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November 08, 2011

Sweet Mercy, Show, I was JOKING!

I was! I mean I was half-joking. I did see chemistry, but was really more lamenting the fact that Hope and Thomas are related* because they could be a decent pairing. Better than most of the available pairings. But they are related*.

This is the insanity I need from this show. It keeps me from getting too frustrated. I only watch three soaps, one of which is endlessly dreary and depressing, one of which has a fabulous balance of good drama and fun camp and a mostly sparkling cast but its bad moments are as bad as they get, and the other? IS THE INCEST SOAP. Officially. In every way. Sometimes watching scenes on this show that are well-written and played by actors with nuance and depth (so really, scenes between Eric and Stephanie), I fool myself into thinking there's something bigger going on, but this is a foolishness that can only lead to disappointment. And the end of the day, The Bold and the Beautiful is at its best when it lets its campy freak flag fly

Well, guess what? They did it, they did it! They just went for it!


Hope and Thomas sitting in a tree, I-N-C-E-S-T.

This is awesome.


I can't even tell you how this delights me. Soaps!

And it totally came from out of nowhere, like most things on B&B, and Thomas spouted a bunch of confessions of things of which we've seen no evidence. Things like how much Hope has changed his life and how he's a new man and is so inspired by her. Incest-say-wha?

And of course Liam walked in and saw it.

Whoa! My ex-fiancee is totally making out with my brother-in-law,
her half-brother! Bummer. I hate when this happens. 

It's amazing. I'm really looking forward to the episode when Thomas and Steffy realize they understand each other better than anyone else since they actually have the same mother and father and same upbringing, so naturally they'll have to get it on. Check this spot right here for my celebration when that day comes, y'all.

*I am forever going to slap an asterisk on anything regarding Hope being related to Thomas or Steffy. Depending on the formalities (or lack thereof) of Ridge's adoption of Hope, she and Thomas may very well actually be half-siblings. Incest is a soap ratings extravaganza, I'd imagine. I have to assume this is common knowledge in the industry. I just love this. 


It may be objectionable, but you can't deny the actors have chemistry. And Thomas looks pretty good in comparison to Liam, the Douche Lord of L.A. He deserves Steffy at this point. And we viewers deserve this storyline to be over. I would rather watch Stephanie and Eric take turns reading the phone book to each other. But that's just silly old, demographically irrelevant me.

And this is a major reason I stopped watching this show. They keep it a little too "all in the family" for me.

They are half-siblings only if they have the same parent, meaning they are blood-related. Step-siblings do not share a blood tie, so Thomas and Hope are step-siblings. Anyway, I've always assumed that Thorne and Felicia got bored with being in the basement and ignored by the rest of their family and were getting it on! :)

"Step" has to do with marriage and as far as I know Brooke and Ridge aren't even remarried right now. Thomas and Hope are half-siblings because his father is her adoptive father.

I haven't been watching the show long enough to get all skeeved out about Thomas/Hope hook up because they both call Ridge 'dad'. My major problem about the whole thing was that I was hoping just one person might be spared from having to kiss Hope's ass like she is the best thing walking. I'm so tired of week after week you got somebody telling Hope how strong she is, what a great person she is, and out of everybody she doesn't deserves to be hurt. Just overall can Hope have a break where she's backburned for a moment please?

Can we focus on the Thorne/Taylor/Ridge/Forrester Creations or Stephanie/Eric/Jackie stuff and spare us from having another go around of another man that's in his 20s and not related to Hope constantly kissing her ass. Like really we went from Ollie, to Liam, to Thomas with not a break in between.

I love that you love the incestual goodness of it all as much as I do ;)

I've come to the reluctant conclusion that Brad Bell whacks off to Flowers in the Attic.

Do y'all remember when Ridge found out he wasn't Bridget's father but actually her half brother when she was like 6 or 7. And then a couple years after that, she was aged to like, 20, and Ridge found out Eric wasn't his father, and that he wasn't Bridget's half brother after all? And then Ridge and Bridget decided they want to get it on?

I don't think it went further than kissing, but as a viewer who catches an episode every year or two, it was...disconcerting to watch an ep one year with little Bridget crying upon learning Ridge wasn't her father, and then to turn the show on a year or two later and see the start of a romance between the two. Does anyone know if the incest issue was even verbalized back then?

oh the sheer campiness of this show is delicious! The actors playing Thomas and Hope have chemistry, so I think it's great that they went for it! Incest is nothing new in this show---or from their parents---so they might as well just maintain the tradition. Can't wait until Steffy finds out!!

Louise--asterisking Hope's relationship to her semi-siblings is a great solution.

This is also what I found through Google as I searched adoption and marriage rules. Oh, the lengths I go for this show!!
"An adopted brother and sister, who were not related to each other by blood, were refused a marriage license because state law included adoptive relations within the ban on consanguineous marriages. The Colorado Supreme Court held that the prohibition violated the adopted siblings' rights to equal protection because of the absence of physical detriment to any offspring. Nor does the statute further the state interest in family harmony, since family harmony in this case would be served by allowing the marriage, which was approved by the adoptive parents and their church (See Israel v. Allen)."

I don't really watch B&B and I don't care about the parties involved. But...

Unless they share the same biological mother or father - biological - they are not half-siblings.

You might as well call them full siblings if we're concluding that blood isn't an issue here only adoption or marriage.

They are not blood related. Marriage or adoption may lead them calling each other brother and sister, but they are not blood related. They're adopted siblings or step-siblings.

Of course they're not blood-related, they have different bio-parents, they're related by adoption. Which makes them related. Half-siblings. Not step. "Step" has nothing to do with adoption.

This is just a sensitive point for me since adoptive family is just as real as blood family. I know it's vague in this case since it's not like Ridge adopted Hope at birth, though.

Kind of like how on GH, Kristina and Michael are not blood-related but they are half-siblings. Because they share a father, even though for one of them it's by adoption. And on OLTL, Jessica and Cord are half-siblings by adoption, though not blood-related.

This is all why I'm keeping the asterisk!

Louise, are you arguing with yourself? I'm very confused. But it's soapy.

I have never watched an episode of B&B in my life, but this sounds so out there in a little bit sick and yet a little bit of fun way too, all at the same time (Sorry, but after the doom and gloom that comes with watching decades of ABC - this is kind of refreshing.) I think I might try to catch a few epis.

Sad scary truth is, with all the advances in technology to create life nowadays, and all the family secrets that have been kept for decades... Who really knows who any of us are related to?

Louise isn't arguing with herself, lol. Same name.

I get thinking of people as brother or sister without labels. I get that is what you're doing. But when half-sibling is put out there's such a strong connotation of blood relation even more so than just using the term sibling in the situation. If I hear half-sibling my mind automatically goes to they share one BIOLOGICAL parent. On the other hand, if I hear sibling, I don't automatically necessarily connect it biologically.

While they may be legally half-siblings, a blood relation is required for this to really truly be incest. ICK, on the other hand, is all over it.

I can't wait until Thomas and Steffy get together either, I've always loved the idea of them as a pairing! They also make a hot couple.

Yikes! Sparky was after mother, he couldnt have him now the pervert is after daughter. Just like Slutty. Like brother like sister.

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