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November 15, 2011

Head Exploded, Brain Matter Everywhere

Oh...my god.

Luke: Well, I'm sorry you pulled me in the family lottery, but believe me, I'm not so thrilled about it either, because kids and cars are not my favorite combination.

Really, General Hospital? It was necessary for you to go there? For you to reduce the death of a four-year-old to a throwaway quip by the ever-downward-spiraling (times of rage are no times for things like "grammar" and "actual, English words"!) dickwad who killed him? That was written and performed and filmed and edited and at no point did anybody think to themselves, "Holy shit, we are a broken people"?

I want to set this show on fire.


I missed this line. Wow. I think I was too angry at Sonny being his usual self-centered, disgusting piece of orange poop to catch it. I'm glad I missed it. Wow.

I honestly believe that they're trying to get the viewers to a point where we'll all be grateful for the inevitable news that GH has been cancelled.

They just set this show on fire themselves. I cannot imagine how ANYONE could write or repeat that line without knowing it would be offensive beyond belief. Luke is just lost to me....this whole show is really. The cancelling will be a blessed relief.
TG used to be one of my favorite actors and Luke, one of the best characters, who had nuance, layers, was conflicted and you just wanted to see him rise above his past and be happy. He became heroic, and a devoted husband and father....now to see this drunken self pitying shell is really sad....goodbye GH.

Ok, I'm done. I was mostly done anyway, checking in to see what certain characters were up to but that's over.

I can't....just....ahhhh....ragey rage.

GH is a goner no matter how you look at it.

Luke Spencer is a waste of space. AG should just run off and retire once JJ leaves the show.

When OLTL leaves the air, I'm going to stop watching GH, too. I grew up watching during the "Love In the Afternoon" era of the late 70s and early 80s. It was so much fun! Now all anyone does is talk, talk, talk about everything that's keeping them from being happy (themselves). Luke is a selfish prick. His children depress me. The whole show is a big downer. I was furious that Jason and Sam's ended with a sexual assault (or did it? has she gone to the hospital to get checked out yet?). The new pediatrician is clearly a sociopath. Etc. Etc. Etc. Stone-cold bummer, this show.

Yeah. I mean, there are some things you can get away with making politically incorrect jokes about. The death of a child (THAT YOU KILLED LUKE) is not one of them.

Done. I knew I was done with the promo for this week's shows, so this all of the recap I need. GH clearly hates it's shrinking number of viewers.

Wow. If I was TG, I would have refused to say that line. That is beyond classless. With his clout he could have elevated it to something approaching sensitivity. I kind of think if he never works again when this show goes down, that would be poetic justice.

I honestly don't know why this old joker is still on the show. He comes, he goes, his storylines are just WTF and his delivery of his dialog is always done with such a smug undertone of self-servicing that just makes me want to smack him. He comes and goes at will, and one only has to look at the ratings to know that when he is there... there's still no difference. Whatever fans he has (does he still have any?) are either watching while he's gone too or they have simply faded away.

Die, GH, die.

I stopped watching this piece of crap when they brought back Franco and Lisa (the latter the show killed off, THANK GOD!!!!), and when Genie Francis made known in that interview with Michael Fairman last week that she wasn't coming back to the show because TIIC at GH and ABC won't give her a contract to the show, and she joined the cast of Y&R instead!

I cannot believe what they have done to the character of Luke and the history of Luke and Laura and the Spencer Family. I know Luke and Laura are a couple you either loved or hated, but you have to admit that the show has rewritten a lot of their history and taken the character of Luke backward.

The show as a whole doesn't seem to believe in growth of any kind. They just like to destroy things and take characters as low as they can for the hell of it, apparently.

See when I saw the whole entire scene I took that in a different context. To me it came off like Luke hasn't driven in a while because that last scene of him getting ready to crank the car, it looked like he was nervous to drive the car since he took a deep breath before cranking the car. I didn't take it as he meant it as a joke.

That aside, one word for this whole entire eppy: contrived.

Everything Spencer or related to Spencer was contrived because we all know when this Aiden is sick storyline is over the following will never happen again:

1. Lulu will never babysit these kids again since it took her a year just to lay eyes on Aiden but we are now supposed to believe that she's so "I'm Auntie Lulu"

2. Luke will never have anything else to do with his grandson considering that for a few months after Jake was born when everyone thought Jake was Lucky's...he didn't bother to get to know Jake at all. So its not even remotely believable that he now wants to get to know Aiden as his grandson.

sidenote: this does Luke no favors because it makes him look like if you're not blood then you're not family and should never be considered as family what with him not acknowledging at all Cam and Jake were his grandsons.

3. We will never again hear that Cameron needs an inhaler. When did Cameron get asthma you ask? When they decided to create this contrived Luke redemption storyline.

4. The Spencers will never care as much about Elizabeth's children as they are showing them to care about them now. Only for this storyline will they be shown to act like they care about any of her children to the point where they want to spend time with them.

Now on to what set my teeth on edge. It was contrived but for the Wyndamere storyline and not the Aiden/sickness storyline but it involves one of Luke's kids. When Ethan walked up in Elizabeth's hospital room and talked to her like just a few weeks ago we didn't witness him basically calling her a slut and a disease and they wrote Elizabeth being nice to him. I just wanted to throw someting at my screen because that was so ridiculous to act like we didn't watch him bash her three times: first to her face, second to Luke, third to Lulu. And GH turned around and wrote that scene where Ethan and Elizabeth was on good terms with each other, joking just to push Ethan's fascination with Wyndamere by Elizabeth mentioning her Mr. Abs. Like they could have done a better job of Ethan finding out about Mr. Abs without acting like Elizabeth was alright with him.

This is another reason I'm happy JJ is gone. Because with JJ gone, he takes Lucky with him and I'm hoping they don't recast because hopefully once he's gone Elizabeth will not be involved with the Spencer family and they won't use her or her children to push Spencer storylines anymore.

I deleted yesterday's episode without even watching the first few scenes due to time constraints, and now I think I shall join those of you who have removed it from their DVR to-do lists. Sad to think that in January my thirty-plus years of soap watching will be over. And at one time or another I have watched everything that has been on the air in that time except the now-cancelled CBS soaps, Passions and Sunset Beach.

So while the quote itself did (as usual) make me ragey, I still laughed out loud at this post, perfectly summed up by "I want to set this show on fire". I love this site, and I love your wit, Mallory. You put so eloquently what we're thinking. "We are a broken people". ha! You are classic!!!

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