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October 26, 2011

Uh, Wardrobe? We Have A Problem.

And that problem's name is Jessica Brennan (yes, that's still her name and you can't make me stop using it!).



It's... I don't really even know what to say about it. It's not that it's so awful, and I won't sit here and pretend to know anything about current-day fashion. But I do know a thing or two about character, and this really makes no sense on an insanely wealthy mother in her thirties, does it?


I really don't get it.

And it's not like this is a one-day aberration. This is Jessica's look now.

Every day. An almost-sheer white baggy off-the-shoulder top with some sort of image on it, with skinny jeans or leggings or stirrup pants or whatever they are.

Okay, most days. Sometimes we get the cropped red hot pants for seemingly weeks on end.



I'm just not sure what she's going for here. I guess it's supposed to be part of the integration? Like the semi-Tessification of Jessica to better suit her for a (gag) pairing with Ford or something?

And really, the age-appropriateness is really not the issue. I'm not really one to talk as I'm pretty sure nothing I do would be deemed age-appropriate by whatever council sits and decides on such things. It's that I'm so hung up on trying to figure out what these outfits are all about because I really have no idea who this character is anymore. Her alters all have personalities, but what about Jessica herself? She's not the sweet, sugary princess anymore. She's not the overly wholesome do-gooder. She's sort of mad and sort of bitter and sort of cynical but sometimes sweet and sometimes corny and... she's just kind of whatever serves the function of a scene and nothing else. What kind of mother is she? I don't know. Is she still writing for The Banner? I don't know. If she did, what would she be writing about? I don't know. What does she think about her father's house arrest? I don't know. Does her history with Ford really not skeeve her out at all anymore? I don't know. Did she ever do any digging to find out what happened while her alters were out and she married Cutter and turned into a completely new alter? I don't know. Could she please get a haircut and bring her sister Natalie and her Uncle Todd with her? I don't know!

All I really know is that she thinks her Aunt Tina is a completely insane person who rings doorbells with her mind and invents young women who claim to be dead people with amnesia. I mean, y'all, after several minutes of discussion about it, Jess totally walked the ten feet to the door and there was no one there! So obviously Tina was just having some sort of episode in which she pretends dead women who she's never met or heard of have come by to find out if they lived there. Seriously, Jess just wrote the whole incident off as something that "got into [her] Aunt Tina." 

On the other hand? Y'all just don't even know how warm and fuzzy it makes me feel to just be casually mentioning Tina in a post about a pretty low-key Tuesday episode. You know, just like it's no biggie. 

Serious joy.


Tina is a joy! She has totally reinvigorated the canvas in a big way. I adore Roxy but Tina has all of the camp of Roxy but only the bonds and history and SHE'S FREAKIN' TINA LORD!

End of my Tina loving moment.

Okay, spot-on analysis of Jessica. I have questioned the fashion choices too but I have not felt compelled to delve into the fractured psyche. Jessica used to be a favorite when growing up and she was played by Erin Torpey and I enjoyed Bree Williamson's first take on Tess in '05 but now, I just want the character written out. Unless ET returns, Jessica is unsalvageble. You are absolutely right about Jessica's personality changing to suit the scene and she is ruined for me. All she does currently is actively hate Natalie and prop Ford. I am no longer invested in Jessica's happiness.

She took over Langston's wardrobe. It's a sure sign that she's about to start banging Ford.

Oh my god, MyName Is, you're so right! That's totally Langston's wardrobe!

We are really in for it.

Maybe Jessica is downsizing, in solidarity with the protestors of "Occupy Wall Street", even though her character belongs to the top 1%. Just an idle thought.

Do every rich girl have to wear designer dresses or couture clothing? Can't they wear casual clothes just like the rest of us middle class folk?

guilty pleasure, I definitely was not suggesting that I have a problem with Jess in casual clothes.

OMG, I want to take a scissor to her hair so badly! Perhaps some dye as well, ease up on the platinum, butt length, wavy hair! It's so dated! Natalie's is too, but I guess it doesn't bother me as much because of the color. And the wardrobe department must hate them both!

BTW, Jessica didn't write for The Banner, she wrote for The Sun, but said she taking some time off to take care of her children after her latest DID episode.

Kerry, I don't know why, but somehow Natalie's bothers me even more. At least Jessica's hair is full enough to not look awful when it's that long. Nat's lookin' flat and scraggly, I just want to drag half that cast to the hairdresser!

guilty pleasure, good catch, you're right -- she did most recently write for The Sun, though I don't have a clue what she wrote about or what she would if she started again (especially now that a 15-year-old seems to be editor-in-chief of The Sun somehow, ha!).

The issue is not the Jessica is wearing casual clothes. It's that she's wearing casual clothes that it makes no sense whatsoever for her to own. I didn't think of Lang's wardrobe at all, although now that you bring it up I can see it. What I've been thinking is that she's dressing like teen Jess in preparation for us all getting to relive the magic of her first totally not rape, really) time with her baby daddy.

They're obviously dressing her in clothes that younger people would wear to bring her to Ford's level since he's younger than here. Also, did anyone notice how BW's Jess has been getting with younger and younger people??? KDR is older than FM who is older than ML who is older than DG.

I am perplexed by all those initials and can't figure out whose initials they are.

Linda, the person who played Antonio is older than Forbes March who is older than Mark Lawson who is older than David Greggory.

Mark Lawson doesn't look younger, though. He looks age-appropriate for Jess.

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