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December 09, 2011

Slap Happy

I admit I never really understand the design-stealing stories on The Bold & the Beautiful even though they're a cornerstone of the series (and I actually like them, I just have some logic questions, which... well, it's B&B) because one can actually prove things like intellectual property or copyright and generally the design world doesn't run on a "Finders Keepers" system (or a "firsties" system, for that matter) and, even if the fashion world did operate that way, people in these competing design houses are actually friends or even family with each other. And they always just treat it like a spunky coup of some sort.

But you know what? Who cares. Because if it leads to awesome campy bitch-slaps between soapy grande dames? 








Who cares about logic?! That was awesome.

The "Okay, bring it" look that Lesley-Anne Down (Jackie) delivered in that final moment was worth the price of admission.


Lesley-Anne Down is a goddess and no one slaps better than Stephanie Forrester! Thanks so much for the extended screencapping <3 Can't wait for your next B&B recap :D

Susan Flannery, Kim Zimmer and Elizabeth Hubbard are/were the best at the soap opera slap.

Lesley-Anne Down is so pretty. This kind of showdown actually makes me want to check out B&B a little more again.

Damn that face is chilling. But in a 'wish I recorded this show' way.

Thank you so much for bringing up the lack of real-world logic behind the oft-done 'design theft' plot. It bugs me so much, but it's also the reason I started watching the show. (Or more accurately, kept watching it after Sheila Carter crossing over brought teenage me to LA from Genoa City like a cute little gay carry-on bag carried by a crazy, crazy nurse.)

But you're also right by shrugging it off as "just B&B"; I suppose on show with more almost-incest per capita than an Arrested Development marathon, faster partner swapping than a square dance festival and the cleanest homeless folk outside of a high school production of Rent, I suppose I shouldn't expect the corporate espionage plot to suddenly be played for reality's sake.

Also, major props for the title. I always love me a good pun :D

Oh, Lesley-Anne Down, why do you do that to your face instead of aging gracefully??

Speaking of bitchslapping, you might want to check out this video of Canadian comedian Josh Rimer. It makes me laugh! http://youtu.be/yDCk3NN_HAs

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