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January 08, 2012

Miss Viki and Hop-a-long Clint!

Earlier today I applied my speechlessness and Percocet-induced haze to a B&B post where I let the pictures do the talking because, really, there were no words. And I'll try again now for One Life to Live. Here, though, the phrase "there are no words" has a very different meaning. The good kind.

First up:

My very favorite chandelier!



Life is good.


Blair woke up! (Guess Jack is still upstairs sleeping soundly.)

Van Hughes is immediately inducted into the "Manning family wrings hands by your character's bedside" club.

"You can't have any ice, psychopath. NO ICE FOR YOU!" (Also, how great was, "Our lunatic friend here just went on a shooting spree over by the ottoman.")

Lindsay helped Bo save Nora from Troy and we got a very big, wonderful moment between Nora and Lindsay.




Nora: Lindsay.

Lindsay: Nora?

Nora: We have a history.

Lindsay: And a lot of it.

Nora: Mm-hmm. But I have to say, after what you've done for us today... you've really changed. And I forgive you. Can you forgive me?

Lindsay: That's why I'm here.

Nora: Okay. Unfortunately, you know, Lindsay, your prison sentence -- you murdered a man in cold blood, okay? And you were found guilty by a jury of your peers, and you were sentenced by a court, and I can't overlook that. But I can promise to talk to the judge and tell him about everything that you've done for us today... and tell him how you helped us avert a serious crime.

Bo: And I will testify on your behalf.

Nora: And I think that probably together we could -- we could probably get your sentenced reduced and get you paroled.

Lindsay: Oh, I would appreciate that.

Nora: Good. After today, you deserve it.

Yay! And then we got a great moment, Lindsay's final moment on the show (I'm assuming). She left the cabin and in just a few short seconds, beautifully left us with a big question.


Has she changed? Was this all a strategy? Will she be up to no good or really try to take the straight and narrow if she gets her sentence reduced?

And oops, Bo got shot! And in a classic soap twist, they're stranded in the woods and Troy is the only one who can offer medical assistance and Nora has to untie him for it. Good stuff. The stuff soaps are made on. And Hilary B. Smith gave one of the performances of her OLTL career while begging Troy to help Bo. Beautiful stuff.

Allison Perkins gave us the big reveal we've all been waiting for for most of this past decade. Corrected one of the ugliest retcons in the history of this show. Jessica isn't Mitch's daughter at all! She and Natalie are full sisters and both the biological children of Clint and Viki!

Thank you, Allison!


The most wonderful thing happened here. Just as soon as Allison made her announcement, the online airing of the show cut to a commercial that started right away with the Hallelujah Chorus. It's like the sponsors were reading my mind! All of our minds! Was everyone else as floaty and cheery as I was? THANK YOU, writers, THANK YOU!!!

Of course the joy didn't last long, as Allison promptly shot Viki.


But it's not so bad because Allison followed that up by doing a little dance and singing part of an Elvis Costello song (and quoted it -- "my aim is true"), so you have to love that.


I want to say only good things because they're just all laying it out there and it's such juicy, fun stuff, but I can't lie and pretend that I liked Starr singing at the end. I had no problem with their using her "One Life to Live" song to play over the final montage, but I desperately wished that they'd left it as non-diegetic sound and not actually had Starr sitting there singing for real in the hospital chapel. I got a little embarrassed, and upon re-watch (I can't be the only one?) I just looked away in the moments they made it clear she was supposed to be singing in real life. Playing pretend helps! Because then...




(John's aim is true, too!)



And of course Clint had a heart attack while trying to call for help for Viki. Of course!

Man, they laid it on thick with that final montage, and boy did it work. I am just more and more emotional by the day.

Well, it looks like I couldn't resist verbalizing a few things, but still! There really are no words, y'all! 

In conclusion, is it legal to marry chandeliers?

(One request for the comments: Emotions are running high. We're all way more sensitive than usual right now about the show and about our favorite characters. Please be gentle with one another! Also, if you think this show sucks and deserved cancellation, congratulations for winning, but do please write letters of support to the execs at ABC for their wise decision instead of gloating about it here! Just a request.)

So... how's everyone holding up?


No matter how this week ends, I would like to think that Jessica, once Ford dies, frequents St. Ann's (even as an out patient), and there is a certain Navy seal there offering support and friendship which eventually blossoms back into... love. And, of course, after Jessica finds out she's a Buke, everyone does DNA tests, and Ryder is Brody's after all.

cjr, I like the way you think!

Louise - you could take cjr's idea & write us some 'fan fiction' to keep Llanview alive! You will have that extra 5 hours a week now :)

Random thought: Whatever happened to Larry Woleck? Did he just fade away or did they write him out?

And if it is in fact legal to marry chandeliers, can they have multiple wives? Louise, we could be sister wives!

I can't express my glee over Ford being attacked by a chandelier! Pure awesomeness!

I loved the ending montage. I got a Todd & Blair full hug, against a wall. What is this emotion I'm feeling? Ah yes, BLISS.

Even though Starr wasn't actually singing in the scene, I have to say this is the best I've heard her sing this song.

Jessica has been given back her Bukeness. I am grateful.

Starr punched Hannah and Todd refused her ice. I enjoyed it. And Sam? I'm gonna miss that little guy. I also kinda like that Jack was nowhere to be found.

Allison is a hoot and a half! Her jig at end just about did me in.

Alas, my Clint & Viki must be saved!

You've all said it all. There was nothing, nothing, that I didn't enjoy, love, on Friday's episode. I think Hillary Smith's plea to Troy was Emmy material.

And, with my burning hope that chandelier has indeed done its job, my ode to it and Ford, to the tune of Ding dong the wicked witch is dead -

Ding Dong! The Douche is dead. Which dumb Douche? The Bobby Douche!
Ding Dong! The Chandelier crushed his head.
Cheer up, you long time fans, he's finally gone, that noxious gnome is dead.
So great! the dickhead Ford is dead. He's gone where the morons go,
Below - below - below. Yo-ho, let's open up and sing and ring the bells out.
Ding Dong' the merry-oh, sing it high, sing it low.
Let them know
The Dickhead Ford is dead!

I agree with you completely about Starr's singing. It would have been much more effective if we did not see her singing in the chapel. It is actually a very nice song, and it fit perfectly with the montage, but seeing a girl in a party dress sing a song on bended knee was a tad hokey. It did not ruin the moment, but it was a bit of an eye-roller.

I'd watch it! Let them replace the Spew with The Chandelier of Fate and I'm there. At least it would be welcome programming from an audience point-of-view. Otherwise, the future looks pretty bleak with no AMC or OLTL. And I'm one of the folks hoping the Chandelier of Fate's sterling performance means Jessica and Brody will reunite. So they both have a few problems. Nobody's perfect, right?

Louise- Do you have plans to continue blogging after the cancelation? I have so enjoyed reading your commentary since you started writing for this site... and must say that I might be just as disappointed about not watching as not reading your blog! Please, share your future plans.

Funny you commented on the singing. The song/montage definitely made me cry.... but I have to admit I cringed when Blair, said sing it... I was like "oh gosh, please don't"... and then she did *cringe*... it would have been less cheesy if it was just her voice overall images....

Also, I just need to note how hilarious it was when Nora asked Troy if he would save Bo initially and he shook his head all matter-of-fact. LOL!

"You can't have any ice, psychopath. NO ICE FOR YOU!" Classic, classic Todd. I couldn't stop laughing.

I'm losing it by the minute. I'm not sure I've fully grasped it all yet. Has there ever been such a time in all our histories where there wasn't going to be another Monday show? Woe is me. I will miss your witty comments as well. I agree, that chandelier deserves some kind of reward for a job well done. Allison was delightful! They are laying it on thick. Maybe that's keeping us from fully feeling it.

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