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March 26, 2012

ALL The Exclamation Points


I was ready to throw a verbal side-eye at Sonny for being his typical brand of dysfunctional and horrible, and then all of the words in the world escaped me at the very end of today's episode (which, if I can hypercriticize for a minute, because I am physically incapable of not doing so, would have made a fantastic Friday cliffhanger, but it also worked pretty well as a fantastic Monday surprise, which I needed after a long Monday that included by commute thrown into complete disarray by construction on the parkway that saw my time in the car double and had bumper to bumper traffic spilling onto every conceivable backroad. Why do we not have jet packs yet?! It is 2012! I apologize for the digression. I just have a lot of feelings right now).

After Elizabeth and Emma gutted me with their ice cream, and then Jason Thompson completely devastated me some more, as he's made a point of doing every time he appears onscreen lately:

Patrick: We were supposed to sit on the porch and watch the sun go down behind the hill. The perfect ending to a long day at the hospital. It's the life I want. The life we wanted. How can this be over, Robin, before it even started? I can't believe you're dead. It doesn't even feel like you're gone.

We cut immediately to this:


and I made a sound between a shriek and a squeal. THE AIRQUOTES ARE REAL, YOU GUYS! ROBIN IS "DEAD"! And yes, we all hoped and many of us called that this was coming and it's playing out very similarly to Lucky's "death", but whatever: !!!!


After my initial squeeing and flailing, I then immediately wondered how this is going to play out.

Scrubs was a very popular couple, and the difficult job of putting Patrick with someone else becomes impossible if the audience knows that Robin is alive somewhere. I honestly wonder if Jason Thompson hasn't told the show he wants to leave, and they are going to tell the story of him eventually finding Robin.

Liz and Lucky were a very popular couple when JJ left. The audience knew Lucky was alive for 2 years before he came back to the show (albeit in the form of Jacob Young)and by then we had the makings of Liason, part 1. I hate to say it, but knownig Robin is alive doesn't mean a lot of anything to a writer if he wants to move forward and an actress who may not want to come back.

Hope they retcon that this is why Robert Scorpio left abruptly, so he could look for her and not marble mouthed not-son Ethan.

@Dawn True. I guess I'm just preemptively wincing in sympathy for the poor actress who gets shoved in the firing line. ;)

Yes, Liason began as friends not long after Lucky died in the fire. Sigh. Those were the days, when organic story telling preempted executives pushing for only certain actor/actresses working together.

Yeah! Robin is alive. This is so soapy. Patrick begins moving on a year from now with "________" fill in the blank and he's about to marry another woman or has even married said woman who is pregnant with his child. Patrick and Emma love the new woman in their lives and wham! Robin is found to be alive and she comes back thinking to reclaim her husband and daughter while Patty is about to become another father with his new wife. I do not want the woman to be Liz!

Here's hoping that Todd comes back to town and is all up in Sonny's grill...lol

I squealed like a like pig y'all! I loved seeing Robin (ala OLTL'S Victor Jr.) alive at the end of the episode. My wish is that she is recuperating in Pine Valley and being treated by Dr. David Hayward! David couldn't imagine not intervening to see that the other daughter of Anna lived.

(Just for folks who didn't watch All My Children, David and Anna were married when she lived in Pine Valley where the couple parented a daughter named Lenora who died soon after birth.)

I love that Robin is alive and presumed dead because it opens up so many stories. My preference is that David saved Robin and reunites with Anna. David (as played by Vincent Irrizary) would make a great addition to GH.

Another scenario is that Robin is being kept alive by Faison who was an enemy of Anna. There are a ton of possibilities and I just hope the writers choose a worthwhile one!

I squealed so much!!! When was the last time this show made me seriously happy? I needed that. We all did. Yay!!

Interestingly, I think this actually was meant to be a Friday cliffhanger. The Tivo program guide for GH has been "off by one" in its show descriptions (last Friday's described today's show), so I think GH's show dates got skewed by a day somewhere.

Yippee. And I agree, I wish it was Robin Robert was out looking for..

@ Soap Fan in Ohio. It seems that ABC sort of 'forgot' that it was a leap year. There were all the issues with that one episode that didn't DVR and now this - you are right, a much better cliffhanger - but it doesn't involve Jason on Sonny, so not worthy in the producer's eyes...

I squealed like a little kid on Christmas day when I saw Robin. Props to GH for keeping that under wraps.

Anyways, I'm just happy that I know Robin is alive and can be reunited with her daughter. I'll deal with it if Patrick is moved on because to me Robin is and has always been more than just one half of Scrubs. She had a rich history before Patrick.

And yeah, I don't really remember anything else that happened today. I assume Sonny and Carly were being their usually douchebag selves.

I'm just glad my girls ALIVE!! So much so that I'm willing to overlook the fact that they didn't give her a proper "death". Did I mention how CRAZY FANTASTIC Jason Thompson has been with this storyline? and seriously, the little girl who plays Emma is beyond adorable. I wonder were they are going with this story of Robin being alive..

So happy that Robin is alive! Patrick was terrific today, especially when Emma overheard the comment to the delivery guy. I thought he handled that well, and I thought it was also very natural for him to call another parent, a friend to ask for help.

Liz and Emma at that tiny little table eating ice cream was heartbreaking, but so good. That kid playing Emma is adorable. Plus JT interacts with her in such an honest way.

Faison! That rotter! He has stolen Robin away from Anna (and consequently Patrick and Emma) for some nefarious reason. Perhaps he's in cahoots with Helena! That Viper! And just maybe they are into stealing all the "dead" people in PC, and are also hiding Jake, Cole and Hope somewhere! Maybe even Alan!!! Why? I dunno, but wouldn't it be good??

Anyway, just so happy Robin isn't dead, and only "dead"!

Just about the Monday/Friday thing, Mallory: that's a big RC thing. He does cliffhangers and reveals on any day of the week, not just last thing on Friday. It makes watching exciting, I think.

I knew something "big" was going to happen on the show yesterday, but what a DISAPPOINTMENT that it was "Robin is alive."

Can NO ONE really be dead on a soap? I'm so sick and tired of all the "back from the dead" storylines. I'm sure if it's Vincent Irizary coming on the show as David Hayward they'll just pick up the "back from the dead" storylines that AMC had going when they went off the air. It didn't make sense on AMC and it won't make sense on GH. In fact, no "back from the dead" storyline ever makes sense and I, for one, am so over this over-used plot line.

Except for Robin's funeral, which turned into a fiasco, all the performances surrounding her death (except for Maxie's) have been outstanding. And now they were all for naught? What a shame.

Don't get your hopes up people...Kimberly left the show and I would guess it will be a very long time before she comes back, if ever. And I'm one who doesn't want her to come back.


My CSINY/Bones/ eyes see ligature marks on her neck? Why would she have been strangled? Or is that just the lighting made to make her look banged up from the explosion.

I watched this yesterday but somehow I totally missed this. Crap. That would have been a great moment, if I had been paying full attention. :-( Oh well, I'm just glad Robin is alive.

I'm one who does want her to come back!!!!
I like "back from the dead" story lines. In real life, when we lose a loved one - they are gone. Of course we know that. BUT - this is one of the reasons that I watch Soap Operas! I'm sure that I'm also not going to be introduced to my long lost murdering twin anytime soon either......but if you enjoy soap operas, you must suspend disbelief. People who refuse to do that should probably stick to reality TV. Back from the dead story lines are far from the only "far fetched" things that we see on our soaps...and I love it!!
We all knew that the body under that sheet was planted there by.....?? Who cares if Santa Claus & the Tooth Fairy whisked her away - she's ALIVE!!!! I still remember seeing JJ sitting in that room after Lucky burned up - even though I knew he left the show, the door was still open. This is leaving the door open for KM....who cares if it is in a week or a year? We all know she'll be back at some point & what a story that will be!!
We're back to the "don't want to miss a day" GH!
Bravo to you!!

I'm with Bourgeois Nerd -- love that RC isn't predictable with his cliffhangers. Something huge could happen any day! That's awesome.

(Yay, Robin's alive! Love it when I'm right about things that I actually wanted to happen on this show.)

How sweet was that little father/daughter smooch with Patrick and Emma?

No squeel from me I just let out a loud HELL YEAH!!!! to which my son quickly pointed at me and said "ooooo mommy said a bad word!" usually I would try to debate the charges but I happily turned over a dollar to put in the curse jar because even though we all kinda knew it was proven that our girl Robin is alive!

Hell Yeah LaTanya!! I'd put a dollar in the curse jar for it too!

In general terms, I agree that "he/she dies, but then not really" is way, way overdone on daytime and needs to be given a rest, but I can make an exception for Robin because after all of the legacy destruction that has taken place over the last 10-15 years, this show cannot afford any more. And I am starting to think that this was the only way Carlivati/Valentini could right the wrong: maybe they got there too late to reverse the "death sentence," but they had the good sense to realize it was wrong to have Robin die, so they arrived at this as the best alternative. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit or cutting them too much slack, but surely somebody in soapland has to realize what a bad, bad idea it was to kill Robin off (even if Frons didn't).

And for the record, much as I have grown to hate "back from the dead" on soaps: I will accept any explanation, no matter how lame (e.g., the utter nonsense of Irene and brainwashing and plastic surgery on OLTL), that TPTB come up with as a way of bringing Alan Quartermaine back. You hear me, Ron and Frank? An-y-thing. You write it, I'll buy it. Promise. Cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die. I don't care how preposterous (in fact, the more preposterous the better, probably). Bring him back, we'll have three or four weeks of silly explanation and then we can just act like he never left. OK? OK? OK? Thanks.

Michael, I second, third and fourth your comment! Bring Alan back. . .any explanation will be fine. Even if RC popped onto my screen and said, "So, Alan's back but we can't really explain so just go with it ok?" I'd be like "sounds great to me!"

What?????? WHAT??????????? I haven't watched this episode yet but I am squealing just from the screen cap! I don't care that they are ripping off of Lucky's "death." That story and this are the only two times GH has made me cry.

I am so so so so so happy! Yay! Yay! Yay! I admit I didn't see it coming. I really didn't. Good twist writers. Very good twist.

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