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October 03, 2011

Bad Dreams and Worse Siblings and Worst Mamas

Bo saved the day! A cop! On a soap! On an ABC soap! Saved the day!

And how cute was Bo running back into the house all disheveled and covered in leaves, and Téa and Blair rushing to dote on him and Blair giving him a big fat bear hug? 


Aww! Blair and Bo should hug more often.


Over in the Land Of The Never-Ending Paternity Secret, our matriarch asked her most red-headed daughter a pointed question today.

Viki: Is John's apparent lack of interest really reason enough to marry Brody?

Preach it, Vikster! (Sadly, the answer was essentially, "Yeah, pretty much.")

Bless Natalie's heart, but there are few things in this world less interesting than hearing someone else's dream described in vivid detail. It's just a little bugaboo of mine, so I really felt for Viki having to sit there and listen to Nat turn a simple task ("Mom, I had a dream that it turned out Liam was John's.") into a drawn-out explanation about how dreams are weird and they feel real sometimes even when they're not and how odd it was that the mail arrived in the morning in the dream. You know why that's weird? Because the mail arrives in the afternoon! This is an absolutely essential detail! Now the dream story just got really exciting! You know when listening to someone else's dream is really compelling? When you have the hots for that person and are featured in the dream and are hanging on every word to find out if your role in the dream might suggest that the dreamer has the latent hots for you right back. That's really it. Otherwise, get a damn dream journal!

Now I've mentioned before that, as it stands now, I don't find either Brody or Natalie very sympathetic in their storyline and today Brody just sank even further. It makes perfect sense to me that he was finally driven to the edge and fell out of love with Jessica, but today he spoke to her as if he'd never loved her at all -- and we know that that's not true. That was hard to digest. I still think it's appalling that Natalie's marrying a man she knows full well she doesn't love just because... well, I can't figure out why. She's surrounded by "broken" families and people happily raising their children without the other parent of those children, so it's not like she's some crazy throwback who cannot fathom being an unmarried mother. And she says she wants to be close to Jessica again, so it seems like it would be a baby step in that direction to, you know, not marry the man Jessica was engaged to earlier this year because Natalie doesn't want him. I could suck it up and say, "Well, the heart wants what it wants, and I'll be damned if those two kids aren't madly in love! Jessica's being a brat and just needs to let it go!" but...they're not in love. I seriously don't understand the motivation on Brody's or Natalie's side -- why cause so much drama for something they don't even want? Although you do kind of have to love Natalie for the fact that every time she does something scandalous she's certain that her entire family will turn their backs on her and hate her forever and she's wrong every single time (effin' nutjob Jessica doesn't count) and she never seems to remember that the next time! How I wish Natalie and Tina could find a way to bury the hatchet and connect -- these two are more alike than they will ever know, no doubt. Am I the only one hoping for this?

The good news is that someone else finally knows that Liam is John's. The bad news is that it's Jessica, and she will likely use the information bitterly. On the other hand, this could be a good opportunity for Jessica and Natalie to begin to mend fences and try to handle the news honorably. (Note that I said "could." I realize this is about as likely as Kevin returning as the show's leading man next week.)

Of course, I'm not sure what "honorably" would be. Jessica not using the information as a weapon and managing not to gloat? Natalie recognizing that Brody told the same lie she'd told and not demonizing him for it? John not smugging it up at Brody, considering he's already forgiven Natalie for a similar lie? Brody not spinning wildly out of control and just taking his licks? (Damn, Brody will really not have a friend on the show once this explodes. Not one. This... does not bode well for our pretty soldier.)

And then again, the paternity truth coming out still doesn't mean that anyone finds out that Brody's know for a while. So this could get dragged out further still. Lucky us! I mean who doesn't want more of the neverending story! It was Gigi's dying wish to have this resolved, y'all. I think it's time to grant her that wish.


So I see they've gone back to the Ye Olde Cole/Eli well of the villain telling a character that they've killed someone beloved and the character taking the villain's word for it and murdering the villain. Oopsie! Todd believed Irene that she'd blown up his whole family, so he offed his mother. Which is a shame, because watching Irene has really been a party. Not that she's really dead. This is One Life to Live, on which you always have a minimum of four lives to live. And Tomas has covered for Todd and confessed to killing Irene. (John: "Again, Delgado?" What is happening? Why has John been such an unmitigated delight lately?! And Michael Easton has totally been selling it!)

So for now, R.I.P. Irene Manning. I'll miss you, you crazy bitch! Here's how I feel about her passing:


No fair.


She is so not dead. C'mon! Irene will be back to offer the kids caramel treats and kisses come Halloween I bet. Just in time for sweeps.

Now that Irene's gone for a while, I know I am being selfish but I need for Blair and Todd to have a meaningful scene. That lasts longer than 5 seconds. And isn't interrupted by Jack or Starr or Sam or Hope or Tea or Dani or whoever. And I want flashbacks damn it.

So whose going to be the next person who knows the paternity? I am so tired of this story. But I will agree with you here, Louise. I have been loving John lately. It's throwing me completely off balance.

I miss Irene already. The camp! It was a thing of wonder. I also need some Blair and Todd alone time. Anytime soon, show.

I'm convinced that I love John when the focus is not on his love life. Also, I kind of love John/Tomas/Brody in scenes together.

At this rate, this paternity secret is going to come out when the kid is like, 15 and SORASED.

I think it's such a shame that they didn't turn the Brody/Jessica angst and the Brody/Natalie one-night-stand into an actual love story with Brody and Natlie. I loved him with Jessica but I think it would have been s much better of a story the other way. And it would have had more impact for John, as well (not that I care about this but the writers love him so you'd think that would have been a selling point).

"(John: "Again, Delgado?" What is happening? Why has John been such an unmitigated delight lately?! And Michael Easton has totally been selling it!)"

I am completely on board with my theory that John is a WAY better character when he's not in a relationship. I know he's a leading man on a soap so that's never going to be a permanent thing, but all the relationship drama tends to suck the life out of him no matter who he's with. He would continue to be way more likable as an unattached sarcastic wonder cop, but I know the Jolie stuff is inevitable again.

I think a lot of the writing for OLTL and it's characters has been much better since Frons the cancellation and Frons isn't playing puppeteer for Frank & Ron anymore.

I'm def going to miss Todd giving Irene his always fun bon mots about a psycho like Irene being his mother.

And I can't believe they are going to drag out Liam's paternity as long as they are with only 4 more months left on TV. God help them if they drag this story into its online incarnation.

What's even weirder about what Brody said to Jess is that they just got done having a moment at the table when Brody was tenderly saying how he'd checked on Ryder and his hair was starting to curl. But, you know, overall, Brody has been written... well, I wouldn't say sympathetically, because what he's doing is not right, but with a little more subtlety than I had feared.

Also, I think the show has fairly explicitly implied that Viki is Jess and Tina is Natalie in terms of sisterly relationships. And, while not a perfect match, it lines up enough to make sense.

I agree that Brody was harsh but I didn't think it was unwarranted. Jessica has been very immature and hurtful, so I am glad she was given a talking to. I wish Viki would have done the same for Natalie. My mother would never be calm if a sibling and I had been in such a vicious fight that left one of us in a neck brace!

I loved that Bo saved the day! How great was that? I love Wendy Moniz as the new mayor. Her dimples are so adorable and she brings a wonderful quality to her scenes. I'd rather see her flirt with McBain than Bo but whatever.

I will miss Irene because she was delightful. I wasn't too impressed by RH's acting when reacting to Irene's statement that she blew up his family. I know it's blasphemous to pan Roger Howarth but I do not think he has the chops to bring dramatic scenes. I cringed.

I've really enjoyed the last few days and John is on a roll. He and Bo are awesomesauce together and he and Tomas are good, too. I think John had more chem with Tea in today's scenes, but whatevs.

I did notice that Tomas was having wandering hands while his "sister" clung to him like a barnacle. I think Tea is the person he has the most chem with outside of John and neither are viable love interests. ::sigh::

Blair and Bo hugging was sooooo cute. I love Blair and she has been showing her awesome lately. Woot!! I'm so excited.

Irene is truly a thing of wonder and I don't believe for a second that we've seen the last of that awesomely OTT lady.

I can't wait for this paternity thing to be done and done. Like yesterday.

Darn. I was so hoping that Irene would be around for the long haul scheming to get her hands for years on Todd and Victor's money and even some of Viki's!

Bo is so darn awesome! Yeah Bo!

I am truly loving some spunky Blair Cramer!

Yeah! No Fudd's!

@JT - they dragged out Matthew's paternity for 6+ years. You've got a loooonnnng way to go for the Liam reveal...

One thing was funny about Nat's recounting of her dream. After piling on all the unnecessary detail she threw in, "But I digress." LOL.

And John is definitely far more interesting when he's not in a relationship. His awesome has gone way up since he's been single.

@SueB - but Matthew's paternity wasn't a day in, day out story like Liam's is with Marty and the damned tape recorder and now these damned paternity results that Liam adorably threw on the floor yesterday.

Baby Liam is so adorably cute. Yeah SpideySam was on today!

God I hope we get a Louise post on today. I ask for a Todd and Blair scene and boy did I receive one.

I'm also hoping Louise can't resist recapping today. Come on, a woman interrupted a senator's conversation with James Carville so she could perform surgery with kitchen implements, all without taking off her stilettos! What could be more worthy of a post?

Louise, how could you miss mentioning this zinger exchange?? :

Irene: You son of a bitch!
Todd: Well said.

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