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December 05, 2011

How's The View From That High Horse, Luke?

First things first: Luke is--and I take no great pleasure in typing the following words, because it is exactly what Tony Geary, Garin Wolf, Bob Guza and all of the other people employed by General Hospital who are operating under the erroneous notion that "flawed, layered character" is the same as "amoral piece of human garbage" want us to think, because we are ignorant fools who need to be challenged--an absolutely loathsome person, on basically every single level.

Secondly: did anybody else feel a very real urge to stand up and applaud every time Rebecca Herbst was onscreen today? She was amazing. She was furious and she was gutted and the way her face lit up when Lucky said he got a message from Jake? I could not take my eyes off of her and if the Daytime Emmys mattered, even a little, I'd start campaining for a supporting actress nod for her.

Thirdly: this has nothing to do with the following post, but I wanted to mention it because there is a chance that I will never spend another second on this blog talking about Ethan and the lady living in the Wyndemere attic because it is ABSURD and HORRIBLE and also? BORING. Whoever thought it would be entertaining to watch Nathan Parsons slur some charming (I think that's what they were going for, anyway), marble-mouthed garbage at a woman with literally no facial expression should probably have their brain donated to science.

Anyway, Luke. Being terrible, horrible, no good, very bad. 

It was SO profoundly cathartic to watch Elizabeth--portrayed by the abovementioned amahzing Rebecca Herbst--lay into Luke for his various crimes against her family and for being pretty horrendous on a human level, but...what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, right: the most hate of any hate, ever.

Elizabeth: Family's never been high on your priority list has it, Luke? So why, all of a sudden, did you come over and see Aiden? Hoping to find absolution? Taking comfort in knowing you didn't kill Lucky's real son?
Lucky: Jake was my son as much as Aiden.
Elizabeth: Jake wasn't your blood and neither is Cameron. Pretty much explains why your father's never taken an interest in them, but Aiden's different. He's got your smile and your mother's eyes. God help us when we find out what he inherited from your dad.
Lucky: This is not helping, okay?
Luke: No, this is good. Let her speak. The last time we talked, you were blaming yourself. You were asking my forgiveness because you didn't keep a closer eye on Jake. It turned my stomach, Elizabeth, to hear that misplaced forgiveness. This is better. This is healthy.
Lucky: Dad, this is not the time for your twisted philosophical dissertations.
Luke: I don't want or deserve your forgiveness, Elizabeth. I will never ask anything of you. I don't expect anything. I don't want anything. But it's very good that you've finally taken the bullseye off your own back and put it here where it belongs.

SERIOUSLY? What sanctimonious bullshit this is. What a man Luke is--so centered and at peace with himself. It's so nice that he is allowing Elizabeth to be angry with him. I am sure she is just THRILLED that Luke is PROUD of her rage!

Elizabeth: Am I supposed to be impressed that nothing can break through that wall you've built around you? Not guilt, not regret, certainly not the death of my son.
Luke: If that's what you need to believe.

Holy condescending hell, can you believe that he said that? Elizabeth should be able to say whatever she wants to say to him--as loudly and as often as she wants to--and he should just take it. He should just sit there silently and listen to her. He should stare at her smugly and throw around cocky, above-it-all phrases like "If that's what you need to believe" and "we'll be able to get past this". No, really, he said that. Did your head explode? Is there brain matter on your ceiling?

Elizabeth: Damn you, Luke! Just take responsibility!
Luke: I don't know what you expect me to do that I demonstrate the I take full responsibility for Jake's death. I do! I never denied it. I've never tried to escape culpability, but you don't see it that way. And I take no pleasure in arguing with you. I just hope that someday we'll be able to get past this.
Elizabeth: And then what? You want me to just welcome you back into Aiden's life? Well, I promise you that is never going to happen.


Luke: My point is that I'm sober. Let's move forward.
Lucky: Is this your idea of moving forward, Dad? Elizabeth almost drowned. Aiden's been sick. Jake is still on her mind all the time. She's on emotion overload. All you did here was push her past her breaking point.
Luke: And you were there to catch her.
Lucky: Would you have liked it better if I just let her fall?
Luke: You keep doing this, Lucky, she's going to rely on you. She's going to depend on you again. She's going to expect you to be there. Because you're the man you are, you will be there and before you know it, you'll be playing house all over again. Don't make the mistake I made with your mother. You're too smart for that.
Lucky: What was the mistake, Dad? Was it falling in love or letting it go?



Michael was raped by a bad man in prison. Jax was threatened by a silly woman and had sex with her. And everyone knows that a woman can't rape a man! So he cheated on Carly!

Ugh. Just writing that paragraph made me lose a few IQ points. And feel sick.

And I think that my literal 2 minutes of watching Sonny, his demons and the cop has me dreaming of Sonny breaking down and realizing that the whole "Deke was a bad man who beat my mom and me growing up" bullsh!t really was just his extreme way of glorifying/rationalizing his choices. How awesome would it be if it turned out that it nothing really bad happened to Sonny as a kid? That all of Sonny's so called memories were lies. That he just really wanted a reason for all of his thug decisions as it would(and did) break his mother's heart? So that his choice to be a bad guy had some logic, other than he had a decent mom and stepdad and he just wanted power and the quickest way for that to happen(in teen Sonny's eyes) was the mob route. And who would take on a punk kid with no reason to actually be considered tough? Sonny started making up stories about how Deke was actually a monster to get sympathy and to make himself look strong. Then he started to actually believe his own lies. How fantastic would that be to see?

The only problem I see with Luke's character as currently constructed is that he is no longer the 14 year old boy they write him to be. "You can't tell me what to do" and "If you say so" are usually outgrown before high school graduation. Coming from a man old enough to be his grandsons' great-grandfather just makes him sound like he is in his dotage. Could that be where they are gong with this story? I doubt it. But I just might pay money to see him diagnosed as senile or worse and shipped off to St. Olde Folks for day care. (You know, older alcoholics often have the consequences of a spongy-form type brain degeneration to deal with, and Luke must be a prime candidate for that...)

Bravo to Mike's post.

I give Liz a pass for her 180 degree turn around because she is clearly still grieving and therefore, it is entirely normal to lay the blame squarely at her feet one day and then spread it around the next. Truth is that Luke did hit her 4 year old son with a moving car and then kept on going because he was too drunk to realize what he had done. Liz has the right to be as mad as she wants to be a Luke when she wants to be it. And honestly, she probably wouldn't have gone off but the past few months (weeks?) have been nothing but stress for liz and learning that Aiden was in direct and unsupervised contact with Luke just added to it. BTW, Luke is garbage! What mother would want Luke around her kids whether he had killed one already or not? Seriously, his condescension is enough to make anyone go off.

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