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November 14, 2011

Paging Andrew Carpenter

I don't know about you guys, but I was half-hoping Andrew Carpenter would come back to officiate every wedding One Life to Live has until its final ABC air date (because we have to assume this won't be the last wedding of the home stretch, right?), so I'm a little bummed right now. There's still time, right? (Here's something I keep reminding myself of when I get sad or when I get anxious about how time is being used: OLTL still has more episodes left than there were in the final three seasons of Friday Night Lights. And do you know what helps you get through life? Using FNL as the normative something-or-other to compare everything to, especially if you can work Tim Riggins into the simile somehow. I find conjuring up a mental image of Tim Riggins can help me through almost any situation.) (Well, any first-world situation.)

They tried to torture me with all the cuteness again today, with the little baby talking to the little dog in voices provided by Michael Easton and Andrea Evans, which really is a ridiculously adorable conceit. I know some people thought it was way too silly last time, but honestly if I had a choice between Stagi's misadventures, Fords At The Gym, or a baby and a dog voiced by major soap actors, I'm picking the baby and the dog every time.



If I could get a serious guarantee that they'd be as well-behaved as these two, I'd totally go to the store and buy a baby and a dog tomorrow afternoon. (My own dog is illiterate, so these words cannot hurt her. She's cuter than both of those wee ones put together, but as for behavior? Not so much.)

Oh, and wardrobe didn't get my memo.


Does Jessica have a day job as a steel worker we don't know about? Oh, that Jess. She's a maniac. (Oops, did I accidentally cut someone out of that screencap? Oopsie! TOTAL ACCIDENT.) (We're not going to talk about that character's scenes in this episode. I can't keep my lunch down while typing about it.)

So, can we revisit how awesome Tina is again? She was so cute today wrangling the dog and talking to the munchkin.


I'll give credit where credit is due and I love watching people learn from their mistakes. Tina's last return was such an unmitigated disaster and such a dishonor to the character (and the actress) and this return has really been full of classic Tina and really letting her have real agency and a huge heart! TODAY WAS THE BIG DAY, Y'ALL. The truth came out, the wedding got interrupted, Natalie found out John really is Liam's father, and Brody got exposed, all in one fell swoop. Because of Tina. I might have gotten a little choked up by that. After all this dragging on for months and months and months, Tina found that effing piece of paper and what did she do? Did she wait four months or four episodes or four hours? No! She marched that piece of paper down to the church and made shit happen right away. And in vintage Tina fashion! She busted up that wedding, breathily asking, "Am I too late?" and even Cord acknowledged that callback. 


I know! Cord, she's incorrigible! Don't you love her? (Yes, he does. He does!)

And this time instead of carrying a little baby in her arms, she was carrying her pup:


Bless that woman's heart. For this version and that version

Anyway, so Natalie dumped Brody at the altar for his lies (as we knew she would since she's not into him to begin with and this is more a liberation than a betrayal for her), and I would say that I thought it was a little too quick and easy that Natalie immediately knew that Brody had known the truth for a long time, when he pretty easily could have pretended it was news to him and she would've looked pretty bad dumping him just because he doesn't share DNA with her son, but you know what? It happened like this and that means IT'S OVER, y'all! The truth is out! Sweet mercy, the truth is out! It's finally over! I mean, it's not over, I guess Natalie still has to go declare love and paternity to John at the airport and Brody still has to live out his Crazy Eyes in some manner, but at least it's all finally in motion. Thanks in no part to Brody, Ford, or Jessica, but entirely thanks to Tina!!

And I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by Natalie's reaction. Brody pointed out that she'd lied to John about paternity as well (he didn't mention that she'd lied to him too, which was decent of him not to be too nanny-nanny-boo-boo about it) and she told him she thought they'd all learned from that. I mean, I'm not new so I'm aware we've hardly seen the last time Natalie gets stuck in a lie that never ends, but I was afraid she'd call him names and get super self-righteous about it in a way that wouldn't make sense considering what she'd done -- but she just really laid it out pretty matter-of-factly without lambasting him as a horrible person or anything. Sure, easy to do when you're actually relieved not to "have" to marry the guy, but it was still way better than I'd thought it would be. Especially in the face of the Crazy Eyes.



Have I mentioned: It's over, it's over, the truth is finally out!

I'm going to go throw a mini-party to celebrate all this with my non-mutt not-very-well-behaved doggie.


I was always a Matt Saracen girl myself.

As happy as I am that the truth is out, I'm sort of disappointed with the show. I knew Brody was going to go to Crazytown for weeks but I was really hoping I would be wrong. Everyone's always being written as going crazy. And as much as I have been loving John lately, there's no way I can be convinced that John always had a connection with Liam - such a connection that it warranted a special goodbye scene.

And don't get me started on the Tomas/Blair yucky necklace-grabbing sex that happened last week! Louise, you didn't comment on it but I sure have to. Jigga what? When did Blair fall in love with the guy who abducted Todd? RC barely wrote for these two and suddenly I'm supposed to believe Blair loves Tomas more than Todd? Then they got a passionless love scene which convinced me of the opposite.

The only things I look forward to lately are Tina/Cord because I can be assured that RC won't ruin their reunion and Viki/Clint because they're still in the adorable stages.

Wasn't it just precious the way Jessica apologized to Fudd today, for involving him in her family antics? And how she went on to praise him for being her only real friend? I was touched, I tell you - touched. Touched all the way to the pit of my stomach, which I think is what caused the dry heaves.

Nothing like praising the wretch who sexually abused you numerous times, and tried to break your sanity numerous times. And who can't love a guy who beats up and strips a blind, elderly nun? Yeah, he's a prince.

And how could the ol' meanie Brody have questioned Jessica's sanity? Even though, based on what she had to say to Fudd, the woman is a complete raving lunatic. And then they kissed.....

UGH TO THE FUDD. I really despise that character, and Jessica is deadtome right now also.

Brody could make a great case that his life has been utterly ruined since he came to Llanview. First, Gigi, then the Buchanan twins. The guy should have two broken legs considering how many times the rug has been pulled out from under him. He may not realize it now, but he just escaped with his life now that Gnat has thrown him over.

I know this was supposed to be high drama, with the paternity reveal, the Brody under the bus storyline, and Gigi and Cutter cluttering up the airport.

Sure didn't work for me. Not even Tina or Princess David Vickers could save this dog of an episode.

The problem with thinking of Friday Night Lights is that it makes me think of FNL's wonderful Michael B. Jordan, aka Reggie on All My Children, which just takes me back to the sad place.

I love that big-eyed baby Liam, though!

LB, I honestly think Blair is using Tomas to convince herself that she's over Todd & moved on. Foolish, foolish woman.

Yeah, I haven't ranted about the Blair and Tomas stuff because it works for me -- this is classic Blair, in denial. We know her true feelings. I'm not worried and I'm looking forward! Of course the delay is killing me, but I'm still not worried.

For me, Ford is never going to be more important than how awesome Tina is. So I had a good time if I just steeled myself and went a little zen through certain scenes -- it makes viewing the show a lot more fun for me...

I agree, Louise, T&B are being classic T&B right now.

The Ford stuff was literally nauseating. It's especially rage inducing because they are finally writing Jessica better but they've isolated her from her family and gotten rid of her friends so Ford's stuck to her like a flesh eating bacteria and I want to scream.

The wedding/paternity thing ended with more a whimper than a bang but I was just glad to have it be out there. Finally.

Tina and Cord are always fabulous. Always.

How in the world can Brody lose out over Ford and McBain? On what planet would any woman want a man that abused her sexually, emotionally and physically and another man that dumped his fiancee and her kid faster than you can say,"Kelly, get undress and let's have hot sex all over my bar"! Ugh. McBain is a tool and Ford is a fool.

You people be straight tripping. This was FIYAH! I mean, seriously, this was 100% Grade A USDA soap right here. Ford who? Stigi what? (Actually, I continue to find Stigi and Cutter curiously charming, but whatever.) A wedding interrupted! A truth revealed (at last)! CRAZY EYES! I love this show.

As for Blair and Todd, they're playing out their relationship perfectly. This is what they DO! Todd can't express his feelings, and acts like a jackass, and Blair tries to move on with another guy, and Todd will inevitably come up with some cockamamy plaaaaaan to get rid of the guy and get Blair to himself, and... well, you know how it goes. Also, Blair and Tomas have been dancing around one another for, what, a year? It's taken them a year to have sex! That's a soap opera record these days!

Fine fine fine. You guys are probably right. This is how they do. But did I have to watch that gross love scene in the meantime? I'm sorry - TK is normally a very sexy man and KDP - well I hope I look like her at half her age. But that was not a good love scene, IMHO.

I will sit patiently though...since you guys are being so reassuring.

Yeah, Tomas had better hit the gym before he shows up over at PP.

Now I feel all kinds of pressure, LB! *LOL*

Tine: "Am I too late?"
And then the look on Cord's face. And then Viki.
Brava, Tina!

I am just going co-sign everything Louise wrote and commented on. I appreciate the focus in the positive and yesterday's wedding played out very well. I was most happy the truth about the paternity came out, happier that Brody did not look completely ruined and observers looked at him with pity versus anger, and happiest for Tina Lord Clayton Roberts! Andrea Evans is daytime's MVP right now and saves OLTL from being unwatchable. Thank the Lord for Tina!

It was a great episode. My favorite in forever. Mark Lawson, Melissa Archer, Michael Easton, the baby, the dog, and Tina were all great. I also loved that major charcters were with Natalie and Brody when it all came out. It heightened the excitement.

Louise, what kind of doggie do you have? Pics?

I should add that I miss Andrew and Cassie Carpenter so much! I SO hope that they make an appearance before the end of the show's televised run. Without Dorian, I am not tat confident though :-(

In other casting news I picked up from daytimeconfidential, I learned that John Wesley Shipp will be returning as Eddie Ford. Hopefully, he will return in a flashback that absolves Matthew of murder. Also, Ty Treadway (Colin/Troy) and Meghann Fahy (Hannah). My question: Why? Kassie DePaiva reported that her husband, James DePaiva was not asked back. That saddened me because I love Max Holden. I assumed his return was a given because all of his former love interests are currently on the canvas or returning before the end (Blair, Tina, Luna, Gabrielle and Megan) and he is married to Kassie DePaiva! So sad.

It's okay, Bourgeois Nerd! I won't hold you to it!

Im still really sad the show destroyed a perfectly good character like Brody to do this never ending storyline which I'm glad the truth is FINALLY out, and I hate that they destroyed Brody/Jess to push Jess and Ford???? I mean, seriously????

Thank God the truth is finally out there. It's about damn time!!!

I have to agree with everyone else in WHY IN THE HELL DID WE NEED TO DESTROY BRODY?!?!?!? He was always a good guy who just wanted a family. There was no need to go there with him. NONE.

You'd think they'd give Brody, a supposed Veteran, a better ending than this. Ford deserves Jess and a baby, but Brody doesn't???? This sucks big time, but I'm glad this sl is over, too. It dragged on way too long for my liking.

I decided to take Louise's advice and just skip every single disgusting Ford scene and concentrate on Tina and Cord. And, it worked.
In the middle of dreck, we got to see some wonderful moments with these stupendous characters. And to make it even better, Tina and Cord shared those scenes with Vicki and Clint, Bo and Nora, and Roxie. They're all solid gold.

I can't stand to watch Brody's destruction - and Gnat's sanctimonious fury with him might have worked if she wasn't one of the biggest and most consistent liars in the history of Llanview. It's still not too late to undo her paternity and put her out with the trash as she belongs.
And I only hope that with Rex finally seeing Gigi, that means that we'll be seeing them exit Llanview sooner rather than later.

The show has such gold, and it was on display today with the Tina and Cord storyline. And then, there's the dreck, which is easily solved by the use of the FF button.

I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I've always thought Brody was a jerk. I mean seriously, who bangs their mentally ill girlfriend's sister just 'cause he's got a case of the sads over her alters taking over?

There's just no excuse for that kind of bullshit behavior.

^^ Yep, Ron said it all.

Missing Andrew Carpenter officiating Tina and cord's nuptials but at least with got the actor who played Seth on As The World Turns! I racked my brain for the last two days to figure out why he looked so familiar!

"I know I'm in the minority on this one, but I've always thought Brody was a jerk. I mean seriously, who bangs their mentally ill girlfriend's sister just 'cause he's got a case of the sads over her alters taking over?" If ever there was a paragraph that could only be written about soaps, this is it! Heh.

Anyway, sadly IMHO, I don't think you're so in the minority, Dirk. Brody isn't terribly popular in a lot of corners of the Internet. I love my Pocket SEAL!

Dirk, in fairness, Brody didn't do that till after Tess had cut off his manhood for the fifth or sixth time. Or wait, do you mean the first time he banged Nat? I never found that very believable, even if they were stupid drunk.

But with Liam and Nat around all the time while Jess was out being Tess...well, it's not like people who have a kid aren't ever brought together by them. I hated the s/l myself, felt jarred by Brody doing a complete 180 in one day when he fell for Nat two minutes after giving up on Jess. It was much more believable to me with the odd kiss here and there. But I never saw him as a jerk. Besides, Jess was supposed to have learned how to cope by that point, it's not like finding out her sister had her fiancee's baby is the worst thing that ever happened to her. The whole s/l sucked and I'm glad it's finally OVER!

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