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« And With That, I Have Become a Soap Crazy | Main | The Bold and the Beautiful: Week in Review »

January 05, 2012

This Show Makes My Face Hurt

It makes a few other things hurt, too, since I opted out of my 6pm painkiller for my broken foot because I knew I'd want to be sharp enough to really absorb today's One Life to Live and be able to write about it. So here I am, un-drugged and achey, but it was worth it. 

But my face hurts not from a broken bone or lack of drugs, but from smiling. (Okay, and maybe a little ugly-crying.)

Now before I say this, a disclaimer: I would trade all of this to keep the show. But as good as it is right now, we wouldn't be getting this stuff if the show weren't ending. Again, I would trade it to keep the show. But I'm trying to find an upside. And this is an upside. They wouldn't be delving into all this history and getting all these great returns if we weren't nearing the end, and they really pulled out all the stops to go out with a bang.


I am never going to complain about Mitch showing up to babble creepily about prophesies.


Oh my! And can I just say again how incredible Roscoe Born and Melissa Archer are in scenes together? Holy crap! They are just skin-crawlingly good. I half wanted the rescue to take a couple of days so these two could just work together for a little while longer. More actors I want to write a play for! (The list is getting long.)

Speaking of plays, we got a whole heap of theatre folk today. Roscoe Born, of course, Meghann Fahy back as Hannah, Van Hughes subbing in as Cole, Barbara Garrick back as Allison, and then of course all our usual stage peeps... Howarth and Smith and verDorn and Slezak (and that's just from today's episode) and the one thing it made me yearn for is a big old Off-Broadway play starring the vast majority of this cast being made possible by the cancellation and their newfound availability (see again, I'm trying to find upsides wherever I can as I brace myself for Friday the 13th). 


Hannah's back! Now there's another villain I really enjoyed. And this time they exploited her for all she's worth by having her not only threaten Little Sam, but totally tug at what we all know is the cutest thing about him!

Hannah: ...or I start blowing holes in this one until there's nothing left but the glasses.

Damn! Don't you dare hurt a hair on li'l Sam's head! And don't touch those glasses! And how perfect was it that they brought Todd into this scenario? Todd and Sam's adorable bond is Big Bad Todd's soft spot of this particular incarnation (well, okay, he has a few more soft spots than usual this go-round), and we damn well know he's not afraid of Hannah's little pistol. 


I thought Van Hughes, who took over for Brandon Buddy at the last second as Cole, did a nice job on his first episode, but yesterday I found him a little too Broadway musical (and yes, that's where I know his work from so maybe I'm too quick to jump to that), but today he seemed to settle back in. It can't be easy to perform scenes that were written not because it was essential to the story to bring the character back no matter who played him, but because they had the original actor there and on set when they had to replace him. Too late to make adjustments, and the scenes were written to carry with them the weight of all the history without having to rebuild any of it. Not easy, so I commend him. (Interestingly, today was actually the first time Todd's and Cole's characters have ever been in a room with each other.)

Oh, man. Such good stuff. And then there was Troy and Nora!



They threw plenty of callbacks in there, both to the wine with which Troy had tried to get Nora to agree to a suicide pact and the special "memory-erasing" drug that Lindsay had injected Nora with to get her to forget Lindsay's involvement in keeping Nora captive. Treadway and Smith didn't miss a beat. On the list of fantasy returns, Troy wouldn't have been anywhere near the top of my list, but damn did this pay off!

And then who ended up helping Bo save the day?


Lindsay! I was almost disappointed that her lip gloss wasn't as frosty as it used to be, but then again Gigi has taken over the Queen of Frosted Lip Gloss role on the show and Lindsay is nothing if not gracious -- she wouldn't try to usurp a throne already taken. And how much did you love that she asked to be thanked by being granted a pardon? Well done, writers, for not just letting her show up to be selfless and heroic. Of course she's going to angle this for something! That's our girl.

And of course there was one more return:


Allison Perkins! And not just a crazy Allison Perkins, finally broken free from Mitch's mind control (or so she claims for now), but an Allison Perkins ready to make some new historical revelations! And I'd imagine the vast majority of us are hoping for the exact same revelation and she started touching on it today with the whole Jessica-and-Nat-being-twins-with-different-fathers business. Erasing Mitch as Jessica's father would be a great parting gift, and we'll recall that Allison always had that one more big secret even before she left the last time. But today was not the day to find out, because she decided it was time to kill both Viki and Clint and in the nicest moment of the episode (I say this only because I have confidence that they will make it through), they instinctively took each other hands...


...and told each other that they loved one another.


I love you, too, Clint and Viki! I love you too!

This fabulous episode ended with a shot going off in each location, leaving just about any present character up as a candidate for having been shot (I'm rooting for Ford as the only actual gunshot victim, and I'm rooting for tomorrow to open with him dead on the ground and everyone just shrugging, stepping over his body, and walking off arm-in-arm... is that asking too much?).

So who does everyone think tomorrow's victims will be? Any more escapees you're still hoping for? Will Allison's secret actually come out or will it be another tease? (NO SPOILERS in the comments, y'all!) Was everyone else as giddy as I was today? What a party.


Yes, yes, hell yes! Today was so entertaining. This whole week has been spectacular (I'm going to assume you will address the neck kiss from Tuesday at some point?).

I'm going to miss this show so much.

P.S. Sam Manning would have been so kickass growing up.

Thank God you posted about today's incredible episode! I was beside myself watching. Please oh please, please, re-Buchananize Jessica! I prayed that Ford would die and I still want that but I'd even trade that wish for Jessica being Clint's bio daughter. Well, I really want Ford to be shot and killed. Okay, it's Jessica's correct paternity!!! Jessica being rewritten to be the result of Mitch Lawrence raping Viki was the single worst decision by any writing staff. I seriously tuned out after that awfulness and returned years later. A friend of mine stopped watching OLTL all together after that s/l and has not returned.

I think the ones shot will be: Viki, Mitch, James, and Troy. I hope the ones shot are: Viki (of course survive), Mitch & FORD (both die), James (dies) and Troy (dies).

I know it's a soap opera but Bo's ineptitude with regards to subduing Troy was annoying. I loved how Todd swooped in and carried off Sam out of the room from crazy, fabulous Hannah! Loved it! I cheered! Sam was today's MVP!

I love this actor playing Cole. Such an upgrade over Brandon Buddy. Sorry y'all but this guy is a better actor than BB and is more soulful. Plus, his chemistry with Kristen Alderson is there and sells the Starr/Cole thing.

Oh, and I really hate Mitch Lawrence. Always have. It's just an opportunity for Roscoe Born to chew scenery as this caricature of an one-note villain. All he's missing is the mustache twirl!

very happy you posted today! I could not believe how great today's episode was!! The writing is superb along with the acting. This is what soaps are about, looking forward to the next episode!! I cannot wait for tomorrow!

^^ After watching today's episode again, I think Bo will be shot and not Troy. It's more dramatic and has more more impact. Okay, I am guessing Bo, Viki, James and Ford are the ones shot.

James: I thought we were baseball buddies
Sam: Let's go Phillies!

That was just about the cutest thing I've seen/heard. Sam is absolutely adorable!!!!

My guess:

Cole jumps in front of Starr & gets shot, Hannah breaks even further from reality & takes aim again, only to have Todd take her down.

Mitch is shot & killed. His body is drug out to a vacant lot, burned to a cinder, then salt is sprinkled over the ashes to stop him from rising from the dead again.

Bo is wounded, Troy is killed. No more pretty smile from Troy's face. (Oh & Lindsay gets her pardon).

Alison gets shot by Nigel. Thinking she's dying, she that Jessica is not Mitch's child.

My guess is that Todd will be shot and fight for his life as punishment for killing Victor (and go to heaven a la big sis Viki next week when Megan, Luna, and Gabrielle return)...Mitch will be wounded (and hopefully forced to strip from the waist up 'cause that man is FINE!)...Troy will be killed...and no one at Llanfair took a bullet because Alison fired the gun in the ceiling to scare Clint and Viki before she reveals that both Jessica and Natalie are Mitch's daughters (I'm just kidding about the Mitch part). Either that or Nigel saved the day by shooting Alison.

Hey, did I mention how sexy Mitch is...?

"Mitch is shot & killed. His body is drug out to a vacant lot, burned to a cinder, then salt is sprinkled over the ashes to stop him from rising from the dead again." @MelP - Loved this line!!! Freakin' hilarious!!!! Even at that, if OLTL wasn't being cancelled, they find a way to resurrect him.

But really, how many times has Mitch returned from the dead? I'm almost expecting a return from Victor Lord Sr. (or Junior would be cool too!)

Megan, Luna and Gabrielle return? Viki must get shot, but survive, right? Erika Slezak was set to continue with Prospect Park before they bailed.

I'm just curious where all the escaped prisoners got guns from. Did they steal them off the prison guards? Is that also where Lindsay got her shiny lip gloss?

Also, James is a little bitch for manipulating Sam like that. I was cheering when Sam "shot" James with his light-up toy gun. James is just paranoid because he knows he wouldn't have a chance with Starr if Cole weren't in prison. No matter who's playing Cole, I want him with Starr. I hope James got shot, Cole saves him, and to thank him, James tells Cole he can have Starr and James will leave. Grrr I just hate all things Ford, and Starr and Cole are the reason I started (loyally) watching the show in the first place. They were together when I started, and I want them to be together when I'm done.

I really hope Ford dies.

I enjoy Mitch Lawrence, but my god Alison Perkins, she is my all time favorite psycho crazy character. She just has so much fun being a psycho! And it looks like she just might be the bearer of good tidings regarding Jessica's paternity. I hope hope HOPE that Jessica ends being free of Mitch's taint, and wouldn't it just be grand if Fudd died? Then, no-one could say Mitch didn't do at least one thing right!

I thought today - most of it, anyway, was topnotch. Bo and Nora and Lindsay, and Clint, Vicki and Alison also. And Mitch.

But when Dudley #@#k-Up showed up at Llanfair, started verbally abusing Vicki and Clint ONCE AGAIN, and then rushed off, I was hoping that he would end up as Mitch's midnight snack. Instead it looks like we might have to listen to Vicki and Clint thank him for saving Jessica. If that looks like it might happen, I will FF through it, Vicki and Clint or not. I can't bear it.

But no matter what, the show is on fire, and the great actors are top notch, and everyone is bringing the best they've got. And I'm grateful.

^^ If Gabrielle returns, as a heavenly vision of course, it gives credence to my guess that Bo gets shot. He is the only character on canvas that had a significant tie to Gabrielle. Viki did not interact with Gabrielle very much outside of Gabrielle and Niki Smith hanging out for a brief time in '87 or '88. I loved Gabrielle/Bo And thought the couple had major potential before Gabrielle was brutally murdered (a boneheaded decision by the writers in 2002.)

Fuck Ford. He nearly ruins every episode with his smug indignation and today, wearing that hideous jacket, he DEMANDS answers from Viki and Clint after barging into Llanfair unannounced. I wish Viki and Clint hadsecurity who would have shot that asshole on sight for 'storming the castle.' Hopefully, Mitch will murder Ford.

Also, why do none of the rich citizens of Llanview have security? No security or police detail stationed at Llanfair or La Boule.

I'm really happy to see Lindsay return. I always enjoyed her rivalry with Nora. I just wonder who else on my wish list of returns will actually make an appearance before the last epi? Since I started watching OLTL in 1979, my list goes back pretty far.

A dead Ford? Please! Here's hoping that Ford dies and Ryder turns out to be Brody's son after all!

OLTL is making me giddy with joy. The show is giving us drama, comedy, tears and laughter.

I think RC was going to change Jessica's paternity back to Clint during the writer's strike and the temporary writer at the time threw out his story. Grrrr.

I know Ford's not going to die because he's St. Ford of Accidental Father's who somehow can do no wrong. But until the next episode airs, I'm going to dream of his funeral.

I stopped watching OLTL over a year ago and have NOT missed it. However, I did set my DVR to record these last two weeks and after watching (well, mostly FFing) the Monday-Thursday shows this week, I can't stand watching the rest. I hated most of the villan characters the first time around and don't like them any better now. They are all cartoons and not the least bit interesting. I mainly wanted to see Catherine Hickland...now that I've seen her, I've discontinued my recordings.

I would've paid real money if Cliff had interrupted Alison's ramblings about Oprah with a comment about her making really dumb decisions recently!!!

My guesses are Mitch, Troy, Cole and Nigel saves Clint and Vicki! I also wanted to know was there a box of guns by the door that said "take one please" so that everyone who escaped was able to grab one on their way out.

In a week that started with Todd and Blair setting TVs on fire with his kiss to her heart and culminating in 4, count them, 4 cliffhangers on a Thursday show, RC and his band of merry writers are showing people how soaps should be written.

The return of Allison and Mitch could just rewrite a bunch of Higley wrongs . And Clint and Viki holding hands as they face armed Allison is the stuff that soap dreams are made of. Every day has been a gift to the viewers.

I love, Love, LOVE Allison Perkins, “escaped mental patient”. Barbara Garrick is so delightfully, entertainingly over-the-top in all her scenes and her return today was no exception. What a delicious twist for her to be all self-actualized, to realize that she doesn’t need Mitch as an excuse to be her bad-to-the-bone self. Her little gigglefest over Dave/Ben was super cute. And then taunting Viki and Clint with her BIG SEKRIT before deciding to just blow their brains out instead? Sooo Allison.

The insta-reunion between Clint and Viki hasn’t really worked for me, but today? Them having a Jin and Sun moment while facing certain death? That got me.

Mitch is still after a male heir, huh? So again, I ask, what about Schuyler? Are we really supposed to forget that he exists and was in Statesville with Mitch? Or hell, what about Ryder even? His plan last time was to raise his grandchild in his image. Why couldn’t he do that with Ryder? Grrr, annoying.

I thought Ford was such a douche in those scenes with Clint and Viki. Again, like back when he was lecturing Viki about D.I.D. when Tess was in St. Anne's, I thought he was ridiculous scolding Clint and Viki about Mitch. Hey asshole, they know all about Mitch, they have been dealing with his psycho ass for YEARS, so SHUT UP and leave it to the professionals.

Ryder isn't Mitch's grandchild, because Mitch is definitely not Jessica's father.

And Clint would hardly let Mitch near Ryder.

I don't think it has been an insta-reunion for Clint and Viki. He has been living in her house for months and showing her that he has changed. Every one of their kids has noticed that the two of them were inching closer together, so I think the pace has been very realistic and the acting by the two of them, nothing short of phenomenal.

I think that Ford in a fight to the death with Mitch makes some sense, because I hope another wrong may just be getting righted. JMO, but this ride RC has crafted is exhilarating.

To C, above, re: Schuyler:

Mitch did mention Schuyler, though not by name and in an oblique way. He said it was prophesied that he would have "another" heir.

Oh this show! I am torn... would it be easier to say goodbye if it wasn't so darn good? I was careful to stay away from spoilers but I knew Lindsey was coming back, had no idea about the rest. Forget wedding and lost loves reconciling... this is it! Villians being vanquished once and for all would be a great and satisfying way to end the show (as long as Todd & Blair just forget the whole Tomas BS and love each other).

Seriously, how dumb is Bo? After all these years, so many horrible villians and unbelievable bad luck, rapists and murderers and all that crap, he feebly knocks Troy over the head? Really??? Then turns his back on him lying there on the floor?

Awesome, wonderful episode. Leaving me tingling and begging for more. Please don't go, show.

Was thinking the same, cjr. Knock the guy out and turn your back on him? Bo, I'm thinking the mayor, as annoying as she is, was right in firing you.

As for who gets shot, since next week involves a return to Heaven, Viki has to be one victim. Probably Cole, with Todd taking down Hannah afterwards and hopefully, Ford.

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