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January 11, 2012


No real shocks today on the episode, and let's face it, we've all been reeling from a certain news item today so it's hard to concentrate. And sometimes I feel like I'm just sapped emotionally. It's been so intense for so long now, I'm just exhausted. So I'll be brief(ish).

Gigi had applied on Shane's behalf to an art institute in London (named after Phil Jimenez -- very cool!), and he was accepted. Looks like the Gigi, Rex, and Shane departure story is going to be a move to London so Shane can delve into creating comic books! Sweet as can be, and a good exit story for three people who were not slated to continue online. 


But poor Roxy! Of course she'll be happy for her grandson, but she'll be so lonely!

In other "cleaning up shop for those not continuing online" news, Shaun (Sean Ringgold was going online) broke up with Vivian (Kearran Giovanni was not) because she won't marry him, and Starr and James called it quits because she'll never be in love with him the way she was in love with Cole. (In that case, neither Alderson nor Rodriguez were going online, but I'd wager that they split them up to keep Kristen Alderson available to bring her back into a major story if it became an option.) And Starr got her own exit story later in the episode when Rick made a pitch to her that will be a major advance to her pop music career (Snooze.).


But it's always fun to see Rick, who was thrilled by her recent tragedy and how marketable it makes her!

Neela apologized to Jack for turning over his confession tape to Shane and then admitted she'd been falling for him. These scenes seemed more like laying groundwork for a longer arc had the show continued on, so they didn't exactly have me on the edge of my seat. I also understand that Andrew Trischitta (Jack) has an adoring teen girl fanbase, so you know, you gotta give 'em some crumbs and show the boy with the purty hair!

Man, I'm really running out of steam here, y'all! The emotional rollercoaster is taking it right out of me.

Matthew came back to town to check in on Bo and Nora after their ordeal and told Destiny he feels bad for the way he treated her, but that he's still not ready for fatherhood. Sounds about right. I'm sure we'll be treated to an awkward, over-the-top birthing scene in some unusual location that changes Matthew's mind or something (we've all seen soaps before), but on the other hand? Shenell Edmonds was going online and Eddie Alderson was not. So who's to say? I still don't like the repeat of the teen parents storyline here, but I do care about what happens to Destiny and Matthew (and their families) so I admit I'm still curious. Nervous, but curious.

The big story today, though, was of course John and Natalie finally having their big talk. I mean... I was rooting for it because they've been dangling it for so freaking long, but I have to admit it was a better payoff than I'd thought. 

First of all, Liam!


And then... 

Natalie: I was at my worst, I was full of pride. I was stubborn, scared. I lied to you. And even if, at the time, I thought it was for all the right reasons, I was willing to marry you with that lie between us and that is something that I never wanted to do. And I am ashamed of that. I didn't -- I didn't trust you enough to tell you the truth. But I didn't want to lose you. So I guess you can add "coward" to that list, too.

John: Are you done?

Natalie: Well, that depends! Can you forgive me?

John: You're gonna let me talk. I was angry. I don't like to be lied to, especially by someone that means this much to me. 

Natalie: I'm so sorry. (Long pause.) I mean, does that mean that we can't get past this?

John: You made a serious mistake. But I could have handled it better. I drank too much too often, I slept with someone else, and I did all that to hurt you. I couldn't handle thinking that Liam wasn't mine. I look back at myself... and I see someone I don't even recognize and I am ashamed of that. I took a bad situation and made it worse. I failed you, and I failed Liam, and I failed myself. You want to know if I can -- if I can forgive you? The real question is, can you forgive me?

And of course, we know the answer. Wow! I've gotten so frustrated with this storyline these past several months but I have to give credit: this is exactly what they both needed to say to each other. And he talked instead of grunting, he smiled instead of brooding! This was a damn fine reunion scene. Color me impressed. (I'm just choosing to forget his little "then get those lips over here" line. It makes it all better.) 

And then they finally got it on! And they were excited and it was awkward and full of nervous laughter, which I loved. Often those "handily rip each other's clothes off with total confidence" sex scenes look so forced to me, and this felt very human and real and, frankly, like they were dying for it.




And the pillow talk was just awesome. They talked about how this great moment doesn't mean everything's going to be perfect and they shouldn't expect that. And he was about to tell her he loved her and she tried to stop him since, you know, poor, haunted, brooding John has trouble saying "I love you" and she didn't want him to have to go through that traumatic ordeal, but he wouldn't let her stop him! He told her, and she said it was worth the wait. Very nice.


And oh yeah, he smiled.


Well done, writers and Melissa Archer and Michael Easton. Very, very sweet scenes for a couple I'd not always been able to really get behind. Pretty perfect.


So let's bask in this afterglow while we can. Both Archer and Easton were slated to move to the online version, so this was a complete reunion that was going to propel their relationship forward. Now with that off the table and Easton heading to General Hospital as John, who knows what's next (it's certainly possible that he's going to Port Charles on assignment and will check in back home, or that Archer will be headed west herself at some point, but who knows for now, it's all speculation). We have a while to bask in this being how Natalie and John's story was meant to be on One Life to Live. And somehow I find myself a believer!

So again, comment guidelines: be gentle with each other, and please leave us alone if you think the show sucks and deserves cancellation!

And again I ask: how's everyone holding up? And did today's big GH casting announcement ease the pain or stress you out? Or are you still just not sure? Is everyone crazy-psyched to see Agnes Nixon on tomorrow's episode? I know it'll make me cry in a nano-second.


How with this help GH? as long as SL are Sonny centered GH is practically unwatchable. John & Sam would be only good if they were vampires, otherwise its like watching John& Tea. boring.boring boring.

Great post as usual, Louise! As someone who has never cared much about John and Natalie either way, I was shocked by how satisfying their reunion was. If I'd known waiting for their damn talk would make it that good, I might not have been so annoyed all the times they put it off!

(And to those complaining about the show sucking -- really? Is it that hard to refrain for *one week* when your host specifically asks?)

Valholic, I like the way you think!

And really, RC likes John McBain way too much -- there's no way he's going to let the criminals always win on GH the way they do now. Here's hoping!

The John and Natalie scenes were so very good today. I had low expectations, I guess, with it being drawn out so long. And honestly, they weren't usually in my "favorites" category. But that changed today. Their conversation felt so right, and I thought the connection between the two was electric.

I know Shawn broke up with Viv because he was going onine and she wasn't, but IMO he acted like a Grade A jerk. She had made it clear to him that she was committed to him, marriage or not. But instead of believing in her, and in them, he acted like his bossy bigmouthed mother and did the whole "my way or the highway". Viv is well rid of him with that sort of attitude.

I liked the way Shane got his exit storyline, and somehow I feel that Roxy might just be tagging along to England. The mother country won't be the same if she does!

I have never watched GH, but I planned to pick it up when I heard that Ron C. and Frank V. were coming in. I thought that I'd see if they could do anything with it.
And now, with these actors coming on board, I wouldn't miss it for the world. Of course what I, what so many of us want is for OLTL to be continuing intact. But since that's not happening, I will take what I can get. I may be jumping from one deck to another as the Titantic sinks, but until then, I'm going to miss a chance to see more Todd and Blair, and even McBain and Starr. And who knows? Maybe we'll have a visit or two from some other Llanview residents. If Vicki can go to Paris, Texas, she can certainly go to New York State to see her brother....

Great post, Ron.

Great blog, Louise.

I wonder if Clint might get Rex legitimately involved in BE while he's in UK.

The Mannings in Port Charles! I can't wait for February! Todd Manning, Luke Spencer and Robert Scorpio on the same show. Bring it on.

I am over the moon with today's OLTL. IMHO, everything was perfect from Shane getting accepted to the "Phil Jiminez" school of art, I mean, how awesome and such a great shout out to PJ. I used to love Gigi and Rex until I watched them on Dirty Soap-which I know is scripted-but JPL was so twitchy and Farah was so bitchy, it colored my perception of them as Rex and Gigi. Starr and James-I approve of their breakup 100% and Rick is always a hoot. Watching that entitled spoiled brat Matthew, I almost wish he were still comatose. I adore Destiny and her acting today was so well done. Shaun and Viv-broke my heart. Any day with Roxy is a joy. And the icing on the cake was John and Natalie. The "talk", which I thought would never happen, was so well done that it was worth waiting for. And this is coming from someone who honestly had begun to feel Brody was better for Natalie. More, more, more Liam!

As far as the GH news #1. I can't think I will ever again watch GH no matter who comes on the show-not even George Clooney! #2. I believe GH will soon be gone to make way in the schedule for the Katie Couric show.

I might be wrong and maybe Valentini and Carlivati can work their magic on GH. They are a great team and I wish them all the best of luck. Can't think of watching any more soaps once my fave is done.

I'm a GH fan - or at least, a fan of what the show once was - and I'm excited to see how this OLTL infusion goes. GH is horrible right now and has been for quite some time. While I would like to see some GH vets make some returns and other long standing cast members actually get a story - if bringing on some OLTL characters does nothing more than make GH watchable again, then I'm all for it. If given a chance - and it's done right - this could be a very good thing for GH.

It is clear to me that GH is toast. No matter what valiant effort RC and FV make to improve the show's quality and ratings. With the canceling of AMC and OLTL, the allowance of Brian Frons to systematically dismantle AMC, OLTL and GH, ABC has made it clear that it wants out of the soap game. Period. I am just happy that a proven creative team will usher the show off the air.

I would have been all for 30-minute airings of OLTL and GH if it meant both shows could live on (under RC and FV.)

I think Todd and Blair won't be on GH long. My wishlist is that between Robert F'n Scorpio's return and John McBain being in PC, we see a change in the current PCPD and they get the mob under control. I don't think they can get rid of the contract players, but I think Scorpio. McBain and Dante can give us some good cat and mouse and actually make the mobbies lose every once in a while. I also think that Robert/John and potentially Dante could become the new Mary Sues, which is a double edged sword, but it can temper some of the major problems in PC.

I'm not as convinced as everyone else that GH is necessarily dead. I think the Katie Couric show would be better against the 3rd hour of Today, so taking that hour from the affiliates could be an option, if GH can prove itself. I think Carlitini (whcih sounds like a cute little drink) have a good plan in bringing back a long time fave that will attract lapsed viewers and a few popular characters from OLTL that will bring others. It's a gamble and if they're going to capitalize on it, I think they need to make it clear within a week what their intentions for the show are. Specifically, they will need to focus on family, hospital, and rebuilding the PCPD. I think the show is lost within those first couple weeks if we don't see a serious attempt to take down the mob. If the story that centers around Sonny doesn't include "Sonny goes to jail even though he's claustrophobic" it's over.

Call me crazy, but I think I believe in Ron and Frank this time. I don't know another team that I think would have a better chance at saving the show.

As for today's OLTL, I think that the whole canvass has to be seen this week. It would be wrong to ignore any characters completely. That said, I do wish that certain characters didn't make it this far. I think that Shane is getting a great ending and I'm actually glad for him, even though I couldn't care less about his family. I wish Jack would have told us where he was while Hannah was on her shooting rampage, because that monolog would have been far more interesting than a scene with Neela. Even though I was never a Jolie fan, I'm glad that they had the talk and teh sex. But I wish that James was played by a more capable actor and I hope that Starr is going to leave Rick in the dust to follow Cole to wherever. And I wil never understand why Matthew was in a coma so long. I know that he will embrace fatherhood, I just wish he would have had a chance to do it a couple months ago.

Unless Cole is in Port Charles, I don't think Starr is following him right away. Remember, Todd didn't even tell her where Cole was meeting his parents. Of course that could change.

Anyway, I am so happy that RH and KDP are making this jump. The show can only get better.

Back in the day, characters from OLTL and AMC crossed canvasses with some regularity. (I think the two imaginary cities are supposed to be very near each other). I'd be curious to see how this OLTL crossover to GH works, particularly for Blair, Todd and Starr. I mean John's backstory is that he used to work for the Feds so it's not a stretch that PCPD would seek him out to help with a special case although I would hate to see him become another tool to prop Sonny and Jason. As for a confrontation between Sonny and Todd, I'd put my money on Todd. And Blair, finally someone who can put Carly in her place.

Anyway, haven't been able to watch OLTL all week so thanks for the recaps. Not ready to say goodbye just yet to Vicki & Clint, Bo & Nora, the Lords, the Buchanans, the Woleks, the Cramers, the Mannings, the Halls (although a few of these families left awhile ago, it always felt like they were still in Llanview in spirit...)

OLTL was always my favorite ABC soap even during the times that I didn't think it was that great, I still felt connected to the characters and their stories. Thank goodness for YouTube.

Oh, perhaps I dipped in to too many 'magic brrries' (thanks B&B!) but did I imagine some random chick in a robe coming up Destiny as she exited Bo's hospital room? Anyone else see her?

* and that's magic berries! Sorry for the typo.

===Oh, perhaps I dipped in to too many 'magic brrries' (thanks B&B!) but did I imagine some random chick in a robe coming up Destiny as she exited Bo's hospital room? Anyone else see her?===

You weren't alone, Soapbaby, I saw her too - but didn't have a clue who she was.

Soapbaby I'm so glad you mentioned that, I noticed it too! It was a little too overt for it just to be an extra. I wonder if she'll be of more significance tomorrow? Or maybe she's someone's kid who got promised a line? Or... was there a contest for a walk-on role or something? I was thinking it could be something like that. Who knows, though.

I adore Jolie so I was simply in heaven today. It was perfect! MA and ME were both smoking hot sexy, and sweetly vulnerable as Natalie and John; it was pretty much all I could ask for. Honestly I thought much of the rest of the episode was pretty awful. Are there really many people who care about Neely and Jack or Starr and the porn guy? As for the news of the Mannings and John McBain coming to GH, I am not thrilled as a GH fan. I was very excited about RC/FV coming to GH so that the GH characters I love and who have suffered through some really atrocious writing, could finally get good writing for a change, but I have no interest in OLTL characters coming over even though I love the show. I can see where McBain would fit maybe (the PCPD could do with at least one competent cop) but the Mannings?? Just NO! If it is just a short story arc for ratings and to tie up loose ends, I can deal, but if they are just bringing in hew airhogs to gobble up the screentime left over after Jason/Sonny/Carly and co get theirs I will not be happy. It bothers me that the first thing RC/FV did instead of trying to fix GH characters and story is instead to work to fit in OLTL characters and to give them a story on General Hospital???

I don't think GH is long for this world no matter what bump they might get from this so I don't think it can 'save' General Hospital, but it can take attention away from GH's characters and history and that should be the focus in the final months; honestly that would really be a slap in the face for this longtime viewer of both soaps.

Nervous about the Mannings/McBain transplant but it will definitely get me to watch the dreck that GH is now. I tried watching it today in preparation and I couldn't even.

I think this has cemented my opinion that RC/FV's loyalty and priority is OLTL. I've long wondered why RC keeps tweeting about OLTL daily and I do think that they believe that GH is a means to an end but they want to save OLTL in some shape or fashion. I wouldn't be surprised if FV is trying to get some version of OLTL resurrected somewhere somehow.

I've had this feeling for a while but today's news makes me think that even more. GH is almost certainly gone once Katie's show premieres in the fall and I'm sure RC/FV know that too. Hmmmm....

"I have to be honest, I don't know why GH fans would be upset. The show is terrible right now and has been for a while. It needs a shake-up. RC has always been better at balancing screen time so this doesn't mean a bunch of firings over there. God forbid we see Sonny and Kate having the exact same conversation 15% less!"

Louise, as a long time GH fan, I am upset at the news. I understand the need for a shake up (and yes, THERE NEEDS TO BE CHANGE), but it doesn't make me feel better that the first thing this new regime does is bring these 4 actors over. You say RC is good at balancing screen time, but if that's the case, couldn't he have balanced it with the cast that's already there? Why bring in these OLTLers which will take away more time from the established cast?

I'm willing to wait and see what happens. but I won't lie, right now, it feels like GH will no longer be GH anymore. I really don't want the Mannings and McBain take away time from the Quartermaines and the Scorpios - which has been non-existent!


It bothers me that the first thing RC/FV did instead of trying to fix GH characters and story is instead to work to fit in OLTL characters and to give them a story on General Hospital???

This is exactly what troubles me about today's news. Thank you for putting into words what I couldn't express.

I am going to practice a "wait and see" approach with GH improving because Lord knows I cannot watch what is on the air. Plus, it's Todd and Blair. Presumably, they'll have this awesome, explosive chemistry AND SEX together!!! Seriously. I have a feeling we will not get our TnB love scene before OLTL concludes and I am all for seeing that go down. John McBain has been an improved character also. Starr, well meh, I'm not a fan.

I am also going to practice an "and & both" attitude to a good writer's ability to balance a canvas with respect to veterans (Sonny, Jason, Carly are vets and characters around for over 15 years on GH) and newer characters. While I have not loved most of RC's newer characters, OLTL was pretty well balanced with the use of the vets. And Todd, Blair and John are fine 'newer' characters versus the other options. Also, did I mention: Todd and Blair could have sex in Port Charles. Sign me up!

GH is already full of brand new, incredibly tedious characters with no historic ties to the canvas eating up its air minutes. I, for one, am hoping this might mean we'll have less of Robot Padilla and Lisa Niles Part 2 and the Woman in White, and that the OLTL characters can be better introduced and integrated into a more balanced show. OLTL has more viewers than GH right now, and I've also heard a lot of people saying that they'll drop their planned ABC boycott now to try to keep GH afloat.

My only real concern is what seems to be RC's certainty that Starr is a fascinating lead role. WAY more worried about that than the three grownups.

OLTL got an influx of ATWT and GL actors when those shows ended, which is just how cancellations work in soaps. Only difference is, they're trying it this time with established characters rather than just trusting that the audience will follow actors in different roles. I think it's a bold move, and it's worth trying anything at this point.

I agree Louise, many of these OLTL actors were going to go somewhere and most likely if actors like Michael Easton and Roger Howarth were cast on General Hospital as different characters, they'd still be a threat to "eating up screen time." This way, the show gets a bunch of newbie characters with a very rich history to replace all the newbie characters that have no history.

Besides that, FV and RC use the actors that they have. I don't think there was ever a OLTL character that disappeared long enough from the canvas for me to pause and think "What happened to that guy?" Granted, there were characters that showed up too often because of that (*cough, the Fords, cough*) but there was a balance.

I'm excited to see where this goes. It's making the rest of the week feel surreal though, like this is how it could have ended but it won't.

I like both shows but I have been with GH longer then OLTL. While I'm glad some actors are getting work I'm worried about the vets of GH. There are alot of newbies on GH that can go which is fine. But the Quartermanes, Scorpio's, Cassadines, and Spencers need to be built back up and have some closure before GH ends(and we all know it will)GH has some of the most wonderful actors on daytime it's been the writting that sucks. So I hope they concentrate on GH and it's history instead on making it OLTL 2.0 Hopefully it's a short stent just to tie up their storyline since they weren't able to online. Like I said I love both shows but OLTL had their time to shine at the end please let GH get theirs too!

I'm THRILLED -- THRILLED!!! -- about the Mannings moving to Port Charles. And stunned. You couldn't have paid me to believe this was actually happening before it was confirmed by the mags, even when people started posting yesterday morning that they had seen the promo on SoapNet. Roger Howarth playing Todd on another soap? With Blair?? And Starr??? I cannot express how much I was dreading Friday's conclusion for Todd and the Mannings...even if they tried to edit around what looks like Todd being exposed/arrested/abandoned/whatever, the whole thing was going to be a mess that I was going to mentally edit out of the end of the show, instead focusing on all the good Todd and Manning stuff we've gotten lately, and since RH came back. But still, it would have been tough to see things end in a nasty cliffhanger, with Tomas returning "triumphantly" (gag!) and with their being no way on God's green earth that Victor's actually dead anyway. Now? Well, at least I know now that Friday is not the end.

I'm not fussed with whether this is a short-term or long-term thing (I don't think the show has longer than a year anyway...), or with how much (or not) the Mannings are integrated onto the rest of the GH canvas (John's much more easily integrated, with or without MA/Natalie, IMO). I'm just so grateful that I'll get to see these characters, played by these actors, TOGETHER, with people at the helm who have some level of understanding and dedication to them. Also...

I think this has cemented my opinion that RC/FV's loyalty and priority is OLTL...I do think that they believe that GH is a means to an end but they want to save OLTL in some shape or fashion. I wouldn't be surprised if FV is trying to get some version of OLTL resurrected somewhere somehow.

I've had this feeling for a while but today's news makes me think that even more.

ITA agree with this.

I can totally understand why GH fans are conerned, upset, or just plain angry about this. But I can't lie about how I feel -- which is so happy to get my Mannings for a little while longer, and that OLTL ain't 100% dead yet if all the folks involved, in front of and behind the camera, have anything to say about it.

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