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November 13, 2011

Second Verse, Same As The First (Depressing and Off Key)

The most galling thing--I know that there are many galling, offensive and downright depressing things to choose from and ranking them would be an arduous process, since there are so many things to choose from ("Well, Sam's sexual violation really hits the trifecta: ambiguous rape PLUS violence against a tiny woman PLUS a probable Who's The Daddy? story, but I can make a compelling case for Luke Spencer: Portrait of the Artist As a Sickening Shell of His Former Self. Also, Spinelli...", but I think we can all agree that THIS is the MOST galling thing about the current state of General Hospital: somewhere, Bob Guza has a smug smile on his face remembering the universal glee that his firing brought to the world.

"Yeah, I remember. You heard Bobby was out and it was all 'Now there will be romance! And Laura! And Quartermaines! And a hospital!' How'd that work out? Because from where I'm sitting--which is in a very expensive chair--I'm seeing some raping, killing and grimness. How do you like them apples? People still say that, right?"

That bastard and his rightness.

Franco's latest quest to destroy Jason (Sam, as she has been for most of her time in Port Charles, is mere collateral damage) is like a Frankenstory, with grotesque pieces of prior stories cobbled together. Sam being terrorized by one of the many villains to sweep through Port Charles happens so often that it barely requires comment at this point; it's just such a given, you know, that something horrible will happen to her, because horrible things always happen (she's been blown up, shot in the uterus, kidnapped). The ambiguity of what happened to Sam is not only disturbing but a rehash of the months that the show danced around Michael's rape with a sly smile and a "We'll never tell!", which...there is a special place in soap hell reserved for those who are both gravely upsetting and blatantly unoriginal. I feel like I am having a Helen Lovejoy moment here but REALLY, there are some stories that, if they must be told, should be told without gimmickry and RAPE ("Did it happen...or didn't it?") and THE DEATH OF A CHILD ("Jake's dead! Whodunit? Stay tuned to find out!) are such stories. Why, Garin? Why must you gimmick?

And why must you relentlessly and lazily continue to rip off the works of your predecessor? On, like, every level? What about the curious case of Dr. Lisa Niles struck you as so impressive and thought-provoking that you're planning to do your own version with Maggie?! A former flame of a GH doctor comes to town nursing a crush and is blatantly unstable?

I mean, I'm just making assumptions at this point, but nothing about this woman came across as anything approaching sane. I look forward to two years of her harassing Steve and Olivia and wreaking complete havoc on Port Charles. Just kidding, General Hospital won't be around in two years.


I'll be honest, when I first heard about the pediatrician joining and saw the picture I thought that it would be cool if she ended up being Georgie Jones. We find out that all those years ago Ryan faked his death and ran off with the real Georgie while leaving another child to be found and raised as her. Now Georgie is back to start to terroize Port Charles as she's been raised to do... but slowly she begins to realize that these people aren't the monsters she was told they were. And then there's the big soapy reveal when Maxie and Mac find out Georgie is alive, even if she's not the person they spent years thinking was Georgie.

But this is the problem with GH. Whatever fanfic type story you come up with in your head will be better than what is on screen. This is the show that just had a whole long and really boring story of Lucky going to Ireland only for Ireland to tell him to go back home. Cool move show. Way to move the story along. Can we see more of Ethan carting around a painting. Because that is also exciting.

And the rape thing... it is just so gross. General Hospital is famous for being the show with the great rapemance. People who know nothing about soaps know tht Luke raped Laura. But I felt like GH sort of redeemed itself with how well it handled Liz's rape and the parallel story of Lucky finding out about L&L. But now with the Franco thing. Ick. General Hospital- when we aren't being boring we are being gross.

Mallory, now I'm even more depressed! I was already so bummed that Wolf hasn't improved the show at all yet, but I hadn't even allowed my brain to imagine how freaking satisfying that must be for Guza in his fancy chair. No fair!

I mean, this was the guy who was supposed to write so well for women? Yay, a rape that turns into a revenge hunt with tinkly intrigue music and a did-she-or-didn't-she-get-raped undercurrent! I'm sure Gloria Steinem has just become a loyal viewer.

Blech! is all I can say.

You know there's a problem when over half the women on this show (and some of the men) have been raped at one point or another.

As regards the possible rape of Sam and the couple's anguish, I have one question-didn't these two ever see Law & Order SVU. There always endlessly repeating them on TV at any given time. Everyone alive knows you NEVER take a shower. You take yourself to the hospital as soon as you can to have a rape kit done. This would've acomplished 2 things-did Sam have semen in her and who did that semen belong to. Period.End of tedious months of grim sl, agonizing over Who's the Daddy. Also, if the semen did belong to someone other than Jason, she could've been given the morning after pill. Port Charles is supposed to be in New York, so I don't think there would've been a problem obtaining that pill. So I hope they don't expect me to feel sorry for Sam and Jason, because they made a conscious choice not to find out what happened, eliminating taking any action to remedy the situation. So Sam may be walking around possibly traumatized for having just drank a spiked beer. Maybe Franco fluffed pillows and dusted aroung that cottage while he put the shirt over that camera. Hell, he may even have done some vacuuming. Hate this sl and most going on right now and think Gavin Wolf sucks. Did you notice David Kreitzman is now a contributing writer? He of AMC, ATWT and GL infamy. That alone bodes ill for things improving ever.

"Sam, as she has been for most of her time in Port Charles, is mere collateral damage"
Couldn't have said it any better. I hate this story , I hate how Sam being violated by Franco is ALL about Jason. The focus is on his feelings versus Sam's, just like Michael being raped was ALL about Jason versus Michael and Jake being killed was ALL about Jason (and Lucky, Luke) versus Liz. It's disgusting.

Another problem I have with this story is how Sam immediately adopted a victim identity when she doesn't know for sure what happened. Jason's report is suspect because he was drugged by Franco as well. Who is to say how one would react in a similar circumstance but Sam and Jason should verify what happened with a medic versus going on "the hunt" for Franco. Ugh.

Regarding Maggie, Steve hired this woman (behind Robin's back) he apparently doesn't seem happy to see. Who hires people they expect not to be happy to work with? Especially a person he has been "intimate" with after the whole Lisa-thing. Lisa threatened to accuse him of sexual harassment so he hires his ole' Memphis piece? Makes absolutely no sense. The look, the dialogue, the exact same set-up with the whole having had a relationship with Steve before. Ugh. I hope this is not a retread. Also, why an interloper for the most boring couple ever: Steve/Olivia? Steve's just a general douche-bag.

"Just kidding, General Hospital won't be around in two years."

Yup. And that's pretty much the only reason I'm still watching, because I figure we're so close to the end I might as well ride it out, although they're making it particularly hard.

Also, they need to just get rid of Luke, since he's gona half the year anyway. If I had any hope they would stop massacring I'd want him to stay, but they'll never stop with the sad shenanigans for him.

David Kreitzman's one of the writers? The dr kervorkian of soaps? Damn, it's been good to know you, GH.

It doesn't matter whose name is on the writing credits if the storylines are still being dictated by or have to obtain the approval of Frons. He alone has final say in storylines.

"The dr kervorkian of soaps". What a perfect discription of this no-talent hack. Thanks.

Pfft. Steven Spielberg and Clint Eastwood's stories for GH would still be pissed on and tinkered with under Frons. Frons considers GH to be his "baby" and that baby has been thrown out with the bath.

I have mixed feelings about Sam's rape based on her telling Emily to screw Nik after she was raped by Conor and of course hiring Michael a damned prostitute. As for Jason running off to avenge his wife? The same wife that wanted his own kid dead and did everything she could to keep him and Liz from finding their son? Can we say hypocrite?

AG and his propensity to try and make Luke this sage old soul with demons has got to go. I don't care about the upcoming rumors on redeeming Luke since AG has basically undone all of the work that Gloria Monty did years ago after Laura forgave Luke.

@ Linda: Word. AND, Bobbie gave Liz the morning-after pill in her rape s/l before said pill was even LEGAL, so yeah, they totes could have figured that one out.

I'm going to hold off on my judgement right now about this 'rape' storyline that GH is doing because I think it's going to be a twist to it that we won't see coming. And this is simply because I've been watching different soaps for over 17 years and when it comes to rape storylines, it's a soap 101 type playbook that majority of writers always follow and with this specific storyline, none of this is being followed. Even though Michael's storyline was kind of poorly written, they still followed this handbook on some level.

We have the 'rape' victim running around after her supposed rapist the day after this 'rape'. I'm suspect about her finding that key in that base of the monitor and why she would even check it. She's not skittish or jumpy enough for me. Usually they have the victims wearing big clothes and covering themselves, she's wearing fitting clothes. Another thing that is throwing me is off is that I don't know if it's the writing or just KeMo's acting choices, but if Sam is supposed to have been rape, KeMo is really not bringing it for me. NL and Becky knocked it out of the park for me. I felt bad for Michael and that's a character that I have hated since Dylan Cash played him because CD did good for what he was given. But I'm not feeling anything but suspect for Sam simply because KeMo just is not giving me any true emotions. Even the shower scene did nothing for me and maybe that's because I was distracted because Sam was taking a shower right where Jason said that Franco had been watching her with a camera.

It's just something really off about this whole storyline and I'm sure that this has to be intentional and not a fluke because I don't want to believe that anyone's writing is this bad when it comes to a rape storyline.

As for this storyline being about Jason, I really don't have a problem with it because Franco is about Jason and has always been about Jason and everyone was just the pawn that Franco used to get to Jason. So I get where Jason's feelings are primary and everyone else's feelings will be secondary when it comes to Franco.

Everything Spencer I can do without and I'm going to hold out judgement on Maggie, but I do find that she has more chem with Steven then Olivia does.

@Linda: I couldn't agree more! I kept thinking back to all those SVU episodes myself. Benson and Stabler would have been so upset....

I'm only interested in the mystery abs man storyline & I'm hoping they won't blow it because it has potential. All this is the "same style of storytelling" nothing has changed for me I actually can't tell much difference except some characters e.g. Matt, Steve is getting more air.

I didn't notice that David Kreitzman is now a contributing writer.

I'm only watching Ireland because I know JJ is leaving so I'm just getting into it. The Jason storyline w/Franco is another snooze x4 for me I don't find rape entertaining.

Ethan driving story in a Wyndermere storyline re: Laura's portrait w/out a Cassadine? No Alexis? Why? Maybe things will change...

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