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November 28, 2011

Those Tricky Rascals!

Oh, this show. Having Matthew flatline and say he died in some sort of fancy-pants spiritual voiceover the day before a four-day "break" from the show and then having him promptly be revived the following Monday was a dirty, dirty trick. To be fair, though, they had no idea what a craptastic day it was already going to be for One Life to Live viewers and how predisposed we'd all be to bursting into despondent tears and shaking our fists at the sky. And so of course it made his reappearance all that much more rewarding today, no matter how many times we'd all suspected it could happen (while ruminating over a mouthful of stuffing).


Welcome back, Matthew! You're about to be a teen daddy!

Today's episode checked in on the Evans family Thanksgiving, which was adorable. I like the way that some of these recurring characters have developed little quirks and shorthands with each other despite how little screen time they've gotten -- Frankie Faison as Richard Evans was particularly inhabiting a real character today in new and fun ways (instead of just "supporting character's nice dad").




I particularly enjoyed his stoic and understated "Mmm." in response to a pie in the face from wifey. And of course the obligatory pie fight that ensued was the cutest -- they all had such a light, easy rapport.

This seems to be happening all over the canvas lately; the actors have been in such a groove with each other. Of course it's the type of thing that can often happen in the eleventh hour (which it still was when they taped these episodes), or possibly when executives are out of your hair and you're given a little room to breathe and explore. 

Speaking of actors in a groove with each other (but for whom it is definitely nothing new), we got some great scenes today between Todd and Viki. Erika Slezak and Roger Howarth haven't lost of bit of their sibling spark together, and it's always such a delight to see Queen Victoria get sarcastic and snarky (and just plain tell her little brother to shut up). 


Almost as much of a delight as it is to see Todd drawing a smiley face in a pie or mashed potatoes or something he somehow managed to throw at the refrigerator.

And what other actors with terrific rapport got moments today?


Bléa! And Blair got John on the job of looking for a missing Tomas because, as she said to Téa, "He may ignore your phone calls, but he knows better than to ignore mine."

Speaking of a missing Tomas, Todd's plan has started to work. John and the random LPD cop found the planted gun in Tomas' chest of drawers, and Todd got to show up and be a shoulder for Blair to cry on.

Now, Todd's being a total dick with this plan and it'll obviously blow up in his face like it always does (not that Blair won't forgive him -- this ain't nothin' on the list of sins she's forgiven!), but it's damn hard to stay mad at him when he reacts to finally being able to hold Blair.



It's just so small and it says so much. All is forgiven, all is forgiven!

And finally, we did get Natalie and John almost having a conversation about their relationship and getting interrupted. Now, I'd mock this and say how ridiculous it is, but I'm going out on a limb here and saying this is actually the right way to handle this reunion. We know it's coming (and we've known it for ages), so it's not as if there's any concern about that. I think it's best to put it off a few episodes so that we don't literally have Natalie falling into bed with John a day or two after she was to marry another man who she still claimed to have loved. We know it's not true, but I think there's been enough knee-jerk reactionary horizontal refreshment in that storyline over the past two years, let's take a little time to savor it now.

This was a distinctly well-directed episode, for which we have Mary Ryan to thank. And as much as I think the Matthew fake-out was a dirty little trick, I'm actually quite glad this means (if he makes it, which... come on now!) that we don't spend our very last six weeks on the show dealing with, like, Nate's guilty anguish while the Ford family rallies around him or something. Things to truly be thankful for!


That was a dirty trick and the writers owe me a crapton of tears back.

I'm waiting for the Soapnet replay, but I can't wait to find out wich of the many different ways out of killing Matthew they used. Not that they asked me, but I thought about it all weekend and came up with ways to explain away his final statement last week. So glad he's going ot make it and hopefully he and Bora get a HEA.

Ugh so mad because I was so upset about the Matthew thing all week and it was for nothing.

Also mad at Todd's stupid plan (and that he told Tomas all about his stupid plan). I bet it doesn't even take a week for people to suspect Todd again. Nat's already thinking it.

But you're so right. One hug, one look even and I'm all - who cares? I don't like Tomas anyway so one less character I dislike is missing. I should actually be celebrating my good luck except that I see this all blowing up in January and I'm left with a "Blair is mad at Todd for lying and runs back to Tomas" ending. I'll enjoy this while it lasts.

I was so mad at OLTL for killing off Matthew and left all kinds of scathing comments on different OLTL message boards. Eek! It was a total fake out and one hell of a cliff hanger Wednesday! I'm going to give Ron and company a huge bow because this show is a really rocking!

Yuck. Here we go with Natalie practically tonguing John's ankles in hopes of him letting her back into his life. Why in the heck can't McBain lose for once?

Todd is an idiot.

Queen V rules!

Actually, I'm ready to give Natalie a little leeway on the whole "loved Brody" bit, since I'm thinking it's more like the love one friend has for another.

And dammit, I STILL want Natalie to give John the cold shoulder while she walks off with a man that truly loves her (since Jared's dead, bring back Christian!!!)

I smiled and cheered the whole episode. I am so happy about Matthew although I hate that Destiny's pregnant, but oh well, Matthew's back! Really enjoyed the Viki/Todd, Blair/Tea scenes. The Evans family thanksgiving was typical comedy/slapstick but somehow so hilarious to me. And how great did Kassie DePaive look? Fantastic (as usual) and Todd smelling her hair...PRICELESS. I just hate Tomas and Todd's current story. Not a good use of our last few months. We should be watching Todd and Blair being mature and romantic. Roger Howarth has graduated from angsty, sullen Todd to bonafide heartthrob and he should be played as such in the time left.

Was that the quickest train to Philly ever? It may be just me, but I really would love for Bo and Nora to have a moment, just one moment with their son without Destiny crashing in. The whole time he was in the Llanview hospital, she was ALWAYS there. Even when Matthew was in the rehab center, she seems to be always around Bo and Nora.

Seriously you all didn't see this coming with Matthew?!?!? Really?!? I saw that coming from a mile away.

So they ruined my Wednesday for nothing??? Kidding. I'm SO glad Matthew's alive. I was kind of freaking out... just a little bit. My favorite part of today's episode was at the end when Destiny took off her jacket.
"Destiny, are you pregnant?"
"Oh yeah... that."
You know. THAT.

This show is so good these days, in so many ways. And finding out that it is definitely not going to live on through the internet leaves me even more grateful for it. How can this show NOT continue??

For the first time in ages, I'm liking/tolerating McBain, mainly because they've let the character actually have some fun in his interactions - mainly with Roxie, but sometimes even with Gnat. And I'm glad they're going to let that inevitable reunion take some time, too. Vicki/Todd/Tea/Blair - all gold all the time.

I'm the odd man out about the Evans family Thanksgiving. I didn't enjoy it much. I can't stand Destiny's mother/grandmother. She's one of the bossiest, most interfering knowitalls in town. And insufferable to boot. I DID enjoy her husband calling her on it. And Vivian must have the parents from hell if she thinks being with the Evans is so nice. Mamma Evans aboutface about marriage after the pie fight marks her more as mentally ill than earth mother. Too bad she didn't get pied earlier in the episode if that would have kept her big mouth shut.

Wow, OLTL, way to completely ruin the amazing Friday episode of its meaning and poignancy. That was a throwback to the good old days, and now it's just a mockery.

(I never liked Matthew, mainly because I hate Nora with an unhealthy leavel of hatred, and I don't want Nora to be happy, but this is bullshit.)

OMG - more flashbacks today. This show is trying to kill me. Todd lies and I keep rooting him on.

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