, no less.


Clint was none too pleased at the prospect of a Tina and Cord reunion (my dream of sipping bourbon with Clint Buchanan will, alas, never include discussing a shared opinion on that one!). After Tina left, Clint let Cord know a few of his more choice thoughts on her. Some highlights: "She's a walking calamity! She brought down a monarchy, for God's sake!" "Human wrecking ball."

When Cord called Clint out on the similarities between Cord and Tina's situation and Clint and Viki's situation, Clint snorted "Oh, Viki and Tina share DNA. That's it. You will never see Viki plotting a coup or stealing jewels." (Ha! Probably not. But one of her alters would!)

Meanwhile, Tina had gone off to visit Viki at The Banner (if Viki's office is going to be a more permanent fixture I am going to be so happy -- doesn't it seem a lot like the newspapers are getting a lot more mentions lately? I'd love more Sun/Banner stories! Just not if a sixteen-year-old keeps writing The Sun's cover stories.) to try to get help finding Princess David Vickers (who apparently has a huge Twitter following, just like that Bronx Zoo cobra!) and to try to talk things through with Viki. And then Tina, in one of her rare and awesome moments of wisdom, made a spectacular point:

Tina: Look, aren't you just being a tad harsh here?

Viki: No. Because, you see, there is absolutely nothing that I wouldn't do to protect my children.

Tina: From me? What about from Todd or -- or, uh, Victor?

Viki: What about them?

Tina: How many times have they put my children, your children, even their own children in danger? Yeah, but still, no matter what crime they commit, you just open them back into your life with open arms. Why? I mean, why do my brothers get a free pass...and not me?

You tell 'er, sister! And Viki's answer? "I don't know." And then they said they'd try to mend fences and truly be sisters again and my eyes got all fogged up and they hugged!


My 1980s heart is so happy right now. And then her little dog showed up (Princess David Vickers can open doors and sweet-talk security, y'all!)


Tina has her dog back! She's so happy! So, uh... the shit's about to hit the fan in her life, I take it.


But before Princess David Vickers went to The Banner to find her mother (as any dog would do), she made a quick visit to Liam to tell him about the DNA results she'd been chewing on. One Life to Live has always been my favorite when it finds a way to strike that perfect balance between camp and more sincere drama, and that is not easy to do. Especially in the same episode. But somehow this very campy set of scenes dropped into this episode perfectly -- not only not damaging it, but making it even better!

I don't really know what else to do to convince you to go watch this episode if you haven't already (get on it!), but hey, maybe you hate Blair and Todd and Cord and Tina and Viki and Clint (if you really do hate every one of those characters, though, this must be an unpleasant show for you to watch in general and you may want to rethink it). But do you like cute things? Cute babies and cute dogs? Talking to each other? I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous but it was adorable. And it worked somehow. (Imagine this with Andrea Evans [Tina] doing the dog's voice and Michael Easton [John] doing the baby's, by the way.)


Liam: Hold up. You, a dog, have bad news for me?

Princess David Vickers: Sorry, sweetie. Bad news is bad news no matter who it comes from.

Liam: Oh, this ought to be good. What is it? Heart worm?


Princess David Vickers: Your parents. They're not who you think they are.

Liam: What are you -- wait a second. You telling me I'm adopted?

David Vickers: I'm saying your dad isn't Brody Lovett. It's some guy named John McBain.

Liam is not happy!

Liam: John McBain? The copper? You got to be kidding me!

Princess David Vickers: Yeah, your mother knows him intimately, if you get my drift.

Liam: What you saying about my mama?

David Vickers: Hey, don't shoot the messenger! I just thought you should know.

Liam: Hey, you're full of it. Brody's my dad. He sings me songs. He tucks me in. And when it comes to burping, he knows my sweet spot.

David Vickers: Even so...

Liam: Why should I believe you, Vickers? You're nothing but a mangy mutt.

David Vickers: Well, look who's talking. You barely have teeth.


Liam: You come in here with your fleas and your ticks and your groundless accusations --

David Vickers: I have proof!

Liam: Oh, yeah? Where is it? Don't tell me. You ate it.

David Vickers: It's at home, but I'll get it. Then you'll see.

Pretty cute, y'all. And Michael Easton doing Liam's dialogue did nothing but perpetuate my growing affection for him and for John McBain. I am all out of sorts! What is happening to me!?

That really was one hell of an episode. Just jam-packed. Even Ford (who just isn't strong enough to bother me at all in the midst of all that awesome) made one astute observation when he wondered if Jessica might still be sitting on the paternity truth because if it comes out, Natalie might get her happy ending with John. That's probably over-stating the case since Jess did go to Natalie with the sincere intention of telling her, but you never know. I feel like we're so close to this endless storyline finally wrapping up, so that fills me with hope even if Ford does have to be involved somehow.

Did everyone love that episode as much as I did? For those of you who are newer to the show, are all these trips down memory lane getting boring or are you having fun getting a history lesson? I'm so curious what this would be like to anyone who hadn't been around the first time!


Michael Easton has always been good when he gets to get away from brooding a bit. He just looks like the broody type so noone ever lets him. I can't wait to watch this.

Clint really should have learned to stay out of his children's lives by now and (Kim love aside) men who marry ex-strippers shouldn't throw stones, but his horror at Cord and Tina reconnecting was hilarious.

Princess David Vickers is sooo adorable! When she popped her out of the carrier all, "Where is that damn DNA test?", awww!

I loved the episode! I could have done without Jessica/Ford and the "Look Whose Talking" rip-off, but I enjoyed everything else so much, I could handle it. The Todd/Blair scenes this week have been glorious and worth the wait. The flashbacks were so well-chosen. I am amazed by the chemistry Roger Howarth and Kassie DePaiva have. And, KDP gave great performances during OLTL's Live Week in 2001(?) and I was SO beyond pissed she did not get an Emmy nomination that year. She killed. If Laura Wright could earn a "career" Emmy last year (I adore LW), KDP should have one too for her 25+ career in daytime.

Andrea Evans is a definite MVP. She fills this void of fabulous, hilarity that has been missing since the departures of Robin Strasser and Tuc Watkins.

Is it too much to ask that this week in OLTL maintain this quality? Oh please.

it's gorgeous stuff, isn't it? I feel so fortunate to be able to see the return of Roger and the reunion of the characters, Todd and Blair.

OLTL was very good last week. I think McBain's sudden oomph has more to do with ME knowing that he will no longer be a Frons "pet" as he heads over to PP.

Yes, the flashback scenes of TnB and CnT were excellent!

Clint's shenanigans the over the last year should keep him from opening his mouth about Tina's penchant for drama!

I was so elated to FINALLY see Viki in her office which hasn't been seen in years. Here's hoping that PP allows Viki to be shown at The Banner.

Baby Liam is just so freaking adorable and PDV stole the show!

Celebrity sighting! I live in NYC and saw Michael Easton going into a FedEx on 6th Avenue yesterday. I wanted to say "Way to step up your game lately!" but, alas, I am chicken (and it's generally considered pretty uncool for a New Yorker to acknowledge a celeb).
I was waiting for this blog post so I could share.
I'm a relative newcomer to OLTL but I think it's all sorts of soapy goodness. Your comment about a compelling pairing not needing to be whitewashed is so dead on. The most compelling characters are usually the ones who come with shades of grey.

Somehow I don't really mind Clint taking issue with Tina, it's always been that way and it's a good time! And he wants his children to be treated well by their significant others -- who can blame him? He wouldn't wish someone like himself on them and isn't saying he's Mr. Morality, so I have fun with it, what can I say?

Emmy, I'm sure Michael Easton would have appreciated the kind words, but I totally understand! I see OLTL actors fairly often and I very rarely say anything. Of course when I do, I sort of have to sheepishly confess, "I kind of write a column and a blog that sorta kinda spends a lot of time making fun of your show?" which is awkward. But I write it all with love! (especially lately)

The show was incredible! AE and ES acted the HELL out of that scene. The Todd/Blair flashbacks and the banter were phenomenal. John Lopriendo is just so adorable, and I love the way he acts off of JvD, even though JvD isn't really "his" Clint.

I actually didn't mind Jess/Ford, just because there was an actual point, other than "Isn't Ford just a great guy?", to it, and because Jess is actually not annoying me lately. Plus, it's part of an actually interesting conflict: will Jess tell, or won't she? Which choice is better? WHY would she make that choice? I'm actually interested, and it's a much needed shot in the arm for a storyline that's really dragged for far too long.

KdP has always been gorgeous, but I actually think she's sexier and better-looking today than she was back then. Bitch.

When Liam and PDV started talking, I was torn between, "Cute!" and "Really?!" By the end, though, I was totally "This is the most adorable thing I've ever seen!" and almost jumped out of my seat when I realized who was doing the voices. I can see not liking it, though. It seems to be an either/or thing, too; you either liked it or you didn't.

What a THRILL to see VIKI back at THE BANNER!!!!
John Lopriendo is really bringing it as CORD, isn't he?
He's holding nothing back, & I loved that he was so open about his feelings to CLINT!
With all the romance between TODD & BLAIR & TINA & CORD, I'm in a swoon!
& I am a total fan of PRINCESS DAVID VICKERS, not only for her cuteness, but because I know how much happiness a cute dog gives to elderly people & kids in hospitals, places where people need a little extra joy.
P.S. I want a bed like TÉA's.

@Bourgeois Nerd, I have to agree about KDP. I think she looks so much better now. She still doesn't look like she is 50 years old. She looks great. I have to say I am one of those that did NOT like the voiceovers with Princess David Vickers and Liam. I thought it was way to hokey. I FF'd through the whole thing.

And it does seem like you could justify Vicki's differential treatment of Tina using their history. After all, it was finding out that Tina was actually her sister that destroyed her idyllic image of her father. I wonder if they'll bring up that Vicki's still carrying that resentment even after everything she found out about Victor?

At least it's nice to have the characters act in a way that jibes with their backstories.

What a great episode. I remain impressed at how good this show has been and continues to be. Sure, it has its dull episodes, dumb stories, and some general duds, but is anyone or anything 100% at the top of their game 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year (give or take)?

OLtL is consistently SO much better than any soap out there. No other current soap engages me at all, but this one does it big time. I love how everything is so interconnected. I love how one scene segues into another (For instance, Blair and Todd mention Tina, and then we get a scene of Vicki and Tina). I love how they hold their cards and play them for maximum effect.

I love the comedy. Carmageddon? Tina might could give Foxy Roxi a run for her money. Wouldn't Tina and Roxi be a fun pair? Add Echo to the mix and. . .

I don't mind the never-ending saga of Liam's paternity. While it can get tedious, they have kept it going, adding new twists and wrinkles as they go along. At least it's not scene after scene, week after week, of the exact same repetitive crap with little more than flashbacks and people talking to themselves. Yeah, there's been those things, but they've been mixed with awesome, like Marty pushing Natalie off the roof.

Neither do I mind the silly stuff like Spiderman Sam or the "Look Who's Talking" spoof, both of which had me hooting. It helps that they have the adorable members of their cast do these things. I smile with just a glimpse of Sam, David Vickers, or Liam. I do, however, draw the line at Ford in the hot dog costume.

How could anybody not like McBain after seeing him with Sam this week and hearing him do Liam's voice?

I never got the appeal of Roger Howarth until lately. I have never been into the Fabio look, but I see now that he was sexy back in the day. I think he's much, much hotter now. Love his hair. The casting department did a good job filling the role of his kids with folks that have nice hair.

Which brings me to Jack. Andrew Trischitta is improving. As much as I hate the character of Jack, I'm crushing on him. He was looking good with his hair cut and preppy ensemble. Loved how Starr figured him out and called him on it.

I really hope Prospect Park can get all Todd's family on board for OLtL online. I mean all of 'em. . . Victor, Irene, Tina, etc. That's their show right there. Victor and Todd, brothers at war, with their wives, children, sisters, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, in-laws, and out-laws all caught up in it. Marty needs to be back in the mix too. If they can keep the Liam paternity mess interesting and going on for this long, can you imagine what they could do with Victor vs. Todd?

Liam is not happy!

I have to say, that Liam's anguished expression when finding out Brody wasn't his father clinched that scene for me. Just fantastic, funny and surprisingly touching stuff.

P.S. That Princess David Vickers sure gets around. Okay, so Jack put her in Tea's bedroom. But, on her own, that little bit¢h got from Victor's place to Natalie's to Vicki's office. I'll bet she could have broken Todd outta jail. No wonder she wound up knocked up out of wedlock, the way she's so often out cattin' around.

I won't lie. I was stalking this site all Friday and Saturday, hoping you'd post about Friday's episode. So worth the wait.

I agree with you that it was well worth the "very strategic wait" to make these Todd and Blair scenes happen. I was kind of annoyed that they brought RH back only to have him share only a scene or two with KDP, who I consider to be his best screen partner. The writers, actors, etc. pretty much surpassed any expectations I had. I just hope this means they'll get more scenes coming up when this annoying Who Killed Victor (who probably isn't even dead) story is over.

The rest of the show was always great fun. The undercurrents of Viki/Clint, the Cord/Tina stuff and of course Princess David Vickers and Liam. Those two are ridiculously adorable.

I said it with your last post, but this may have been the best overall week of the show since RH's return.

Can I just say that Baby Liam out-acted Jack this week? Because Andrew is improving, but still.

Whenever I think of Live Week, I think of how amazing KDP was (and become furious all over again that she wasn't nominated for an Emmy for that), so seeing that clip brought so much back for me. This woman is crazy good. That entire storyline was one I was so engrossed in for Blair alone.

I loved the whole epi. I'm glad that Viki is going to try to mend things with Tina, seeing as how she always did the same for her brothers, and now she can also practice what she preaches in trying to get her girls to reconcile.

I enjoyed the Look Who's Talking bit and was done after Todd and Blair. They are just magical.

I agree A, the young man playing Jack is horrible. I do not see any improvement from day one. I have laid off panning this kid because I know it's futile (he's signed on to Prospect Park's version) but I wish the character was in the hands of a skilled actor. It's a great role for a talented actor.

My sister, a lapsed viewer, watched Friday's episode online after I talked it up. She called me when she got to the Starr/Jack scenes and asked if she had been "punk'd" because "the kid playing Jack is really bad." She didn't finish the episode and stated that she may tune into OLTL's final televised week but not until then. OLTL is virtually unwatchable when Jack and Rex are featured. And Monday is here...

I have watched OLTL on and off through the years, so the flashbacks are great for me...wish GH would take the hint. *Sigh*

Soapbaby I am with you about AT all though I can't really say whether he has improved or not because I am still FF'd through every scene he is in.

Friday was so good. So, so good. T&B are magic. I don't even have words...

Tina and Cord? So fabulous. Cord giving Clint a hard time? Loved it! Tina calling Vicki out on her double standard and Vicki owning it followed by the hug of sister power? Awesome!

The fact Rex wasn't on all week? Priceless.

I did love Starr gettin up in Jack's space. He's lucky there were bars between them b/c my money was totally on Starr in that fight.

It was a good, good week. ::happy sigh::

Not to be a bitch or anything, but KDP is a prime example of the benefits of subtle cosmetic surgery. More actors and actresses should take note. If it weren't for YouTube I would never notice the subtle changes (nose, lips and breasts)over the years. I once went through a weekend long Jason marathon before I realized that the reason I think Steve Burton looks better now than he did 20+ years ago was that he had a nose job and his ears pinned and reshaped to perfection. I wish sometimes the actors who have had good work done would advertise, so that other people would stop going to the bad doctors. Of course it helps when the doctors have attractive people to work with, but even this site has a category dedicated to bad plastic surgery ruining beautiful people.

OLTL = PURE SOAP BLISS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tina flashbacks, T&B flashbacks, just, everything you said, I agree 100%. So happy right now, really hope everyone goes to PP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, I could have done without the "Look Who's Talking" spoof, but I did like the delivery of Liam's lines. I have always liked Michael Easton's snark. He does it so well. And I think if they would just keep the snark when he's involved with someone, the complaints about relationship John would go away.

My objection to John and Natalie was always Natalie turning into a damned doormat. That rings false for me - she's a firebrand and no man is gonna take that out of her. That's why I preferred her with Cris. They were a more...equal? couple. With John it feels like a one-up kind of thing where she loves him more. BUT he's been so heartbroken over her lately that it changes the game and makes me root for them. I like him much more when his heart is showing.

Bianca - I totally agree about the plastic surgery. Another good one was Marj Dusay - she obviously had something done but if you'd just seen her and not known any better, you'd think she was 55 instead of 75. I fail to understand how soap stars (who are obviously paid less than big movie stars) can get really, really GOOD plastic surgery and then you have trainwrecks like Meg Ryan.

I'm a noob and loving the flashback scenes. Still don't dig the long hair on RH though - I prefer his current look.

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