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November 09, 2011

Choosing the Wrong Boy (or ALSO)

First of all, who is Nadia?


Is this another new character? That was a lot more than an under-five so I'm confused. I mean she's pretty and lovely and all, but how many new characters are we really going to introduce in the final two months of the show? (I need to stop using phrases like "final two months" because they give me a little lemon in my eye.)

Also, John quit the LPD again? Good lord, how many times is he going to do that? It's such a tedious plot point. If they upped the ante and made it a running They-Killed-Kenny-esque gag, that would be fine by me -- but we're not quite at the point that the repetition is funny, we're still in the eye-rolling "this again?" stage, so they're going to need to step it up. "Oh, the office switched from PC to Mac? I quit!" "Someone brewed decaf this morning? I'm leaving the department!" "The new secretary spelled my name MacBain instead of McBain? I'm retiring from detective work!"

Also, Natalie looks so happy on her wedding day! Look at the joyous, blushing bride-to-be!


Gee, why wouldn't Brody want to marry her? She seems so into him! We can please bust up this pairing any second now because all it's done is made unsympathetic liars out of both of them. They both look like assholes all the time.

Well, not always. Natalie looked so pretty today!


See? She doesn't look like an asshole there! And sure, it helps to have the cutest prop on set in her lap, but I have to say how frequently it truly astounds me that hair and wardrobe work so hard to make this ravishing beauty look awkward and practically frumpy. (Also, Natalie, see how nice you look when you smile?)

Also, David's visit has been a lot of fun this time! His banter the other day with Blair was just plain art, and today's scenes with Clint and Viki were so fun. My favorite? When Viki was trying to convince David that Clint's making progress as a human being and she used his making inroads with Rex and Ford as supporting evidence, David snorted, "Oh, well isn't that wonderful! He's being suckered by two of Llanview's biggest bounders." Nice, David! Love it. And sure, sure, it's pretty rich for David Vickers, of all people, to be blathering on about how a guy who has behaved badly in the past can never change, but hey -- he's allowed to hate Clint forever even if his logic is a bit of a double-standard in the broader sense.

Also, really? I need this Neela chick to explain to me what she sees in Jack. Jack, who seems poised (with Brody as his accidental accomplice this time instead of Brad) to commit yet another negligent homicide by setting fire to The Sun's offices with Rama and Vimal trapped inside (courtesy of Brody, who is under that weird soap opera spell that convinces people that as long as someone actually says "I do" and the wedding happens, that anything and everything can get revealed after that and what's done is done, there's no turning back -- no, seriously, he's just going to lock Vimal in a room till the wedding's over and then all is good? Is this sort of like Natalie's vague plan to keep Marty in a cabin for a while while she married John? Then what?!).

Also, Todd. Oh, Todd. Here he goes again! Those grumpy little faces he was making today were so old-school Todd, complaining to Blair about the fellow who's courting her (very reminiscent of the Sam Rappaport days, no?), and feeling like he'll just never get what he wants...


I mean that is a 2002 pout if I have ever seen one! Warms the heart.

ALSO: stop it, Blair! 


And of course Todd was stalk-lurking outside La Boulaie and saw the smoochfest. Break down the door, Todd! Make a play for your woman! All she wants is for you to make your feelings known!

It's odd how well this show fires on all cylinders when the Stagi storyline isn't on, isn't it? Now if we can just get through this effing doomed wedding and the Liam reveal. Please. Please. It's November, right? We have to assume it won't be more than two more weeks, right? Right?


Aren't Rama and Vimal "trapped" in a room with A PHONE?

Todd, why on earth would you ever let David Vickers OF ALL PEOPLE tell you that Blair loves Tomas and actually remotely BUY that? Blair has never liked or trusted David and still doesn't and David has never liked you... gee, can't imagine why he'd be HONEST all of a sudden!

Blair, consolation prizes are not for you. Stop settling for Tomas which is exactly what you're doing right now.

This "Three's Company" style series of miscommunication is going to go on way longer than the show has time for. It already has.

Well, OLTL has to do something with Tomas since there are no eligible women on the show but Blair.

If RH and TSJ don't sign on to PP then Tomas will be paired with Blair.

I'm so happy the show is finally moving shit along!!

So, Brody carries shims in his pockets for just such an occasion, eh? Also, don't the doors open inwards and not out? And like Dandesun said, what about the phone?

Thank you for calling soaps (who have the worst record with marriages lasting barely longer than Kim Kardashian's) on that crap that if they can keep someone quiet long enough to say "I do" then they win!! The problem goes away! What, is there some kind of code that if you get to the altar before they tattle on you, you're safe? They have to keep the secret forever? Too bad that never works, though...

I'm enjoying watching old school T&B crazy train o' love and at this point with the writing and the acting this isn't even a real triangle. Tomas is a spoiler for T&B, that's it. He's walking, breathing angst. Well, good thing T&B thrive on angst ;)

"It's odd how well this show fires on all cylinders when the Stagi storyline isn't on, isn't it?"

I wouldn't call a show "firing on all cylinders" featuring the one-note (at best) Jack committing another crime that he will skate away from. Oh yeah, and he has a silly one-note love interest. Sigh. So much time wasted on these idiots. Jack's motivations are thin, the character and actor flat, yet, the audience is asked to invest in his puppy love. Btw/ the actress playing Neela looks like she is in her mid-20's.

And what would Jack accomplish by burning down The Sun? Todd could run it from another office. Also, Jack would be putting those employees at risk and out of jobs.

I am not enjoying watching Todd follow Tomas and Blair around with a gun while he is feeling guilt over "killing" Victor. I could buy that in 2002 but not as Todd has been written since his return.

John and Natalie have been doing the same scenes of nearly sharing true emotions and falling short for years now. Yawn.

Okay, OLTL is always half-good on a given day, with the good being so GOOD and the bad being the worst crap around. I loved Viki, Clint, David and Liam. I still like Vimal and Rama and hope they do not burn by the heat of The Sun!

I believe this is a very smart move that will benefit Prospect Park. Tapping into the Bollywood market is just good business. What producer doesn't want to open his product up to a few billion more eyeballs? There are no other Indian characters on any soap. OLTL has always been the best about diversity since the very beginning.

I would be willing to never criticize anything about this show in exchange for the Stigi story vanishing tomorrow.

Jack/Neela looks like great art compared to Stigi. I give the show credit for trying to echo back to Todd/Rebecca with Jack/Neela.

Neela's initial shallow reaction-- this is a very nice looking boy, and also rich-- has been enhanced by Jack helping her run away and hide. He's also acted like he cares about her arranged marriage plight and supported her/listened to her in a way her own brother and parents will not. Of course she's enamored, and now Jack has one person who doesn't look at him like the demon-spawn he is.

How could you not mention Clint growling at Princess David Vickers and threatening to send the dog to the same Morocco prison as his namesake? Adorbs!

David's continued low opinion of Rex and Ford warms my heart, but his being besties with Viki feels so forced and, while he is indeed allowed to hate Clint forever for what he did (even though he acts like he did nothing to provoke Clint, which he totally did by running off Kim), he is like the last person who should be lecturing people on morality and such.

I'm glad this Brody/Natalie/John garbage is nearing the finish line. The bus has been gently tapping Brody for weeks. At this point, I just want it to run him over so we can be done with this.

Jack is a dead ringer for a Keebler Elf. If only he had half the talent that his animated double does! So now the little psycho is going to turn The Sun and the Patels into his version of Keebler Toasted Crackers.

Is there nothing this little monster won't do? And is there a brain cell in his head? Splashing gasoline around and lighting a match isn't exactly going to fool anyone into thinking it was accidental.

It's probably a good thing that he's starting a real fire, because he certainly doesn't bring any heat to his performances. This kid is just a terrible, terrible actor.

Thank God for the good stuff, which, as has been said, is really GOOD. Because when it's bad, it's sad.

OMG, I (thankfully) forgot all this Stigi nonsense, until you mentioned it. That is still a thing, huh?

I loved David's scenes. It's so hilarious how he's always telling Blair she looks horrible and stating 50 million times that Viki is his bff. I also like how he's allowed to keep his anger for Clint while keeping their interaction enjoyable.

It's ironic, though, b/c on the classic epi of OLTL aired on Soapnet, David and Clint had nice scene where they had a civil convo at the docks and shook hands before it ended. It's kind of cool seeing things 5 yrs. ago vs. now.

LOL @ Todd actually believing David about Blair. David Vickers! It certainly was classic Todd for him to start pouting when he finally found Blair....and Tomas. Tell the woman how you feel, man!

I concur about Natalie and Brody looking like assholes. That's exactly what I call them everytime I see them.

I like Vimal and Rama, but Vimal makes me so angry knowing the truth about Liam and just sitting on it and only made the decision to tell the truth when Neela went missing. It's like the paternity test fiasco never happened. I like seeing him with growth, but I'll love it when he actually acts on it.

Lastly, Jack is a moron. He could end up killing again for something that can just be rebuilt. WTF?

Wait, SoapNet is airing classic OLTL episodes? Fill me in!!

@realbrenda4evr, a few weeks ago the "classic" episode had Clint playing golf with Bo and Rex, and Clint/Rex were basically friendly. That was amusing. I also enjoy classic episodes versus today.

Louise, SoapNet airs 5-year-old episodes of AMC/OLTL/GH in the early hours of the morning. I want to say OLTL is 4AM?

^^ Yep. 4AM it is.

I wish the episodes were true classics, like from the 70's, 80's or 90's, heck, even the early 00's but I'll take what I can get. The GH episodes of that time period are epic compared to what GH is now.

I don't have any problem with Rama and Vimal getting killed off, because they bore me into hysterics, but I weep for my wee pocket soldier. I'm amazed Brody has lasted this long.

Also, SoapNet is FINALLY airing classic episodes, which is what we've all wanted all along? Why the hell is this the first I'm hearing about it? And why bother doing it NOW when SoapNet disappears in, what, January?

@CZ I think in that episode Clint was playing golf with Bo and DG's Kevin - was the young man with them dark haired?

I don't think JvD's Clint and Rex ever had any real scenes over the years (until Rex's current paternity) except Clint hiring Rex for the odd P.I. job. Even during the time when Clint was supposedly running Rex on a wild goose chase in New Mexico, Clint and Rex were civil to each other, supporting the fact that Rex's paternity is a rewrite.

I can't stand David - the character has become such an imbecilic joke and his constant comings & goings are annoying. All he does is wink at the audience and break the fourth wall.

I do acknowledge he has reason to hate Clint, but Clint has legitimate reason to hate David back, but Clint is the current "bad" so his reasons don't mean anything to the other characters. David's done more to Clint than just run off Kim, so I see red when David acts like he's done nothing to provoke Clint ever. David can't be greedy and manipulative and then have everyone treat him like he's an innocent, naive simpleton - that just makes everyone look as stupid as him.

It also annoys me that Viki never took David to task for running off Kim, after she saw how hurt Clint was over it (getting drunk and gunning for David), but she keeps yelling at Clint, even when he "antagonized" Rex on his death bed (after Rex barged in uninvited and started taunting Clint that he was never going to get the heart he needed to live) and Rex tried to smother him.

There was also the time David tried to extort money out of Clint for his liver to save Jessica's life - David even insisted Clint tell no one because he knew Viki wouldn't approve (and she didn't and made him give the $10 million back). When Bo overheard Clint and Dorian talking about it, he wanted to arrest David for extortion and trafficking human organs. Another thing that's changed between then and now...

And it's laughable that David & Dorian are so victimized as a couple - how many times have they married and separated of their own choice? And what Clint did to David is just as bad as what Dorian did to Charlie (kidnapping a recovering alcoholic and keeping him doused with alcohol, so that he almost died from alcohol poisoning - just to keep Charlie from talking before she could takeover BE because Clint dared to "leave her for Nora") but nothing happened to Dorian other than Charlie/Viki sending Bo to talk to her but she skipped town to St. Blaze's in a plot point to be able to hear from Alex what David was up to at that time (another return by TW). Nothing was done to her after she finally returned to town.

@Emily - wonderful post! I agree with a lot of your points re: David, Dorian, Viki, and Clint.

The tragedy of JACK is thinking of what a juicy OPPORTUNITY the role would have been for an actor who could actually ACT... & ENJOYED acting.
This Trischetta kid doesn't seem to even really want to be there (a little enthusiasm can make up for a lot of talent), & anyone who thinks he's improving is kidding themselves.

^^So true Norn Cutson! Jack is an excellent role for a talented young actor. AT is so awful and Jack is a frontburnered, legacy character. It makes absolutely no sense why this young man was cast in this role. I reason that the casting director at OLTL DOESN'T GIVE A DAMN about his/her job!

I don't care for AT, but I can see why he was cast. The tweens think he's dreamy, and it's the tweens that will likely make or break an online version.

Louise, if you keep putting up screencaps of that adorable baby I may go into sugar shock.


Oh, duh, of course it would have been Kevin. Shows how much attention I was paying... but I really do appreciate actual soaps on SoapNet. :)

AMAZING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!



I'm a bit excited, if you couldn't tell. And also it's one in the morning.

I wholeheartedly agree - David Gregory NOT SIGNING WITH PP is great news.

If only they had said bye bye to the biggest weiner on soaps sooner, Jessica might not be deadtome too.

AT is a terrible actor, but he's kinda cute being all "Aw, shucks" with Neela.

BTW, did anyone notice that Ghost Irene got a haircut? I find that extremely funny.

Yeah! I can't stand Ford and hope that OLTL fixes Ryder's paternity and make Brody the Daddy.

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