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November 29, 2011

I'm So Sorry That You're Sorry!

When we last left the good people of Port Charles (sarcasm, obviously) (the "good" was intended to be sarcastic, but the "people" part could be considered snarky as well since I'm reasonably sure that, based on on facial expressions and vocal inflections, there are numerous cyborgs/robots/pieces of wood carved to look like humans residing in town), the writers treated us to a few cliffhangers filled with DRAMA and also, HATRED: Jason, after simmering with rage for the better part of an hour, threw a tantrum and a table festooned with a holiday smorgasbord. Kate urged Sonny to face his Deke demons--I don't know if you've picked up on this, but Sonny had a traumatic childhood. He doesn't like to talk about it, though and the writers follow suit, treating it with their usual subtlety and by that, I mean that they may as well have captions under Sonny that say "TORTURED SOUL" and "CLAUSTROPHOBIC" and "SAD FACE :'("--and they stared at the brownstone, nuzzling cheeks. Lulu continued her descent into alcoholism by finishing a glass of wine (Have mercy!) and making conversation with a turkey while Dante collapsed in an alley.

Did you spend the weekend eagerly wondering what came next? No, of course you didn't. But maybe, at 2:58, you thought to yourselves, "Oh, right. I wonder what's going to happen with that...?"

Nothing will happen with that. Nothing. Those stories are so yesterday, you guys, and instead of leading to any real drama, they just led to a recap-heavy episode where we saw Sam and Jason talking about his tantrum (don't worry, guys--Michael is okay! Because that's what had me worried! Not the image of Edward bursting into sad old man tears. No, Michael!), and Sonny and Kate screaming at each other and talking about having sex, which I thought they did not have, in a deli, and Dante and Lulu talking about how Dante collapsed in an alley after she brought him back to their loft. Not the hospital--their loft. What the what? Plus, we got some tantalizing glimpses of the Scorpio-Drake Thanksgiving and it was adorable, albeit adorably off-camera. Did the show skip an episode, or does the show just not care?

And while I am asking questions with obvious answers, have you ever seen anything like the show's treatment of Sam's assault? No, you have not. This story is not about Sam; Kelly Monaco has been giving it her all, but she's a supporting player in her own drama. What really matters is Jason and how HE'S coping.

Sam: I'm sorry.
Jason: For what?
Sam: For pushing you to spend Thanksgiving with your family.

Sam: You have to stop blaming yourself.

Sam: I've never seen you like this.

Jason: I'm angry! That's just it. I'm mad. It's got nothing to do with the surgery. I'm sorry. What I have to deal with is nothing compared to what you went through.
Sam: That's not true.

Maybe it's a good thing that General Hospital doesn't see much screentime, because I can just imagine scenes where cancer patients visit Jason to make sure that he's doing okay.


--LMFAO, but don't think twice about it, or they will hear you!! They have a sixth sense when it comes to "the worst possible thing you can ever film."

I keep asking myself if I will care when they cancel this. This obsession with Sonny & Jason as the centers of the universe obviously doesn't delver ratings, so what gives? Is Frons THAT attached?
It is so sickening that there's all this angst about a rape that likely did not happen, and that the rapee has no memory about? Are we supposed to feel sad for Sam? Excuse Jason's increasingly even stupider behavior?
Does anyone with half a brain at ABC watch this crap?

Well, I had a good chuckle over the re-re-written history that Kate/Sonny had sex in a DELI TRUCK!!! How and why on earth would that ever happen? And when Kate said she still had a 'visceral' reaction to cold cuts and smelled like pastrami for weeks, I got my best laugh out of GH in months. This dialogue writes its own jokes.....
I mean, when you are making up history as you go you have some creative license to make it plausible and actually sound romantic/sexy/not involving deli meat. Couldn't they have just made up a story about Skate having sex in the back of Sonny's Camaro or something?

Pretty sure this is how Michael reacted when Jason turned the turkey over:

Everybody else: we gotta clean the turkey up! Pick it up!

Michael: No, the turkey's fine! We'll clean it up later! Gotta make sure no one sees it and blames Jason!

I wondered the same thing about missing an episode! I actually went back and grabbed the last one off my Tivo and forwarded through it, thinking I'd somehow not watched the whole thing.

Wait a minute. Are you trying to tell me that Sonny Corinthos had a BAD CHILDHOOD???? And that he was ABUSED and locked in a closet by his evil stepfather????


Seriously, writers. If you're going to suck, then at least make it entertaining. I mean, WHO has sex in the back of a deli truck? Who even hangs out in the back of a deli truck? And is there even such thing as a deli truck?

It's times like these you really do realize that the tanking of GH is intentional. When you make two characters - Sonny and Jason - the center of EVERYTHING episode after episode, to the detriment of the show as a whole, when you see viewers erode year after year as you focus on these characters and you try NOTHING new, when your show becomes a joke - literally - because these characters are so unrealistic and in many cases, unlikable - and your answer to this year after year is to double down and feature them more, make every one's else's continued existence revolve around them? They can't be going for anything else other than cancellation. ABC and Frons reached their goal.

Oh good, I'm not the only one who thought they missed a show! I'm still trying to figure out what exactly was the trigger for Jason's table flipping. Was it the ever present rendition of "We Gather Together?"

it is so awful. I can't watch it anymore... Good job ABC you have finally chased away all your daytime viewers.

GH has been about the "men" for a very long time.

Liz's rape was all about Lucky and Luke.

Sam's dead baby was all about Sonny and Jason.

Jake dying was all about Luke, Lucky and Jason while the woman that raised the boy was no where to be found.

Sam's rape is about Jason's pain.

Jake being hurt at the carnival was all about Jason's walk of pain (lol).

Aiden's recent bruises were about trying to redeem drunk off his butt Luke which was an epic fail IMO while Liz still has no idea that it was Luke that drove the boy to the hospital.

Oh no! I must be chastised. I stubbed my toe the other day but did not stop to see how my husband was handling it. I'm not a proper wife.

Dang but I hate GH.

GH is painful to watch which is why I no longer watch it. After reading this, I can see I'm not missing a thing.

"Have you ever seen anything like the show's treatment of Sam's assault?"

Yes I have.

Remember Jake's death?
Was it about Jake?
Liz and Lucky?
No the people who raised him were supporting players while the show focused on Jason and how he was coping.

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