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January 10, 2012

How "Romantic" and "Not Weird" This All Is!

I like to think we're smart enough people that, when General Hospital promised us that Kimberly McCullough would exit the show in a "poignant and must watch storyline", we all scoffed a little and mentally prepared ourselves for the exact opposite, because our definition of "must watch" has literally zero overlap with General Hospital's definition of the same.

So it's not that I'm SURPRISED by this. It's just that I am REVOLTED, SORT OF.

Robin: I just want you to know down the line, if it were to turn into something more, I would be happy that Patrick found love again. I'd be happy for you, too.
Elizabeth: Why are you talking like this?! This is crazy!
Robin: Because Patrick deserves to have a full life and if I'm not here to see it, I hope you will be.

"Please sex up my husband when I pass on. It would really put a smile on angel-me's face". THIS is the "poignant" and "must watch" way you write off an enormously popular character? YOU KNOW WHAT NONE OF THOSE WORDS MEAN!


Robin's request was absurd but I don't recall Robin asking Liz to sex Patrick. She wanted Liz to take care of her family. Help Patrick and Emma to cope after she's gone. She wants an assurance that someone she trusts will make them a priority and won't allow them to wallow in loss and despair after she's gone. It wasn't a simple request of sex.

Robin has this mistaken belief that she can control the levels of pain Patrick and Emma will experience upon learning of her illness and pending death. She's out of her mind right now, that much is clear.

I can understand Robin asking Liz to be a mother figure/stand in for Emma. Hell, even for Liz to be a good friend to a single parent Patrick. But honestly, to have Robin try to badger Liz into hooking up with Patrick if and when Robin dies? Pretty sickening. Even for this show.

And lovely. Monica now has grandbabies rabies.

Dr. Aussie is nicely built.

Having Matt move in with Maxie would be a surefire way to have him decide if he really wants Maxie or if he really wants to date Elizabeth. Because he really is acting like a jealous boyfriend around the hunky new doctor.

I..just..can't. This show.

I've never been a big Robin fan, but even I know that her character deserves better than this drivel.

I really wish Liz had said, "WHAT?!! Like I need another fucked-up relationship with a guy! I mean, Patrick's hot and all, but I don't think being BEQUEATHED to me like a Ming vase is really the start of a healthy relationship."

Seriously, how FUCKED UP is this all? Robin is being totally insane. Not only is this "I'll just go away" thing unfair to Patrick, who loves her, and Emma, who needs her mother as long as possible, and the rest of her many, many loved ones, it's incredibly cruel to HERSELF. I mean, does she really want to die alone, with strangers, in some random hospital? Really? THIS SHOW!

BUT I LIKE LIVING IN THE WALLS AT WYNDEMERE!! What. I don't even know what to say about this show anymore.

@Bourgeois Nerd - You said it all. Robin should know better. Plus, she and Patrick ARE DOCTORS, giving them an insight on death and dying many do not get to deal with on a regular basis. To me, her being a doctor makes this absurd s/l all the more absurd.

'Paging Monica Quartermaine...there's a medical conference in Surname that desperately needs your attention.' Ugh. I miss the days Monica was never seen.

And, somehow Ethan doesn't qualify for a stay at Shadybrook? Oh, I forgot, Shadybrook is only available to female characters. Sigh.

So the Ewen stuck with the three idiots, I FF through all that because I just can't with that storyline.

Do I think that Robin is written completely out of character in this storyline? Not really. At first I was like wow, but then I realized that that's kind of who Robin is. A control freak who wants her way when she wants it. Old eppys of 2006/2007 helped me when I saw her badgering the hell out of Patrick to move out the MC and move into an apartment when he didn't want too and let's not forget her running around town looking for sperm because she decided right then and there she wanted to have a baby. However, they did hike her level of selfishness up a notch. It was no regards to Elizabeth for what she wanted, it was no regards to Patty or Emma about what they would want. In those convos with Elizabeth, I heard a lot of 'I','me', and 'my' going on. And I completely agreed with Elizabeth. That was crazy.

Monica, that precious baby living in the land of delusion. I really had to shake my head through the whole convo considering 1. Jason had a child in Jake that didn't settle him down and that boy was going on four, 2. Why would she think Sam, who also runs around town waving guns, having a baby would help in settling Jason down, and 3. who told her that Jason would allow her to dote on this grandchild. It really came off that she wanted Jason to revert back to being closer to Jason Q and she thinks that Jason having a baby will do which makes her even more delusional considering that Jake didn't do it so I don't know why she thinks this baby will. I have my theories on why Monica is pushing babies when it really makes no sense but that theory kind of goes into accord with why only one person gets her Bitchy McBitch-Bitch behavior when it comes to Jake's death while other people get to slide and that's for another time. LOL.

I'm not going to touch on Carly and Johnny except for the fact it clearly shows they have no idea what to do with the character of Johnny and as for Sonny and Kate, just no.

I was hoping you would've commented on the hilarious moment where "Cassandra" interrupts one of Spinelli's infuriating ramblings with a high pitched scream, then runs out of the room. I laughed for about 6 minutes when that happened.

Thanks for the recap!

It would serve Robin right if she took off to die alone in some hospital only for Patrick to divorce her butt and then two years later she's still alive with a drug protocol that works! Robin comes home to find out that Liz is not the one helping Patty Boy! No, Carly has moved in and is now married to Patty raising Emma! Bwahahahahahahaha

Tomorrow, Robin will show Elizabeth Patrick's favorite sexual positions! How touching, how poignant ...

Mike, that made me laugh.

Joanne, I'm just wandering how the hell she's getting there. Does the launch boat pilot still work there? I can't imagine why he would, since no one is supposed to be living there.

helena needs to come and clean out her house!

and really monica, jake, who had a mommy w/a real job and doesn't run around trying to get into trouble and waving guns around,didn't settle deadbeat down then why would the child endangering,prostitute,abortion threatening, many times married to old men for money, one that she murdered,using sex as a weapon hobag dil be able to, she lives for danger and really doesn't care about children's safety, they are just a way to have a connection to the baby daddy's money!
i really hope ALL the trick's misdeeds get outed in the most public way in front of the whole canvas.

Uliis--I think we've now officially put more thought into this story than any writer has. I'm so ready for Helena to show up, and bitchface this crazy train out of her foyer.

Okay so Monica couldn't be hanging around the hospital last year when she was needed and had her great niece(also a doctor) living with her but she's around constantly now to prop Jasam? This effing soap!

And why is she so constantly worried about Liz trying to get Jason? The only interaction they had in MONTHS was Liz's fever induced dream about THEIR KID. Monica is such a hypocrite. Liz asked Jason, just like she asked Lucky to keep Jake's paternity a secret. Lucky decided he needed to tell Laura. Jason could have done the same thing and told Monica. Why is Liz the villan in that and not Lord Jason??? I use to miss Monica on my screen, now I wish she would go away and never come back.

And Liz again :-((((

I take it you've all seen the news about ME/KDP/RH and KA moving to GH?

The press release says a story with 'Sonny at the center'.

Way to kill my interest immediately, Ron. Seriously.

Guuuh! :( I completely agree! And watching this travesty of a storyline prompted me to go back and youtube a bunch of old Stone/Robin videos, and every single one of those clips was more compelling than what's currently on offer. I also caught quite a bit of Sonny/Brenda/Jax material during this youtubathon and wow, Maurice, Ingo and Vanessa were all so gorgeous back then. And the writing was better. And none of them seemed like they were phoning it in. Only in my late twenties and I'm nostalgic for the good old days!

Television is NOT real life. In real life people actually have to leave the coffee shop and go to jobs.

The sting of a reproach,is the truth of it.

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