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October 19, 2011

Brody Lovett? Brody Lovett! Your Bus Has Finally Arrived!

Okay, look. I will never, ever call out Nora for hating Todd Manning. He assaulted, terrorized, and tried to rape her. While she was blind. She gets a lifetime pass, she can hate him until her dying breath -- she's absolutely allowed. One hundred percent. 


This nonsense?


Nora: For the last eight years? I actually started to feel sorry for Todd Manning. I mean, his kids were kidnapped, he was raped. He was actually given a lethal injection. But you are not him. You're still the same guy who terrorized me at a beach house. You're still the same guy who hurts anyone who's unlucky enough to love you.

Let me get this straight, Nora. Eight years ago you hated him as much as you ever did, but you'd really started to pity him because during that time he was a victim? But now that you know that was Victor and this is Todd, Todd is precisely who he was eight years ago? Nora, honey, you have heard what your old nemesis Todd has been up to in these eight years, right? Kidnapped and imprisoned and tortured daily, separated from his loved ones? For eight years? Because of his mother? While Victor was out sexing up Blair and Téa and planning kidnappings and trapping and raping Marty and beating up kids. I daresay Victor was having plenty of fun in the midst of his various unfortunate victimizations. I daresay Todd had a dismal and joyless eight years during his consistent, interruption-less victimization. 

So really, Nora. Just admit it. Just admit that here he is, the man who tried to rape you, looking you in the eye, and it just brought all the hatred back. That's fine, you have every right. But please stop participating in what seems to be a show-wide "Poor, Sweet, Big-Hearted Victor" retcon campaign. All righty? 


Kassie dePaiva continued basically bleeding out onto the set in Blair's fight for her son's soul in an effort to try to single-handedly carry those scenes with Jack. The writing for Jack is best when they give him few words and just let him look shell-shocked or confused a lot. When Andrew Trischitta really is being asked to give something back his scene partner? He rarely does it and it's hard to watch, because your heart goes out to the other actor. But Blair was still awesome. 


Blair: I pray to God that you're smart enough to give yourself a second chance. Because all of this, everything that you're doing. Lying to the cops, lashing out to the people that care about you. Do you know who that reminds me of? Hmm? It reminds me of Scarface. Jack, I don't want that life for you. And neither does... neither would your Uncle Victor. (Jack throws something at the Sun's cover mock-up and Blair grabs him and holds him.) Jack! It doesn't mean they both don't love you! 

Jack: Let go of me!

Blair: No! I'm never going to. 

Yep, even with that scene partner, that's where I got a little-bitty tear in my eye. 

Y'all, I am so glad this is culminating as Blair's fight. They kept removing her from the situation in the early parts of Jack's downfall (i.e., the bullying story) and now it looks like that was a deliberate strategy to get us to these moments. Even though I hate that kid, he's her boy. He is her battle to fight, and she's fighting like hell and it's glorious to watch. I'm able to still love the scenes because part of Blair's whole issue is exactly what's happening in the scenes, so it ends up being meta: she's battling and battling and battling, and he's still giving her nothing. There's something about that dynamic that makes it work.


As for the titular issue, I guess they're pulling a Marty on Brody. Threatening Vimal and his wife today and mentioning his wartime kills? Yeah, this is way past what it's been. Lying about a paternity issue is one thing; sure, it's wrong, but it's not character-destroying. It doesn't turn a good guy into a bad guy (if it did, soaps would be all bad guys). Hell, one of the show's heroines was just doing that very thing last year about the same kid, and she's one-half of what's clearly meant to be the major root-for supercouple in this situation (not that I'm rooting for John and Natalie personally, but I recognize that they are an inevitability... it's not like this is an actual triangle in which they've bothered to show us Brody and Natalie and their bond so that some fans could be pulling for one pairing or the other, because they haven't). But now Brody's sporting the Trademark Under-the-Bus Marty Saybrooke Crazy Eyes. 


Guess he'll be headed out of Llanview in a straitjacket or cuffs soon enough because, you know, now he's evil. Glurg. All this while Ford is bopping around town being Llanview's Resident Moral Arbiter (they were just dripping with it today -- I mean did y'all know Ford is such a GOOD GUY!? And a gentleman?! Plus he's now wise and omniscient!). Gag me. If Brody really has to take the Marty or Eli road out, can he do in style and go on a quick shooting spree before he goes? I have a vote for who should be first on the list!

I'll volunteer!


And finally, I reserved this space right here to talk about Cord and Tina and how they keep almost kissing and how adorable Andrea Evans and John Loprieno are and how just the looks that Loprieno gives her put a knife right through me and how like-a-schoolchild giddy I am when they're on my television screen, but I am way too irrationally sentimental about this to be articulate or logical in any way. So all I can say is: more, please!


In regards to 16-year-old Jack, why in hell isn't that brat in school? Why isn't the truant officer knocking on Blair's door asking where her son is? Finally, why isn't Jack in a jail cell for giving false statements to the police?

I often said that KDP could bring tears acting with an inanimate object and her latest scenes with AT have proved it. She is amazing and Jack appears to have a pulse.

Ohh God and when even Nora is on the poor Victor train.. and why are Todd's crimes so much worse after every one in town got tricked by Victor who committed different crimes.. And if I'm not mistaken when Todd was kidnapped 8 years ago, he wasn't a wanted criminal he had manipulated Blair but he had saved her, and was helping Viki with the Victor situation not on the America's most wanted.
But that smile that Starr gave Todd melted me, I'm glad that if only one person in town prefers Todd to Victor it is Starr. I'm going to need more Starr,Hope, and Todd bonding scenes soon,

I do not understand the goal of the whose-your-daddy drama. Is there really a die hard John and Natalie faction that rushes home to see this?(Not being snarky, I realy am curious) Why are the writers making it so hard for the rest of us to see WHY they belong together? His smug detachement and her smug entitlement is so tiresome. As they are written now, I don't see what the emotional pay off of their reunion will be.

Also, why are they making the actress who plays Natalie look so unappealing? That dress she wore today was ill-fited and that high tight ponytail didn't highlight her features. She is a buxom (but still TINY!) redhead with gorgeous skin! Isn't that the style on TV right now? The fact that they don't play up her "Mad Men" potential must be deliberate!

And poor Blair! During that whole scene with Jack I could hear Beyonce wailing in my head "Why don't you love MEE..." LOL

"Is there really a die hard John and Natalie faction that rushes home to see this?"

Apparently, there is a big Natalie/John fanbase. I totally don't get it, but whatever.

Louise, I'm still in total denial about Brody. He's not going to be hit by any damn bus, damnit! He's my Dudley Do-Right Wee Pocket SEAL! (But, yeah, he's getting run over. At least he's going crazy over an adorable baby and a need for a family, instead of John McBain. And if they can give him a send-off like Marty's, the, well, I'll weep, but at least it will be some fun! Natalie TOTALLY needs to be THROWN OFF THE FUCKING ROOF again. She's so annoying.)

KDP is a Golden Goddess (I'm totally stealing that from a twitter friend because it's true). I love her and Blair to death. I can't wait to see Todd get in on the Fight for Jack's Soul action. Especially since Jack is totally Todd's karma. Yes, I wish we had a better actor for Jack, but RH and KDP can act with inanimate objects, babies and animals...AT's just a place holder at this point, lol.

This Whitewash Victor the Victim Campaign needs to stop. They are killing Nora with that crap. When the hell did she start liking Victor? I must have missed that memo...

Can we let Todd have dialogue? Please? Can he please interact with Blair, Vicki, Jess, Sam, Hope, Jack, Tina and Cord. You know, his family and people he has history with? Can we see him at The Sun or at least fighting to get The Sun back? This "dead" Victor eats the show story is killing the momentum here.

There is a large Jolie following. I'm not one, though I have no problem with Jolie, but this could have been handled so much better. We didn't need Brody to be crazied and evilled so Jolie can get together or for Ford to be redeemed. Jolie would get together anyway and Ford is beyond redemption. They are killing Jess as a character (even more so) and sacrificing a good stand up guy in Brody. Why can't Ford, Vimal, Cutter or Rex go crazy and be shipped off. Why Show, why?

You know, I'm sure that I might be able to appreciate ML playing a crazy Brody if HE HADN'T PLAYED ONE ALREADY!!! ML deserves so much better than this crap for having to deal with his character being destroyed to prop a rapist and John, aka Gary Stu.

Oooh. I wonder if Brody will toss McBain off of the roof of a hotel?!

I think Nora's comment about VictorTodd makes sense since ever scheme of his backfired in his face. I was really hoping that OLTL would delve into who is really "Victor" Lord, Jr. before he was given Todd's memories. Would Victor have done all of the despicable things as Todd if he had not been brainwashed? Inquiring minds want to know.

Yes, Cord and Tina are all kinds of awesome!

Jack is a m.o.r.on.

Hey, a welcome respite from The Morasco Fiasco, Part 2 is a good day! Plus Tina and Cord being extra adorable. Why can't we have Tina and Cord every day? But, all is not lost. I read that Fiona Hutchinson will return for a short stint as Gabrielle! Next to Tina and Megan, Gabrielle was OLTL for me in '89 and '90. Hopefully, James DePaiva will return as Max. Woo hoo!

Regarding today, I will not vent on the episode's shortcomings because I got Tina and Cord and good news. But...Brody being mean to my Vimal. Boo! I adore them both. Writing Brody OOC is predictable and lazy. Why is it Terd gets lightness and moonbeams? Why will Jolie get their happy ever after while Brody gets no family to call his own? No fair.

What's most likely happening to Brody just sucks. And for a guy they're about to throw under the bus, they sure have had him telling some home truths lately. The only thing he didn't tell McBain was how much he needs a bath. And there's that bubble-brained Gnat, bouncing her entitled behind, being smug to John. And then she'll turn around and do the same to Brody when it's his turn. I wish Tina would take a few moments and rebuild the secret room just for Gnat.
She and Rex are worst Buchanan mistakes EVER.

For Ford, there are no words, though there should be medication. That pond scum was bad enough when he was a creeping fungus, but he's even worse in his Pollyanna mode. Literally nauseating. I'm with Louise - if Brody does go on a killing spree, I hope he starts with Ford. Ford is SUCH a slimy bag of boneless sludge.

Soapbaby, I heard about Gabrielle coming back and I don't care how short it is, I am thrilled!!! Gabrielle, Tina, Cord and Lindsay back before the end?? Awesome!!

This helps take the sting out of the pain of Ford and the Stigi crap. ::sigh::

I love both Todd and Victor, but I agree – enough with the Victor whitewash. I know people tend to edit out the less desirable parts of a man’s personality after he dies, but this is ridiculous. You don’t have to make one of them the good guy. They were both victims (of their mother) – and they both victimized a hell of a lot of people, too.

Neither of them should get any slack for what they did, or have it excused because they won the 'Parents From Hell' sweepstakes. They’re both bad guys and I like it that way. That’s what makes them so fascinating -- and infuriating.

And if Nora ever ‘felt sorry’ for Victor, I sure as hell didn’t see it. I love me some Red, but give me a freaking break. Maybe she developed those sympathetic feelings for while she was trying to appropriate her grandchild or cover up the murder her son committed? Sound familiar? Just sayin...

And poor Brody. He can't even see those headlights bearing down on him. The CrazyBus is gonna flatten our good ol' Navy SEAL.

So it's okay for Matthew to kill but not okay for Starr to help her father try to save his family????? Yeah, the hypocrisy that is Nora keeps getting worse and worse.

I am finally liking the John and Natalie potential because we're seeing John's broken heart for a change. That changes it for me. Maybe when they get together this time he'll finally treat her like he loves her. Anyway, I can dream, right?

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