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December 21, 2011

I've Had It! Leave My Soap Mom Alone!

How many times can I handle looking at Viki's little crestfallen, heartbroken face this year? Hasn't it happened enough?

But once again today, Viki walked in on the man she loves with someone else (thankfully it wasn't quite as graphic an eye-full as last time and it was just a kiss that she witnessed, though we all know she's imagining more). Poor Mom!




Oh no! I hate it when she's sad. And then she was so upset that she cried to David. Don't make her cry! It's too hard to watch!



But little did she know that Clint, at that very moment, was letting Kim down easy and telling her what that kiss proved to him, finally.

Clint: The kisses are wonderful, but the woman I want to spend my life with... is Viki.

Aww. And Clint and Kim actually had a really lovely "breakup" scene, where he admitted he really did care about her and would certainly miss her and is still there for her. I love these two together, I really do, and I'm so glad they are getting some closure. If the show weren't three weeks from over (look, I'm trying to just say this stuff to try to get closer to some semblance of acceptance, though I'm nowhere close) and Amanda Setton were available to stick around, I'd absolutely root for more "Klimt." As it stands, I'm too much of a sucker for Clint and Viki. I've mentioned before that I wasn't so sure about a reunion between Viki and this Clint (were Clint Ritchie still with us and on the show, there would be no question... we'd be talking about, hands-down, the most important couple that basically serves as the very foundation of my life-long love affair with this genre) until recently when I finally saw beyond the wonderful friendship chemistry and saw some real sparks. And I know it won't happen today or tomorrow, as Viki is nothing if not proud, but I have faith that these two will be together by the end (the only three reunions I'm certain will happen by the end, though I don't know how they'll happen: Rex/Gigi, John/Natalie, and Clint/Viki) and it warms my heart. I cannot help it. It's in my blood. (Anyone who's with me on this one should be well-advised to avoid the OLTL Facebook page today, as it's chock-full of comments about how "nobody gives a crap about those old farts," which just makes me question the general decency of humanity, which is really not a very Christmas-y feeling!)


I understand the fixation on Jack's involvement in "Gigi's" death since he got off scot-free, but (a) what about that girl that was there and (b) what about Brad? It seems odd that the fact that he "paid" for the crime gave everyone total closure about his participation. I'd think if someone helped kill my mother or fiancee and went to prison for it, I wouldn't then immediately be at peace with the offender.

Also, Andrew Trischitta has definitely improved as Jack, but they need to never give him major dramatic scenes opposite anyone but the adult actors who work hard to lift him up and challenge him (their names rhyme with SchmePaiva, Schmowarth, Schmozano, and probably Schmezak). Never.

Oh and I guess the stuff between Gigi and Rex today was the biggest event and the scenes weren't bad, especially once Rex actually seemed to be affected by having her right in front of him, but this all just seems so inevitable. I don't mind it, but I'm not on the edge of my seat, that's for sure. I'm hoping it gets cleared up quickly before the new year because I don't want this story to be bigger in the only two weeks we get in 2012 than what's going on with Viki and Clint, or Natalie and John, or Matthew and his people, or Todd and Blair and Tea and Jack, etc. And whatever visitors we get! (I've read all the reports and am super-excited but am still foolishly holding out for some ridiculously well-kept secrets.)


I thought Amanda Setton was heartbreaking today when it sunk in for Kim that Clint really was choosing Viki over her. I don't mind Viki and Clint reuniting as endgame, but I will miss Klimnt so.

My poor Viki! Erika Slezak owned me today as she conveyed Viki's heartbreak. I loved David trying to advise and comfort her for a change. I will miss their friendship.

I loved Clint and Kim's breakup scene. It was lovely and showcased the talent of Amanda Setton who was completely wasted with The Morasco Fiasco, Part I & II.

I will never understand the interest in Rex and Gigi. The best thing Gigi ever did was DIE. The discussion of these two ad nauseum, her dying as the close of the bullying storyline and the convoluted way Gigi was "resurrected." Ugh. The entire s/l has annoyed me but today with Rex blabbering on and on to "Stacy" versus calling the authorities was jaw-droppingly stupid.

I did get a kick out of the exchange between Shane and Aubrey because it basically went like this:

- Shane: "Yeah, my aunt got plastic surgery to impersonate my dead mother."

- Aubrey: "Yeah, that's creepy. How was the pie-baking contest?"

- Shane: "Awesome. Noelle won first place! Glad, you are here for Christmas. My dad should get over my mom's death."

Man, Tuesday and Wednesday of this week has sucked and after a spectacular Monday.

I couldn't stand seeing Vicki upset - and although it is classic soap convention to have someone observe something that they ultimately misinterpret, I wanted to say "No, No, we don't have time for this right now! We need to see Vicki and Clint together as a couple PRONTO!!"

And then David Vickers made it okay, wiht his friend time with Vicki. They make a great friend couple. Helpless laughter here, watching David show Vicki his tattoo, then do the chipmunk squeak. Right now, OLTL is almost painfully good to watch.

I'm not going to even pretend to be rational about this show anymore. I love it, and with the impending date of doom fast approaching, I don't know if I have any snark left in me about it. I'll still despise the Fudds as long as they're on, but otherwise I don' think I've got it in me to critize much of anything anymore.

I want to stomp my feet and hold my breath and nmake TPTB see what a mistake they've made, crawl on their hands and knees to get back the cast and crew, but at my age, I'd probably just break a hip.

What fools they are.

Oh Ron, Louise, you can't count down the days, you just have to enjoy it while it lasts. Yeah, AT is...challenged and if Viki and Clint don't end up together I just might cut a bitch, but for the near term, and until my freaking birthday, we have this show. And we'll love it.

I know rooting for a Viki/Clint reunion is the right thing to do, but my heart broke for poor Kim. I love Amanda Setton and Jerry ver Dorn together.

That really was a beautiful break-up/closure scene for Klimt. I just love that, for once, we can get a parting that's amicable and loving instead of someone going crazy or someone else cheating.

I think AT and the girl playing Neela did really well with some difficult material. Yes, I'm grading on a curve, but a few months ago I think it would have been PAINFUL. Roger Howarth is WHIPPING that boy into shape.

I thought AT had improved when I saw the MAnning family Christmas ep the other day. He's still bad, but at least not (as frequestnly) laughable. And sometimes he's even okay.
Good ep. I like the Gigi/Rex stuff more than I expected to but I think that's at least 75% Cutter related and certainly don't want it to take much more time away from the main attractions.

As always, Louise, thanks for the recap. I still haven't watched this epi as I don't think I can stand the sight of a heartbroken Vicki even if it is due to misunderstanding. Just hits a little to close to home right now. I hate to see Vicki get her heart broken, so I really, really hopes she ends up happy when OLTL finally goes off the air in January. If only real life could be so easily scripted.

Sorry, meant "too close to home"

ES and my mom actually look somewhat alike. So I have always adored ES and it doesn't help that she's the best damn actor on TV. She killed those scenes.

Soapbaby, re Rex and Gigi, I personally liked their little family with Shane. I thought they were cute. In a way they're like the new version of Wanda and Vinnie, though less buffoonish. So I get the appeal. But I don't think they were front-burner stuff. After I saw today's show, though, I have to give them credit. They made me cry.

I really appreciate that they didn't make KIM "evil", that they showed the reality that sometimes, things just don't work out, & people part ways... & it can be done peacefully & loving, with no "bad guys".

Louise where are you?!! I need my OLTL blogger fix!

After 9 days of nearly unwatchable OLTL, Thursday was very good because of the Todd/Blair swoon-worthy scenes alone! I hope there's a recap ;-)

Definition of "unwatchable": General Hospital. The last few weeks of OLTL have been incredible. There is the acting,the writing, the continuity, the drama, the comedy (minus hi-jinks music that GH feels is necessary)and the old-time soapiness of characters sincerely caring about each other and talking to each other. Every day moves the story. Every conversation is not repeated ad infinitum, ad nauseum. No one is lurking in cold drafty mansions wearing an assortment of pristine white nightwear. No one is dead for Christmas. RC and his band of incredible writers are proving once and for all that the wrong soap was canceled. JMO.

I'm dying here Louise! Where are you? Todd and Blair!!!

Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

The sting of a reproach,is the truth of it.

This is exactly what i was looking for and thanks for sharing..

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