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November 17, 2011

Llanview Forever!

One Life to Live films its final episode at ABC Studios tomorrow, and it's a good thing I have plans all day and night because you otherwise might be seeing my name in the papers tomorrow with a headline like, "Strange Weepy Hysterical Lunatic Woman in Blue Shirt Hurls Self Through Window of UWS Television Studio" (I'm just assuming I'll be wearing blue, I wear a lot of blue, you guys). So that on top of stupid mean rumors today about maybe OLTL not going online after all (rumors, not confirmed right now so I'm not treating it real-like yet) just leaves me utterly unable to mock or speak critically about this show right now because shit, y'all, I love this damn show and I have for more than a quarter century. So take that disclaimer and understand why I just don't have the energy today to complain about how gross Ford is or how they're deliberately trying to hurt me by delaying the clearly necessary Todd and Blair reunion. 

So let's just talk about what was just great about our beloved show today.

  •  Shane went to sleepaway camp in November.
  • Alex Olanov is back in our worlds. And she's totally Cutter's mom.


  • Roxy exists. I couldn't love her more. Since always. (Remember when we all thought Morris was a beaver? Huh.) (Oh. If you follow that link, I warn you that there will be wistfulness on the other end.)
  • Roxy and Nigel finally got some closure on their "relationship." (Oh, I wish she could also get some closure with ex-husband Max!)


  • Nigel and Clint exist.
  • Ryder made an appearance. I know their little twins playing Liam are their goldmine, but it was nice to see Ryder!



  • Roxy (of course) noticed that Jessica was doing the Walk of Shame, by turning up in the same outfit she'd been wearing the night before. I don't remember Roxy having seen Jessica the night before, but the night before aired in, like, August, so it's all good.
  • A bone to pick with Viki, who still has my heart: Brody didn't know that John was Liam's father "all along." Not even close. But she more than made up for that error today with all her loving family time.
  • Clint and Shane bonded a little. Finally! I knew these two would be great together. (And it included fond discussion of their mutual knowledge of Nat's temper!)
  • Pretty much every single character who spoke of Brody today actually managed to muster up some compassion for his situation.
  • I do not care for Destiny being pregnant, but Shaun is going to her Lamaze classes with her. ADORABLE. And Shaun refers to the baby as "Little Little D."
  • John, for once, didn't send Natalie home to go be a woman while he runs off to do manly things like find children!

It was a pretty lovely episode. And particular kudos to Melissa Salmons, who was today's scriptwriter and gave us tons of great dialogue (both moving and hilarious). I'd sit here and quote a bunch of it, but it would take all night. What were some of your favorites?

I'll start it off with: 

Nigel: Alas, my nun-chucks weren't handy.

Clint: Nigel, you're a member of the family. And the sooner you start thinking about that, the better. We let you carry a tray around just to humor you.

Roxy: (about Nat) I think she's a leader. She likes to be in charge. I think she gets that from you, Vik.
Viki: Well, I'll tell ya. She gets her resilience from you. 
Roxy: Yeah.
Viki: Her ability to bounce back. Whatever it takes, you know.
Roxy: So between the two of us, I think we made a good kid.
Viki: Yeah, Roxy, we did.

Alex: (to Gigi, about Cutter) Your boyfriend is as polite as you are.
Gigi: He's not my boyfriend.
Alex: Well, he's very good-looking. You might want to rethink that. 

Shane: (after Clint refers to him as a Buchanan) I'm a Morasco.
Clint: (touching his heart) So am I. But we're both Buchanans, too. 

Cutter: (about Alex) Oh my God. That woman, she's my Mom.

What were your favorites today?


Seriously, Louise, just reading "Clint: (touching his heart)" gets me weepy all over again. Must you do that to me?

Great post, Louise.

Tiny correction: it was drummer camp that Shane went to, I believe.

And I believe OLTL will make it after all ( MTM reference).

OLTL is taping their final episode under the ABC umbrella and it saddens my heart. I vaguely remember as a kid watching Viki go next door to the Craig cottage, and of course fond memories of Ed Hall and Carla Grey.

Today's OLTL was fantastic on so many levels. It was nice to see Alex! Alex as Cutter's mother makes me wonder about his father?

Yeah, I just closed my eyes when I saw Jessica with that sleaze bucket.

Until I heard the words Prospect Park together, I assumed the last scene of OLTL would be a double wedding between Cliki and Cord/Tina in Viki's mansion. As glad as I was that the latter couple got married, with the possibility of PP not coming through, I feel cheated out of my Cliki wedding.

I've always thought anything JvD does is magic. Those looks that Viki gives Clint when he does something she approves of just makes me melt.

Seeing as how this is another PTSD episode from Brody (which pisses me off because 1) it doesn't really meet the criteria and 2) kidnapping Liam is OOC for Brody considering how his character has grown since he came on), he can't be blamed for it, right?? I mean, Jessica gets away with horrible shit all the time because of her mental illness. Why can't Brody?? But, alas, I imagine we'll get to see a few St. Anne's scenes before he's rarely ever seen again.

Ah, Louise, you said it all so well! Today was a beauty. So maybe it didn't have all my favorites in it, and a few I dislike, but OLTL is a treasure and I appreciate every minute of it. (Ford excluded.)

I think my favorite of today is that Brody is not being rewritten as a horrible man. People are angry, but they are also remembering that the man has had a tough road, even before Llanview. And that he's tried, more than not, to be a standup guy. I'm so happy that nobody is acting like he might hurt the baby. His love for the child is something everyone agrees on.

There are rumors flying out there, once again, about OLTL's future being tentative with PP. They make me so tired. I just want to enjoy this show for as long as we can.

I can't wait to see what transpires with Alex Olanov back in the picture!

Cutter told us yesterday who his father was and that he committed suicide and Cutter found him. So, Alex has a lot to answer for with Cutter. I am really looking forward to those confrontation scenes-and why she left her kids and her husband.

I really love this show. It's written with so much attention to the characters and so much concern for the audience.

@marz: Actually, it was a music camp that Shane went to out of town!

You picked most of the lines that made me tear up today. I think this show is making us all a little sappy lately. Sigh. I sure hope these PP rumours turn out to be wrong.

So excited for Alex's return!

If this show is going out at least it's going out with a bang and not like a whimpering lame dog.

I dunno, Louise, I kinda think OLTL is gearing up to put Nigel and Roxy back together.

Loooved Roxy with Viki. Love all the Roxy we have been getting period. If only she would name drop her bestie Kyle, I could die happy. Maybe after the Stigi story is over...

Speaking of, Cutter and Stigi actually have some nice chemistry. Farah Fath is much less annoying with him than with JPL. Very anxious to see Cutter confront Alex tomorrow. I hope she asks about my girl Kim!

It's so hard to watch this show. I mean it's good, but I've grown up with this show and it's been on air a year longer than I've been alive. So I've always had Viki, Dorian and the Buchanans in my life (where is Dorian, dammit? And fricking Kevin?).

It's very sad for me that this show is leaving us. *sigh* But I am loving the scenes we're getting.

My fav scene today.....Roxy and Viki on the stairs and the dialogue you quoted, Louise. Really got to me.

My favorite scenes were Viki and Clint with baby Ryder and Viki and Roxy on the stairs like Brian (above). I also liked Shaun, but not Destiny's acting. Some people have natural acting ability and charisma and some do not. So sad today is their last day taping ever.

"Alex Olanov is back in our worlds. And she's totally Cutter's mom."

I can't believe I didn't see that coming when Cutter was talking about his mom the other day. (It helps that I only watch once every couple of weeks lately) Way to get me to care about that character beyond his looks, show! The only thing that could have made me more interested in Cutter would be if he and Brody suddenly declared their love for each other. With tongues.

And Jesus Christ, Kim and Alex confronting each other. Maybe they'll end up as cell mates.

For a bit of joy, please take a look at the picture of Tonja Walker from the credits on the Alex Olanov wikipedia page. Oh that hair!

I loved Cord's proposal to Tina and her vows, Too damn cute.

Another favorite thing: VIKI had her hair blown out in between her upstairs & downstairs scenes!

In addition to all dialogue you cited, I also loved this:

Roxy: Would you like to tell me where Rex is 'cause he got off the phone with me in a real hurry...
Faux Aubrey: Rex went to Rio.
Roxy: Nevada?

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