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February 26, 2012

From The Bottom of My Broken Heart

I've been in a state of minor to extreme General Hospital depression since Kimberly McCullough's exit was officially announced. There were so many times I'd watch one of Robin's scenes--well, that's an overstatement, because it's not like she's had "many" scenes at all since then, so let me revise, for the sake of honesty: there were approximately eight times that I'd watch one of Robin's scenes and tear up, all sentimental-like. "This could be the last time Robin and Mac see each other!" "What if this is the last time Patrick and Robin kiss?" "This could be the last time ever that Robin talks about Jason!"

So I knew that the end to this story, the end of all stories for an iconic character who has been a part of my life since I was a tween with phenomenal taste in daytime television and the good luck to have a school schedule that saw me home before 3:00, would gut me. And every time I went to hit play on my DVR, I had a moment of trepidation: could I handle this? How hard would I actually cry? Did I have tissues, Visine and chocolate chip cookies within arms reach? And was I ready to say goodbye? How gutted would I actually be?

I am...like, ten gutted.

Robin: Listen to me. Listen to me. You have to do this for me.
Patrick: No! No! No! There has to be another way.
Robin: Patrick, do you love me?
Patrick: Yes. You're my whole life.
Robin: You're my whole life. You and Emma are my whole life.
Patrick: Robin, no--
Robin: Patrick--
Patrick: What?
Robin: Patrick, you have to go. The doors are about to lock.
Patrick: I'm not leaving you! I'm not going anywhere!
Robin: I'm not leaving you. I'm in your heart, just like you're in mine. I'm never leaving you. You've got to go.
Patrick: Robin, I love you.
Robin: I love you so much. I love you always.

I completely bypassed the ugly cry and went, full-force, into the realm of "hideously contorted wailing" and haven't looked back. My neighbors probably consider calling animal control every afternoon.

And until it is revealed, like I think/fervently hope it will be, that Robin is not actually dead but is being held captive by someone extremely nefarious, I will probably continue to be gutted by the loss of this character who was so special to me and by the fucking amazing performances this cast has been giving in the aftermath of Robin's death ("death"? Is using the airquotes a sign that I am in deep denial? It is a little bit, maybe, right? Damn). Every scene, with eyes full of emotion and cheeks stained with tears, could basically be used as a For Your Consideration ad.

I mean, Finola Hughes? Please.



I uploaded that screencap and started crying all over again.

It's such a treat to have Anna pop in and out of Port Charles, and I wish the sweet, delightful and hot dog-hating part of her visit had lasted longer, but gosh. Amazing.

And, as is fitting, the two most important men in Robin's life had the most epic reactions.

When Anna broke the news to a shocked and devastated Mac, it was almost painful to watch, wasn't it? Like we were intruding on an actual moment of real, visceral grief. Whenever he has the opportunity to, you know...appear on camera, John J. York reminds us all what a fine actor he can be. He completely devastated me to the point where my heart actually ached.




Mac: Robin fought her battles with courage and with dignity, Sonny. She was happy. She had a husband and a daughter and a lot of people who cared about her. And now just like that, shes gone. Her smile...her freckles...the little way her mouth went crooked when she was mulling something over. It's all gone now.


And Jason Thompson--if Jason Thompson doesn't get nominated for an Emmy this year, I will RAGE. I will blog angrily, IN ALL CAPS, and Macgyver a faux Emmy out of paper clips that I will not send to him because that would be crazy, but it would at least give me a sense of inner peace.

I contemplated just making a post Robin Dies ("Dies"?) and Jason Thompson OWNS ME: A Gallery and filling it with screencaps of his horrified, heartbroken face.




And then I was going to make another post called Patrick And His Sweet, Sweet Jason Hatred: A Gallery (Of LOATHING). I don't quite know how to phrase this, because I don't want it to seem like this story has a bright side at all, but Patrick emerging from his shell-shock with a passionate case of Jason hatred has been nothing short of fantastic.






Immediately after Patrick learned that Robin had died ("died"?), Sam approachHatreded him about performing Jason's surgery. Never mind that Patrick, in the midst of his grief, should not be operating on anyone or doing anything that requires more than the minimal amount of brainpower. And never mind that the hospital should have been actually been evacuated. No, Patrick was supposed to drop everything and fix Jason's brain and when he balked at that prospect, Sam had the nerve to get angry. ANGRY! With a new, heartbroken widower. What the hell, girl? It was hard for me to watch those scenes, and the scenes she and Michael shared bitching about how horrible Patrick is, because that behavior is so out of the realm of human decency that it defies description. HIS WIFE JUST DIED ("DIED"?)! BACK THE HELL OFF!

But, no. She used every angry trick in her arsenal, from guilt tripping to rage and while he finally broke down at the end and agreed to the surgery (only because he knew it was what Robin would want and, oh, would Robin ever want that! I am so happy that her last moments were all about saving the one person on this show who never was and never will be in danger of actually dying), he did give us a whole lot of dialogue that had me attempting to high-five my television in a way that I hope was more charming and less unhinged than it seems when I write it like that.

Sam: Then DO IT!
Patrick: Why? Why should I? So he can go risk his life again? He didn't change for Jake, he's not going to Sam: Don't you think Jason deserves to be a father just like everyone else?
Patrick: No, I don't think Jason deserves that.

Sam: She would want you to save him. You need to honor that.
Patrick: I don't need to do anything. The answer is no.

Sam: If you don't help, he'll die.
Patrick: Good.

Patrick: I went to Emma's room. I couldn't go inside. I'm not ready to tell my little girl her mother's gone and that she died for someone who didn't deserve it.
Sam: What if it had gone the other way? What if Jason had died trying to save Robin and you were standing in front of me begging to save her. What would you say to me right now?
Patrick: That Robin deserves it. 

It was beautiful, every single word of it. And if Bob Guza were still writing, I'd fear that all of this would be followed by a story where Jason improbably and emotionlessly saves Emma's life, leading Patrick to spend an entire hour publicly worshiping the greatness that is Jason Morgan. But since we have a REAL and TALENTED writer right now, that might not happen! He might actually be allowed to be angry, indefinitely! And it will be wonderful.

I hate that any of this had to happen; like I keep saying, I am happy to see Kimberly McCullough doing what she wants to do, but I selfishly wish it didn't mean the end of Dr. Robin Scorpio. But if it HAD to happen, and it did...then I'm happy that the fallout has been so fantastic and the writing so good (!). This week promises to bring us more of the same, as more of Port Charles is due to find out about this loss and a superspy named Robert Scorpio comes to grieve his little girl. I have a box--okay, I have boxes of tissues handy.

A LOT of other stuff happened this week (imagine that--things happening. Stories moving forward. What show are we watching?!) that I barely got to react to, on account of the aforementioned emotional trauma. Briefly, in bullets:

  • Dante actually said this, and I vomited all over my living room: "I always thought Sonny was a mobster first and my father second, but it turns out it's the other way around". FUCK THE WHAT?!
  • In a feat of modern medicine, Helena is Cassandra(real name: Irina. Real purpose: Unknown)'s mother. AS IF. AS IF! AS IF! As if Helena could have a daughter so young. As if this "twist" would make anyone even marginally interested in this cluster. As if Stefan and Stavros could possibly have a sister so devoid of expression and vocal inflection. AS! IF!
  • While some scenery chewing makes me roll my eyes or look away from my television uncomfortably, when Bruce Weitz really goes over the top, I clap my hands and say "Again! Again!"
  • Starr Manning is on her way to Port Charles in a story that I am sure will be filled with pain and tragedy. How do I know this? Because the foreshadowing wasn't even shadowing; it was like forepitchblackness.

Starr: You're so sure of yourself.
Cole: Well, I'm sure of us. There's nothing to be afraid of. We're going to live happily ever after. All you have to do is say yes.

Child, have you ever watched a TV show before? Crowing about love and immortality is basically begging for murder. Either Anthony hits them or someone randomly sits up in the backseat and shoots Cole to death--it's possible, this IS Port Charles, after all...


For me, it was all about the faces I enjoyed.

I'm starting to like bat shit crazy Kate. She's becoming fun for me. I do believe that she's the one that tried to kill Dante and Sonny got in the way considering that as Kate she was all "what the hell were you thinking getting in the way of the bullet for Dante Sonny" so it's my belief that one of her alters must absolutely hate Dante. I enjoyed Ewen's "am I being punked" look on his face as he walked up on BSC Kate standing there in her wedding dress. I have never felt so sorry for a psychiatrist as I did for him in that minute. The person chasing AZ, I think that was BSC Kate following him and his tire blowing.

And speaking of Ewen, I like how smoothly RC transitioned him out of the LIW storyline and over into BSC Kate storyline.

Cassandra being Helena's daughter, I have no problem with that. I don't understand why people think that she can't be Helena's daughter. We're talking about Helena. She froze her son and brought him back to life so why say she can't be Helena's daughter. It's not like Helena actually had to give birth to her. Frozen eggs/surrogate/adoption. All possibilities. The question now is why did Helena want this daugther. But I am happy that at least RC is attempting to give some interest and understanding to the purpose of this storyline.

Johnny/Carly and then the addition of Shawn. I'm going to be honest, I FF through all of that because I see no chem between Johnny and Carly, they still have not built a true reason why Carly should be caring about Johnny to this extent, and its basically feels like these are three people that have nothing to do on this show so they are just making things up for them.

Now, the good stuff. JT did the damn thing. Patrick broke my heart this week. From telling Anna about Sam, to looking lost because he's trying to figure out how to tell Emma, to just holding Robin's rings in his hand. Loved it. And his "I can choke a bitch" look everytime he looked at Sam or discussed Jason. LOOOOVVVEEED IT. I'm happy that for once Sam was written true to nature of being selfish and thinking only about her needs, and finally, someone called her out on it. It's been years since she's finally been called out on her WTF behavior. This is the only woman I know that can hook a teenage boy up with a hooker in his mother's hotel and people either never finds out the whole story (Carly, Sonny) or are alright with it (Jason). I'm just happy that finally her behavior was called out. I actually rolled my eyes at her telling Patrick that Jason deserved to be a father because I kept wondering where was her encouraging Jason to be a part of Jake's life when he was alive. And when Jake died, wasn't she the one that was all about Jason making the right decision to give Jake up. But now because its her baby, Jason deserves to be a father. Oookay on that one.

So happy that Michael didn't make that fatal error of trying to compare his lost of Abby to Patrick's lost of Robin to Patrick because Patrick would have choked him. I'm not getting the whole not telling Jason about Robin's death because now she fears he might have an episode and die when before she yammered on and on about Franco to Jason without worrying that he might have an episode and die about that. What also set my teeth on end, Monica the doctor/COS taking Sam who hasn't stepped foot in a college let alone a medical school word on what can and can't kill Jason.

I like the introduction of Starr. I like that they used a Cassadine story for Cole to tell about the town of Port Charles because it's believable that he read that in a newspaper or something his parents told him because after all freezing the world is not something that happens everyday.

Sonny and Dante. I just eehhhh....uggghhh...that's all I got.

@kermitklein... His "I can choke a bitch" look... I love you, never change...

Meant telling Anna about Robin...not Sam

I agree JT, JJY and FH delivered some of the finest performances I have ever seen.
And I also agree JT deserves and Emmy. If he doesnt get one then they need to stop giving them out

Aw, I love Kelly Sullivan as Kate. Her and Mo have such chemistry on screen. And Kate's descent into madness is my 2nd favorite storyline after the Robin sadness. Sonny and Kate better get back together because after all the Robin stuff is resolved, it'll be the main, if not only, reason I watch. Not interested in the OLTL characters at all, but I won't object to them. Whatever can help GH and give OLTL fans a little treat is fine by me.

They could free up screen time, though, by getting rid of Jason and Sam, and Shawn, and TJ, and that doctor chick Steve brought over.

My hope was that Kate would jump in the water, have her face badly mangled by a boat prop, have to have extensive hospitalization and plastic surgery and return looking a helluva lot like Megan Ward.

I don't think Robin is dead either. They needed something dramatic for her exit, but "burned beyond recognition" doesn't mean squat, especially with a Cassadine lurking around. Now why would Helena care about Robin? Well, there's kind of a Six Degrees of Helena Cassadine thing:

Helena Hates Ethan
Ethan is Luke's Son
Luke was marred to Holly
Holly is Ethan's mother
Holly was married to Robert
Robert is Robin's father

You get the picture. I mean, she froze Leslie for, what, 20 years or something? Who knows?

And someone pointed out to me - there's always Faison.....

Yeah, I'm totally denying Robin's death too, and I'm on board with the whole Faison was lurking so Anna had to get Robin to safety. . . FH's portrayal seems more about her grief about everyone else's grief, rather than her own grief. It seemd to me that she really broke down after telling Mac, not after finding out herself.

If she is really dead, I can't stand the crappy way she died. . . such a slap in the face for a wonderful character and a compelling and brilliant actress, who has graced our screens for a very long time.

I too refuse to refer to Robin's "death" without quotes. I loved the GH of Robin, Anna, Robert, the WSB, etc., and have enjoyed watching Kimberly McCullough on my screen for years. I mean she could make us believe the Casey the Alien story so much that people still refer to it years later (I'm guessing with fondness since there has been so much worse crap on our screens the past few years).

The only reason I'm glad Patrick agreed to do the surgery when he did was that it (hopefully) has spared us scenes of Carly shrieking at him to do the surgery, and we'd have to listen to her, Michael, and Sam make Patrick out to be the bad guy. I'm sure once she crawls out of Johnny's bed she'll make her way over to the hospital to give him a hard time. I really hope it's not written that people start ganging up on Patrick.

I'm not too familiar with OLTL not having watched since the 1980's but I do have a basic knowledge of who the characters are just from reading SOD. However I couldn't really follow who Cole is and why he and Starr are driving around and somehow it seemed they are part of some witness protection program or Cole is supposed to be dead. It didn't help that my local TV news broke into part of their scene in the car, so I'm kind of confused.

I KNEW Dante would refer to Sonny last week as "Dad" !!!

Once again great commentary by Mallory and hilarious and insightful comments from the commenters!

I even got a little choked up when Dante told Lulu about Robin. JMB did a good job of quiet shock & sadness and showed an appropriate reaction.

Cole Thornhart is the son of Marty Saybrooke and Patrick Thornhart. Starr's father Todd Manning led the gang rape of Marty back in college. Cole and Starr fell in love before they knew each other's last name!

Cole was in prison for killing Elijah Clarke after he thought Eli had killed Starr and Hope in a warehouse bombing. He shot the guy when he was handcuffed and defenseless. After all the "crazys" broke out of Statesville, Cole saw his chance and also escaped to go see Starr and Hope.

Crazy Hannah (who had a thing for Cole and also tried to kill Starr) also escaped and went to get revenge on Starr. Hannah shoots at Starr but Cole jumped in the way and was shot. Cole survived but was critically injured. With the help of Starr's dad Todd Manning, Cole faked his death and went into hiding only to hook up with Starr and Hope in California as Starr's body guard 'cause Starr is a singing star don't ya know!

Starr and Cole heard about Todd being arrested for killing his twin brother Victor and that is why they are traveling back to be there for Todd and Blair. Their plane was diverted from PA to Port Chuck and so they are driving to Llanview from there when the accident happens.

I'm hopeful that Todd and Blair will explain that John McBain somehow found Victor alive and so Todd is cleared of all charges and is free to MAKE SONNY'S LIFE HELL!

@Leanne As an unapologetic fan of David Hayward, I love this plot hypothesis.

Which leads me to reflect: Todd and David (and Jake McKennon from waaayyy back on Another World) are some of my favorite soap characters, which goes to show I do not think all soap characters need to be good people. They just need to be called on their b.s. regularly if they are not good people. And if they are to be redeemed they really have to have YEARS of redemption. Which is why I find Sonny the most infuriating character in all of television. His story had potential at the start. But he's just terrible. And yes, I know, I'm preaching to the choir.

Thanks LadyBug and Holly, even if GH doesn't address the background within the new story, I still like knowing what the story is with the new characters, so that helps.

Your post was PERFECT! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

This week has seen Jason Thompson once again at his absolute best as Patrick so desperately fought to save the love of his life, and realized that she was gone. The scenes where he broke down upon being given Robin's rings, and seeing the tarp that covered "her body" (I refuse to believe she's gone, too!) were amazing.

As broken as I am for Patrick over Robin's death is as how angry I am at Sam for her heartless, selfish attitude to a man who just lost the love of his wife. Not one ounce of sympathy did she show as she approached Patrick when he held in his hands the reason his wife was dead. All she could say was if that was the medicine to save her husband. HELLO, YOU THOUGHTLESS, HEARTLESS, COMPASSIONLESS TWIT...could you maybe BACK THE HELL OFF? You are on a roll, directly lying to your husband about Robin(and I hope he rips you a new one for that), twisting it around so that Patrick's grief doesn't mean a damn thing, and that he is being a selfish prick because he would rather grief for his beloved wife at the moment then tend to your husband. I'd sure as hell not want the doctor who just lost his wife, and is consumed with grief and anger, to be operating on my husband, the guy the doctor holds responsbile for his wife's death.

And why the hell is nobody at GH consoling Patrick or Anna? Everyone is walking around like nothing happened, and the ones who do know what happened are so damn concerned about Jason that they can't find it in those igloos they call hearts to say: "I'm so sorry about Robin. Is there anything we can do for you?"

Jason Thompson, Finola Hughes, and John J. York have been absolutely fabulous in their scenes this week and last as Robin's loved ones are hit with the news of her death. I can't wait to see more scenes coming up with JT as Patrick tells Emma about Robin, and I can't wait to see the scenes where the rest of PC learns about Robin, and I really can't wait to see Patrick take his grief and his fury out on those directly, or indirectly, involved with Jason.

And as for everyone else's reaction to Robin's death so far...Monica, Sonny, and Michael...I hope that when the time comes and you need compassion, you are shown a hell of a lot more sympathy and compassion than what you've shown for Robin.

Okay, no more ranting. I've ranted a book! Sorry! :)

oops...obviously I need spellcheck...that should be the love of his life, not love of his wife. *smacks self on head.*

Call me BITTER! Robin didn't have to die. She grew up on GH with many of us. Robin,Patrick and Emma along with another baby on the way should have left PC as a family. Robin is the character who deserved a happy ending. I think this new writer is as bad as the Guza and GW. He killed Robin ahead of time to give material and story to others. Robin is sloppy seconds in her own story and that is wrong on many levels. People got material for Emmy and Robin fans endured a week of no Robin so this played out. Any other soap would be about Robin (NOT JASON) or anyone else. As for OLTL if I wanted to see their characters I would have watched the show. The OLTL people throw GH off. I resent them and the show is off because of them. SO much for a character like Robin with rich history treated like a nobody. The newbies get more respect that Robin. I am at the point of thinking it is time for GH to end before RC has Patrick disrespect Robin's memory by moving of too soon or sleeping around while drunk. Or any more of OLTL people invading GH. Did anyone ever think OLTL got good ratings when it was ending. People I know only tuned in to see it end. Again writers and producer have no idea what they are doing nor care about the audience.

Thank you OLTL watchers for the recap on who Cole is! Because I had no idea. For the first few minutes of the Starr section I didn't even know the little girl was her daughter.

At any rate, I completely agree that GH needs something NEW. Anything! Sheesh, how many times can we have Jason in the midst of a near death experience? He has these once a month and they (and the absurd Franco subplot) bore the heck out of me. I haven't watched a single Jason/Sam scene since their wedding. I've enjoyed these last few episodes though, and hope GH can pick up some OLTL viewership. I've actually been enjoying Crazy Kate, she's been the only interesting part of Sonny's storylines these past few months. Am curious to see which storylines they drop and which they hold on to with these new cast members coming in.

I too, am fine with the OLTL people coming if it expands viewership. For me, GH is about more than Patrick and Robin. I like them but it's not all about them. People who wish it cancelled can always stop watching it. Just a simple matter of turning the channel.

John York KILLED me.

Jason Thompson has been stellar. Patrick's newly awakened and upfront Jason Morgan hatred makes me all smiley and happy. I would be so freakin thrilled if he did actually kill Jason. I know it will not happen, I'm just saying I would love it. Love it. Love it.

Patrick dumping on Sam about Jason and Mac dumping on Sonny about Sonny and Jason was wonderful. Some of the best stuff I've heard on this show in a long time. I know it is meaningless flailing at the two "romantic" leads on this show, but still... LOVE.

I have to say that my favorite line of last week was from Patrick: "She died to save that son of bitch!" I loved it and please don't get me started on Sam and her Bitchiness.

Jason Thompson definitely deserves an Emmy for his performance! OUTSTANDING work! JJY and FH were also amazing!

Thanks for the laughs mingled in with the tears - I needed to laugh after this storyline!

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