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October 14, 2011

Dialogue Neither Bold Nor Beautiful

Even though the storyline is dreadful, I have to celebrate the fact that a television genre exists in which this can be said....

Brooke: She's just really devastated about what happened -- having to watch them get married while she was stuck in a gondola.


I really hate when that happens.

We should start a charity or put out a benefit album to help those who have had to watch their ex-boyfriends get married while they're stuck on a gondola. It's becoming an epidemic and, y'all, we should no longer stand for it! 

But really. Someone sat down and wrote that line. Someone else memorized and delivered that line. It's a beautiful world, people.

The other line of the day? Came from Katie, and got a giant laugh from me.


Katie: Liam is an amazing person!

Oh my lord, they slay me. I assume this was intended for comedic purposes, yes? Because Liam Spencer is a wretched man who no woman should want to get near. He cheated on his fiancée with her sort-of-half-sister by making out with said sort-of-half-sister about nine times during the few-weeks-long engagement. When she caught him and broke off the engagement (though he didn't know why), he was so heartbroken that within ten minutes he'd turned around and proposed to the sort-of-half-sister using the original fiancée's ring. And then married her THE VERY NEXT DAY! What a spineless, wishy-washy douche.

Not that it wasn't fun to watch Hope's misery, mind you. If she had shown a little insecurity, a little vulnerability, a little "I'm going to fight for him but I'm not sure it's going to work" -- anything other than the smug certainty she displayed -- I may have been able to muster up an ounce of compassion. Instead? Just glee. That glee would have been a lot more satisfying, though, if the payoff to her misery hadn't been the joy and smug satisfaction of Steffy, who really is just some sort of sinister weirdo at this point. I'd almost pity her if I believed she scammed Liam the way she did because she really loved this man or had a sincere bone in her body. I so look forward to Liam learning about his father's and his new wife's machinations and what a pathetic chump he is.

I'd say, "Hooray! We got scenes between Eric and Stephanie yesterday so maybe we'll actually get a new storyline any second now!" but I've been fooled that way before.

Aspen was beautiful, and I can only regret that not one of the three of those morons fell off that damn mountain.


I know this is a post about B&B, and no offense to its fans, but I would have preferred to read your comments about the leakage on yesterday's episode of OLTL.

Poor Scott Clifton...

I want this storyline to end so bad. It's so dreadful how all these grown ass folks are constantly are this involved in what happens to Hope/Liam/Steffy.

I have to say that I hate the Hope character because I find her self-righteous, condescending, and arrogant so one of my highlights is that she's miserable. The other is how Brooke was so arrogant and cocky on how Hope would win out, that just for a moment (which I'm sure will end two days from now), she realizes that her daughter turned out being the loser.

I hate how they are writing Steffy though. Like give me a break with her just all of a sudden being in love with Liam when she was just in love with his father a week ago. I really would have found it better if they just had Steffy going after Liam in order to get back at Hope when Hope was in her face during the Katie/Bill/Steffy thing because it really wasn't Hope's place to decide to voice her two cents to Steffy about the situation.

I can only regret that not one of the three of those morons fell off that damn mountain.

I read spoilers that someone was going to fall off, so I guess the writers changed their minds.

Did you get a load of Steffy's wedding get-up? Liam looked so horrified, I thought he might fall off that mountain. She looked like Crazy Batshit in a Tutu-oh, wait, that sounds like a Samuel L. Jackson movie.
When they have to resort to characters voicing how "amazing" another character is, who has been very unamazing, to say the least, you know he's getting the Ryan Lavery treatment. Sniff. BooHoo.

I'd rather watch Stephanie(Susan Flannery)read the phone book than the current, endless sl of Hope/Liam/Steffy. It would surely be more enjoyable.

To Katie's credit, Liam is an "amazing person." An amazingly stupid one! The only reason why he proposed to the virginal Hope was because he wanted to sleep with her. So what kind of idiot ends up sealing the deal with the slutty step-sister? Has he never heard the saying about getting milk for free? Oh wait, but this is the guy who didn't think to go for "seconds" with the woman he allegedly knocked-up.

"While she was stuck in a gondola." I want to throw bouquets and confetti at you for pointing that out. I was on the phone when Brooke uttered that line... I had to double-take. I love you, soap operas. Never change.

What, no one has started a "Save the people stuck on gondolas while their ex-boyfriend gets married" Facebook page?

People are just so apathetic these days.

I still can't believe Liam proposed 10min after breaking off with Hope. Arghhh

"Even though the storyline is dreadful, I have to celebrate the fact that a television genre exists in which this can be said...."

That's exactly how I felt when Ridge said to Stephanie: "Mother, what do I do? My wife and my son [slept together]!"

This genre is awesome.

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