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October 17, 2011

We Must Galvanize The Fight: Better Health Insurance Plans For Strippers!

I mean for heaven's sake, poor Kim is handicapped because she has sciatica from the pole!

We've got a lot of messes on the screen right now in our dear show, y'all. A lot. But I have to say that I'm having a lot of fun with the whole Manchurian Candidate parallels. Nate and Dani watched the original film and Dani felt like it hit close to home; meanwhile, Irene's "ghost" was over at the cabin basically brainwashing Todd into thinking he'd murdered Victor. (It felt just a little bit like, "Hey, viewers, remember how campy and ridiculous and implausible the whole Irene story was? Whatever, y'all, it can be awesome and win Oscars, too! So shut your pie-holes! We're having fun!")

So take a little Barbara Rhoades...


And add a little Angela Lansbury...


And we're all having a good time! (And how cute is it that Barbara Rhoades acted with Angela Lansbury!)

This also gave us the return of soaking-wet Todd, which was definitely a good time!


Of course, it didn't have the greatest results, this wet-Todd-flashback, being that GhostIrene brainwashed Todd into thinking that he remembers killing Victor.



Whoops! Now, I'm not too worried. We have to assume that this is just more of Irene messing with her twin boys from beyond the grave. I love how soaps can make "brainwashing someone into thinking he killed his brother" a total red herring.

But it did give Mother and Son some much-needed cuddling time.


And I really do love soaps for their longevity because they can bring decades-old issues full circle. Irene really brought it home for Todd today.

Irene: I know you are the son of Victor Lord. Don't you forget it. Because nobody else will.

This is not something Todd ever really worked through. And not in a "oh, my daddy was really mean so I can't help what I do" sort of way (hey, Corinthos, shut up!), but in a "I fear ever letting anyone trust me because what if I'm destined to turn into him forever" sort of way, which is a hell of a lot more compelling.

Still liking it. But back to the messes. Or rather, back to the messes that aren't fun.

The other day I announced that I'd keep my mouth shut (or my fingers off the keyboard) about the Stacy situation until we got more information. Well, we got more information. So let me get this straight. Stacy made it out of the frozen lake (that's fine, they left it as a possibility when it happened so I don't need any further explanation). She went back to Llanview to go see her child Sierra Rose, but for some reason decided that Fish and Kyle wouldn't allow her access to her daughter (who only had custody because she was presumed dead) because, you know, they were such total assholes? And then she decided she wanted to take over Gigi's life, even though she and Gigi had all those sentimental exchanges toward the end and she named her daughter after a sisterly memory. So then she managed to scrounge up a crap-ton of money magically and travel down to South America where she got plastic surgery to look just like Gigi (I give credit for the shout-out to the Erica Kane doppelganger story from All My Children in the explanation about the surgery, that was a nice touch). And then she went to Kentucky to tell Kim she was alive and about her plan. And then she found Gigi in the basement with the carbon monoxide? And Kim somehow stumbled upon both Gigi and Stacy in the basement, which apparently had a back room (no, no it didn't), and one of them was passed out and the other was too close to death for her to worry about, except that she promises she was planning to go back to get her? And Kim assumes the one she found was Stacy because of the outfit she was wearing? And how Stacigi or Gigacy has woken from her coma? And it's going to be either Stacy or Gigi and nobody's going to be able to tell the difference? And she maybe doesn't have any memory of who she is?

The Manchurian Candidate this is not, my friends. Is anyone excited about this? I am seriously asking. I cannot imagine why this seemed like a good idea. And the plastic-surgery-on-siblings thing when we're still in the midst of the Todd and Victor story? Why? Who? Wherefore and when? And what did we to do deserve it? It's not that I haven't made transgressions in my life, just... were they this bad? Was it one of you? What did you do?!

In conclusion, where are Cord and Tina? More of that!


In "Second Lives for One Life to Live Characters" news, I'm psyched, y'all! Linsday Rappaport is coming back. Just in time to give Nora some grief about anything and everything. Will she be released from prison? This should be fun.

Speaking of Nora, over the weekend I saw Hillary B. Smith in the play Any Given Monday which is currently playing at 59E59 Theatres (coincidentally the same theatre that held the reading of my very soapy play several weeks ago!). It's a fairly engaging show with a problematic framing device, but worth sticking around for even if it doesn't quite work for you in the early parts. In particular, if you go and you're sitting there at intermission wondering whether to stay or go, stay. The vast majority of Hillary B. Smith's work is in the second act, and you'll be glad you stayed in your seat. Take my word for it!


I agree that this is a red herring. To me, it sounded like Todd said loud enough that he wanted his life back while Victor was still on the phone, so Tea would've heard his voice. The proof is when she told Bo that Todd didn't kill her husband. Does anyone really believe that Tea would defend the person that killed Victor? (Well anyone that's sane, anyway.)

Oh, and thanks for posting the pics of Roger in the rain, with an Angela Lansbury chaser. Totally made my Monday!!!

The show was awful last week and Monday picked right up from there. Gigi was an underdeveloped character played by an awful actress. Stacy and her s/l were maddeningly terrible the FIRST time around. Rex is lame.

- Why are we subjected to this bullshit when the show has three months of being televised?
- Why this s/l when EVERY OTHER S/L stands still?

- Will Destiny be 8 months pregnant next time we see her?

- Why frontburner Gicy, Kim, Cutter and Rex when we could be watching Cord and Tina, Blair and Todd, Viki and Clint.

I'd rather watch GH than subject myself to this...and GH is really, really bad. Watching OLTL is a practice in wading through shit with hope to find gold.

It's no secret that if Ron Carlivati writes it I will watch, but I think the Gigi/Stacy story was in place to give Rex and Gigi a happy ending when the show went off the air in January (and since DIRTY SOAP suggests that the adorable Jon-Paul is leaving the soap to head to L.A. -- boo! hiss! -- it's safe to assume that the show is sticking with that plan). Trust me, no matter how convoluted the Gigi/Stacy story is, it's ten times better than anything over on Y&R.

I still think that Irene plotted Victor's "murder" as a cover to have him whisked away to that swamp compound for a little brain-washing touch-up to keep him in check and that one day soon my sweet Trevor St. John will appear in a kick-ass Friday tag that will have us all screaming at our televisions and awaiting his red hot reunion with Téa.

As for Barbara Rhodes, let me just state for the record that I will buy any line of bullshit the show wants to sell me if it means bringing Irene back to stir up even more trouble in Llanview. She is amazing.

Am I the only one who hears Victor's last words and thinks that that in itself proved Todd didn't do it? Why would he ask the man he'd heard was coming with a gun, "What are YOU doing here?" in such a confused way? I still think it was Irene or Tomas and Irene took the time to Angela Landsbury Todd during their jail sojourn together. And I'm still not convinced Victor's actually dead, either.

I don't care about Rex and Gigi and Stacy, but for some reason they think Rex and Gigi deserve a happy ending, and this is the way to do it, so whatever. At this point, who cares? The show is "transitioning" in three months, and what's the use in getting upset about a storyline?

Bourgeois Nerd, you are definitely not the only one who thinks that -- Todd never fit into the scenario of Victor's last words. There's an outside chance it won't matter because they may not have known when they wrote it "whodunit," but if they did? That would make no sense. "What are YOU doing here?" "Well, everyone in town told you I have a gun and I'm coming to kill you. Take a hint?"

If this really is a departure story for Gigi and Rex, it's fine by me because it means they're leaving. I think there were better ways to do it, but I'm not freaking out the way I would be if they were doing this to any of my favorites. If they were doing this to Cord and Tina, I'd be apoplectic! I'm genuinely curious as to how Rex and Gigi fans feel about it, though.

Barbara Rhoades being deliciously evil and campy is worth the rest of it for me!

I agree, Louise, I think Stacy wasn't giving Officer Siegfried and Doctor Roy enough credit. Would they fight to keep primary custody of Sierra? Hell yes. But would they not allow their daughter to know her mother? Doubtful.

And can we agree, Louise, that Kim's return was a disaster? Three crumbs of scenes with Clint and days and days on end of awful retcons and exposition. Poor Amanda Setton.

This show went from EPIC to not watchable pretty darn fast. This is so sad.

Why have they isolated Todd? Why is this who killed Victor (when we know he's not dead) "mystery" eating the show? AND being handled poorly. Tea and her "dead" husband are consuming everything in sight. The show is just dry as a bone to me right now. There's no romance, little humor, no real mystery that I care about and all the characters that should be interacting...aren't. Where's Vicki? Where are Cord and Tina? I'd even love to see more Hope and Sam. Where is Nora?

I really hope they iron this out soon or I won't be able to watch live. I stopped last week and today didn't make me want to wade though the crap either.

Here's my thing about the whole Gigi/Stacy/Kim disaster of a storyline. Didn't Rex come to the house and find the chair still jammed underneath the doorknob??? So, that would mean that Kim or Gigi/Stacy whichever one got out would have had to jam the chair back underneath the doorknob. They'll probably just ignore it, but the continuity is just so atrocious in this show.

Also, seeing as how Stacy who looks like Gigi will actually be Gigi, why on earth did they go through with the storyline in the first place??? Jack wouldn't have had to become a killer and Shane wouldn't have been pushed to the point where he went after people with guns.

This show is just so frustrating right now. Instead of spending time on things that actually matter with three months left, we're getting all the crap that we are now. Doesn't make me that confident in the online version.

Andrea, maybe they're trying to clear out the crap now so the s/l's aren't clogged up when they go online? Also, remember captain evil (frons) still has his fat little digits in the shows, so they still have their hands tied on some things right now.

ABCD has pretty much ceded all control over to PP so I don't think Frons is screwing with the show anymore. What we're seeing is what RC believes to be entertaining and an epic love story. His definition of "riveting," "suspenseful," and "romantic" are not the same as mine. OMG, he needs to google that shit.

Why does Todd have to be neutered to prop Tea?? Dear God, why? He has to be weak and dumbed down so Tea can shine. It burns. Oh how it burns.

I disagree that ABC has ceded all control over to PP. They have certainly given over some - otherwise Catherine Hickland would NEVER be allowed back on set after telling the world what a moron Frons is, and how dispicable ABC daytime in general is.
However, I believe that Frons' influence is directly evident in this Gigi storyline in particular. It's not secret that JPL and FF are favorites of his, and the rumors are strong that JPL and probably FF will end up on GH because of it. I think that's a large reason why we're seeing this nonsense play out now. And, as hard as it is for me to understand, the couple does have fans.

This doesn't, in any way, undermine my confidence in the online version. Everything has had to be re-written since the show has been picked up, and whether it matters to us or not, they need to wrap up some storylines. I just wish they'd get this, and the Gnat/John paternity over and done with ASAP. And I don't care how, since I don't give a rat's behind for any of the characters involved.

I agree that they are working up to giving Rex and Gigi the happy ending send off. Oh and why why WHY are they building a horrifying Rex/Aubrey romance as a monkey wrench for when Gigi finally comes back to him? Ugh. That is another triangle I don't care to see. What a waste of the last few months.

Like a majority of people who read here, I don't care for either Rex or Gigi, but if you go on OLTL's Facebook page, there are hundreds and hundreds of screaming fans who LOVE Gigi and were really pissed off when the show killed her off. FYI, most of them are clearly illiterate idiots.

Most of these idiots also hate Brody, think John McPain is soooo dreamy and want nothing more then Brody dead and Nat/John to reunite. I've been reading there for a while and they've always hated Brody because he slept with Natalie. They are practically foaming at the mouth about it from the way they post.

I thought the scenes with Cord, Tina, Jess, Ford (ewwww!) and baby Ryder were good yesterday. I just wish Cord had pulled out a gun and shot Ford right in his smug face.

I'm just hoping none of those Fudd brothers end up over at PP!

The fans on Facebook are really delusional.

Andrea, YES, to the chair and the door. I have been wondering how it's possible that all the writers on this show have such epic ADD that they can't recall that one CRUCIAL detail! My memory sucks, I can't remember ANYTHING, and I remember that! HOW DO THEY HAVE JOBS??

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