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December 15, 2011

I Am The World's Easiest Person. I...Probably Could Have Phrased That Better

There is something wrong with me.

I spent the last half of yesterday's General Hospital, and much of today's, getting completely worked up and filled with venom--that's not what's wrong with me, especially because it was completely warranted. I mean, can we talk about how totally NOT Robin it is to even consider, for a second, running away? Or how irksome it is that the writers only remember Jason and Robin's relationship when it comes time to shoehorn Jason into a story he needn't be involved in? Or how the show is wasting Jonathan Jackson's last few scenes by forcing the poor guy to listen to Maggie talk about nothing? Because how am I supposed to respond to that, if not with irritation?!

No, what's wrong with me is what came next and what came next is a box of tissues and a seriously ugly cry that, at one point, turned into ugly howling. All this show needs to do is mention much loved stories of years past and I turn into a mess.

Jason: It was the night you were really upset because a girl with AIDS had died.
Robin: Jeanetta.
Jason: And you told me it was only a matter of time before it was you and you didn't want to go through that. So we stood on the side and we were holding hands. Do you remember what happened?
Robin: We didn't jump.
Jason: What if we had? What if we had? Think of all the things we would have missed. You never would have become a doctor. You never would have met Patrick. You never would have had your baby girl. It's too soon to jump.

I mean, how emotionally manipulative is that? VERY. And how big is the feeling I have that Jason will factor in this story as much as Patrick does? VERY. And yet I fell for it. Fell for it so hard and so tearily that I am sure I won't be able to watch Kimberly McCullough's last few episodes. Like, I physically won't be able to, because my eyes will be swollen shut, thanks to the copious amount of crying I will be doing in the weeks leading up to those episodes.

I am the living lamest.

Luckily, this show treated us to a pretty nice palate cleanser: after freaking out that Shawn didn't tell her immediately that Jason had been arrested, Carly flew, likely on her broomstick, to the PCPD to hysterically talk to Jason about herself. When she walked in and saw Robin there? The claws came out, hilariously!

CARLY: What are YOU doing here? Jason, this is social suicide. Shut the door before someone sees you with her! Why are you even here? Don't tell me that you came here to whine to Jason over the whole Lisa Niles thing, because nobody cares, okay? I have woe too, Robin. And my woe is way more woe than your woe.
ROBIN: Carly...
CARLY: Look, Jason has MUCH more important things to deal with right now, okay?
ROBIN: Things like...Carly?
CARLY: YES, THINGS LIKE CARLY...things like things that Carly is worried about. Like, my daughter. She's in DANGER. And I'm PROTECTING her. LITERALLY.
ROBIN: You're visiting Jason and Josslyn's home with the block of wood you call Shawn.
ROBIN: ...pardon?
CARLY: Franco's back, Robin. Franco. He's back. You didn't even know that, did you?
ROBIN: No, I knew that. And Garrett Floyd was giving him a hard time and Jason got upset and then he got arrested.
CARLY: Well, I knew that before you did. Because Jason likes me best!
CARLY: Do you see what you made Jason did? You made him yell. He NEVER yells.
ROBIN: He's in jail for yelling at and attacking someone!
CARLY: God, you would say that.

ROBIN: You need to call Patrick. Make an appointment. Don't blow it off.
JASON: You're the one who needs to talk to Patrick.
CARLY: Robin's mom's the one who needs to talk to Patrick.

Then she said--and she said this, I swear! This is not parody! It is HILARIOUSNESS and displays a staggering lack of self awareness, but it is not parody:

Carly: It just never ceases to amaze me. She still thinks you're her personal property!

Maybe I won't be physically able to watch Kimberly McCullough's last scenes because I will have been hospitalized weeks earlier, thanks to a head explosion.


Carly: It just never ceases to amaze me. She still thinks you're her personal property!

That is awesomeness personified. I love her glaring lack of self-awareness.

I'm so far behind! I've finally seen the eps from 11/30 with Robin and Mac on the bridge and I've been a complete wreck.

I've also just been fast forwarding to watch Robin and Alexis only.


And they announced yesterday Finola Hughes is returning to the show starting in February. And rumors say Tristan Rogers will also be returning.

The only thing sadder than Robin saying goodbye to Patrick, Emma, Mac and Maxie, is Robin saying goodbye to Anna and Robert. I was weepy enough when Robin, Anna, and Robert had to deal with Robert's cancer. I don't know how I'm going to handle watching those three characters and those three actors deal with Robin/Kimberly's exit from GH.

I enjoyed most of yesterday's eppy. Speaking of people that I'm going to miss when they are gone, I'm going to miss MVJ as a writer when she no longer pens GH because out of all the writers, she seems the one that remembers history the best and gives the best nods to them as well as have the best dialogue.

But on to the show. I liked the Ewen/Elizabeth scenes. If he encourages her to get back to painting which was always something she loves to do, I'm so for it. I think a lot of observations he made about her were true. I don't get why Matt or Lucky thinks that Elizabeth is manipulating Lucky considering that she didn't tell him where she was going and not one time did she ever ask Lucky to come and see her. He made all those decisions on his own and when he came, on numerous times she asked him to leave. What also irked me was that both Lucky and Matt thinks that Elizabeth had to run her going to SB by them, like she has to get final permission from them before she makes any decisions about her life.

The sooner Lucky is off my screen the better because if I have to hear one more comment like "saving Elizabeth can become a full time job" I'm going to hurl considering that I've been watching this show for almost 20 years and Elizabeth has saved him and had to endure people in her face telling her how she has to help/save Lucky way more then he's saved her.

I liked Jason and Robin's convo for the most part except that GH must realize that they can't write Jason talking about fear and not running away to other people unless they do it from a 'learn from my mistakes' kind of place considering that fear was the reason that he didn't raise his son and all he did way run away from his responsibility as a father and no I'm not on the bandwagon of 'he was protecting Jake' considering he had kids coming in and out of his PH all the time and he agreed to be godfather to Joss AFTER Jake was born and Molly and Joss are two kids are not tied to mob with Molly being Ric who is in LA's child and Joss being Jax's child.

I cannot stomach to watch GH. There are no likeable characters or characters I like doing anything likeable. I may just tune in to see Robin as her story concludes but I will not sit through scene after scene of utter non-sense and even Robin contemplating abandoning her family and discussing it with a jailed Jason constitutes as non-sense. Robin and Patrick have been too much for her to react such a way. I do have a feeling GH will not go the route of her 'disappearing' but I don't want her to spend any time trying to 'fix' Patrick up with a new woman (I imagine he would have no problem with that.) I want Robin to muster up the dignity and integrity to face this challenge. It fits the character and could inspire.

There is nothing remotely interesting at GH. Too much Jason. How many times has everyone run to Jason and have him solve their problems even while in a police interrogation room? Ridiculous. I feel like I could have an anueurysm watching Jason have an aneurysm. So OTT.

When was the last time GH successfully created a new character? I cannot recall. One scene of Maggie or Delores was enough for me. Now a new guy for Liz? I love Liz but I'd rather her be paired with Matt or be single at this point.

its truly amazing how fucked up this show is. It's not bad enough that there doing what there doing to Robin and the way they decided to basically let that bitch lisa win by doing this shit but they have to write Robin completely out of character by making her want to run away from her problems???????? WTF? and don't get me started on that selfish bitch carly's line about how she thinks Robin, who by the way hardly EVER speaks to Jason about anything anymore, supposedly thinks of jason as her own personal property?! if that's the case, then what the hell would that make Carly, when she expects Jason to put her ahead of EVERYONE including himself and his health. I'm not liking Jason much but even I have to say carly is beyond...crazy. I just can't wait till this show gets canceled. and as much as I love and respect KMc and wish her well when she leaves that hell hole, I don't think I'm gonna be able to watch her last few wks or days on this show either. And don't even get me started on that new annoying lisa look alike bitch maggie and her scenes with Patrick cause u know when Kim leaves what those idiots are gonna do with that. I just hope they don't get that chance.

Somehow I fear Carly will live to be 150 and even then she'll be memememememememe...

This is why I never could with her. Joss gets a present from Franco in Hawaii, so Carly packs up Joss and takes her to Hawaii. She doesn't think anyone besides Jason can protect Joss, so she leaves Joss at home with the nanny (which is odd, b/c Shawn has taken over those duties) and the bodyguard, which Robin so intelligently pointed out. Then she starts in on how Robin is being selfish and then starts ranting about how it's HER daughter that's in danger (the daughter she just left). And now Michael is once again the focal point. She is horrible.

I wish someone would just tell Carly that the only people who want her baby are the ones that made her. She needs to have a seat ASAP.

Lucky can hop on a plane offscreen and just disappear for all I care.

I didn't agree with Matt saying that Elizabeth is always manipulating Lucky, b/c that's not what I've seen, even though I think she's (hilariously) poking at him now, but I like what he was saying overall and that it was coming from a place of concern as her friend. So far, I like Ewen.

The Jason and Robin scenes were great. I just hate that harpy interrupted. It's sad to see this "grown" woman act as though she owns that man.

If this show is stupid enough to kill off Robin, I bet the recycle the long lost twin plot like the did with Emily's sister whatever her name was...

I haven't been able to sit through GH for quite a while. There is absolutely nothing that I like about the show. I was desperately trying to hold on in hoping that someone somewhere would finally say enough is enough. I had high hopes that GH would go out with a bang, but alas, it looks like it's going to be a wimper. I watched GH when Robin first appeared and I would love to see her last episodes, but even she is not enough to make me sit through the tragedy that GH has become. As I was reading recaps about Lucky spouting the BS about saving Elizabeth being a full-time job, I couldn't help but remember all the times that she had to save him. For the life of me, I can only remember him being there as she crawled out of the bushes after she was raped, but I can't forget that he was the cause of her being on that park bench in the first place. Perhaps she should have left him under Helena's brainwashing. When has Lucky ever put his life on the line for her? I had hoped that GW would do some good, but he did just the opposite. I don't think GH could be in worse shape. I'll just continue to SMH at the devastation that Frons and his minions heaped on my once beloved GH.

After hearing comments about the JnR scenes, I decided to check them out on YT and realized that GH is the ONLY soap opera that either ignores it's own history, or refuses to allow exes but Sonny and Carly to share scenes. Jason was actually present and looked like he was enjoying the scenes with Robin since the man obviously is not allowed to work with anyone but Sam, Spinelli, MyKill, Carly and Franco.

I truly looked forward to JJ's arrival two years ago and now I wish GH had simply kept GV who was eye candy galore. Lucky #1 has become this sanctimonious little creep that I wanted Liz to haul off and slap. This man called his children's mother some of the most vile and disgusting things in 2010 that I never wanted LnL2 any where near each other. Since TIIC had NO intentions of putting LnL2 together then why in the hell did they write such drivel for Liz, Lucky and Nik?

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