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October 30, 2011

It Gets Cuter

Seriously, what is wrong with me that I am so enchanted by the One Life to Live babies and toddlers? (Shh, don't tell my parents, they'd given up hope of my giving them grandchildren long ago and we do not  need to encourage false hopes!)

There's just so much cheek-pinching to do. Y'all? They dressed Liam as a baby seal.


I cannot take it. And with his "daddy?"

10 28 11

I mean when the situation is that cute? It's tempting to root for Brody's secret to stay secret. He's fighting for something so adorable, how could it be wrong?


Tell me again why this man has to go all Crazy-Eyes and threaten people and lie just to get a wife and child? 

And the rest of Liam's family was pretty darling with him, too.



This show is getting Halloween so right again. Aesthetically speaking. 

And it was nice to see Natalie finally looking happy about marrying Brody! I realize this is all just to ratchet up the drama when it doesn't happen (or falls to pieces after it does), but her looks of discomfort and boredom with him were actually keeping the stakes way too low in this storyline.

Speaking of which, it's nice to see Michael in town if only because it gives John someone to talk to about things. I could have lived without the overkill of John just being stricken with grief at the mere sight of small children knocking on his door, but thankfully it was short-lived. Not to mention the fact that when John has conversations with Michael, he doesn't talk to him like he's dirt on the bottom of his shoe (well, usually) the way he talks to most other humans.


Plus, Michael totally sunk John's battleship! See? Sometimes other mere mortals are better at things than John McBain is!

Now back at Llanfair, a letter, ostensibly from Kim, sits awaiting Clint in the study. Meanwhile, we just got the news that Charlie will be returning to the show before the end. More obstacles to a Clint-and-Viki reunion! Frankly, I'm all for it. I'm not sure how dramatically effective it would be to have all the couples happily in place and reunited by the end of the show's ABC run. I do hope we get some implied happily-ever-afters -- especially amongst those not slated to join the online version of the show -- but I'm going to have to have something I'm still rooting for when it's time to make the switch. Something tells me the ABC series won't end with a group wedding of Clint and Viki, Rex and Gigi, Natalie and John, Blair and Todd, Cord and Tina, Jessica and [STOP IT, CARLIVATI! STOP MAKING ME THINK YOU WANT ME TO INSERT A CERTAIN UNFORTUNATE NAME HERE!], and whoever else the root-for couples are, so I assume we're okay. And we do still have, like, sixty episodes left. A lot can certainly happen! It's not like this is General Hospital pacing here.


I'm surprised at myself that I'm kind of enjoying Rex with Aubrey and Cutter with "Stigi." I know it's just thrown-together, manufactured sexual tension to act as an obstacle to Rex and Stigi's eventual union, but I have to say I'm preferring the pairings where they're falling right now.



Don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying, "Oh my god these are super-couples in the making, please make sure you keep them together and carry them over to the internet OLTL!" No. I am not saying that. I'm saying if all four of these characters are written off with the ABC version, I can live with only-moderate-levels-of-screen-time couplings like this and be mildly interested. Or not disgusted. (I realize this is damning with faint praise here, but if I have to sit through "Starr's gonna be a star!" and Ford being all up in our grills and if we can't get Cord and Tina or Todd and Blair every day, I need to find these other points to enjoy in moderation while I can.)

What's really absurd to me, though, is that even in costume Rex wouldn't recognize Gigi's lip gloss first thing.


Please! It's her defining characteristic!


And of course, I must leave you with the highlight of the episode for me personally:


Cord and Tina! Cowboy and cowgirl! My heart is full, yet again.

Happy Halloween, Serial Drama readers!


Brody has to go all Crazy-Eyes and threaten people and lie just to get a wife and child because TPTB are half-wits. This whole story is just the worst.

At least we got Liam as the cutest little seal ever. I'm totally with you on just adoring the babies on this show. And on having to keep it a secret from the folks so they don't get there hopes up for something that is never gonna happen.

I also agree with you about Cord & Tina. I've given up on getting a decent HEA for most of the characters that I give a crap about, but if Cord & Tina aren't happily remarried by the end of this thing I'm going to be seriously pissed.

I adore this show. They did an actual Halloween, and a big party with lots of characters getting together! And there is so much adorableness going on with Liam and all the kids.

I think there will be a number of HEAs before the online switch, but not all of the couples will do so. It depends who goes online and who doesn't. There will probably be a few who end on "Will they or won't they?" and that's probably how it should be. I realize that not everyone's going to make the switch, but they want to entice as many people as possible online, so they're not just going to give you everything. I'm fairly confident we'll get a good balance. I'm also fairly confidant that Cord and Tina will be married by the end. My prediction remains that when Brody and Natalie's wedding falls spectacularly through, Cord and Tina will just take their places. I mean, all of Tina's hard work can't go to waste! (I'm picturing PDV as the maid of honor, and it is ADORABLE!)

Hang on to your cute-o-meter. I read that Sam is going to ask Todd & Blair to take him trick-or-treating.

Would I be accused of being a "dirty old lady" if I hope to see Roger in the Spider Man costume again???

The fact that Brody has to lie and go all Crazy Eyes to get the family and child he wants is so ridiculous. Women should be falling at his feet. He's good looking, empathetic, willing to raise another man's child, an ex-Navy Seal, fit, and he does have a bad boy side too. He's pretty much perfect.

I hate, hate that the writers won't let Brody leave with some dignity and have his last scene be a young kid running into him and then Brody meets the kid's single mother.

I could watch Clint and Viki coo over adorable baby Liam in his seal outfit all day.

I'm annoyed that, instead of inserting Kim into the Clint/Viki reunion right from the jump, they stuck poor Amanda Setton in the awful Stagigi story and that's she's now playing the role of spoiler in the form of a letter. I have heard we're gonna see Kim again, I hope it's soon!

Rex and Aubrey do have some chemistry, but Aubrey's turn into heroine was too quick and easy for me. And it's gross that Rex is feeling anything for anyone two seconds after he decided to move on from Gigi and focus on his son.

Cutter being wowed by Stagigi's beauty, I can wholeheartedly say, was gross. I really don't want him developing feelings for her.

Farah Fath...step AWAY from the lip gloss!

+++++The fact that Brody has to lie and go all Crazy Eyes to get the family and child he wants is so ridiculous. Women should be falling at his feet. He's good looking, empathetic, willing to raise another man's child, an ex-Navy Seal, fit, and he does have a bad boy side too. He's pretty much perfect.

I hate, hate that the writers won't let Brody leave with some dignity and have his last scene be a young kid running into him and then Brody meets the kid's single mother.++++++

Andrea, I want to co-sign your post. The writers are sending out some seriously mixed signals regarding Brody, so either they don't really want to trash the character either, or they're inept. And in spite of the Fudd brothers and Gigi aka Granny Clampett, I think the writers are some of the best around. I'm hoping - with absolutely NO reason and NOTHING to back it up, that Brody will not end up being despised roadkill by the time he exits. But I'm probably wrong.

With the exception of Aubrey and Rex, and Gigi, the party is shaping up to be a really good one! And besides Tina and Cord, and Clint and Vicki, my other favorite couple right now is Shawn and Roxie.

I think it's time there was a comment from the loyal opposition on the Brody issue. Personally, I find all the hand wringing about what's "being done to him" just this side of ludicrous. "Family" was Brody's driving motivation from the get-go; even before he went to Iraq and had the experience that caused his subsequent PTSD. There were flashback scenes early on that established the depth of his feelings for Gigi (which alone should alert us to the potential for insanity inherent in the guy) and Shane before he shipped out to Iraq. Everything that's going on with him now is absolutely in keeping with his character.

He's also not acting crazy. He's doing something we don't like. There's a world of difference. And there's no story if characters we know and love don't sometimes do things that are over-the-top or desperate or stupid.

I get that people like him. I do, too. But the show isn't over until January! There are two and a half months to go! How does anyone know what the outcome will be? RC has surprised the audience time and again. Remember how everyone assumed Brody was Victor's murderer until it was more or less spoiled the week before the truth came out that it was Todd? People were ranting and raving about the bus coming for Brody! So who is to say that by the end of this story he'll go out in so lowdown a manner?

This is the same writing team that created Brody and made us like him in the first place. I think it's safe to say that they have some affection for him. I am putting my money on an ending that redeems the man and highlights the same quality of his sensitivity that we fell for in the first place.

Diatribe concluded. Louise, keep up the good work. I like your writing and your commentary quite a lot.

Toph, who says the truth has come out that it was Todd who killed Victor? He's having hallucinations of his mother and could just as easily be hallucinating committing the murder. I don't think he did it. It doesn't fit with Victor's surprise at the murderer showing up at his house - I actually thought it was Shane because of that one factor. Besides, I don't believe Victor is really dead either. I think Irene's goons whisked him off and resuscitated him, then put him in a deep freeze for the funeral and revived him after burying some old tires in his coffin.

I think Crazy Irene brainwashed Todd to velieve he killed Victor, in the event he ever escaped from her and Victor subsequently was murdered. Hey, if Stacy's plastic surgeon was good enough to make her several inches shorter and give her a new voice, nothing's out of the realm of possibility on this show.

*believe* Doh.

Judy, my point wasn't that Todd killed Irene, it was that many viewers (at least those on the message boards I read) believed Brody did it, and counted it as evidence that RC was out to get the character. I'm just suggesting that Brody's coming end - assumed by many to be ignominious - is far from certain, and I doubt he will be written off as a crazy villain.

Please blog about today! I will send you Halloween candy if you do.

Oh gawd yes, we need a post about today. The flaming bag of poo deserves a post all its own. WTH was RC thinking with that?

While most of today was utter crap, I must say that Sam's Jaws costume was absolutely adorable! And Blair's costume matching with Sam's? Fantastic!

That's why I wanted the blog post. Sam was ridiculously adorable. I found symbolic meaning, also, in Blair being a lifeguard.

Fear not, loyal readers! It's just taking a while, it's a long one, but it'll be up shortly!

Ugh. Ford. I like to think that Frons is the one pushing this vile idiot down our throats.

It dawned on me today that John really needed Marcie/Michael back in Llanview until I watched their scenes last week. Michael would have been a familar face at the hospital instead of all of the day players traipsing through each story line.

Marcie is loud! I can just see Roxie's hotel filled with couples and their babies!

Liam and the rest of the OLTL kids are adorable.

Toph, I see what you're saying now. And I sincerely hope you're right, I really would like to see Brody go out with dignity!

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