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October 27, 2011

There's Not Much To Say When There's Not Much To See

There's this temptation ask a ton of questions about today's episode. How would Hannah perform one of Starr's songs? Isn't she in prison? Why can't Natalie even pretend to not be disgusted by the man she's voluntarily marrying? Why would anyone in town give a crap what some fifteen-year-old writes in a newspaper about his own sister? Why, although I love seeing Marcie, would they bring her back to town just to run about being super-judgey? Why weren't any of the good storylines on today? When is Tina going to meet Morris? And of course...


When will Princess David Vickers meet Morris?

But really, none of this is worth it. Today's dull, limp episode really just boiled down to two things, and both are about hope:

1.) First of all...


The Ford brothers are all going to be involved in this music video. This gives me tremendous hope that the music video will be such a massive, inexplicable world sensation that the three of them will immediately relocate to mansions in the Hollywood Hills and leave Llanview forever.

2.) Second of all...



Hope! Dressed as a peanut for Halloween! Just like her new grandpappy's nickname for her!



So cute! I can't wait till her granddad sees her and I can't wait to see how they dress up little Sam! It's so bizarre to me that I spend so much time screencapping adorable children from this show because I am just not one of those child-doters, but this show is really an embarrassment of riches when it comes to the cast-of-wee-ones. (And they also have a damn good track record with Hope's Halloween costumes.)

But really, it's kind of dismal when you're two and a half months from the sort-of-end and the most exciting things about an episode were the appearance of a stuffed porcupine, a Halloween costume, and the completely-self-denial-laden possibility of three characters getting a fast exit story. (Although I do love how Roxy, with all her anachronisms and malapropisms, just completely folds when someone makes her feel important to them. But I bet she misses Morris.)


Hope was Attack of the Adorbs today. I was so hoping Starr would go Cramer/Manning on Slick Rick's ass and give him the Paparazzi Special, but alas, it was not to be. If she HAS to be a singer, she should at least be a diva. I mean, she is the child of Blair and Todd. I like James. The other two Fords can fall in a pit and never be heard from again. I won't shed a tear, promise.

I, too, kept wondering where the hell Tina and Cord are.

Louise, I actually didn't mind today at all, Fords or no. I just love Michael and Marcie! And Cutter and Morris plotting! And Roxy as Brittany going all mushy with Brody!

Also, let's be honest with ourselves: just because we don't like something doesn't mean other people don't. I bet there are lots of people out there who were giddy at the Fords all together. That's the beauty of soaps: something for everyone! And when it's done this way, with certain stories alternating certain days, is proper, I think.

When has Natalie ever acted disgusted by Brody?

Bourgeois Nerd, I'm sure there were people who enjoyed today -- I just wish I'd gotten one storyline I enjoyed! I'm easy, a little Princess David Vickers goes a long way.

MyName Is, from where I sit, Natalie's attitude toward Brody vacillates between unease, disdain, discomfort, boredom, and thinly-veiled disgust. At best she looks at him like he's a co-worker she doesn't hate. She certainly doesn't act as if she likes him. I'd enjoy this storyline a lot more if I felt like it were actually a triangle.

Considering how infrequently the show has them in scenes together, I'm not sure how many fans want to see more of them. I only want to see them together on a video set if OLTL rips off AW's Ladykiller story.

Marcie, of all people, being used to say someone is crazy or cares too much about a child...I guess this is someone's idea of dramatic irony. Marcie was a great character but now thanks to the last years of writing for her people seem to hate her.

Episodes that involve all three Fords, let alone in scenes together, are automatic fails.

Shut up, Marcie.

Since I am a baby-crazy old lady, I am easy to please if I get to see Hope in a cute costume, or little Liam, the future linebacker. It distracts me from what I don't appreciate, like the rest of today. Why are Austin Peck(Rick) and Terry Conn(Aubrey) still on this show, with so little time left? So she can sleep with Rex and form a temporary triangle before he reunites with the newly resurrected Gigi? Bring on the babies! Does anyone know the last day the show will be taping in November?

OLTL's last tape day is 11/18/11.

Hope is adorable.

Porn guy and Aubrey should hook up and leave town.

Ford and Nate are morons.

Hope was, by far, the best part of yesterday. Oh, and Morris. Even Roxie didn't do it for me.

Yesterday was the first timein ages, I think, that I FF'd through most of the show. It was bad enough that the terrible Fudds were showcased - and as sex symbols, no less. And in a storyline that featured Rick. I think the actor is just as creepy as the character. I don't know much of what happened because I couldn't bare it. Although I guess if Rick and the Fudd mutants were in it, someone was going to be getting bare pretty fast. And a Starr music video - really???

But we did have naked, as in the perpetually-towelled Cutter and horror of horrors, Granny Clampett aka Gigi. The only redeeming thing in those scenes was Morris the stuffed porcupine. And he was by far the better actor.

And then there's Marcy. My apologies to her fans, but I was glad when they wrote her off, and really haven't thought of her since. And seeing her again -even more, HEARING her pearls of unasked-for wisdom was more than enough of old home week for me. Though I do like Michael, he is so overshadowed by Miss Manic and the unwashed McBain that he's basically not there. I know that the flashback of Brody knocking out Marcy was supposed to be some harbinger of doom, but all I thought was "OKAY!!! She's finally quiet!! There was a time when EVERYONE secretly wanted to deck her when her mouth was in overdrive,"

Maybe OLTL has some sort of written clause that they have to do at least one excrutiatingly bad episode every two weeks or so, with no redeeming characters, because otherwise I really can't understand the sludge that was today.

I KNOW! Honey, I'm the type that groans and will step out into traffic to avoid people who are walking their dogs or strolling with little kids on the sidewalk. If said animal or child is making excessive (i.e., ANY) noise, I give their handlers the stink eye and mutter, “Keep that thing under control!” So I don't quite understand why it warms my heart and makes me smile and just feel good all over when I see Liam or Sam or Princess David Vickers. It's not like I adore their parents or the people around them – though I do love Tina. I just love them.

Someone else I love – well, it's actually lust – is Nate. His brothers do nothing for me, but him. . . Yum! As with the little ones, my attraction to him is very much in contradiction to my standard reactions (I usually prefer substance over style.). He looks like he tasteses GOOD, and just seeing him is enough to make me happy, regardless of anything else.

I also like Teri Conn and think there is (was?) potential with her Aubrey and JP's Rex. I'm not a big fan of Mumu, Tutu, Fifi, or whatever he name is. Shane is the only Morasco I have strong, positive feelings for. Of course, Roxy and Ilene Kristen are always welcome.

I co-sign what Bourgeois Nerd said. Soaps done right keep me invested by offering a variety of characters, stories, and tones (though I can't stand when the latter wildly varies, particularly within one episode), not allowing any one of those things to take over for too long. And it weaves them all together so that there is good and bad, the former making the latter tolerable. For me, OLtL is the best soap going for this. It feels like one big show, not several isolated stories and characters crammed together between opening and closing credits.

While I'm not a big fan of the Ford brothers in general, I appreciate that the show remembers and plays that they are brothers and not just when it works for a story. Just as often as not, OLtL does this with its characters' relationships, romantic or not. They did fail by not having Dorian very involved with the two-Todds story, but I figure that was necessitated by backstage stuff.

First of all.. music videos are pretty much dead and done, right? I mean even MTV doesn't have any videos now and the few channels that do show them.. I mean, who makes money from these?

Second, Starr as a video star? In what world? I don't mind her singing with her mom or singing to Hope.. but she is no "STAR".

Third, with Tea as a step mom and tons of money, why in the world wouldn't Starr get legal advice about this "so called" contract that she NEVER signed? The entire story line is such bullshit that I can't suspend my disbelief.

With 2 months left, please please please Ford, Nate, Aubrey, Cutter, Gigi (again), Marci, Michael, Jack, Rama and Vimal GET off this show and lets see more Clint, Vicki, Tina, Cord, Princess David Vickers, Blair, Thomas, Sam, Bo, Nora, and Matthew!

I see Natalie pissed off the wardrobe department again..

I keep hoping they are gonna surprise us & wrap up REX/GIGI/STACEY right away!

& I LOVE how much TINA ENJOYS getting on CLINT'S nerves!!!
or maybe TINA is oblivious & its Andrea Evans having the fun!

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