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November 21, 2011

And Soon There Will Be None...

We've known each other for a while, right? So it shouldn't surprise you at all that this news has made led me to, among other things, do my best Blanche Devereaux impression and say loudly, and to no one: I'm devastated. Just devastated.

Kimberly McCullough is leaving General Hospital early next year:

It’s true: GH’s Kimberly McCullough (Robin) is exiting Port Charles, but will air into the early months of 2012. “Kimberly McCullough has decided to pursue her dream of directing full-time, so she has decided to leave GENERAL HOSPITAL as storyline dictates,” says a show spokesperson. “Expect a poignant and must watch storyline for Robin and Patrick.”

Does "poignant and must watch" mean "DEAD"? It probably does, doesn't it? I mean, this IS GH, and Robin IS a female legacy character and this writing staff IS creatively bankrupt so I am envisioning a mafia hit gone wrong and the last person she sees is Jason. I am pre-enraged, folks!

But also? I am really and truly sad. I've grown up watching Robin, who is a true legacy character and who played a huge role in some of the most iconic stories in daytime history. And I certainly don't begrudge Kimberly McCullough the opportunity to do what will make her happy (and I think we can all say that General Hospital makes no one happy) and I wish her nothing but the best, but...Port Charles seriously won't be the same without her.

And meanwhile, my Things on General Hospital That Don't Make Me RAGE list just keeps getting shorter and shorter. Scrubs, even with the shoddy writing they often received (when they received any writing, that is; they were almost always on the backburner, even on the spinoff that was ostensibly a starring vehicle for them. Good lord, why can't I forget about General Hospital: Night Shift?!), was one of the most reliably enjoyable parts of the show for me for YEARS and now I'm losing that. Emma better stick around and be adorable, or else Cameron's going to be the sole item on that list!


Donna, WORD re OLTL vs. this crap.

Sigh! I have been a fan of Robin Scorpio for a long time and I have been extremely passionate about Scrubs since their first scene together. They are the only thing that I really love about GH anymore and I am going to miss both her and Robin/Patrick together on the show. However, I wish KMc all the best in her new endeavors and while maybe not as thrilling, I wish Jason all the best during this post-Scrubs era which should definitely be something new and different for him as an actor.

The only element to all this that really gives me pause (or maybe the better word is the shudders) is exactly how TPTB are going to "write" Robin's exit. Please be kind to the legacy of this character and couple. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

I am truly sad that Kimberly is leaving this show but I don't blame her. I started watching this show because of her and stone storyline and I continued to watch because of her and Jason as Scrubs. Scrubs despite the crappy ass writing they got for the most part, still managed to be the only enjoyable part of watching this crap shit show in the past few years. I wish her all the best and know she will do great things but selfishly I wish Jason would leave with her and that scrubs would ride off into the sunset but I know this is Gh and I know Jason is sadly not leaving and they most likely will kill Robin off which is beyond fucked up because she truly is a legendary character and Robin/Kimberly/fans deserve better but...it's Gh. anyways, I will miss scrubs, Kimberly/Robin, Emma, and Jason/Patrick cause after she leaves the show in whatever sick exit gh has in store for her I will also be leaving. Gh will truly have nothing else worth watching. NOTHING.

Well, at least I now know when I can stop watching this train wreck of a show. I do hope they make it one heck of a departure. Can it please have to do with GH history at least? Mr. Wu? Grant putnam? Faison? Dvx/WSB?

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