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January 10, 2012


I'll get right to it because this one was pretty simple.

The cold open was perfect. Opening on a headline about Cole's death, we immediately assumed Ford had lived. Then they pulled a little switcheroo. Well-executed and, quite frankly, a relief. Not a relief because of the obvious (completing the Death By Chandelier!) but because I don't know that we can all take sitting through the real-time news and grief scenes. They told those stories deftly in flashbacks (we're well-versed in Jess Grief, we all saw Nash's death and her learning about Chloe's death, and while Bree Williamson was terrific in those scenes, it's enough for my lifetime, I remember how it goes... not to mention how little I wanted to see her pour out the same degree of grief for someone so much less significant to her than Nash or her daughter). And this meant we got to see Ryder!


Aww. Once again, OLTL's munchkins make everything just a little bit better.

Now, regarding the death of Ford, I think they did a good deed. Not just because OMIGOD DEATH BY CHANDELIER! but because it really is a decent compromise. Considering how obnoxiously passionate we soap viewers all are about our opinions and our favorites and how we're just so sure things should be, obviously it's impossible to please the whole audience -- but it's just as impossible to even please a majority of the audience. With Ford's death, a character who wasn't heading to the online version (when that was a thing... ah, the good old days) who has only had ties to our long-term characters for a very brief time on this show has passed away. His fans only lose two days with him and get to hear all sorts of teary-voiced proclamations of what a wonderful guy and a hero he was at the end, and the rest of us got DEATH BY CHANDELIER! It's win/win. (I'm sure there are still angry people, but when is that phrase not true.) And the remaining Ford brothers got a sentimental scene together.


Which was a nice gesture, since these guys had been so front-and-center and then (mercifully) sidelined and (here's hoping) really do not have any place in the final couple episodes of the series, so it was a fair thing to do for the actors who, of course, are not remotely responsible for how infuriating the Ford Invasion was. So... that's a wrap on Fords, then, right? Right?

And I'm not worried about Jessica getting her happy ending. Llanview has always been a town full of eligible bachelors inexplicably just dying to be daddies as soon as possible, and there just so happens to be one currently doing some psychological healing at St. Anne's, where he's dealing with having been too attached to another man's child. Just saying!

Now I'm sort of confused about the big plan to send Cole into hiding with his parents, which Starr somehow agreed was the best thing for him even if it meant never seeing his daughter again... forever? I'm waiting for a little more information on that one because it doesn't quite "click." Plus, his mother's a nutjob now and his father only has the back of a head! That's going to be awkward at family dinners in hiding.

Florencia Lozano rocked it today. Not that this is rare, but it's worth mentioning. We're getting fewer and fewer days with each of our great actors on this show and, hey, I'm not going to sit here and be anything less than the Blair-and-Todd-loving geek that I am, and right now Lozano's character Téa is basically serving as the potential spoiler for the reunion I'm dying for (for perfectly understandable reasons, considering the information she thinks she has). So while I can't help but be frustrated by how this is playing out, she continues to be such a freakin' pro on this show that it doesn't even bother me when she shows up to almost blow my #1 wish on the wish list sky-high. 


'Cause I just love 'er!

Annnnnd so Blair and Todd.

Todd:There's nothing I wouldn't do for our daughter.

Blair: Well, so this is how it's gonna be? From now on out, every day you're just gonna step up and... (softly) be a better man?

Todd: I'm trying.

Blair: Well, I can see that.

Todd: Sometimes I think I'll spend the rest of my life trying to make up for all the harm I've done in this world.


Oh, I'm such a sucker! What he's doing is so awful but a Todd who feels genuine guilt about his wrong-doings just gets me every time. And gets Blair, too, despite her not knowing about the most recent harm he's done in this world. Because I adore this pairing so much, I of course wish they could've gotten on this road to each other much sooner, but I'm still loving every second. It's very "Todd and Blair," you know? I can't believe just nine months ago I'd already long accepted never seeing these two together again in any form. (Look at me, I'm just grateful for everything right now! My sentiment meter is through the freakin' roof, y'all.)

And one thing I really loved about what he did for Cole was not so much the idea that Todd was doing it for Starr or for the father of his granddaughter, but for Marty.

And we can't leave out Clint and Viki asking Vimal, of all people, to run a secret DNA test to confirm that Allison's news about Jessica really being Clint's biological daughter is the truth. But Viki has given her word that it's not for nefarious purposes, while Clint has given... a very large check.

Vimal: You carry a checkbook in your robe?

Clint: ("duh") Yeah! Comes in handy, don't you think?

Love it.

And finally, did y'all check out how Natalie sat up toward John when he walked in and started heaving that ample bosom of hers and...



...and that look? Girl is ready. Don't screw it up again, Johnny.

(Reminder of the comment rules this week: be gentle with each other, emotions are running high, no "this show is really bad, it deserved to be canceled" comments because we're all sensitive and that's really mean and why you want to be that kind of rube anyway?) (Clarity is important in comment rules!)

And so again I ask... how's everyone holding up?


Adios, Ford. Thanks for the back crack and the death by chandelier and nothing else!

Thank goodness they had Inez grieving Ford off-screen.

C, no kidding! I had a momentary fear that we'd see some dead-faced Inez grief. Yikes!

I'm irritated because it appears this show is going to end with Tea, John and TODD thinking Todd killed Victor when we, the audience, knows he didn't. Frustrating beyond belief. I am still hoping TSJ pops up in the last episode as a surprise to show us that Victor is indeed alive.

You are a more objective person than me, Louise!

I can't. I just can't. I admire Flo but the character of Tea grates so much. especially recently. The smugness, the righteousness, all of it without a lick of proof. And it multiples by a hundred with John is around. I hope all their certainty is unjustified. I can't imagine Victor is actually dead. And I can't believe this show will end without Todd and Blair reuniting.

In better news, FORD DIED. Due to a chandelier! It doesn't make up for the bad but it's a good effort.

Every time RH says my little girl to Starr my heart melts into a puddle..And the way Blair is looking at him right now.. Damn those Mannings I know they implode on a regular basis.. but this it.
Plus there is something very Karmic about Todd reuniting Marty and Cole after Vic let Cole think his was dead for months while rapemancing her.

I'm just enjoying every single moment of The Manning's we have left. In the end I think Todd will get absolution.

I was so enjoying these last few days without Tea and Dani. The infestation of Delgados in the Manning family is heinous.

FORD'S DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he died by a chandelier!!!!!!!!! Least dignified way to go out as possible, so I will always be grateful for that.

RC still sucks though.

And the John/Tea being suspicious of Todd for no reason at all is so annoying.

Yeah! A D.E.A.D Ford! The Ford infestation should have ended back in the summer way before Cristian, Dorian, Joey or Kelly left town!

I am asking Chandy out on a date and I dare anyone to beat me to it....MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I heart Chandy. :D

Less dignified way to go? Death by ice cream cone (RIP Mitch Leary, a/k/a none other than Eddie Ford).
ANYWAY, good wrap up of the loose ends from the last several days of action. I thought the episode generally well done. I love the Mannings. I don't share others' optimism for how this is going to end, but I hope to be proved wrong...

we have four days left on this show and they spent time on the grieving Fudd brothers - really? While we get a day without Bo - the longest tenured major actor in the cast after Viki ... and we get Fudds? I agree, I wish it had happened over the summer - think of the stories would could have had if they had done this type of story development in September. sigh.

And I can't believe ANYONE would have a DNA test done in Llanview. How 'bout heading to Philly. Maybe New York. Just a train ride.

What an incredible cold opening, huh? I mean OLTL is the only soap that has had me on the edge of my seat, openly emoting and consistently surprised IN YEARS. I mean Matthew 'dying' at Thanksgiving, the close of the episode with Marty throwing Natalie off of the roof, Todd being executed in 2006. The list of truly shocking moments are aplenty and this week is on hyper-drive. I gasp and clutch my chest as I watch (a few times I have feared a Clint Buchanan/Fred "I'm coming Elizabeth" Sanford-type heart attack!) My emotions have been running high for months now. Man oh man, I am going to miss Llanview.

Admittedly, I have not always been pleased but as a viewer of twenty plus years, I am very happy with how OLTL is wrapping up. OLTL is experiencing the most satisfying ending of a soap opera I have ever witnessed. And I was a HUGE fan of Santa Barbara, Loving, Another World, Guiding Light and As The World Turns. All of those now-defunct soaps were life-long favorites of mine but all of them were unwatchable by the end. In fact, I never watched the finale of Guiding Light, I was so disillusioned with the soap by its end. My point is, it's pretty unprecedented that a soap has been cancelled while it was experiencing a creative and ratings surge. OLTL has been excellent (mostly) all year. Sure there were things I did not like, but overall it was strong and steady. The past two weeks have been nearly brilliant.

Jessica's a biological Buchanan and Ford is dead. I am BEYOND thrilled and walking on a cloud.

While I love FL and think her very talented, Tea is such a poorly written character that can't stand on her own and is just such a whitewashed hypocrite. When you combine her smug with John's...it gives me indigestion.

Still loving the Mannings. OG Mannings are in the house! Todd, Blair and Starr smuggling Cole outta town and lying to everyone about his death? Totes works for me. Blair continues to glow around Todd and Todd continues to keep his promises of love, devotion and protecting their family.

Honestly, I don't care if Todd killed Victor. He was as much a victim of Irene's brainwashing shenanigans as Vic was so if Vic gets a free pass then so does Todd. Also, Todd did Blair, their family and the audience a favor by getting rid of Tomas so I don't hold that against him, either. Just enjoying every bit til the end.

I felt worse for James than anyone else mourning Ford today. That said, his petulant break up with Starr killed my affection for the pairing.

Loved Vicki and Clint lying to accidental super cop, John. Those two are so cute together.

Jess and Nat were sweet today.

I can't believe it's the last week!! Noooo!

I wanted to add, I adore NuCole. What a wonderful recast. He has made an indelible mark on a character I never cared for. If he had been hired to play Cole Thornhart from day one, I would've cared! The actor is very talented. Still, I cannot muster any care for Starr unless she is sharing a scene with Todd.

As much as I enjoy OLTL, I wish that it had started to wrap up most of the stories a few months back so things weren't moving at this break-neck speed. After SO much time wasted on Rex, Gigi, Cutter, Aubrey, Shane, Baz, Tomas, Rick The Porn Guy, Deanna, The Fords and Delphina. Like Cristian Vega a few months back, several of these characters should have been ushered off months ago to focus more attention to some of the stories playing out now. Victor's murder should have been resolved unless it will be revealed that he is still alive. I want Blair and Todd to make sweet, sweet love before the show ends. So far, things have been going my way with Ford dead and Jessica re-Buched. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

I am loving the Jolie scenes. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Also hoping that TnB get a happy ending.

It's heartbreaking that we only have 3 episodes left, though :-( I can't...

You know, OLTL's budget was cut and maybe we're seeing the Fudd's, etc because the actor's are on a lower pay scale?

As for Gigi/Rexx, I think the Dirty Soap duo of JPL and FF were being used to amp up their OLTL story line.

Anyone else notice how, when Jess pointed at the paper and said "That's your daddy," Ryder started adorably baby yelling?

I saw it too, Vicki. Laughed my buns off!!!

I'm kind of wearing rose colored glasses but I can't find anything to complain about. Except for one BIG thing: My favorite and only soap will be history in 3 days. I wish it weren't so but since I can't change that I can sit back and enjoy the finale.

That said, more Ryder (and Liam) please. Loved Jess and Natalie today. I want Brody and Jess to heal together and forget that Brody was ever with the smokin' hot twin. Clint, Viki, Vimal=totally unrealistic that C&V would be up and about so soon but what the heck-who cares?

The show entertained the heck out of me. That's all I ask. Like ES said, the audience wants to be entertained. Hoping for the best for everyone: cast and crew. I'll always have youtube OLTL edits and full epi's- I hope.

I know there is a rush to wrap up story lines so some logic is going out the window, but if I really wanted to take the LPD seriously, I would be bothered by John's willingness to unethically obtain evidence against Todd. And then there was his busting Jack based on a tape recording that would have been inadmissible in court based on the fact that it was not in possession of the police during all of its existence. (So theoretically it could have been tampered with.) SuperCop McBain would fit right in with the crew at the PCPD. (Drop anvil here.)

Speaking of Jack, I can't be the only one that hasn't missed his presence in the Manning story lines this week. Won't miss him a bit since the character was so unlikable after he was recast with AT, but I am very sad that we won't get to see a developing relationship between Todd and Sam. That kid and RH work so well together!

I've complained with the best of them, but no soap, no show, has so consistently delivered good performances and emotionally involving than OLTL has. Not even my old fav, AMC. OLTL thankfully, was able to hold on to a pretty fantastic group of actors, and use them well. I'm beyond sad to think that this collection of stellar performers and entrancing characters won't be around much longer.

I'm appreciating and loving this show, this cast and crew, each day.

I'm with Ariel, I have nothing to complain about. I am savoring every second of this show. I loved yesterday's show and I am not going to complain about anything except I wish it wasn't going off the air. I thought Kristen Alderson's scenes with Roger and Kelly and nu Cole were amazing. I wish that girl nothing but the best. Destiny out!!

Louise - did you see the news of the Mannings and McBain going to GH?!! I can't wrap my head around it.

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