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January 09, 2012


I may go more into depth on some than others, but I will cover each of this week's episodes in at least some minimal fashion. Because how could I not.

Just a few thoughts on today.


The Angels. I loved the match-ups. I knew who Gabrielle and Megan would be "paired" with, but I was confused about Luna. And of course they matched her with Cole -- she was one of Marty's closest friends (although come on now, that dialogue about not knowing if she could forgive Blair? She did so on her death bed.). It was very sweet.

loved that Gabrielle wouldn't be a completely benevolent angel. She still wanted Bo for herself. Doesn't make her a demon, just makes her something somehow close to her living self.

Natalie weeping over her mother and father, especially the "Mommy?" moment when she realized Viki had no pulse, about killed me. Melissa Archer rocked it again today. Woman's been on fire lately.



And she got to be the to pull the trigger on the fatal blows to Mitch today! I have to say, this was one note that was a little "off" to me from the other day -- Mitch tortured so many characters on this show and one of them deserved to be the one to put him away once and for all, and none of them are John McBain. Today was a great little "fix" to that.


The Demons.

Obviously it was fabulous that Eddie called Ford out on what he did to Jessica. This thrilled me to no end, but I do have to admit it got under my skin that being a father was allegedly what made Ford turn over a new leaf. He blocked his child's mother from treatment and had sex with her alter after he supposedly changed for his son. I know it's too late and it's not worth whining about now, and I did appreciate being thrown a bone (and I know they can't please everyone and there are certainly people out there who think Ford is just fabu), but it stopped short of miraculous. But like I said, I appreciated at least some freaking acknowledgment that St. Ford wouldn't get a clear ticket straight to the Pearly Gates, you know?

Stacy calling Clint out on his crap was fun, too, and we got to hear him fight for his chance to be a better man for Viki and for his family (and of course I adored that he still refused to apologize for having Ford beaten up for what he did to Jessica). Nobody was dying to see Stacy again, I'm sure, but it brought some "full circle" to the story. But both Clint and Viki decided to stay alive for each other, and she ran to him!


Too sweet.


And just for kicks, I was on Facebook chatting with some fellow OLTL-lovers (and good friends) and was sort of live-commenting on the show, so I thought I'd post just my real-time reactions here. See how much you can match up with the moments where you had the same reaction! (I removed comments from friends except for one very essential one!)

  • And... it's on!
    Oh my god so corny and awesome.
  • This could NOT be cheesier. In a "this is the shit that OLTL owns" kind of cheesiness way.
  • Oh I like the visit match-ups.
  • Really clever. The one I wasn't sure made sense actually makes perfect sense the way it's laid out, and in such a sweet way.
  •  And the one who needed them clearly hasn't taken acting lessons since leaving the show.
  •  Oh and HELL yes! This fixed one thing that I didn't QUITE love the other day...
  • I'm dying here.
  • Me too, Natalie, me too!
  •  Very good choice.
  • Wow. They're just covering EVERYTHING.
  • Can I just paste my comments from this thread onto SerDram and skip the emotional toll of writing a post??
  • Certain people are aging really fucking gracefully.
  • [Friend I won't name without her permission's interjection: Wow. Mid show posting break to say fuck off ABC, for putting the god damn logo for the revulsion on my screen during oltl.]
  • That's some serious fucking gall.
  • Oh THAT's going on the blog. It might even be the only thing.
    We agree, Nora. APALLING.
  • I love how "bad avant-garde play from the grad actors" this is.
  • OH my god Melissa Archer!
  • Oh lord.
  • I stopped fast-forwarding commercials so it'll last longer.
  • My heart.

Oh and just for fun:


Whew. I'm just gutted, you guys.

So in the end, we know that either Ford or Cole lived, but not both. With no spoilers or rumors, what do you guys think? I'm not going to be devastated either way, but of course I suspect they'd revive the character who is technically still on the show. I'm casually rooting for Cole to live, just because I'm (obviously) rooting for Death By Chandelier.

So again, how's everyone holding up?


This is tougher that I thought it would be.

You know, as much as I've maligned David Gregory, and as much as I'm rooting for death by chandelier, I thought he did well today. And yeah, Crystal Hunt could still use some work, but I loved her parting shot.

I don't even watch this show, Louise, but your your choice of screencaps is, as usual, a true gem.

I'm holding up by reading your recap before I watch tonight's SoapNet replay. I need to prepare myself first.

I'm voting that Ford will be the one who died. I don't particularly like Cole, but he's much more important to the show's history (son of Patrick and Marty, Starr's baby daddy) than Ford.

I kept waiting for Stacy to make a snarky comment about Clint picking Viki over Kim, but it never came. Boo, writers!

Don't have much history with Luna or Megan (though I love Jessica Tuck), but it was faboo seeing Gabrielle today. Fiona Hutchinson looks great!

I think that Ford is going to be the one that dies. I think we'll learn that only one COULD be saved and he sacrificed himself for the person who would probably be the better father (remember, he had the guilt and same that Eddie put on him before he left the holding pen).

I love this show so much. And once again, today, they made it abundantly clear that loving OLTL just makes superb sense.

Nothing can make me unhappy right now about the scenes, even though I loathe Ford will the intensity of an exploding sun, but at least the best actor in the Ford family told his boy off but good. Someone finally nailed him for being the Supreme Douche. (Finally, a character worse, and more propped, than Ryan Lavery oon AMC.)

It was all so good, so emotionally true. God I hate ABC.

I think-hope-think that Ford bites the dust, gives his life in the afterlife so Cole can live, lettim him claim his sainthood immediately, which is fine with me. I was never a Cole fan, but he's got history and connections that Ford lacks, and I'd rather see a rat live than see Ford draw another condescending voice.

I love this show.

Must agree that David Gregory rose to it and did some of his best work on today's episode. I still want BobbyFord to DIE! DIE! DIE! but I'm not counting on it. If he's going to rejoin the living and we just have to deal with it, at least we got Big Bad Daddy Devil calling him out on the biggest of his long list of sins. And truly, though I'm not REALLY buying this Jessica-BobbyFord thing, I'm not sure I really want to endure oceans of sad tears for poor dead BobbyFord from Jessica for the next four days, either. The girl has big news to celebrate soon, and I want her focused on THAT.

Melissa Archer is a pretty girl, but today, with very little make-up, she was downright stunning!

Loved big bad daddy Ford giving Ford the smack-down he deserved. And I laughed my ass off when Stacy gave Mitch the news about Alison telling the truth about Jessica.

After everything that's been said recently, I'm wondering if the writers have been reading the message boards & letting it all hang out (now that they don't have to answer to anyone up high).

Even pretending to be objective here, why the hell would Luna choose to save Ford over her best friend's son? Did Ford sleep with her too? I really hope not, since he was probably only about ten years old when she died... but hey, it's FORD. But today, Starr confessed to Cole that she always loved him and she always will, and James overheard. So unless they're planning to have Starr, who's been growing up on this show since the 90s and is a member of one of the most important families on the canvas, lose both her boyfriend AND her baby daddy all in the last week of the show... it's only logical that it would be Ford.

Because honestly, I don't care if it's only three days. If this show decides to save Poor Little Bobby Ford over Cole frickin' Thornhart... I'm done. That's not really too much of a threat at this point, but still. Especially after they went out of their way to FINALLY call out Ford on what he did to Jessica TWO YEARS AGO. Also, did you LOVE Luna's "WTF?!?" face when Ford just showed up??? If tomorrow starts with Luna going "Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?" I will personally award a medal to each of the OLTL writers.

I believe most likely Ford will die. I still don't get how Ford ended up in Hell for Jessca's rape but Cole ended up in Heaven after shooting an unarmed handcuffed man to death?!?! It's just sad that Jessica will loose another man and will now be left with 2 fatherless children. Poor Bree gonna have more alters then her mother and grandma combined! I saw a pre view for the final show and I just can't handle it.

Dear soap gods, there really are only four more episodes left! It just feels sooooo damn unreal. And unfair for that matter!

Jess is reBuked and now all I need is for Ryder's paternity to be fixed. John got his kid. Brody, of all men, should be some lucky kid's father. Rather than the scumbag Ford.

My favorite British-Argentinean anti-heroine is BACK! YAY, GABRIELLE! <3

I have to say, though: As much as I love her, seeing her with Bo--and trying to seduce him into Heaven--was a bit weird, LOL. Even if they WERE engaged when she was killed.

On the other hand, if MAX had been the one she had seen, with the way she was behaving? He'd have been dead in five minutes, HANDS DOWN. ;)

This show is killing it! It's too bad that OLTL had Daddy Ford kidnap and almost rape Nora, because the guy was all kinds of skeevy and awesome! I would take Daddy Ford over his three sons any day of the week...lol

I am so happy that Natalie was the one that took out Mitch after all of the stuff that he has done over the last three decades and for killing Jared.

Where in the heck or Tea and Dani?

Poor James just found out that Starr is going to always be in love with Cole and is just a bed buddy.
Here's hoping that Ford dies! and Ryder turns out to be Brody's son!

Gabby was always selfish and I am not surprised that she wanted Bo to stay with her instead of going back to Nora! After all, she read the document that Matthew was Bo's son and even tried to hide it before telling Bo the truth.

Jessica aka Cuckoo needs to be in therapy while raising Bree and Ryder until she and Brody can both work out their issues then reunite. Ford is better off dead!


I think Ford will be the one dies based on today's show. Cole's scenes seemed to be about him realizing he still has a reason to live. Also they seem to be setting up a reunion with Starr because he hears her admit her love for him. While Ford's scenes were about his redemption. I think Cole lives to be reunited with his family while Ford earns his redemption and passes through the pearly gates. *gag*

I think Ford dies.

I am beyond glad that Eddie Ford called Ford out on what he did to Jessica on the night of the prom. Too bad he didn't also call Ford out after Ford said, "Ryder changed me," because he didn't. Ford still did a whole bunch of horrible shit to Jessica and her family after Ryder was born so neither Ryder nor Jessica changed him.

What really annoys me though is the fact that even though they finally called it rape on the show, RC still seems to think it isn't. And, when fans like me call him out on it on Twitter, he basically calls us crazy because he can't stand being wrong. RME

It was pretty difficult getting past the opening because I cried like a baby when I heard the voiceovers. I was a wreck. I FLOVED Megan and Gabrielle. Luna not so much but, man, I loved her today. For as cheesy the setup, I thought today's episode was really well done. NuCole knocked his scenes out of the park and his body?! Okay! Acting chops and body-beautiful too. Please let him live!!! I really resented that Ford had dialogue but when he showed up in hell and called out as a rapist, I felt a little better. Still, Ford should have flatlined Friday and been over. He's just not worth it and so close to the end.

I loved seeing Bo and Gabrielle again. I loved that couple and their time was cut so short. Still, Bo and Nora had to reunite. Seeing Gabrielle pine for Bo only made me miss her one true love, Max Holden. I wish James DePaiva was asked back for an appearance.

I didn't mind Stacey so much, in fact, I got a real kick out of her dialogue. (Of all of RC's creations we were saddled with Stacey, Eddie and Ford with five episodes left? Why not Fish and Kyle instead?) Some of the other performances made me cringe but, surprisingly, not hers nor David Gregory. While not a very good actor, he delivered the best work of his run as Ford (though that says very little...the bar is SO low.) NuCole just has to live!!!

All in all, another stellar episode. Just the right amount of time spent in the 'afterlife.' I am both eager and dreading the rest of the week.

I need Ford to die because I can not stand how his hypocritical ass is always so indignent to Clint and Vicki. Like he knows Jessica and what she has been through better than they do. Really dude? In all honesty I don't think either one of them dies. Where is it written in stone that one of them dies? Watch they save both of them.

There isn't a damn thing I can add to your blog Louise. And FWIW, I believe Ford is the one who dies-just a gut feeling. And holy smoke, Melissa Archer has grown into a beauty but more, her acting ability has grown phenomenally as well. I have had tears welling up watching every episode-except when I have had to laugh at Mitch being dragged to hell and finding out he didn't father Jess. (But he still has Schuyler, right). And when chandelier impaled Bobby, I sort of smiled until I realized: another boyfriend of Jess's impaled-remember Brody impaled a few years ago? And Bree might be losing yet another possible daddy. But since it was Ford, I'm OK. David Gregory is a fantastic guy and a good actor. Sad he played such a loathsome character. Wow for not having anything to add I've rambled. I just want to say, I am livid that OLTL is leaving the air after this week. It's going out blazing but it still has so much life left. C'est la vie. Look forward to today's episode. Got my tissues ready. Starr, the Todd, Blair, Jess every single actor, IMO, has stepped up their game and wow! Blowing me away. Makes it even harder to lose this 43 year old show. Kudos to all.

I have to say one more thing and that is: it was so perfect, IMO, for Natalie to pull that trigger. For so many reasons, it struck the right note. First, Mitch robbed Natalie of her true family when he arranged for her to be stolen. She had a miserable childhood with alcoholic Roxy in multiple trailer parks in AC-(the armpit of the country IMHO). He killed her (and my) beloved Jared. So, for everything Mitch did to Nat, to her precious Mommy Viki and her adored sis Jess-I was thrilled. Plus, John always says the damsel-and this time he WAS the damsel. How cool is that?

I'll be honest: until yesterday these last episodes haven't been doing much for me. It just feels like something's missing from the equation, you know?

Having said that, seeing Mitch Lawrence being dragged off to Hell (FINALLY!) was pretty satisfying as a longtime fan. Roscoe Born really made my day with Mitch's wide-eyed shock and horror when he realized where he was headed despite all his "good work".

And Stacy's parting shot was awesome.

As for Ford, this whole story COULD have worked out if RC & Co. had simply let him be the "Jerk With A(n Occasional) Heart Of Gold" he was destined to be from Day One. Why they felt he needed to be rammed down our throats as a comic romantic lead, I'll never know. Because if he'd been a sleazebag all this time, his sacrifice for Jessica might have had more meaning and weight. David Gregory isn't a bad actor at all, but he got dealt a really bad hand

I have always heard nothing but total raves for David A. Gregory as a human being and a co-worker (seriously, people gush about him constantly), so I do have to say I always feel a little guilty with how rabidly I malign his character here all the time. I just hope he's never seen the blog or doesn't take it personally!

Also, who knows? Maybe everyone else lives! Maybe Luna could only save one but someone else comes and saves the other. Fun as Ford's death would be, I wouldn't love watching everyone grieve over him, you know?

I'm in the minority, I guess -- I really hated Monday's show. Well, if Ford lives, I HATED it; if Ford dies, I was bored by it. (Except for Natalie being the one to kill Mitch and MA's stellar work when Natalie found her parents dying. That was EXCELLANT.)

I just can't get behind any of the angels or devils.

*I never cared one way or the other about Megan (although I seem to remember that her face could move back in the day).

*Gabrielle was too muted and why the hell did they style and light her so badly? She's a lovely woman! The hell? That hairdo was atrocious! Look at the lines under her eyes in the screencap! That shouldn't have happened!

*Luna isn't in heaven. She reincarnated as a cabbage. I never forgot that I hated Luna, but I had forgotten the violent extent of my hate. When I heard her voice in the opening, it all came flooding back. I muted her ass. HATE.

So, the show was about 10 minutes long for me, and that was criminally depressing for 1/5 of the last of OLTL's life. I'll get over it if Cole lives and Ford dies. It would just be too cruel for his parents to finally find their way back to each other only to lose their son. And Starr has lost enough.

But if Cole dies so that Ford can live? I. will. break. things.

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