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January 09, 2012


I may go more into depth on some than others, but I will cover each of this week's episodes in at least some minimal fashion. Because how could I not.

Just a few thoughts on today.


The Angels. I loved the match-ups. I knew who Gabrielle and Megan would be "paired" with, but I was confused about Luna. And of course they matched her with Cole -- she was one of Marty's closest friends (although come on now, that dialogue about not knowing if she could forgive Blair? She did so on her death bed.). It was very sweet.

loved that Gabrielle wouldn't be a completely benevolent angel. She still wanted Bo for herself. Doesn't make her a demon, just makes her something somehow close to her living self.

Natalie weeping over her mother and father, especially the "Mommy?" moment when she realized Viki had no pulse, about killed me. Melissa Archer rocked it again today. Woman's been on fire lately.



And she got to be the to pull the trigger on the fatal blows to Mitch today! I have to say, this was one note that was a little "off" to me from the other day -- Mitch tortured so many characters on this show and one of them deserved to be the one to put him away once and for all, and none of them are John McBain. Today was a great little "fix" to that.


The Demons.

Obviously it was fabulous that Eddie called Ford out on what he did to Jessica. This thrilled me to no end, but I do have to admit it got under my skin that being a father was allegedly what made Ford turn over a new leaf. He blocked his child's mother from treatment and had sex with her alter after he supposedly changed for his son. I know it's too late and it's not worth whining about now, and I did appreciate being thrown a bone (and I know they can't please everyone and there are certainly people out there who think Ford is just fabu), but it stopped short of miraculous. But like I said, I appreciated at least some freaking acknowledgment that St. Ford wouldn't get a clear ticket straight to the Pearly Gates, you know?

Stacy calling Clint out on his crap was fun, too, and we got to hear him fight for his chance to be a better man for Viki and for his family (and of course I adored that he still refused to apologize for having Ford beaten up for what he did to Jessica). Nobody was dying to see Stacy again, I'm sure, but it brought some "full circle" to the story. But both Clint and Viki decided to stay alive for each other, and she ran to him!


Too sweet.


And just for kicks, I was on Facebook chatting with some fellow OLTL-lovers (and good friends) and was sort of live-commenting on the show, so I thought I'd post just my real-time reactions here. See how much you can match up with the moments where you had the same reaction! (I removed comments from friends except for one very essential one!)

  • And... it's on!
    Oh my god so corny and awesome.
  • This could NOT be cheesier. In a "this is the shit that OLTL owns" kind of cheesiness way.
  • Oh I like the visit match-ups.
  • Really clever. The one I wasn't sure made sense actually makes perfect sense the way it's laid out, and in such a sweet way.
  •  And the one who needed them clearly hasn't taken acting lessons since leaving the show.
  •  Oh and HELL yes! This fixed one thing that I didn't QUITE love the other day...
  • I'm dying here.
  • Me too, Natalie, me too!
  •  Very good choice.
  • Wow. They're just covering EVERYTHING.
  • Can I just paste my comments from this thread onto SerDram and skip the emotional toll of writing a post??
  • Certain people are aging really fucking gracefully.
  • [Friend I won't name without her permission's interjection: Wow. Mid show posting break to say fuck off ABC, for putting the god damn logo for the revulsion on my screen during oltl.]
  • That's some serious fucking gall.
  • Oh THAT's going on the blog. It might even be the only thing.
    We agree, Nora. APALLING.
  • I love how "bad avant-garde play from the grad actors" this is.
  • OH my god Melissa Archer!
  • Oh lord.
  • I stopped fast-forwarding commercials so it'll last longer.
  • My heart.

Oh and just for fun:


Whew. I'm just gutted, you guys.

So in the end, we know that either Ford or Cole lived, but not both. With no spoilers or rumors, what do you guys think? I'm not going to be devastated either way, but of course I suspect they'd revive the character who is technically still on the show. I'm casually rooting for Cole to live, just because I'm (obviously) rooting for Death By Chandelier.

So again, how's everyone holding up?


^^ I am all for everyone grieving over Ford. at least he would be dead. Right now we have Jessica broken and sobbing, what's the difference for the last four episodes? I would be supremely satisfied if Ford died.

Hoping Ford is the one to go, after all, when they were filming they still thought the show would continue on-line & he was one of the actors who had decided not to join. That way, they can also end it as a cliffhanger w/Jess possibily turning into Tess? Guess we'll soon find out!

Saying good-bye is definitely proving harder then I thought, I was in tears as soon as Vicki took Megan's hand. I remember when she died, and now it's like a little piecing of me is dying w/the cancellation of the show. I truly am in denial that Friday is the last day. :(

Never mind what I said earlier. DING DONG THE WICKED FORD IS DEAD!

Dawn, really truly?!? Ford is dead?!? Please say it's so! I won't be home to watch for another few hours!!!

Yes it is!

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