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November 16, 2011

Fortunate and Unfortunate Afterglow

The fortunate: After yesterday's nausea-fest of sex between Jess and Ford, we were not subjected to additional afterglow scenes and thankfully did not pick up that storyline today. I wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but...



The unfortunate: Blair and Tomas were basking in their own afterglow, as one would expect of a soap opera in which two very good-looking people just got it on. Although all of eight seconds later she left the room and he took a call about his plan to catch Todd, and then she came back into the room and he continued lying to her. How romantic! But apparently the sex was amazing, which tells us... nothing at all. I ask you, when has Blair Cramer not had amazing sex? Girlfriend knows what she likes and apparently has some mad skills. I admire her for this. I also admire her for managing to still hang on to her wine glass while she's making out with someone.


This seems like a skill worth developing.

Todd and Baker had some scenes that I didn't quite understand completely. Todd wants to hire Baker to... what, kill Tomas? No, he specifically said he wasn't killing Tomas. He's going to do something to "get" Tomas, so that he doesn't bust him for murdering Victor (which Todd still thinks he actually did, so they're really working overtime to make Todd completely unsympathetic and yet... nope, nope, I'm still rooting for him anyway!).

And some random reactions:

  • Cutter revealed some of his back story to Stagi, including a missing mother he doesn't know. Who will it be? I'm calling Alex Olanov as a serious possibility, and I would throw a party.*
  • Stagi and Cutter have a nice rapport and chemistry, much to my surprise. I would not mind an exploration of this, although I guess it wouldn't last since Farrah Fath will not be on the online version of OLTL and Josh Kelly will.
  • Brody shut Vimal and Rama into the office, so naturally he's the prime suspect in the arson at The Banner. That little shit Jack will be free to commit felony murder another day!
  • Upon learning of Brody being a suspect in the attempted murder of Vimal, there was a hilarious moment when John was on the phone with the cops about this and Natalie sort of swatted his arm and said, "John! If Brody would do that, we've gotta find Liam!" Because John probably needed a nudge in that direction, what with being on the phone at that very moment following up on it.


  • For some reason I am loving that a soap opera keeps giving us actual numbers for last-second plane ticket prices! In the last couple episodes we've gotten price quotes of just over $1000 and just over $2000. Finally a little reality about how it costs an outrageous amount of money to fly at the very last second!
  • Poor Brody. He actually went to help Rex and looked like he really felt for him. But he's off the rails and full-on Crazy Eyes, so anything can happen.


Oh, Brody.

*I've been reminded that a friend of mine had this Alex-as-Cutter's-mother theory a while back, so I hereby release any credit that I may have given myself for thinking of it! It was already planted in my brain before the show did it by someone much better at forecasts than I am...


I think I like "Stigi" better than "Stagi".

It's too bad that the scibes couldn't give us more of a backstory on Aubrey/Christine like they did with Cutter and Kim (although that might have something to do with Josh Kelly signing up with PP, and Terri Conn turning down the deal!), other than the fact we only got to know that the fake Aubrey's real name is Christine Karr, she worked with Cutter to scam rich men with him when she ran out of money back in Europe, and that she used to work for a party planner. There was a rumor that her mother was going to be an old OLTL character from the late 70's and early 80's named Katrina Karr, but I don't know if the current writers will still use that or not.

Spelt scribes wrong! MY BAD!!! BTW: Cutter mother is REALLY going to be Alex Olanov!!!

Ha! As soon as Cutter said "Alexandra didn't want to be" a mother, wife, whatever, the first place I went was "HIS MOM IS ALEX OLANOV!"

GP, I also wondered if Christine Carr was going to end up being Christine Karr. But they never took it anywhere so I gave it up. That would have been super cool. Any word on Judith Light coming back? I heard awhile back that she offered...

Stigi. The end.

I loved that on yesterday's ep, my local city was listed on the board. I COULD FLY DIRECT FROM CHARLOTTE TO LLANVIEW Y'ALL. That would totally be my prime vacationing spot if it was real.

At this point I can't understand why the show brought back RH if all they are going to do is make him prop Toemas.. I rooted for him after he led a gang rape of Marty and terrorized a blind Nora.. I felt ashamed and guilty but still rooted for him. And now show thinks I am going to root for the guy who delivered Todd to be tortured for 8 years and is responsible for inflicting Victor on us. And Show if you can't understand the difference between rooting for Ford and rooting for Todd then you deserved to be cancelled.

I think that Show is going out of its way to make Todd the ultimate winner here, unless RH does not sign with PP. And I think he will.

But Todd is still Todd and he does things impulsively that he regrets, although we have never seen Todd seeing Victor as he shoots him? I think that's because Todd had nothing to do with shooting Victor, who probably isn't dead. So Tomas and his single-minded quest to get Todd will most likely fail and he will lose Blair due to his lies. So, hang in there-there is plenty of more story to tell.

"I think that Show is going out of its way to make Todd the ultimate winner here, unless RH does not sign with PP. And I think he will."

Really? I keep thinking he won't and it's making me nervous that Todd's going to get the shaft in terms of OLTL wrapping up. Without PP looming in the distance I would agree with you though. What makes you think he'll sign, Marz?

Because OLTL without Todd is really not OLTL for a lot of people. Or is that just me?

I think he'll sign, because he likes playing Todd right now and he probably doesn't want yet another recast who misinterprets his idea of the character. Or is that also me?

@Judy: A rep for Judith Light said last month that she unfortunatly isn't coming back to the show to reprise her Karen Wolek character one more time! =(

I couldn't stomach today. I know I know - you guys tried to reassure me the other day that it's going back to Todd and Blair. But why did it seem like today Todd was the one who was breaking up a blissful couple? SO WRONG! And why does Blair like this guy at all? He lied to her all along and is still lying to her.

I'm with you Louise - I am still on Todd's side. Rooting for whatever plan this is. Doesn't hurt that I despise Tomas.

I actually think the show is going out of its way to make Tomas the ultimate winner. How much you want to bet Todd's lies blow up and his reunion with Blair doesn't happen? Meanwhile, Tomas's lies - swept under the rug just like they always have been. TK is signed to PP after all.

I'd say Tomas looked like the one messing up his relationship with Blair by blatantly conspiring against Todd behind her back while literally in her bed and then lying to her face the second she came back. That scene was placed there for a reason, it reminded us that he's lying to her and it reminded us of the it the very second they finished consummating their relationship. All is not what it seems.

Todd and Blair have always had a dysfunctional relationship and that will never change.

I say OLTL is hedging its bets if RH and TSJ don't sign on for PP then TK as Tomas is already a familiar figure on the show.

I'm with Louise.

Tomas is not going to be the winner. Anyone remember when Blair completely convinced herself that she loved Spencer? Blair is always deluding herself where any version of Todd is concerned. Tomas is just a more moral version of Spencer-he truly believes that Todd is the killer. That Todd being the killer serves his purpose is gravy. But I think he got into this to keep a promise to Tea. Blair is just in it because she's lying to herself that her past is not still her future. JMO.

Todd is being very much Todd and he is a winner despite himself. Always has been. But he also loses because of himself a lot as well. Tomas is not being shown as a great guy right now. And Todd IS a villain. He has a heart, but he has never been a hero and I don't think RH ever wanted him to be one. He always breaks up Blair's marriages/relationships and with guys she knew longer/cared about more than Tomas. I'm not worried. I love Todd, but he is a guy that has done a few really good things interspersed throughout a career of destruction and pain. That's who Todd Manning is. I'm just enjoying the ride here and T&B are totally being written as the root for couple and true loves. How it will all end on the last broadcast day, I can't say, but I know what I see now and it's classic Todd and classic T&B.

"Because OLTL without Todd is really not OLTL for a lot of people. Or is that just me?"

Definitely not just you! I love Todd in all his twisted glory and I can't imagine what the show would be like without him. It would also be so cruel to give us back RH and then just yank him away again. I had a hard time accepting TSJ's Todd, but I can't even imagine getting used to another one now that we've been reminded of what we've been missing for the past 8 years.

I also can't stomach the idea of watching this show wrap up with Tomas and Blair together as a set up for PP. I know that's immature, but I can't help it. I know it makes no sense for RH to come back without having Todd and Blair get back together, but the PP thing has thrown a wrench into the whole idea of there being an endgame for the couple. I hope RH will sign, but I feel like he has more options than some of the others. He's a sure bet to be brought onto one of the remaining soaps when the show goes off the air.

Ugh. I'm rambling. It's crazy how much the return of all the old characters I love has made me reinvest in this show. When the rumors first started that OLTL was going off the air, I was sad but I wasn't overly emotional about it. Now it's like I'm a kid again and the show has eaten my brain. Sorry about that. Fingers crossed all will be well and we'll hear about him signing soon.

Don't forget that there's a reason Roger Howarth has only been on NYC soaps. And when OLTL goes online, it's still the only NYC soap.

There's reason to hope.

I admit to being a little shocked at how UNSEXY Tomas and Blair were. They were almost repulsive.

@guilty pleasure - where did the show say that Aubrey/Christine's last name was Carr? I saw that on boards, but never caught it on the show itself. In re-watching the episode shown on Thanksgiving, with the scene in the Minuteman where I thought they first said her name, there was no last name.

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