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January 08, 2012

Miss Viki and Hop-a-long Clint!

Earlier today I applied my speechlessness and Percocet-induced haze to a B&B post where I let the pictures do the talking because, really, there were no words. And I'll try again now for One Life to Live. Here, though, the phrase "there are no words" has a very different meaning. The good kind.

First up:

My very favorite chandelier!



Life is good.


Blair woke up! (Guess Jack is still upstairs sleeping soundly.)

Van Hughes is immediately inducted into the "Manning family wrings hands by your character's bedside" club.

"You can't have any ice, psychopath. NO ICE FOR YOU!" (Also, how great was, "Our lunatic friend here just went on a shooting spree over by the ottoman.")

Lindsay helped Bo save Nora from Troy and we got a very big, wonderful moment between Nora and Lindsay.




Nora: Lindsay.

Lindsay: Nora?

Nora: We have a history.

Lindsay: And a lot of it.

Nora: Mm-hmm. But I have to say, after what you've done for us today... you've really changed. And I forgive you. Can you forgive me?

Lindsay: That's why I'm here.

Nora: Okay. Unfortunately, you know, Lindsay, your prison sentence -- you murdered a man in cold blood, okay? And you were found guilty by a jury of your peers, and you were sentenced by a court, and I can't overlook that. But I can promise to talk to the judge and tell him about everything that you've done for us today... and tell him how you helped us avert a serious crime.

Bo: And I will testify on your behalf.

Nora: And I think that probably together we could -- we could probably get your sentenced reduced and get you paroled.

Lindsay: Oh, I would appreciate that.

Nora: Good. After today, you deserve it.

Yay! And then we got a great moment, Lindsay's final moment on the show (I'm assuming). She left the cabin and in just a few short seconds, beautifully left us with a big question.


Has she changed? Was this all a strategy? Will she be up to no good or really try to take the straight and narrow if she gets her sentence reduced?

And oops, Bo got shot! And in a classic soap twist, they're stranded in the woods and Troy is the only one who can offer medical assistance and Nora has to untie him for it. Good stuff. The stuff soaps are made on. And Hilary B. Smith gave one of the performances of her OLTL career while begging Troy to help Bo. Beautiful stuff.

Allison Perkins gave us the big reveal we've all been waiting for for most of this past decade. Corrected one of the ugliest retcons in the history of this show. Jessica isn't Mitch's daughter at all! She and Natalie are full sisters and both the biological children of Clint and Viki!

Thank you, Allison!


The most wonderful thing happened here. Just as soon as Allison made her announcement, the online airing of the show cut to a commercial that started right away with the Hallelujah Chorus. It's like the sponsors were reading my mind! All of our minds! Was everyone else as floaty and cheery as I was? THANK YOU, writers, THANK YOU!!!

Of course the joy didn't last long, as Allison promptly shot Viki.


But it's not so bad because Allison followed that up by doing a little dance and singing part of an Elvis Costello song (and quoted it -- "my aim is true"), so you have to love that.


I want to say only good things because they're just all laying it out there and it's such juicy, fun stuff, but I can't lie and pretend that I liked Starr singing at the end. I had no problem with their using her "One Life to Live" song to play over the final montage, but I desperately wished that they'd left it as non-diegetic sound and not actually had Starr sitting there singing for real in the hospital chapel. I got a little embarrassed, and upon re-watch (I can't be the only one?) I just looked away in the moments they made it clear she was supposed to be singing in real life. Playing pretend helps! Because then...




(John's aim is true, too!)



And of course Clint had a heart attack while trying to call for help for Viki. Of course!

Man, they laid it on thick with that final montage, and boy did it work. I am just more and more emotional by the day.

Well, it looks like I couldn't resist verbalizing a few things, but still! There really are no words, y'all! 

In conclusion, is it legal to marry chandeliers?

(One request for the comments: Emotions are running high. We're all way more sensitive than usual right now about the show and about our favorite characters. Please be gentle with one another! Also, if you think this show sucks and deserved cancellation, congratulations for winning, but do please write letters of support to the execs at ABC for their wise decision instead of gloating about it here! Just a request.)

So... how's everyone holding up?


All I can say is the entire show was beyond great. There was so much going on and I loved every minute of it. I don't like Ford nor do I hate him but I do hope he lives because if everyone else gets a happy ending I believe Jessica should get one to. Why leave her alone with 2 fatherless children. Yeah I said it and I'm sticking to it besides non of you know where I live so it's impossible for you to find me and strangle me in my sleep....lol!!!

Thanks for posting, Louise. I find myself refreshing this site often, as I have grown to appreciate your even-handed criticism of the show. One of the sad side-effects of cancelation is that we'll only be treated to one more week of your commentary :(

I loved the show. Loved it. A few slow spots (and some very strange choreography), especially in comparison to the Thursday episode, but it was still wonderful. I disagree about the song, though. I thought it was moving and unique, as well as entirely in keeping with Ron Carlivati's vision of the show. Personally, I think his run is as deserving of a place in the pantheon of the show as Michael Malone's original run, and those late 80's Paul Rauch years.

Will we be treated to a post for each of the last five episodes?

I love this show so much - and the past week was just over-the-top soapy greatness! Everyone has a done a fabulous job (except anyone named Ford, of course that goes w/o saying). Just makes it that much harder to say goodbye - sniff.

PS - Louise, I'm glad you mentioned the Allison song - it's my first name too, so I've always loved it!

I have a gif of Ford's best moment on my tumblr now. It was so epic that it was hard for even the awesomeness of the rest of the show to compete with. Fordelier forever!! (I believe doverz came up w/that smush name)

Manning Family was awesome. So great. Blair being strong for Starr and Todd being strong for Blair. What a team. Todd vs Hannah was great, too. And Todd still calls Blair his wife! That poor guy never did get the hang of the "ex" part. Oh! And how great was Starr decking Hannah??

HBS and RSW were awesome in their scenes. Loved Troy and Lindsay, too.

Clint and Vicki are fabulous, but they were so upstaged by Allison on Friday. Her dance and "my aim is true" were just so fab.

The re-buching of Jessica!! Squee!

Jess and Nat could have totally taken out Mitch on their own but it was nice of them to let their guys "save the day." Srsly, John was the weakest link of the show all week. ::sigh::

End montage was so moving and perfect. I can't wait for Monday and I am heartbroken that I won't be able to say the same next weekend. Hold me!!!

I really, really can't bring myself to care about the singing. I think it was very, very effective. Now, the full back-up band and Autotuning was a bit much, but I still think it was pretty much perfect.

The rest of the show? FIYAH!

Woo Hoo, have been waiting for your recap and take on this - actually thought of you when the chandelier fell on him. The only thing that would have made the Ford moment better if his two brothers and mother had all been standing under it when it fell. That chandelier would have been up for an Emmy taking out all the Fudds at once.

Loved most of it - hate having to suspend disbelief is some cases (hey, Bo, you have two cars up there. How 'bout leaving Troy tied up and having Nora drive you down the mountain? It doesn't make for soapy goodness, but it would be LOGICAL.

And the Allison/Clink/Vicki segments were fab (although Clint, isn't the new heart supposed to stop heart attacks, unless Stacy had heart troubles too) - as was Blair with Starr in the chapel and just after.

I actually wondered if I were immoral for rooting FOR Mitch in his struggle with Ford. And the Fords don't even really bother me that much.

Also, Cole is the worst. It doesn't matter who is playing him, he's awful. Cole and Star are terrible and always have been gross. The fact that they have a cute baby is tolerable, I guess. I do wish for a happy ending for him with Marty and Patrick, however (hopefully alone, and not with Star and Hope running away with him).

Also, Hanna and Todd play well off each other. I didn't remember her being such a tremendous actress. Have they ever played together in a stage production? They should.

I walked away from my computer screen not really sure what I was feeling. Thankfulness to the chandelier and to Allison for her revelation. Gut-wrenching empathy for Nora. A sinking heart after learning Bo was shot. Gratification that Mitch was stopped (although if he's not still on the ground tomorrow I wouldn't be surprised.). Complete elation at Todd's scenes with Hannah (both were phenomenal). There were others.....but the last scene of Viki and Clint lying on the floor next to each other... I couldn't get to the Kleenex box fast enough. I know they're fictional characters, but I am gonna have a huge hole in my heart at 3pm on Friday.

I do believe I'm in denial that this show I've watched since in was in high school is ending.

Except for ME phoning it in last week, the entire cast was amazing. The award for best acting by an inanimate object goes to: the chandelier. Thank you, Chandy! I salute you.

I cringed when Starr started singing but the montage that accompanied it brought tears to my eyes. Not Clint and Viki. Not Bo. If any of them die, I'll completely lose it.

The highlights for me:

Jessica - re-Buched!

Mitch and Natalie's crazy chemistry

Starr busting Hannah's chops

Todd calling Blair his wife and then going for the full on body hug to comfort her at the hospital.

Lindsey - a changed woman. Or is she?

Allison Perkins - Bat shit crazy and quoting my fave Elivis Costello song

Sam lying to the copys like a true Manning

And finally, the scorching kiss Todd laid on Blair, and promising to love her and take care of her and their family. And then doing just that.

What a week!

It's criminal that OLTL has been cancelled when every other soap on the air can't hold a candle to it.

What will I be doing at 2pm PST on Friday, the 13th? Crying my eyes out.

Chandy falling on Ford was awesome. If Ford dies, best death ever!!!!!!!!! Out of all the ways for Ford to kick the bucket, the show chooses the most ridiculous way possible. They took any possible dignity Ford may have had and destroyed it. For that, the writers will always have my gratitude.

So glad they re-Buched Jessica. Now, if only they can give us hope for a potential Jessica/Brody reunion down the line and I'll be happy.

I don't know if I'm that excited about John and Natalie. There's the big fact that ME seemed completely bored in those scenes. Yeah, John's a cop and needed to think with a level head, but there was absolutely nothing from him, even after he shot Mitch. Natalie deserves so much better and I wish she would realize that for more than 1 day.

Loved the Clint/Viki stuff. I love that Clint put a pillow under Viki's head before starting to call 911. I guess Stacy's heart isn't that good if he had another heart attack.

I will definitely miss this show and your commentary.

It's two days later and I still can't come up with anything more coherent than "wow!" I have to assume that Nigel (who must be as fast asleep as Jack) will go downstairs and see CLint and Viki.

I can't deal with the idea of a Bo death. I just can't. I won't even acknowledge the possibility.

I just don't care enough about Cole or Ford one way or the other to wonder if they'll make it. Though, if Ford does die, I love that he gets to go down as having the most ridiculous death in soap history. It's like the gondola of deaths. I know people are already writing songs in honor of the heroic chandelier. And I love how punny the whole thing is. The light stepped into Ford.

Man, every time I think of Ford getting his loathsome ass crushed by the chandelier, I get a smile on my face. Viva la chandelier!

A dim bulb like Ford gets done in by a chandelier. How can you NOT love something like that.

I refuse to believe this is the end of muh boo Mitch...

You guys are cracking me up with the chandelier stuff. Please bring us any links to here or Serial Drama's Facebook page if anyone makes any noteworthy songs or video tributes!!

And don't worry, Dirk Mancuso, Mitch might be declared dead for the next week, but we know if the show had gone on this would never have killed him. He'll still be out there twirling his mustache and brainwashing followers...

I don't know of any song or vid tributes, but I know there was a crack fic that was fabulous. The tragic love of Chandy and Ford will live on in our hearts.... ;)

Worst than the Port Charles PD are the Llanview EMT's. Why is everyone always wheeled into the ER NEVER ATTACHED TO ANY MONITORS??? Ford wasn't attached to anything. There was nothing on him stopping the bleeding, no oxygen mask on him, nada. Now, I am hoping for death by chandelier BUT some sort of medical accuracy would have been nice.

Here's a spoof to Oh Mandy about Chandelier

OH Chandy, you fell and you stopped me from living
and you sent me away
Oh Chandy you have my abs, aching and bleeding
But I need you today.

I agree with Louise. In my imagination, Mitch never dies. Same with Todd/Blair - even if his lies come out next week, that's not the end for them.

This week was amazing. And a chandelier dropping on Ford - just sprinkles and icing on top of a delicious Baskin Robbins ice cream cake I'm not longer allowed to eat due to new year resolutions.

God, I love Hannah. I would never want her with Cole, because I still love him with Starr, but Meghann Fahy is incredible and Hannah is just hilarious, especially with Todd.

SO glad that Jessica is a Buchanan again! I didn't watch for the original storyline (because I was about 7 years old at the time), but I still love it, if only because of Allison's great reaction to the whole twins with two fathers idea. Something to the effect of "What kind of idiot would actually believe that????"

Also, the scene of Viki and Clint at the end reminded me SO much of the end of The Notebook. Only more tragic. The Notebook was 2 hours. OLTL was over 40 years.

And I intend to marry that chandelier. Back off. It is ALL MINE.

Absolutely AMAZING!!! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time watching the Friday episode, okay, the both times I watched the episode. I found it completely riveting. Ford's death by chandelier (he just has to be dead) and the Re-Buching of Jessica are the two things I wanted most. Those things alone have satisfied this viewer. But then, you have great Alison/Clint/Viki scenes plus off the charts chemistry of Todd/Blair (his embrace of her up against the wall...I melted!!!) Cannot wait for Monday's episode but also dreading the final week of OLTL. Oh man.

Louise - I agree with you 100% in your commentary. I really felt quite embarrassed viewing Starr singing as a form of prayer. The amazing montage that followed was well executed but I would have preffered it not feeling like a forced opportunity to witness Kristen Alderson sing. I have other other minor complaints (mainly about the ineptitude everyone showed in subduing criminals) but not worth mentioning.

Small moment but did any one else get a kick out of a bound and gagged Troy shaking his head 'no' to Nora's initial asking for help? Lol.

Louise, I'd like to know if your Finally! referred to John & Nat or Todd & Blair???

I'm also wondering if ABC is going to sell knock-offs of the heroic chandelier?

@MelP, not a bad idea.

What do you think the odds are of the Chandelier getting its own daytime show after The Chew or The Revolution are cancelled?

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