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October 12, 2011

"The People Of Llanview Are Very Fair"

....Or so says Shaun Evans. I could debate him on a few points there.


On the other hand, just about everyone in Llanview has committed some crime (or twenty) and they're generally never actually imprisoned for them in the long run. The town is full of murderers and rapists and con artists and, granted, a lot of them are (temporarily) in hiding or perhaps in comas, but for the most part they're just walking around town. Mostly with guns. Llanview-ites are nothing if not ultimately forgiving.

Speaking of criminal justice, the only character still on canvas actually serving out any sort of a sentence is Clint, who is basically on house arrest for the remainder of his natural life. And he misses a few things (bourbon, the office, hostile takeovers, the boardroom where he usually gets his own way), but he's not exactly miserable. He gets to live out his years in the family home of most of his children and with his ex-wife who he'll never be over. He makes attempts, sure, like today when he suggested Viki "put herself out there" and try to find a new man (he thinks she should put herself on the market and she wondered if he meant "like a cow" in of course her most imperious Queen Victoria mode) -- through the personals no less! What would her "About Me" be? "DWF (seven ex-husbands, give or take a few depending on whether you count annulments or multiple divorces from the same man) full of life, including a grand total of no fewer than seven disparate personalities, too! Probably killed own father. Several heart attacks, brain aneurysms, deaths and revivals, heart transplant from dead ex-husband, mother of five (one dead), grandmother of five (two dead), sister of convicted gang-rapist and several-time killer. Tee-totaler and newspaper publisher! Likes long walks on the beach and never go anywhere without a passport!")

But Viki didn't think any of that would be the issue. She thought the issue would be bringing her online date home to her... living situation.


Viki: What would I say to that someone? "Oh don't pay any attention to that man with the ankle bracelet, he's just my felonious ex-husband who lives with me?"

Oh, Vikster, you have such a way with words!

And really, the two of them had the cutest heart-to-heart in which Viki made adorable facial expressions trying to restrain her untoward comments about Kim and encouraged Clint to allow himself to be good-hearted and connect with Rex. And then Viki brought Clint popcorn and a movie and they sat down next to each other on the couch and Victoria Lord took off her shoes! She just sat there like some plebeian in her stocking feet! 



Cute as an effing button, these two! I can't stand it. I cannot even honestly say that I'm dying for a reunion here because I love this relationship so much as it is. (Don't quote me on that! Ever!)

Elsewhere in Fair Llanview, Shane held a gun on Jack, demanding to know what Gigi's final moments were like, while Jack continued to deny involvement. Austin Williams (Shane) did some great losing-his-grasp work in these scenes while Andrew Trischitta (Jack) was...standing in the scenes with good hair and presumably hitting his marks.


The scenes didn't really go much of anywhere, but back at the House of Genius, Rex and Roxy and Echo figured out that the missing gun must mean that Shane had it. Ergo, Shane may have had something to do with Victor's murder. Which Bo surmised when he showed up in the midst of their bumbling (I have to say that it's very fun how everyone in town now refers to Roxy and Echo as "Rex's mothers" and refers to Rex as "Roxy and Echo's son"), and he and Rex had a darling moment of manly bonding. You know, the bonding you do with another man when you realize you're both fathers of teen killers! (I mean who hasn't been there?)


So sweet. Uh, I really need for at least one or two teenage boys in Fair Llanview to not be a murderer or would-be murderer. Just one or two. Is that so much to ask? When are Sam and Liam and Ryder going to head out on their killing spree?

Speaking of... no, there's really no way to be speaking of anything related to this other storyline going on, and the less said the better. As my friend who is currently watching the episode just emailed me, "So is it that Gigi really isn't dead. That Stacy kidnapped her and took her place or something? I don't understand." Nor do any of us, dear friend. Nor do any of us. I'm not even going to bother trying to work through the logic train on this one until we get more information. I can only say I'm not exactly on pins and needles for more explanation considering the involved parties. (We were all just dying for more Stacy or Gigi or Gicy or Stagi or whoever we're dealing with, right?)

Destiny out! (of the show till further notice or what?)


Louise, I just have to say you have the same love of Viki as I do. I also refer to her as "Queen Victoria," the way she speaks is just so regal. She (and Dorian) are the main reasons I still follow this soap after eons. Erika Slezak and Robin Strasser are all kinds of awesome!

The show is wasting Amanda Setton. I need a lot less of her monologuing to Coma!Stacy and more of her fighting for her cowboy. C'mon, show!

After a brief refrain, I'm really beginning to dislike Aubrey again. Her new holier-than-thou attitude is so grating.

Austin Williams was freaking me out with how well he was doing going-over-the-edge. Andrew Trischitta... was there.

Viki and Clint: SO CUTE! I have to admit, while in the end I don't care whether they stay this adorable way or reunite (either's great with me!), I'm looking forward to a little Kim/Clint/Viki triangle action. Queen Victoria will cut a bitch!

Add to Viki's personal, BTW, "All but two ex-husbands dead." Seriously, it's amazing Clint and Charlie made it out alive! Also, "mother of five (one dead), two of whom I didn't remember I had." That still gets me. Only on soaps!

I don't particularly care about Stacy or Gigi or StaceyGigi, but I do like Cutter and Kim. They have good sibling chemistry. Aubrey and Shaun? Adorable!

Oh, and about Destiny: I have a theory about that. I think they're keeping her off-screen because they're accelerating her pregnancy. She'll come back like nine months pregnant when she should only be four. We'll probably see her soon, though, because didn't you hear? MATTHEW'S WAKING UP! Eddie Alderson started taping again this week!

It's sad because I thought AT was almost decent in his scenes with KDP the day before. But that may have just been KDP that made those scenes work. I felt like AT was about to make a breakthrough as he made Jack seem very affected by his mother's words.

Today was like fifty steps backwards.

Someone on another one of my blogs suggested that they might be pulling another Al Holden/Michael McBain stunt with Stacey/Gigi. OLTL has been so good lately but this is definitely the weakest story. This show is obviously going for the pairing of many of the shows couples as it winds down but this is such a lame attempt at the Rex/Gigi thing. Every story they've been in trying to connect as a couple (Shane's story's notwithstanding) have been so poorly done (*cough*1968*cough* )that it's just not worth it anymore

As for Vicki & Clint they wouldn't be my first choice as a couple but if that's what's they are planning I don't object to it. It would be fun to see Vicki fighting for Clint's affection with Kim though.

I'm still not sure what Aubrey & Cutter are doing on this show. They just seem like such a waste when there are so many other much better people to focus on (Cord & Tina?)

I'm sure it was supposed to be moving to have Shane demanding to know what Gigi's last moments (or not) were like but I sat there going 'Jack wasn't sitting outside the door listening, dude.'

And then I was thinking 'Hey, everyone could have known what Gigi's last moments (or not) were like if she had just fucking TAPED IT because it's not like that stupid tape with the big Liam confession turned out to actually MEAN ANYTHING!'

And then they kept going back to the Gigi/Stacy/Kim mess and... it's all Vogon Poetry. It was like listening to a man trying to gargle while fighting off a pack of wolves. And if I had to try to deal with any more of it, my intestines would have shot through by brain in some method of self-sacrifice/putting me out of my own misery.

I'm gonna go watch the Todd/Blair scenes of last Wednesday again. That's much better.

Viki/Clint-cuteness aside, what an awful episode? In fact, what an awful week? I am not surprised. This is the OLTL that is normative where you have to sift through the shit to get to the gold. Last week was all gold but I could smell the shit around the bend and here it is right on time. My question is: Why?

I can understand Shane wanting to know what Gigi's last moments were like. Undoubtedly, no-one could ever tell him, even Jack, because of the loud, happy screaming and clapping that finally the harpie was gone. Kaput. Dead-as-a-doornail. And now it looks like that giddy, widespread happiness was for naught. She's back....
Poor Kim, first Stacy, now Gigi. Other than Clint, the majority of her scenes are with the real stinkeroos.

But, I will put up with a lot for some Vicki and Clint. And for some Roxy and Echo.

I hope the show rewards up for sitting through the crap with enough like last weeks soapy goodness. Lord knows we deserve it after watching Jack and Gigi and Rex.

@ Dandesun; Your Hitchhiker's reference made me smile for the fact that I actually got it and I can totally picture Brian Frons as one of the aliens blithely willing to destroy Earth for an "intergalactic highway bypass."

It wasn't a great episode, but there were no Ford sightings, so it gets bonus points for that.

You could also add to Vicki's personal: time traveler, have died & gone to heaven (maybe more than once?) & have a penchant for getting trapped with my best frenemy/former wicked stepmother!

I'm doing the math on Viki's grandkids - it's Drew (dead), Chloe (dead), Ryder, Liam, and Bree, right?

^C, substitute Duke (Kevin's son) for Drew (Bo's son).

I'm glad I'm not the only one, Louise. I actually said out loud, "Did Viki just...take off her shoes?" This made me so excited! Clint and Viki are adorbs!

I loved Shane pulling a gun on Jack. If only he would pull the trigger.

Also, C, add Megan (Jessica's baby who died when Jess got into a car accident while pregnant with her, I think -- played by Erin Torpey in one of Viki's trips to heaven, LOL!)...I assume she's the other dead grandchild besides Chloe that Louise mentioned, though that would bring the total to six?

Viki and Clint are too cute for words. "Like a COW?!?!?!" and the LOOK he gave her at the end? Love it!

If we're talking numbers here, I wasn't counting Viki's miscarried grandchildren (Jess' miscarriage and Kelly's miscarriage of Kevin's baby would both be included if I were doing so). I did mean Chloe (who did actually get born, just... not for long), Duke (dead), Liam, Ryder, and Bree. So 3 living, 2 dead.

In fact I'm probably forgetting a miscarriage or ten. Who knows!

And of course there was Cassie DePalva giving a shout out to her role in "Evil Dead 2", which I wasn't expecting.

OMG, Dandesun, "It's all Vogon Poetry." LOL LOL LOL! :)

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