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December 30, 2011

The Llanview Lladies are Bringin' the Heat

First of all, I'm so sorry for being a blogging slacker lately. I was away for a while and then I broke my foot (gah!), so things have been a bit of a mess. Ergo, I warn you: this is a painkiller-influenced post. It might be... less than coherent.

Loved Nat's outfit today.


She always looks so good in that muted blue. I know it's just a t-shirt and jeans, but y'all know how frustrated I can get about how they dress this hottie, so I cannot help but feel compelled to give credit when it's due! And that sparkly blue was pretty rockin', too.


But while I'm on the subject, today really was a lovely day in general for the hot ladies of the town.


Blair's another one who can rock the jeans, even though they only let her do it about twice a year!

And Roxy was smokin' as the mother of the groom!


I adore how little vanity Ilene Kristen has, but I do also adore it when they let her show how hot she really is.

Viki and Clint are like schoolchildren, enjoying their reunion so much. I can relate. And Gigi and Rex's wedding was really sweet. I've never really been interested in them as a couple, but a lot of joy playing out on screen can do wonders to make something less annoying. Plus, Gigi's been kind of a riot since she got back to town!

So that's about all there is to say about today's episode...

Oh forget it. I could try to be tough and resist, and also remember that the Percocet might make me sound ridiculous. But then I could remember that I already sound ridiculous when I talk about this particular component of this show. So I might as well!

Blair and Todd decided to spend New Year's Eve together, and celebrated by writing down things they'd done wrong in 2011 and burning the slips of paper to try to exorcise those demons and start 2012 fresh. That was some serious old-school Todd-and-Blair-ian stuff right there, talking to each other about the worst things they've done while still having a few (major on his part!) secrets, but finding comfort in each other and feeding off each other's spirit to be stronger and tougher and make better choices. I even dorked out about how cute their handwriting was. Didn't they both have oddly vulnerable handwriting? (I've lost it completely.)

And then. And then!





I have just regressed to twelve years old. Maybe even seven years old. Seriously, I don't get this gooey and dumb about this stuff. But OH EM GEE. Y'all. It happened! And I don't even care that it'll all likely blow up before the end because of his secrets, I really don't. Because we got this. And it was this good. And damn it, when all is said and done, it's all about the moments. And sweet damn was this a moment. The best thing about this (besides EVERYTHING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD) was the way that Blair actually lost her footing during the kiss. He knocked her right off her feet. SO MUCH JOY.

Moments like this are why we stick with these shows for our whole lives.

I realize that I am especially insane about this one particular pairing and I know the pairing doesn't work for everyone, but I meant that in the broad sense: love those two together or not, there's something in your favorite soaps that delivers like this. For each of us. 

So really. Screw everyone who's taking this away from us.


Sigh. Speaking of which, three things:

  1. Has anyone heard anything about events in NYC to view and celebrate the final episode? I remember for All My Children there was a bar that sponsored it and had it playing on all the television sets for the actual afternoon airing. Is there anything like that going on for OLTL? And if not, why? And if not, does anyone know a bar owner in the city?
  2. I moved the "Memory Lane" feature onto Serial Drama's Facebook page because it's just simpler to link there than to try to embed videos here. So check it out! I've been trying to post around one a day. Go weigh in on your favorite stories!
  3. Today was definitely the way to execute the final episode of the year for a soap. Almost an hour full of joy and happiness and lovely moments, big and small, with a kickass cliffhanger at the end. And while I wish I didn't, I know who we'll be seeing on Monday -- however, if you know any details, please avoid talking spoilers in the comments, y'all! This is too fun to be spoiled!

Happy New Year, Serial Drama readers! This year has been another great journey with you funny and clever fellow OLTL-ers.


Ahh I wish I had the excuse of percocet to explain the reaction to T&B scenes today which was basically one big squee!! I think other than the kiss my fav part wwas when Todd asked Blair when she became a victim. I loved that Todd adores Blair cause she a fighter, like he is. I would be happy if the show ended today so I can always keep T&B like they were today.

I'm not a Rex/Gigi fan and I've been slightly irritated by how much focus they've been getting. However, the wedding was sweet and Vicki and Clint were adorable, Roxy was funny and Natalie looked fab. Where was Jess, though? Hmmmm....

T&B slayed me today. Just dead. Dead and gone. They were so old school, fun, flirty, damaged and hot as hell. That kiss could burn the town down. ::sigh::

Starr looked fabulous in her dress and hairstyle today, imho.

The ending was great and even though I wasn't excited about the blackout before, I'm jazzed for all the drama happening next week. Woot!!

And Louise!! You poor thing!! Your poor foot, omg!! ::hugs:: and thank you for doing this, painkillers or no. I've been missing your recaps. Glad to have you back. :D

You don't have to explain your T&B reaction to me because I totally get it. One of the best things about the past few months is that I get to be blown away by these two again. And while when I love a couple, I tend to love it forever, T&B are one of the rare exceptions where I probably get more excited by them now than when they were first getting together. They were a couple I really loved but probably not in my 'faves of all time' list until Roger's second return in 2000. Their continued excellence just solidifies them in my all time list.

I have resented how much time Rex and Gigi have gotten. The wedding was sweet but I feel it would have been sweeter if it were T&B, John and Natalie or especially Clint and Viki. I'm not a fan of all three of the latter couples but they all have a stronger history with this show. It feels weak that the last celebration will be for a couple that has only been around for about three years.

OLTL really does event episodes well. The whole show was decent but that last segment was perfection. I don't know if my enjoyment would be enhanced if I didn't know who the escapees were except I do think the ending would have been better had we seen who Natalie was screaming at. Anyone with knowledge of the show can make a reasonably good guess at who would cause that reaction. But more importantly, the actor/actress has such a screen presence and can be downright chilling. The character may be played out but the performer? Never.

I have to say I think it's a good thing that Gigi/Rex got the attention that they did now. It's because they aren't as important to the show as some other people, whose happy endings are yet to come. I'd lose it if a Gigi/Rex wedding concluded the series! (I don't want a wedding for the finale at all, quite frankly.)

You posted! Yay!

First of all I hope you're feeling better. I'm so sorry I kept bugging you about blogging! Please take care!

Second, squee! The whole week was Manning heaven! Blair talking about life in the foster home! Todd asking about her and Tea as sister wives! Them pushing and pulling each other. And then that kiss!!!

The rest of the week wasn't bad either. Jolie slowly inching forward! Farah looking pretty! And the ending was great! Can't wait for next week!

And The Queen B, thanks for the kind words! A broken foot is no fun, and not a good way to bring in the new year...

I wouldn't be so sure that Rex and Gigi's wedding is the last celebration we'll get on the show, Kendra. No spoilers, just a feeling. And, frankly, it was such a great event, with so much love and romance and family, that I don't care that it's a couple I don't care about. It was just wonderful.

As a wise man once said, "Wonderful things, no matter how fleeting, are never a waste." Beautiful moments matter. Even if Todd and Blair blow up in the next few weeks, and they probably will, that doesn't take away from the moments.

I'm only here for The Manning's and a few other faves. Can I say just how much KDP /RH rock? Seriously the writing for them has been inconsistent and yet they have played Todd and Blair to perfection. It's been a pleasure to watch their amazing chemistry again. Good Lord that kiss tops ALL TnB kisses. My girl Blair literally was weak in the knees. How sweet was Todd being the gentleman and holding his lady love sturdy?

Not gonna lie, I'm not a Rex/Gigi fan and I thought it was ridiculous how much air time their reunion and wedding got this week.

And no mention of Sierra Rose during all this Gigi/Stacy fallout? Pfft.

Was much more interested in the hints dropped yesterday that we would have seen some kind of Alex/Cutter/Kim storyline on Prospect Park. Oh how dynamite that would have been!

I am looking forward to Tuesday though, next week should be exciting!

Awww, poor Louise! Sorry to hear about your foot. Dude, that totally sucks.

To be honest, I thought every episode from 'Fraternity Row' until yesterday was pretty dull. I am not a fan of Rex/Gigi or Shane/Jack/Neela or Delbert/Delphina. Gigi's 'resurrection' was beyond convoluted. Past events witnessed on a television set? Seriously? So much of the year was already devoted to Rex/Gigi. They should have gotten their happy ending a year ago and sent off into the sunset. Jack and Shane still get away with their misdeeds. No teenaged boy received psychiatric help and that includes Matthew who murdered Eddie Ford. As many great moments over the past year, OLTL gave equally poor moments.

Yesterday's episode exhibited what talent Terri Conn, Amanda Setton and Josh Kelly have but wasted on OLTL. I felt bad for Aubrey and Kim because the actresses were so good at conveying vulnerability as Aubrey lost her 'second chance' and Kim lost her best friend.

Todd and Blair are EVERYTHING TO ME. I just swoon watching their every scene. I was always Camp Todd/Tea and never saw the chemistry from Todd/Blair but, the 2011-version has converted me to a bonafide Todd/Blair-shipper! They are amazing and heart-achingly beautiful.

Regarding today's show, I could not understand why Bo left Nora alone, without a word, during a blackout. Made no sense to me. The setup for Monday has me really excited. I avoid spoilers, so I appreciate folks here not 'spoiling' it for me. :-)

@The Queen Bee - I agree that Starr looked fabulous.

Louise- There is a OLTL finale partying here in Chicago. Several of the actors will be there and they will be airing the finale eppy.

Happy New Year!

+++Moments like this are why we stick with these shows for our whole lives.+++

They sure are, Louise, they sure are.

Blair has been utter perfection. And so has Tea. And Todd. And Vicki. And Roxie. And (surprise to me), John and Natalie. And Clint. And Dorian....yeah, I know she's not on, but in MY Llanview, she's either just right around the corner, in the kitchen, upstairs with David, on her way...but she's there.

I am no longer rational about this show. I don't even know if I can manage the snark, even about Gigi and Rex. Okay, maybe a little. But their wedding was lovely, and Delphina was EVERYTHING.

Thanks, OLTL, and thanks, Louise! I hope your foot heals quickly.

I am just dead at the Todd/Blair kiss. Such perfection.

Louise, I am so sorry about your poor foot!

OLTL rocks!

The Rexx and Gigi story line is over! Yeah!

It's good to have you back blogging. I'm sorry to hear about your foot. I figured you weren't posting because of the holidays. Take care.

I am really enjoying the show lately, in spite of some flaws... the rushed nature of the last few weeks, the deus ex machina that brought Gigi and Rex back together, Echo's absence from Gigi and Rex's wedding, all this supernatural stuff that I just don't like, Todd's and Blair's and Tea's blind defense of Jackass.

The good outweighs the bad... Rick James (Give it to me baby!), sexy Nate in a police uniform, lots of Roxy, Cutter and Kim, Aubrey and Roma, Jack getting arrested, the characters' reactions to Gigi's return (particularly Shane's).

I've never been a big Gigi fan, and I pulled an eye muscle rolling them at the start of the Stacy-as-Gigi story. But I've enjoyed her and the way the story played out, with Alex's involvement and Rex and Aubrey's budding romance. Stone cold as I can be, I was touched by the wedding today.

Louise, there will also be a farwell party for the OLTL actors at Brother Jimmy's BBQ restuarant in NYC on 1/7/12!

Guilty pleasure, thank you for that! What time?

Also, Louise, there is a special View on the 13th to honor OLTL, with the big stars of the show. Some of the fans I know got tickets, and I think others may hang out at the studio to greet the actors afterwards. So that's a possible farewell venue too.

When bad boy, Todd, met bad girl, Blair, at Rodi's all those years ago, a supercouple was born. I cheered when Todd reminded Blair that she never used to take crap from anyone, and when they kissed I had tears in my eyes.

OLTL will soon be over but at least we got Roger Howarth back as the "real" Todd Manning. No matter how it ends for Todd and Blair, at least we got that.

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